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2 hours ago

Jerusalem artichoke blossoms 💛 The bees love it! When I pick these flowers, the bees often follow me around for one last go at the sweet, sweet pollen and nectar. Jerusalem artichokes are native here, and they are related to sunflowers. . Like sunflowers, they are tall, strong, sweet smelling, and perfectly cheerful when they are in bloom. Unlike sunflowers, Jerusalem artichokes produce LOADS of edible tubers, which make these essentially perennial plants... and multiplying plants... and plants that you can probably never get rid of, no matter how many tubers you dig up 😂 Consider yourself warned if you decide to plant a few. I started with seven... Lord only knows how many I have now 😂. . If you don't mind the proliferation, they are wonderful plant allies. I use them here for a number of things - pollinator food, people food, privacy, and microclimate protection for more sensitive plants. Their height and strength provide a much needed buffer from harsh winds, direct sun, thermal extremes, and excess rain. 🌻

3 hours ago

There is so much fruit I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to plan how to preserve it all! This plum tree looked insane with so many plums stuck to far made a gallon of wine, drying a few kilos as prunes and planning to cook some up and pasteurise them in jars so we don’t have to add tons of sugar..and should have enough left for a tasty tart or two! #plums #fruit #forestgarden #preserve #selfsufficiency #permaculture #smallholding #farm #scotland #harvest #wine #canning #dehydrating

6 hours ago

The many moods of Tamara... with Perennial Spinach... I can't say enough good things about this perennial spinach. It's SIX DOLLARS!! It grows in part shade - which is perfect for us hills dwellers! It's frost hardy. It's grown by awesome permaculture woman Janet Ridley...WITH LOVE! It tastes delicious and sweet. No oxalic acid aftertaste. It can be harvested young. It's perfect under deciduous trees and bushes. It's fabulous in a forest garden. Visit my beautiful permaculture Now with EFTPOS Open ten til four Thursday to Sunday At the Kallista roundabout 74 Monbulk Rd #forestedgestone #forestedge #permaculture #permaculturelife #kallista #dandenongranges #perennialspinach #perennial #leafygreens #nosprays #nopoisons #grownwithlove #plants #nurserylife #nursery #eftpos #cashonlynomore #forestgarden

10 hours ago

Nu är det dags för kalas på kärleksört. Eller rättare sagt...bild tagen ett par dagar sedan, jag tror inte bina är vakna ännu idag. Kärleksört utmärker sig i år genom att vara en av de få perenner hos mig som håller sig till vanlig blomningstiden. 🇬🇧Hylotelephium is one of the few perennials in my garden that has managed to keep to its usual flowering behaviour. The Swedish name translates as "love herb", så I had a bash in google to see what the common name in English was, whereupon I found, among a long list of other names, Frog's stomach. The mind boggles. I would love to know - is that a universally used English name, or is it local to somewhere in particular? 🐝 : : #kärleksört #hylotelephium #frogsstomach #bi #bee #skogsträdgård #forestgarden #ätbaraväxter #edibleplants #biologiskmångfald i trädgården #biodiversity in the garden #grubbygardens #hållbarätbarnjutbar #trädgårdsarkitekt

14 hours ago

The first official Gaia’s Gardeners logo designed by @starving.artist that has left me completely speechless!! It truly embodies the community we are cultivating in Southwest Florida. Each individual coming together to learn, grow, and help one another achieve our garden, food forest, and forest garden goals! There is an unlimited amount of growth to come and this is just the brightest beginning. Thank you again, you brilliant flower Sabrina! Your work will continue to spread light and truth throughout this community & beyond 🙏🏼

16 hours ago

Indian cucumber-root (Medeola virginiana) is a #perennial #herb in the lily family found in moist wooded slopes and on the edges of bogs throughout the eastern US and Canada. Leaves form whorls in tiers; delicate yellow flowers emerge upright then hang down as they mature. The #berries turn ink-blue and are not edible, but the crisp white horizontal rhizome is. We have never seen it in cultivation, and horticulturalists revel in its scarcity. American Indians harvested it and ate the root, hence the name. It tastes a bit like cucumber, and eating it is a fun way to connect children to #nature ! : : #nativeplants #highelevationforest #gardeningat4500 #understory #forestfloor #forestcaptures #forestlovers #forestlife #forestgarden #edibleplants #gardenlove #southerngardens

