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2 hours ago

I've spent my life disliking my feet and avoiding sandals but thank goodness @lottafromstockholm exists and so do their clogs which are: - super cute - super comfortable - super Summery * - super flattering - super stylish (also their staff is super nice, although you can't wear them on your feet) ~ * disclaimer: I still have to try them out in colder months but lemme tell you they are so versatile I KNOW these + a cute pair of tights are going to be FABULOUS 🌿 p.s. there's a cool measurement guide on their site if you're buying online, OR a list of all the places that sell them you can find under "stockings & wholesale". you're welcome. 🌿 p.p.s. amiche italiane, se volete provarle trovate tutti i negozi che le vendono qui sul loro sito alla voce "stockings & wholesale". 🌿 p.p.s. shout out to my sister for always being my photographer n°1 you rock @elishabonomelli

3 hours ago

It's hot hot hot 🌡 so I'm hiding today) Growing up in quite cold place didn't teach my body how to deal with hot weather, so hello fan and cool water) I'm gonna finally finish my pets' home today, yay 😄 Have a nice week 💫

6 hours ago

We found some cool spots today but in all reality, my kids wore out my patience before we even left home. It was hot, they complained and fought and talked potty talk non-stop. I had to yell at them after trying to listen to the sound of the water in silence and even after yelling (for the bazillionth time) all I got was the few second clip of waves I shared here. Then when trying to get to a good fireweed patch with my son following behind I walked into a wasp nest and hollered “wasps!” before getting a couple good stings on my legs. Meanwhile my son ran around yelling “no stings for me! I didn’t get bit! etc, etc...”. Such empathy. Some days are so awesome and then there are days like these. 😳 . #explorenature #natureheals #naturetherapy #wildandfreechildren #freerangekids #rewilding #wildcrafting #singlemom #pnwkids #beautifulifyouignoretheclearcuts #vancouverisland #forestdweller

9 hours ago

So blessed that I’m welcomed into these sacred spaces ❤️

9 hours ago

The mountains are calling 🌲 New limited edition bracelet available now! #forestdweller

11 hours ago

Nothing beats hugging trees and gazing upon their majesticness (is that a word? It is now!!) ✌️🌿🌳

11 hours ago

It was a long night Saturday followed by a long morning today; subsequently I had no choice but to take a much needed nap earlier in the day. Still I made time for the river, exploring new areas, and being disappointed at the lack of accommodating spots; this of course happens from time to time so I didn’t let it get me. At the end I found a really neat island and a perfect spot with a flat stone to construct this intricate cryptogram of Aphrodite. Looking at the blueprint before I started it I was overwhelmed to say the least, but once something like this happens, I have an ability turn on an auto pilot and just do it without letting stress take precedence. So yeah it took me quite a while, but I was able to belt it out finally. There’s going to be a lot more to come, like I said I’ll be vending at Spellcon in New York in October so I still have to make business cards, and cryptograms of various other deities and elementals. I hope you all had a great weekend! 🦊 #witchwriter #writer #creativewriting #spiritualwriting #magickwriting #forestlife #forestdweller #forestchild #naturelove #natureworship #naturechild #wanderer #traveler #nomad #explorer #stayferal #stayadventurous #solitarywitch #eclecticwitch #greenwitch #forestwitch #oldsoul #occult #foxspirit #witchesofinstagram #witchessociety #pagansofinstagram #heathensofinstagram

13 hours ago

... it was aalllmmoossst too hot to ride.. but Lake! (And, yes, I wore my gear- changed on location 😂🤷🏻‍♀️👙🥾🏍) Impromptu venture with @infinitie31 @bearbitch29 @kegobears love you guys!!! ❤️

14 hours ago

Seek me here 🍂

15 hours ago

Living sustainably!! 🍃 Thought I should change up some of the things I talk about with you guys!! I’m really happy with how I’ve been changing things in my life to be more sustainable such as: - not using plastic bags but reusable cloth ones - reusable sandwhich bag - period underwear - second hand clothes How do you guys live sustainably? I’d like to know so I can make some more changes :)

16 hours ago

Everything in your environment is speaking. 🐿 Not just in relation to how messy your kitchen is or how untidy your bedside table can get 😅 but how the barista makes your coffee, how the busdriver takes your change, the conflicts we have, we are all in very subtle ways communicating an unspoken language to everyone we meet, which in turn brews up an equally valid reaction from them. So what is your environment trying to tell you? And can you listen to it? ✨ Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I’ll be on a plane in a few hours for my summer holidays, so I will be posting more on my stories for the next couple of weeks! Let me know what you got upto over the weekend ☺️🌺 . . . #longhair #earthytones #morigirl #celticwitch #rapunzelhair #ravenclaw #faerie #forestdweller #lightinspired #gloomandglow #bohemian #forestfaerie #farmlife #woodlandfairy #hobbitlife #alliseeispretty #mymindfulyear #ofwhimsicalmoments #whimsicalwonderfulwild #witchyvibes

