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21 hours ago

A few scenes from my humble little garden that was started mostly from the #freeseedproject. It does such wonderous things for my mental health to go out and water the plants each evening. I check out the progress, see new flowers, say hello to the insects and bees. Today I discovered many cucumbers have been hiding under the wide leaves. I plucked a tiny onion and carrot to help thin out the ones growing too close together. After washing them with the hose, I ate them and it was pretty much the best tiny carrot and onion I'd ever tasted, because I had watched them grow. . . . . #growagarden #sandiego #mentalhealth #antidepressant #gardeningformentalhealth #garden #veggiegarden #flowers #bees #insects #carrots #onion #dill #tomatoes #savethebees #growyourown #organic #sandiegogarden #northpark #elcajonblvd #noticethegood

6 days ago

Pickles!, made with ingredients from my backyard garden and placed in upcycled jars. We are growing more than we can eat. #wastenothing

1 week ago

The Free Seed Project is designed to help encourage people to eat healthy and to do it economically! These amazing RSVP volunteers at the Silver Lakes Apartments help pack the seeds and the directions in the envelopes right before they are sent out. By the end of the event, we completed 500 packets!!! #FreeSeedProject #VCIcares #volunteering #SeniorCorpsWorks #plantagarden

2 weeks ago

My pollinator garden is really filling out. The first half of the bed is a mix of zinnia seeds, seeds from the Free Seed Project and seed some the Muskegon Conservation District. The second bed the Pollinator Garden I purchased from the Muskegon Conservation District. And the strange pot topped tubes are worm tubes we are trying this year. They must be working because everything around them is huge! 😀

1 month ago

The little garden I planted a few weeks ago is really taking off! This is the lettuce and cucumber bed, which i planted under the shade of the plumeria. I also have a separate planter of dill that is doing quite well! Dill is my favorite herb. I put it on everything. Anyone else growing a garden this year? . . . . #garden #homestead #dill #lettuce #cucumber #freeseedproject #sandiego #sandiegogardener #northpark #healthwarrior #organic #organicgarden #growyourownveggies #homegarden #eatlocal #growyourown

2 months ago

I don’t even remember applying for this. Late start, but I guess I better get to planting! 🌱🌱🌱 #freeseedproject #kansascity

2 months ago

So excited to get my seeds in the mail today!!! Says this seed addict 😘 This is an amazing project and I feel privileged to be in the loop of what they are creating & sharing. Join in the fun too! #freeseedproject

2 months ago

Spring has sprung and it’s time to start gardening! We’re taking a less-than-traditional route this year, with a mixture of planting methods. The “chaos” method is letting stuff grow from our own compost and from past garden stuff that found its’ way back. So far we got plenty of tomatoes coming from that! We have some peppers from the local nursery and we also have some great seeds from The Free Seed Project! Very excited about those!! A little later than usual for around here, but fresh veggies are on the way!! #freeseedproject #wastefreeearth

2 months ago

Check out @robjgreenfield awesome #freeseedproject which donates free organic seeds to help people all over the US grow their own food and share their seeds or harvest with their community in order to encourage others to do the same. This is such a great way to help people on a budget eat healthier food and teach our children food doesn’t have to come pre-packaged from the supermarket. I read that it is possible to grow enough food every year on your balcony to equal savings of 1 months salary. Great work Rob you are such an inspiration! 👏👏👏☀️🌈🙏 . . . #growyourownfood #sharethebounty #eatorganic #eatorganicfood #healthyliving #eatyourveggies #gardening #freeseeds #freeorganicseeds