23 hours ago

2 years ago today... A field of (now broken) dreams... and a very contented Tashy. . This was a year after we had been at The Plot which was bare trashed soil a year before. . Weeds from an old Anglo Saxon word weod meaning herb, are indicator plants, they tell us a story. These plants can provide us with a great deal of information about soil condition and other aspects of the land. . In this case a field full of docks demonstrating the land had been seriously trashed, repeatedly ploughed and harrowed, breaking up and damaging the soil structure, leaching nutrients, exposing the soil to wind and rain and scorching, scattering seeds and pieces of root and bringing them to the surface to grow. . Docks tell us the soil is compacted and fairly water logged, and mineral deficient particularly calcium deficient. The docks soak up much of the moisture and their deep tap roots break through the compaction plane, allowing better drainage and searching for calcium and other minerals and trace elements from deep in the soil and drawing them up to make them available as topsoil. Their heavy leaf fall then decomposes adds valuable organic matter improves soil quality and habitat for microorganisms, protects the soil from exposure, this pioneer plant adds valuable nutrients to the soil whilst the green ground cover provides valuable nursery habitat for wildlife biodiversity. . ... and then interspursed there is all that beautiful clover making a thick ground cover with nitrogen fixing bacteria nodules on their roots fixing atmospheric nitrogen thus feeding the soil, with abundant flowers for the bees and pollinating insects. . We can learn much from natural regenration, working with it, treading lightly, emulating and enhancing and improving biodiversity whilst providing many other benefits to ourselves. . 2 years on we are now looking for another plot of land because we were forced to dig up and move #veganplot #veganicgarden #weedsareuseful #indicatorplants #pioneersplants #veganorganicnetwork #veganorganic #lowimpactliving #lowimpactlifestyle #ecologicallandscaping #naturegarden #naturalregeneration #forestgarden #nurturenature #ebt #greyhound #ebtxgreyhound

1 day ago

Our last event of the season is coming up this weekend! Fall Equinox Plant Walk & Pop Up Market at the farm. ** We invite our community to come out to the farm and honor this solar shift. Stock up on immune boosting herbals before the change of season sets in, and join us for a plant walk highlighting traditional plants of the Equinox. Edible & medicinal plants, science, folklore, and inspired storytelling! If you’ve joined us for a plant walk in the past, you know there is no telling where we might go... ** Details and sign up on our events page: Saturday, September 22nd 2018 ** #medicinalherbs #plantwalk #wildedibles #ecology #farmgrownherbals #herbalproducts #herbaltea #elderelixir #forestgarden #wildgardens #plantmedicine #deepecology #permaculturefarm

1 day ago

Bosko to rośnie, jaram się i nie trzeba podlewać 😳 żyje własnym życiem 🐸 Mój las w szkle 🍀☘️🌿a niby nie mam ręki do kwiatów 💁‍♀️Dla porównania post z 8 maja, ale urosło 👀👀👀 szok!!! Ps. Wiem ze to nie dupy i cyki wiec słaby post 👊( zobaczymy czy ktoś to w ogóle czyta) 🤔 #las #laswszkle #moje #zrobtosam #pokicozyje #jaramsięjakpochodnia #jestmoc #mojkawaleklasu #pachnie #forest #forestglass #glass #forestgarden #my #green #greenhouse #onmyown #crazyhands

1 day ago

ある村でCAMPをしながら、斧とナイフで素朴な椅子を作る。夜はジビエを食べながら、それぞれのうっかりな冒険話に衝撃を受けた。またどこかでCAMPしながら、椅子を作りたいな。 #sharewildproject #permaculture #hunt #biotope #forestgarden #edibleforest #edibleschoolyard #gardenteacher #hunter #gardener #organic #シェアワイルドプロジェクト #パーマカルチャー #オーガニック #自然栽培 #ゴッホの椅子 #CAMP #百姓 #百姓3.0

