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-Spheres "Section of Museum of Civilizations", by Juan Miro, 1985. Ink drawing on vellum, drawn at 1:500 scale. This project was developed while I was a student at the ETSAM (the School of Architecture of the the Polytechnic University of Madrid). It was for a Studio course taught by Juan Daniel Fullaondo, a great professor and architect. His assignments were always open-ended and his class discussions always intellectually challenging. For this course he proposed the design of a a large cultural complex outside the city of San Sebastian in the North of Spain. It included, in addition to a large museum, a library, a performing arts center and an outdoor auditorium. Inspired by the 18th century French architect Boullee, American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and Dante's La Divina Comedia, I designed the museum around a 50 meters sphere. Wrapping around the sphere, the museum is comprised of eight levels. Each level is devoted to a particular theme, starting at the top with Archeology, followed by Ethnography, Civilizations, Cities, Cemeteries, Magic and Superstition, Violence and War and, at the lowest level, Hell. Visitors start their journey at the top level and descend from there. Once they reach the middle level, they would circulate inside the sphere through a spiraling ramp that ends with the access to the Museum of Hell. The museum was laid out and curated based on Dante's Inferno description of hell. Below the Museum of Hell there is an exit that brings visitors back up again. Interior sphere's diameter is 50 meters (164').

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・ 大平原をイメージとした水平ラインが特徴的な外観デザインです。 深い軒が映す陰影と色調のコントラストが魅力的です。 #オーガニックハウス #フランクロイドライト #注文住宅 #新築 #暮らし #デザイン #自由設計 #住まい #外観 #シンプルモダン #シンプル #外観デザイン #エクステリア #建築 #マイホーム #住宅 #植物のある暮らし #緑のある暮らし #modern #exteriordesign #exterior #design #building #decor #homedecor #casa #architecture #decoration #franklloydwright #organichouse _ オーガニックハウスのモデルハウス実例はこちら ---------------------------------------------------- more photos ▷ @organic_house_official ---------------------------------------------------- プロフィールページのURLからどうぞ。

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Tulip Chair Digital Print. 🌷🌷

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Taliesin West is Frank Lloyd Wright's winter home and architectural lab 🔬📚 Although this structure conveys a different perspective on Wrights’s work, it epitomizes Wright's dislike for 90 degree corners 📐, his love of natural light ☀️ and the use of native materials 🛠 to make the structures look like a natural part of it's environment🌵🏡🎨 #organicart #FLW #architecturedesign

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I am so very honored and excited to share this series with you all. I'm going to post three sets in this series because I have a bunch to share! A dream come true.. I had the opportunity to shoot one of the three homes that exist in Cincinnati designed by THE one and only Frank Lloyd Wright!! This is The Boulter House, circa 1956. This has been a fantasy in the back of my mind since I began studying photography. I literally got goosebumps walking down the hall of the second level. The architectural features of this home were inspired by a ship's design. You can definitely see it on the exterior. Materials used include African and Phillipine mahogony. The experience was pretty surreal. It's always special when an artist's vision is realized--to stand in the depth of one such vision was pretty incredible. Hope you enjoy! - - 1 of 3 - -

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Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is known for its curves, but not the staircase! Picture is looking up from the bottom of the back staircase. The opposite of curves. Love that the lights match the pattern of the staircase. #frantvisuals #richardfrant #fuji #XT3 #fujifilmx_us #newyorkcity #abstractart #abstractphoto #abstractphotography #abstractphotographer #geometry #archetecture #architecturephotography #architecturephotographylovers #architecturenyc #urbanphotography #urbanarchitecture #guggenheim #guggenheimmuseum #franklloydwright

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Coolest clubhouse ⛳️ funfact: #franklloydwright intially designed this building for Marilyn Monroe’s house 💕

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An original signed etching with aquatint by French-Swiss artist #LeCorbusier (1887-1965) titled "Unité, Planche 11", 1965. Limited edition: hand signed and numbered by Le Corbusier lower left and right: VI/XXX, (6/30). This particular rare Roman Numeral Edition is accompanied by a second non-colored version which is hand-numbered in an edition: VI/X, (6/10). The printing of the "Unité" suite was completed in Paris on October 15th, 1965 at the presses of the Crommelynck workshop. Sheet size: 22.25" x 17.75". Image size: 16.25" x 12.5". Excellent condition. Extremely rare, scarce two piece set. • • Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, known as Le Corbusier, was a Swiss-French architect, designer, painter, urban planner, writer, and one of the pioneers of what is now called modern architecture. • • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #joanmiro #miro #etching #christies #sothebys #lithography #dali #silkscreen #corbusier #franklloydwright #architect #salvadordali #screenprint #picasso #pablopicasso #gravesinternationalart #arthistory #moma #artmuseum #museumofmodernart #surrealism #surrealist #1stdibs #cubism #cubist #abstractart #contemporaryart #modernart #modular