2 months ago

Today I delivered 1,000 free seed packs to the post office (by bike and trailer) to be shipped to people in all 50 states across the USA to grow their own healthy, organic food! This brings the total up to 2,000 seed packs sent, all to people who requested them. In their request, they committed to plant the seeds and share some of their harvest with their community. Our focus is on helping beginner gardeners or experienced gardeners who will use the seeds to help others grow their own food. The Free Seed Project is on a mission to strengthen the "grow your own" movement and expand the culture of sharing and caring for our communities. As well as give people the ability to take steps away from the industrial, globalized food system and take power back from Big Ag and put the power into their own hands and their communities. These 2,000 packs took over 500+ hours of work to put together through the help of 100+ volunteers. It truly would not have been possible without people coming together in the name of a better world. I am so grateful for all people taking action to improve themselves, their communities and the earth. It's now time to watch thousands of gardens grow across the nation. I'm confident that the 2.5 MILLION seeds that we sent out will spread positive ripples far and wide. Some will come back to us and bring us joy, but most of it, we will never see. But that's not what important. It's the thousands of home grown meals, the first ever bites of garden fresh veggies for people that only knew food to come from the store, the countless bees and butterflies that will feed off the nectar from the flowers, the diverse life that will replace monocrop lawns, the habitat created for our fellow species, the fossil fuels saved by growing locally, and all the happiness, health and sustainability that will come as a result of time well spent outdoors. That's what makes all this work well worth it! These seed packs are only the beginning of many beautiful journeys. Learn more at #freeseedproject #livelikeally The Free Seed Project is made possible through a grant from @thelivelikeallyfoundation

2 months ago

We had a blast tonight packaging up 1,000 envelopes, filled with seeds, for the Free Seed Project. This project, headed up by Rob Greenfield, Live like Ally and The Hive, is giving away 2,000 free garden starter kits, so people can grow their own organic food and share it with others. Follow @robjgreenfield to see all of the awesome work he’s doing to make this world so much better. We met so many awesome people tonight and can’t wait to learn more about sustainable living. The colorful buckets pictured were filled with little packets of seeds. We filled each envelope with 20 packs, which will grow 200-500 plants, greens, veggies and herbs. As we were packaging these up, a baby dragonfly came down and flew inside the green bowl and then flew off. I know Hud is so excited that this is happening. Our future just got greener tonight . 💚🌏🌱 #ourgreenfuture #freeseedproject #sustainable #garden #growyourownfood #offgrid #fallforwardforearth #changetheworld #activist #earthwarrior #audubon #seeds

2 months ago

I've been talking a lot lately about metaphorically planting seeds of hope and healing. Today I planted literal seeds from The Free Seed Project and @thelivelikeallyfoundation. I'm excited to watch them grow! I planted #chives #basil #carrots #lettuce #cucumber #tomato #dill and bee feed mix. I will give the rest to my neighbor for his garden. Thanks to the always inspiring @robjgreenfield 💓 . . . #freeseedproject #plantingseeds #sandiego #northpark #hope #healing #growyourownfood #universityheightssd #normalheights #sandiegohealth #livelikeally #growyourownfood #gardening #gardenformentalhealth #medicalintuitive #sandiegogarden

2 months ago

Planting Seeds to grow flowers for bees and beneficial insects through the free seed project ~ #freeseedproject

2 months ago

Estoy tan emocionado para plantar mis semillas. Compartiré mi veggies y plantas con mis vecinos. I will let my plants go to seed for replanting too. Muchisimas gracias #freeseedproject and @robjgreenfield.

2 months ago

Received my free seeds in the mail today! Excited to start growing a producing garden so I can minimize going to the grocery store and my impact on the environment. #freeseedproject #YouAreWhatYouEat

2 months ago

I’m so overjoyed! My free seeds came in the mail! They gave so many, and such a great variety! 👩🏻‍🌾 check out #freeseedproject #livelikeally

2 months ago

Yesss! A good feeling to open the mailbox and find an envelope from the #freeseedproject - thanks to @robjgreenfield - these’ll be germinating by the end of the week!

