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3 months ago

Pasalubong from Taiwan❣️ Xie xie Nikay ❤️❤️❤️😘 #friendsbenefits

3 months ago

***Forever Aloe Vera Gel*** - Certificat de Consiliul Stiintific International pentru Aloe - 99.7% gel pur de Aloe vera - Sustine digestia si sanatatea sistemului gastrointestinal - Sustine sistemul imunitar - Benefic pentru piele, par si unghii - Favorizeaza starea generala de bine - Cu 300% mai multe vitamine decat in trecut - Fara conservanti si aditivi artificiali - Fara zahar (ideal pentru persoanele care suferă de diabet) - Vitamina C cu rol antioxidant protejeaza celulele impotriva stresului oxidativ - 99,7% pure inner leaf aloe vera gel - No added preservatives - Supports healthy digestion - Promotes a healthy immune system - Supports nutrient absorption - Helps maintain natural energy levels Aloe vera has natural cleansing abilities that help the digestive tract absorb nutrients from the foods we eat into the blood stream, while promoting friendly bacteria growth. The unique polysaccharide, acemannan, and other nutrients in aloe help to support the immune system. In fact, acemannan is one of the key markers used by the IASC to indicate quality aloe vera and Forever Aloe Vera Gel® has nearly double the amount required for certification! ***FOREVER FIBER*** Desi majoritatea asociaza consumul de fibre cu functia digestiva, lucru foarte adevarat, de altfel, fibrele au multe alte beneficii pentru intregul organism. Administrat intre mese, Forever FiberTM ajuta la mentinerea senzatiei de satietate, controland astfel apetitul si pofta de dulce, precum si aportul caloric. Contribuind, de asemenea, la mentinerea unui nivel normal de zahar in sange si la incetinirea absorbtiei macronutrientilor din alimente, fibrele ajuta si la reducerea senzatiei de oboseala de dupa masa. S-a demonstrat ca fibrele sustin si functia cardiovasculara si, desigur, avand in vedere ca oamenii de stiinta recunosc ca 70-80% din functia imunitara se afla la nivelul tractului digestiv, fibrele pot contribui, de asemenea, si la sanatatea sistemului imunitar, datorita beneficiilor lor asupra functiei digestive. 💚

3 months ago

Šodien noskrēju 13 km distanci Stirnu buka Tērvētē. Šodien no rīta nodomāju, priekš kam es pieteicos, kam man tas ir vajadzīgs? Bija ļoti grūti skriet zem cepinošas saules 25°C, pa kalniem un pa lejām, bet... . Finišs bijā tā vērts!!! #stirnubuks2019 #friendsbenefits #family

6 months ago

✌️Had A Great Push day today with @carstensinstagram ✌️ . It always feels great when you workout with partner, for me I have actually workout with friends after a long break. And had a great experience today. . Benefits of Working out with Partner or friend : 1. Motivates you so you dont miss the gym. 2. Support for that 1 Last rep which is magical for muscle growth. 3. You get feedback on your form. 4. You motivates each other, as a result you both grow together 💪🏻 . Its all about helping each other. . Nice meetjng you brahder @carstensinstagram hope to see you soon for next workout 🏋️‍♀️ . Stay Dedicated. Stay Humble. Stay Focused. . WWW.MUSCLEMECHANIX801.COM . #trainertuesday #transformationtuesday #physicallyfit #mentallystrong #friendsbenefits #trainwithpartner #getyourfriendstogym #gymbuddy #workoutpartner #gymoholic #addiction #protein #onlinetrainer #personaltrainer #acecertified #eatcleanstaylean #dietplan #workoutplan #stayfit #fitnessenthusiast #fitnessfreaks #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmodel #shreddedphysique #shreddedbody #rippedbody #aesthetics #athlete #mensphysique #bodybuildingnatural

9 months ago

There’s benefits to friendship! You’ll get unparalleled access to the talented ⭐stars⭐ of tomorrow at our exclusive members-only events. Perfect for lovers of performing arts.

