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If you disagree your probably a girl 🤦‍♂️

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Can't even remember year 7 tbh

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Chandler 😂🤣 . F.R.I.E.N.D.S (1994-2004) . . Chandler is known for his wise-cracks and his sardonic attitude, which provides a defense mechanism. His most famous phrase is the rhetorical question and is used on the show as a source of humor many times. . Nine years after this episode, Jon Favreau would team up with Jennifer Aniston and her then boyfriend Vince Vaughan in The Break-up. @mleblanc @_schwim_ #friendstv #friends #friendstvshow #rachelgreen #monicageller #chandlerbing #rossgeller #joeytribbiani #phoebebuffay #jenniferaniston #friendstvseries #courteneycox #lisakudrow #davidschwimmer #mattleblanc #friendstvposts #matthewperry #courtneycox #joey #howyoudoin #centralperk #friendsmemes #mondler #friendsfunny #friendstvquotes #chandler #roschel #friendsedit #s #bhfyp

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S5: Ep 12 The one with Chandler’s work laugh Recap: This one has Ross in prime sad sack mode. He hooks up with Janice (who I ride for) and she ends up breaking it off because he is so whiny!! Monica finds out that Chandler can annoying at work and laughs at all his boss’s dumb jokes. Rachel knows about Monica and Chandler but pretends she doesn’t to keep their secret. Oh yeah we also find out Monica is excellent at tennis... Overall rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️ 4/5 Central Perk lattes, Ross is very whiny but the show is in on the joke and using Janice to show that is a great twist. 90’s nostalgia: I thought it was Chandler and Monica’s matching tennis 🎾 outfits but later in the episode Chandler’s boss makes a joke about Hilary being the real president, remember the feel good 90’s?? #illbethereforyoubook #friends #friendsmemes

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On a scale 1-10 how much do you miss the gang?

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Day 15 - rant: Edit: I drunk a little too much coffee and it's 3am rn. Looking back on this, I feel like I went a little overboard and probably over exaggerated the rant oof *being emotional gets ahead of my thoughts rip* . Personal shits going to make you cry right? I'm in fucking tears and now i've got more than 1 friend ignoring me for no apparent reason. I haven't done anything? I don't know what I did to piss them off. I reply back as soon as I can and then im left waiting another half hour. I honestly don't understand how people can't tell someone to fuck off if they're annoying you. It's easy? Time's gunna make them get over it. I'll eventually get over it. But I can't get over getting ignored, tell me what im doing so wrong, if you want me to stay i'll put in the effort to make it up to you and fix it, don't be so petty and leave someone waiting for the sake of it. If you've got other things going on with your life don't take out your feelings out on others. If you need to vent, just vent. It's not a hard concept to grasp. . Another thing I really can't understand. When I talk to someone about something, something related to me getting upset. Or just something I generally wanted to say, how do people manage to turn all that around and make me look like an asshole, no matter how calm I am towards them they'll still continue to swear and bitch, making me try explain every little thing for them to finally understand and of course leading to me apologize to them, I hate the thought of having a friend hate me, something as small as them telling me "im annoying" makes me fucking cry lmao, I don't understand and I feel so embarrassed looking back on it. I never try to put people down, I never try to pick a fight with anyone. I don't want to loose the friends I have right now. I'd feel like complete shit if I made someone else feel that way, how are they okay with it? . I just want someone to talk to so freaking bad right now lmao, can someone dm me? Talk about music, life, shows? Preferably Friend's ofc, games, favourite novel? Literally anything, im diverse lol

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My everyday life fr❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #friendsmemes

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Have you ever been caught for sneaking around like this😂😂 Tag 3 friends and i'll tag you♥️