17 hours ago

I've got another little Labradorite slab necklace in stock. This one is super flashy and has a beautiful bright green color to it. It matches the mood of this lightning storm we are having over here today perfectly. ⚡

17 hours ago

Hello lovelies and happy Sunday to you all. 🍁🍃🌲 Today I got to relax and did also a little gardening!!! How did you spend your Sunday? . . This beauty with that gorgeous #unakite cab is available in my etsy shop waiting for a forest soul to take it home.. don't forget that you can get with #freeshipping if you live in Greece or the US and also with a 10% discount if you use code TOMENTOSAINSTA in your check out ❣ . . . Also check a few posts back to enter the loop giveaway I'm participating in with lots of amazing creators ❣ . Love and happy vibes to all of you 🍂🍁🙏🍄🍃🌲 . . . . . #thetomentosashop #macrame #macramecuff #crystallovers #crystalbracelet #handmade #macramelove #macramejewelry #macramebracelet #celticinspired #celticjewelry #forestfairy #forestwitch #forestdweller #forestwarrior #greenwitch #celticbracelet #witchyvibes #celticart #celticknot #forestinspired #statementjewelry #cuffbracelet

18 hours ago

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! ✌

20 hours ago

f l o w e r • c h i l d

20 hours ago

This beautiful, grand mansion was built in 1857 by a family who moved to our little town from New York. The patriarch, Mr. William Tallman, was a successful and very honorable local lawyer who was a fierce abolitionist during the American Civil War. Rumors (though untrue) have been in my town that this home was part of the Underground Railroad and, even though there isnt any evidence to support those claims, we do know that the Tallman family was extremely supportive of political attempts to end slavery in the South. In fact, the Tallmans were avid supporters of Abraham Lincoln's presidential campaign and even hosted him for two nights in this very home.⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ Mr. Lincoln (this was before he was elected president) came to stay at the Tallman's grand home and, typically, when a guest of such stature is visiting, they are taken to your nicest sitting room. Lincoln was an extremely modest man from a humble background and felt shy in that room and asked to be taken to the family's simpler sitting room instead. After a day of probably political chatting, he went to bed around midnight and put his boots outside the closed bedroom door for the servants to take and polish during the night. The next morning, he awoke to see his boots were not replaced by his door. Too embarassed to go down into the house in his stocking feet, he stayed in his bedroom until someone came up to find him in the late morning, missing his train out of town! The family gave him back his boots (which had been stored in a closet), took him to church with them, and he had to stay a second night in order to catch the train the next day. Oh, and apparently, he was a rather loud snorer! ⠀⠀ .⠀

21 hours ago

I find simple living very beautiful 💖

21 hours ago

Yesterday was so hot during rehearsal, I was sweating buckets and it was near impossible towards the end to keep a grip on the stick. I think I need to get those sweat guard wrist band things. Today is more of the same in terms of weather, and where will I be? You guessed it! The river! It’s supposed to storm later but luckily there’s a few spots near a highway over pass I can go to if that happens. Again, stay hydrated everyone! Happy Sun day! 🦊 #witchwriter #writer #creativewriting #spiritualwriting #magickwriting #forestlife #forestdweller #forestchild #naturelove #natureworship #naturechild #wanderer #traveler #nomad #explorer #stayferal #stayadventurous #solitarywitch #eclecticwitch #greenwitch #forestwitch #oldsoul #occult #foxspirit #witchesofinstagram #witchessociety #pagansofinstagram #heathensofinstagram

22 hours ago

The Meeting of Two Waters: the mysterious, inky, tea-colored waters of the Santa Fe River, and the blue, crystalline waters of one of the many springs that feed this river. At the end of the video is a view of the beautiful spring. So much liminal power exists in this space. #liminality #liminalspace

1 day ago

Early in the morning she picked flowers in her small garden near the house and the drops of dew on delicate petals sparkled brighter than diamonds in the royal crown, and only her shining eyes could compete with them. She laid the table leisurely, put flowers in an old grandmother's vase, and in the meantime the house was filled with the smell of raspberry pie.Although that day was no different from the thousand other days of her provincial life, she never wanted more, she was eager just to preserve this little fragile world where only she ,voices of birds and rustling of wind in the foliage existed...🍃 . Are you more of a dreamer or a pragmatic person guys?;) . . #vintage #faery #girl #forestgirl #vintagegirl #morigirl #enchanted #fairytale #artstagram #aseasonalshift #forestdweller #vintage #momentslikethis #holdthemoments #peace #pretty #elvish #wood

1 day ago

My home is a moment, my little home is my temple, my heart is yours to keep. My purpose is fulfilled in each moment. Ever present. Ever changing. Ever growing.