9 months ago

🎬 Our final Friends Supper Event for 2018 is not to be missed 👏👏 The extra Friends benefit? Share supper and chat with the cast! FEVER is written by Andrew Bovell, Christos Tsiolkas, Melissa Reeves and Patricia Cornelius, Directed by Rachael Maza and performed by Aboriginal Performance students in the Enright Studio. This year the multi award-winning Racheal Maza returns to WAAPA to direct the Aboriginal Performance graduates in this challenging, hyper real production. Fever comprises four plays – Bovell's 'The Chair', Tsoilkas' 'Psalms', Cornelius' 'Blunt' and Reeves' 'Savant'. All deal with various issues of race, class, culture and environment. ▪The Chair▪In a desolated house, a lonely woman is confronted by an intruder. She ties him to a chair, but gives him the chance to win his freedom by moving her with his story. ▪Savant▪Members of a deeply depressed and morbid community gather nightly to whinge about how good things used to be. They believe the cause of their misery is an evil baby born to a frightened pair of teenagers. ▪Psalms▪Two young childhood friends quickly become enemies when their country is plunged into civil war. ▪Blunt▪A group of women live on a desolate landscape where nothing grows. They fetch a baby out of the river and give it every chance. And what does it do? 🗣️ "…much of Fever's appeal lies in its courageous lack of certainty, conveyed by the deliberately non-naturalistic and non-specific mode of performance. It states its case, it is true, but leaves much up to the audience to decide." - Helen Thomson, The Age. Find out more from the link in our bio and join us on November 17!

1 year ago

💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖💖Check it out! Amazing clothing for an amazing cause organic and bamboo cotton blends and funky patterns! I have a special just for you my dear friends xx be sure to use the discount code NOURISH108 to get yours today xx pm me if your studio wants to look at whole sale orders #freespirit #friendsbenefits #happiness #ethicalclothing @alohactive @aloyoga @tammy_yoga_nrg @tammy_yoga_nrg @yoga_bloss @yogajournal @jotiyoga @jasmine_slavin @renegoetjes @melsworld77 @unicorn_bourne @shambhalafarm @tinyyogi @zenkoyoga @yogafeature @yoga108bali @yogafest @yoganrg_mindfulness_training @yoga @lisaabbott1975 @wayne.lingard @pink_piccolo @sheree_gamble @bikrambrisbane @yogainspiration

1 year ago

感謝是夜大會贊助朋友福利 咁大堆頭既試用品/Tester 都係第一次收 (其實仲有啲已經袋左落袋) 連家中女士都受惠埋 多謝多謝 下次要煮餐勁既補數😬 #friendsbenefits

1 year ago

Cruise with us in the South Pacific this October onboard Rock The Boat ft. Foreigner, The Romantics, Ross Wilson, Shannon Noll plus heaps more! Over 40 rock acts, one huge cruise ship! There is a special limited time offer of 25% off for our friends and fans so jump onboard for the best holiday ever! Call Choose Your Cruise 1300 247 371 for more info how to book! #friendsbenefits #cruise #discounts #dance #travel #whoscoming #holiday

1 year ago

Ngememnk ke teman kalau nonton Avengers gak kebagian tiket muluk...😄😣 Sekalinya ada seat paling depan..ogah.Sampe bawa anak gk tega ninggalin 😁 Puji Tuhan dikasih 2 tiket CGV...Rejeki anak soleh. #friendsgoals #friendsbenefits

1 year ago

This is who you get to smooch on when one of your besties brings the grand boy to dinner. Love them both! ❤️❤️ #besties #friendsbenefits

2 years ago

Konco yo ngene rek..pinter iku ojo di pendem dewe, ajarno konco liayane 👍 #friendsbenefits

2 years ago

Ini tentang kisah kita, banyak kisah yang kita lewati selama semester 4 ini, mulai dri sedih, senang, duka, suka, galau, sakit, gila"an, jaim, punya idol kampus masing" yg beda jurusan, jadi paparazi, bodoh bersama, jutek, bertengkar, baikan, dan lainnya. Tapi apa yang akan terjadi pada kita di semester 5 kedepan, semoga kita tetap seperti ini tidak ada yang berubah, tetaplah seperti ini teman, love and miss you all 😘😚 @sridefinky @laella_rahmi @fikajuniza @fitri_syahrial #lfl #l4l #like4like #likeforlike #ourstories #goodbyesemester4 #welcomesemester5 💃 #friends #friendsbenefits #ourfriend #ourhistory #dontchange #girls #gadihminang #gadihminangkabau #kamiminang #urangawak #urangminang #kamiurangminang