2 months ago

I was able to give a bunch of the seeds I received from the #freeseedproject to 3 friends and neighbors. 1 was already starting a food garden and this supplemented, one didn’t have one and didn’t think she had a good spot and one was totally inspired and bought these raised beds from @Costco with some additional plants to start her own #foodforest . From one envelope 4 gardens, including mine, have been generously started. #thankyou #permaculture #sharingiscaring ❤️ #raisedgardenbeds #organicgarden #growfoodnotlawns

2 months ago

Get inspired on #feelgoodfriday by this remarkable project from @robjgreenfield and the #LiveLikeAllyFoundation. They are handing out free seeds to over 2000 people in Florida to help them grow their own food and bring health into their homes. For more info visit @robjgreenfield #foodsustainability #health #wellness #growyourownfood #organic #pesticidefree #farming #robgreenfield #orlando #florida #permaculture #eatyourveggies #vegan #vegetarian #sustainabilitymatters #freeseedproject

2 months ago

Happy 🌏🌱🌍🌿🌎🍃 Day Beautiful People!!! Big Thank You 🙏🏽 to @robjgreenfield & @thelivelikeallyfoundation for believing in your fellow beings to make Mother Earth a much better place ❤️ Take part : . . . #HappyEarthDay #EarthDay #FreeSeedProject #FreeFood #SharetheLove #MotherEarth #HealYourself #LiveLifeHappy #GrowFoodnotlawns #indoorgarden #ItFeelsGoodToFeelGood #BeKind #LiveKindly #StrongVibes #STAYNUTS #VeryHappyToBeStrange #likeitifyoulikeit #GOODVIBESALWAYS #GAIA #PraiseGod

2 months ago

My babies are looking so beautiful this morning! Guys even in an apartment you could have a small garden here are my #basil and #mint plants just blooming on a window ledge. Not only are they beautiful but some of the benefits of having plants indoors are: reducing carbon monoxide levels, increases humidity balance,reduces airborne dust levels and keeps air temperatures down. This is much needed especially here in Southern California. I encourage everyone to get out there and grow some plants. #harvest #gardening #freeseedproject #indoorgarden #socal #plants #plantsaregood

2 months ago

The Free Seed Project popped up in my social media and I put in my address with nothing to lose not knowing what to expect. They were giving away 1,000 seed packets for free. 🤗 I am so excited with what I got!! Not only did they send a variety of free seeds; they also have continued education and planting support! Thank you for sharing education and resources. If you haven’t already check out #freeseedproject 👊🏻 🙌🏻 💡🌱🌎 #knowmommy #livelikeallyfoundation #freeseedpacket #freefood #growyourown #growyourownfood #sharethelove #spreadjoy #motherearth #growyourownhappiness #everydaygivesroomtogrow #healyourbodyhealyourmindhealyourlife #janellejohngrasshealthcoach #momtomom #mothertomother #nowyouknow #goodforthesoul #goodfortheearth #community #healthconscious #mindful #seedsofchange

3 months ago

Just received my seeds from the #freeseedproject plenty to share with a few friends and neighbors. Curious why some have 50 and some have much less. Does it mean fewer survive? If you know please comment below. The #permaculture set even includes seeds for plants that attract pollinators to your garden. Can’t wait!

3 months ago

Ok so I did just post about having too many seeds. But these are special seeds from from the #freeseedproject . We will be planting these and sharing what grows with our friends, family and community. We are also going to let some go to seed, save the seeds and pass them on to others. (But first, we need some snow to melt so we can get in the garden) Go to and get your free seeds! They will mail you seeds, and you can join a FB group and check out their website for information on how to grow your own garden. . #seedsavers #growyourownfood #growthegood #gardening #gardeningwithkids #livelikeally @thelivelikeallyfoundation @robjgreenfield

3 months ago

Sending out 1000 free seed garden starter packs across the nation is no small task. Yet, we've already sent out 478 packs to eager recipients who are planning to start their own garden!! Our seed starter packs are full of veggie, herb and flower seeds 🌺🐝🌱🥒🍅 Thanks to the help of @thelivelikeallyfoundation and @robjgreenfield , our team is able to make some garden dreams come true! #freeseedproject #livelikeally #growfoodnotlawns

4 years ago

just finished up this cute custom pot, it's headed to new york next! speaking of gardening...have you heard of ?! FREE organic seeds...grow something!!!