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The Frank Lloyd Wright museum is closed today due to rain (🙄) but that won’t stop me from enjoying a much needed day off..Old Town Scottsdale has tons of unique art galleries and home stores to keep me entertained. I love this little moment I stumbled upon here. The mirrored piece is from the 1940s! Next stop: spa! #interiordesign #frenchcountrystyle #betterhomesandgardens #inspo #rusticdecor #homedecor #bhghome #scottsdale #homegoods #home #style #livingroom #living #inspiration #antique #antiques #antiquefinds #franklloydwright #franklloydwrighthouse

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“Form follows function – that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.” - #FrankLloydWright

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We hope you can join us for an SBMA Travel Lecture this Saturday, February 23 at 2 pm! 🏡 Dylan Turk, an architectural historian and curator at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, AR, lectures on Frank Lloyd Wright and the architecture of Southern California. Turk’s talk also explores the Arkansas architect Fay Jones, connecting Arkansas’ architecture to that of Los Angeles, where he will lead a SBMA tour in the fall of 2019. Tickets are $5 for SBMA Members and $8 for Non-Members and can be purchased at You don’t want to miss it! @dylanturk Image: Frank Lloyd Wright Hollyhock House

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David and Gladys Wright house 🏠 in Phoenix’s Arcadia Neighborhood - another masterpiece by Frank Lloyd Wright , designed for his son and his family. Its swooping ramp proceeds the design of Guggenheim museum. Unfortunately I didn’t get to tour this one as it’s not open to the public but to interested buyers for a whopping $10M!

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Photobombing @_frank_lloyd_wright_ and Chicago’s former Mayor Richard J. Daley while observing the Mile High Illinois building

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Foolscap Inspiration: 'Rhythm in Architecture' .. Image: Musicians descend the rotunda of New York's Guggenheim Museum – part of artist Solange's live group performance in 2017. .. @solangeknowles___ @guggenheim

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The designers and makers of @ourblockco a division of @porterbarnwood created our amazing cross concrete front coffee bar. Inspired by local architect Frank Lloyd Wright's own cross blocks, this counter has significant meaning for our church. Not only is it a place to build community and welcome everyone with hospitality by it is also a place that: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++"When you are thirsty, you come to the cross." Local designers from @lucentlightshop also partnered with us to create these gorgeous pendants that bring warmth and a glow to our space, to help create our family atmosphere. So many loving and thoughtful hands have touched this building-God's building, built it, created thoughtful spaces, serve from it and welcome others into it. Let's continue to do so. Let's continue to reach out, accept others and love the way Jesus has taught us. "Life Church-a place where everyone is welcome and no one is perfect." #lifechurchpeoria #ourblockco #porterbarnwood #lucentlightshop #concrete #concretetiles #mcm #breezeblocks #interiordesign #phoenix #midcentury #peoria #peoriaaz #franklloydwright

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Our front entry, open door with the pups waiting to welcome you...unless you are a delivery man. 😳

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A work in progress. I first did this same panel a year ago but it sold last summer. I've been wanting to make another to hang in its place in our sunporch ever since, and so I am. Also, I'm liking my new Techniglass grinder very much. It's so smooth and quiet.

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Some more pics from the Price Tower! Not pictured are the 3 elevators that are hexagon shaped and can only fit 2 adults and 2 children if there is no luggage with you. There are no right angles. Very cool experience and great restaurant at the top too! #pricetower #copperrestaurant #franklloydwright #bartlesville

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Lloyd Wright's Iconic Mayan revival-style home designed by the son of Frank Lloyd Wright is for sale in exclusive neighborhood of The Oaks, northwest of Los Angeles, California. The area attracts the Kardashians, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Keyshawn Johnson, among others. With recent updates, this historic Hollywood hills four-level, 2,690-square-foot home, features oxidized copper elements which almost blend into the surrounding greenery. via @dwellmagazine & @douglaselliman ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #brickandwonder #architecture #luxury #hollywood #hollywoodhills #california #losangeles #celebrity #franklloydwright #design #instadaily #instagood #travel #love #inspiration #mayan #style #highend #justinbieber #thekardashians #selenagomez #historic #photography #archilovers #architect #green #landscape #pool #nature #adventure

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Kinda Fun Fact: If I hadn’t been so set on law school, I would have studied architecture or automotive design. So, best believe last Saturday’s activities were right up my alley • @thompsonchicago gave us the keys to this beauty #LexusLC500h and off we went to explore Chicago and beyond • Drove out to the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio and by other #franklloydwright homes in the Oak Park neighborhood 💙 • Then on to Indiana... I mean, why not?! I’d never been and because @lexususa 🤷🏽‍♀️☺️ #50statebucketlist #dowellpartyof2 #chicago #indiana #thompsonhotels

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Longgang Cultural Centre by Mecanoo. 📸: Zang Chao