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Smile, breathe and go slowly. 🍃 Thich Nhat Hanh

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Give me just one good reason to be mad... nada, not even one reason to get mad to anybody. If we speak and really communicate, with intention of listening, we can understand eachother. But in stead we are just creating all this conflicts getting mad all the time, hurted. And that's the source of a conflictive way of living that we call civilization ❤🌱💕 Ho, ho! I can't believe it this humans... and they think themselves the best of the best... ✌🌬🌬 Bravo! So troll! ⚠ #lightzine #mode_emotive #artdirector #conflict #contemporaryphotography #fineartphotography #freespirit #lensculture #mood #portraitmood #postmypicsticks   #shootermag #thevisualcollective #uncoveredmagazine #friendsinzen #solarcollective #thefreelensedproject #umaginarymagnitude #galleryoflightfeature #myfeatureshot #soulful_moments #soulful_mood #exploreobserveshare #exploringcreativephotography #ourmomentum #moody_photograph #oldtonecollective #hiphoplife #foammagazine #healingenergy

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ー ーーー 今日も 暑そうですね ーーー お写真はちーさん( @chiiii__ig2 ) 光と影の塩梅が日本の奥ゆかしさに繋がる感じがして とても好きな1枚です! 以前からステキだなと拝見させて頂いていた ちーさんのギャラリーにも参加できて、 この上なく幸せです! ありがとうございます🙇 (ちーさんがアップして下さったシルエットの写真も とても好きなんです!よろしかったら そちらも是非ご覧くださいね😊) ーーー #写真を撮るのが好きな人と繋がりたい #写真好きな人と繋がりたい #カメラ女子 #ポートレート   #モデル #被写体 #新潟   #白山神社 #暗がり同盟 #ray_moment #jp_mood #canon #EOS #instagram #gataphoto #japan_of_insta #art_of_japan_ #art_of_japan_portrate_ #lovers_nippon_portrait #tokyocameraclub #portrait   #model #friendsinzen #niigatapic #silhouette #colors_of_day2 #cool_portrait_ #i_c_part #portrait_vision #portraitvision

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1 week ago

🍁Maybe I'm bad, and maybe I'm good, it's what I am. And maybe left alone but alive to survive this love.

1 week ago

Uncle's son.

1 week ago

Flowers in the yard.

1 week ago

Him, holding the baby pumpkin.🎃

1 week ago

Nature is always a blessing to me. Colors, different views, so many stuff, and the last one is love. 🌿

2 weeks ago

Photo motion Summertime

2 weeks ago

Far too many pumpkins.

2 weeks ago

For I feel the love I stand alone. But firmly enough not to lose it this time. R

2 weeks ago

I stand firmly. I know it was all wrong because you were unworthy of all. R

2 weeks ago

Grandma. Her love and kindness. Always the blessing God wants for me. I've got a well-loved one. Like a smile of love. R

2 weeks ago

Through the door I can follow you but through that window I Will be watching you talking to him. R

2 weeks ago

Of a beautiful trip where we laid our beauties on. Where we put our love to and where we left every part of our heart. Here we are somewhere we never forget we belong. R

2 weeks ago

So far but still the moon Well, distance doesn't change anything and you didn't understand. R

2 weeks ago

Let's make a deal. For what you told me was nonsense cause I know how it felt . R

2 weeks ago

I've searched every inch of this field. No love. Only pain and cruelty. Where we live is more unworthy than what we see. R

2 weeks ago

You are gone. And I'm not still done. With you, and without you. R

2 weeks ago

Green. How much of you still lives inside my heart? Cause I'm being torn apart every time to Iook for a little bit of your kindness. R

2 weeks ago

The night has passed And there is still this lack of you. No pain but someone misses you here around. I'm waiting for you. R

3 weeks ago

To build a home

3 weeks ago

Crossing the street.

3 weeks ago

Light after me.

4 weeks ago

Before I take this shot my beautiful Mom brought me some cherries with love and the first thing I did was to take it as a shot.

1 month ago

One day after you. Feels like there is nothing more interesting than you. Feels like nothing is worth this path to be taken as a life. #ibelong18

1 month ago

And daylight is something we know as an usual happening. But when it gets darker and deeper you chase more light to take in your eyes. It's how we lose something and we know how important it was. #ibelong18

1 month ago

Maybe someone is waiting to feel your love. Maybe someone needs you so dont be cruel . just love one back and never ask why.

1 month ago

Like a green day.

1 month ago

Looking for a step to take to get to you. I'm really hurt. Stop this crazy feeling.

1 month ago

Will never stop chasing you You are the only one I really love. I try to be your best friend. Just let me be. maybe I'm bad but I love you.

1 month ago

In this world There might be someone who makes you happy and there might be the one who makes you sad . both are worth it. Maybe a friend, I Wish that I could be your friend a little bit more although never enough. Spending moments with you bro was the most beautiful thing I could get from this world. You were awesome in every way. Like a real bro you tried to help me. You tried to make me happy and I was so lucky that had you all the time. Thank you Mohammad My best teacher and my best friend. Love you bro This is the story of R

1 month ago

Street of my mind

1 month ago

Reflection mood :)

1 month ago

Chained to each other. If you are not like the other creatures that doesn't mean you must be away from them. You can be one of them even if you are not like them.

1 month ago

Its passing the night And the past calls me now. Where have you gone to? Where will you stay in? And no replies Have nothing Nothing to say But I had gone Next to the river in where no red fishes were Next to the flat and green village To the colorless sky To a greener step Wanted life Looking for kindness For a light in spring Ah, love passed me And how cold and full of emptiness Had nothing inside And how hard it passed And took my own self And set me next to itself Ah, of colorless love That how it burnt And how dark it was Ah, of the light full of belief and unfeeling men Ah, what passed me ? And what a loneliness I'm in How alone I was What remained of me? And how love turned me off ? I never realized I fell off suddenly Nothing was under my feet No trees, no stones, and no soil Everywhere emptiness Everywhere fire but emptiness And the fall was so sweet The time that it burnt me And it took me away To the haze .

1 month ago

When the sky is always painted blue !

1 month ago

Feel me. It really hurts if you love someone and one doesn't love you back. It's like a world of bad luck and feels like you're done with your life