1 day ago

Robinia frisia has the most amazing colored leaves. It is not very hardy and I thought the tree had died after the cold spring but it came back! I usually go for more than hardy plants (because I’m a lazy garderner) but if I find a beauty like this on sale I just have to try 😁

1 day ago

Söndagscykeltur till Puttmyra skogsträdgård i grannbyn och inspirerande rundvandring med Philipp. Stod länge och beundrade deras hjärtnötsträd i skogsbrynet. Deras plantskola triggade igång habegäret alldeles oerhört men vi nöjde oss denna gång med två sorters blåtry, tatarmullbär och två olika saskatoon (bärhäggmispel). Följ gärna @skogstradgardsbloggen om ni inte redan gör det! #odla #skogsträdgård #forestgarden

1 day ago

These mushrooms are popping up everywhere! the size of small plates! no idea on their edibility, but there is certainly a larger fungal presence in the garden this year. . . In other news...I made a discovery with moringa. there are little mushrooms growing on the morings trunk. I have never seen this before and believed the moringa wood to not be capable of growing mushrooms due to antifungal properties of the tree. However, here these were growing clear as day. Going to take out the chipper this week and attempt get some moringa chips innoculated with oyster in a week or so. Moringa has a softwood but it dries to a very nice mulch after passing through a wood chipper and sitting for a week. ill try both lime and heat pasturization. I'm looking forward to seeing the results. Heres to experimentation! #moringa #fungi #radicalmycology #mulch #mushrooms #rgv #rgvfruit #forestgarden #mushroomcultivation #

1 day ago

How beautiful it is to live in a world where nothing lasts forever. When we learn to fall in love with the light inside of ourselves and the stones and the trees, then every moment is worth dying for.

2 days ago

Free range Chicken Free range denotes a method of farming husbandrywhere the animals, for at least part of the day, can roam freely outdoors, rather than being confined in an enclosure for 24 hours each day. On many farms, the outdoors ranging area is fenced, thereby technically making this an enclosure, however, free range systems usually offer the opportunity for the extensive locomotion and sunlight that is otherwise prevented by indoor housing systems. Free rangemay apply to meat, eggs or dairy farming. #foodgarden #forestgardenmd #forestgarden #foodislife

2 days ago

Makopa...Syzygium samarangense is a plant species in the family Myrtaceae, native to an area that includes the Greater Sunda Islands, Malay Peninsula and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, but introduced in prehistoric times to a wider area and now widely cultivated in the tropics. In Indonesia it is known as Jambu Air #foodgarden #forestgardenmd #foodislife #foodgarden #travelandeat #forestgarden.

2 days ago

Aikainen aamu,kuljen metsäpuutarha koulutuspäivään. Aamuni ajatus tästä rakkauden ilmentymästä.Metsäpuutarha on tiedettä, taidetta ja tunnetta yhdistävä monimuotoinen luomus,jossa kasveja yhdistetään metsämaisiin malleihin. Se heijastaa maailmaamme,sitä kuinka koemme sen sekä osamme siinä.Tässä. Yhdessä. Metsämaisissa malleissa suhteet hyödyttävät kaikkia osapuolia.Elämää kuhiseva ekosysteemi, joka on enemmän kuin osiensa summa.Itsenäisyyteen ja terveeseen ekosysteemiin-pyhä monimuotoisuus niin alla kuin päällä maanpinnan. Mimicking rather than imitating 🙏 #naturalglory #forthefuture #forestgarden #metsäpuutarha #permakulttuuri #ajatus #tunnustellen #kuunnellen #luoda #tulevaisuuteen #natureworking #wakeupworld #awakening #perheelle #holistic

2 days ago

Wow 🕷 Emily the Spider got some pretty snazzy digs 😎 I hadn't seen her in a while... then, I found her today, hanging around the figs and cannas. Fancy!

2 days ago

Ähnlich wie unsere Haut produzieren auch Pilze ein pro Vitamin #ergosterol das sich in Vitamin D umwandelt wenn sie der Sonne (UV Strahlung) ausgesetzt werden.

2 days ago

My shiitake bag overfloweth!