1 day ago

Wild rabbit.

1 day ago

Forever I ascend you, rise you up, hold you high. My Temple of pine.~ ~ "Oh with gentle hands he did sway me Over the flames to strengthen and purify Oh, with loving words did he dab me With spring's last snow for cleansing me his child I grew and learned respectfully The Earth, Wind, Water and the sky The powers that decided the weather And rules both the dark and light I heard the voices of the spirits Of the forest call my name I saw the Hammer way up high..." ~Bathory- Baptised in Fire and Ice~ ~ #forestdweller #smultronstället #forestfolk #pnw #bathory #baptisminfireandice #lyrics #inspiration #photographer #moody_arts #moodyphotography #moody_nature #moody_tones #moodyedits #sombrescapes #soulsearching #renegade_dark #ominous_perfection #gloomy_side_views #blackmetalgirl #tree_brilliance #hikingmetalpunks #vikingmetal #nordic #pagan #ascention #woodland #cascadia #ethereal_moods #trees_of_darkness_

1 day ago

As I've been dreading my todays, but loving my plans and ideas of new tomorrows... I recall Euripides...~ ~ "Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. Tragedy isn't getting something or failure to get it; it's losing something you already have. Waste not fresh tears over old griefs." ~ ~ #forestdweller #dayoff #thinking #forestfolk #photographer #philosophy #playwright #greek #euripides #saturday #summer #newbeginnings #mindset #planningforthefuture #solitude #fate #selfportrait #girlwithglasses #blackmetalgirl #karma #whatgoesaroundcomesaround #toomuchsun #wellread #artist #thepastisthepast #destiny #♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ #chance #change #goingtodiealone

1 day ago

Happiness + self love + manifestation tip: wake up each morning with the intention of living in a way that would serve you most on this particular day as possible 🤲🏻 Everything we do or don't do is a choice. In saying that, that also means we make an endless amount of choices every single day. So, I invite you to try out how it feels to choose to put judgement aside, welcome in compassion, stay hydrated and nourished and dare to look deep inside yourself. And in each moment, continue to ask yourself; which choice can I make that will benefit my life and state of being most right now? 🌿 Practicing this on a daily and constant basis myself has affected my days, life, mindset and overall state for the better massively. Does anyone else do this too? 🖤 . 🌾 Also, this photo instantly associates me with Lughnasadh so much! I'm so excited to celebrate it soon in most joyful of ways x

1 week ago

"To wander the shadows... To see the truth from afar... To sigh in the moonlight... Dancing magic of stars... . Lift the Veil of Elphame... Let me see the light... Lift the Veil of Faerie... Guide me home, Tonight..." ~ Gary Stadler ✨ . . . Original picture by Edit by myself

1 week ago

Summer's Spell... 🍃🌼🍃 Here's the last one of my wee Midsummer shoot (at least for now). I truly cannot thank you all enough for all of the love and kindness I've recieved for these! Reading all of your lovely comments just makes me blush to the tips of my pointy ears and my heart flutter!💖💖💖

1 week ago

Make a Wish... ✨ Possibly my favorite picture from my Golden Hour forest wanderings of a few days ago... 🍃 What do you prefer seeing on my feed more? Nature photography, self portraits, more SFX makeup (it's been a while), stories, more behind the scenes, or...? I've been feeling a wee bit lost as of late, so please let me know 💚

1 week ago

"Wist je waar het uit zou komen? Dat je niets voor lief kan nemen. En dat het vreemder is dan dromen... Ook al gaat het zo vanzelf? Ik wacht hier op jou... Ook als je naast me ligt, je gezicht opnieuw het mooiste blijkt te zijn. Dit is een aanzoek zonder ringen En ik vraag niet om je hand maar om je vingers Die me wijzen op mezelf..." . ~ "Aanzoek zonder Ringen" , Bløf. 🍃 . Here's a picture of the wondrous morning dew accompanied by some of the lyrics from one of my favorite songs from Bløf. What song(s) have you been listening to a lot as of recent?😊

1 week ago

It is no secret that I absolutely adore owls with all my heart, and last Saturday I finally got to take a picture with one!🦉💚 She was such a curious wee beasty, deadly adorable, and not to mention incredibly soft! 😁 I've had such a wonderful weekend with my closest friends, it's been so fun and I hope to share more once I recieve the pictures from the photographers!! Do you like owls as much as I? 😍 . . . Original pictures by Edits, dress/belt and makeup by myself ( @yuki.arithil ) My necklace is from 's September 2018 box The circlet I looted from Elfia some 2 years ago. At @elmundofantasia