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There is abundance and nourishment all around us. We are coming to the end of the Advaya YOGA & FORAGING RETREAT: A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE - we have had an amazing week exploring our wild surroundings, practicing yoga and eating delicious food whilst spending time with an inspiring group of all ages on their own individual journeys of healing, evolution and adventure. We foraged in the woods, along the coast and in the fields surrounding the cottages. Hosted Ayurveda workshops and thought about how we cultivate peace, enchantment and presence in our daily lives. THANK YOU 馃審

2 hours ago

New day, new stuff to try out. I鈥檝e Bern looking for something that is easy to clean to have their veggie chop in since they prefer it mixed. So this will be perfect for that. Penny was excited, Stella just messes with my phone... They got some sunflower seeds (without shell) and clementines as it鈥檚 their favorite. I like it already!

5 hours ago

Marzipan balls with orange blossom extract. 讻讚讜专讬 诪专爪讬驻谉 讜诪讬 讝讛专

6 hours ago

A DELICIOUS MUSHROOM SAUCE - using the Orange Birch Bolete I found yesterday. It was turning to mush fast so this seemed like the perfect way to use it. I gently fried slices of the mushroom in goat butter with sprinkles of garlic, salt, and pepper. I later stirred in grated goat cheese after it was taken off the heat and then blended the contents until it was a smooth sauce. Perfect as a dip for sourdough bread! . . . . #orangebirchbolete #wildmushroomsauce #foragingforfood #fungi

8 hours ago

The finished product ... Homemade Rosehip Syrup ,which I have to say tastes absolutely delicious 馃構 such a delicious way to add an extra Vit C boost during those winter months 馃檶鉁岋笍 I used Coconut Sugar as it was all I had so it has probably turned out a little darker than it should. This recipe was in James Wongs Grow Your Own Drugs book and so simple to make. I did add a cinnamon stick as suggested along with a couple of cloves which has added a real warming feeling and don鈥檛 we all want a bit of extra comfort in the winter馃 250g Fresh Rosehips 5 Cloves (optional) 1 Cinnamon Stick (optional) 500ml Water 125g Sugar (approx) Crush Rosehips slightly and add to a pan with cloves and cinnamon then add the water. Simmer uncovered for 20 mins (I think I did this for longer) Strain then add the same amount of sugar as there is liquid approx 125g. Stir until dissolved and bring to the boil, then simmer again - 10 mins . Cool and filter into small bottles. Smaller bottles are preferable as will only keep for one week once opened in the fridge . If unopened it will keep for up to a year. As suggested in the book great to add over pancakes, ice creams or add to water and drink as a cordial .

9 hours ago

Tuber Magnatum Pico. White truffle just foraged. During a season which is difficult with not many around due to the warm weather (25-30 degrees centigrade in October), these were just heaven on earth with an aroma that was truly mind-blowing. So when @akasharichmond @arcucina asks for truffles, this is what she gets. These were foraged in the Bologna Hills, an area known for honouring its amazing produce and not shouting about it. We served these on fresh handmade tagliolini pasta tossed in butter and Parmigiano cheese and we then served the shaved truffles on top. . . . . . . . #whitetruffle #whitetruffles #whitetruffleseason #foraging #foragingforfood #epicurean #epicureanchronicles #gourmetfood #foodbeast #eatthis #vsco 馃摲 #food52 #foodpornitaly #italianfoodporn #yummyfood #onlywithyummyitaly #foodtourism #inemiliaromagna #bologna

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Lake Saimaa in south east Finland 馃嚝馃嚠 is truly a special area. This pristine wilderness region is where nature rules. Go in search of forests, lakes and nature and return having found an inner calm and peace... Rediscover what it is to be at one with the natural world. Go foraging, walk in the beautiful forest, swim in the crystal clear waters or marvel at the autumn colours! We recently discovered this remarkable corner of Finland on a spectacular 馃崄馃崅 autumnal short break. Watch this space for some brilliant itineraries coming soon! 馃摳: by @beets_c on a Sandgrouse Travel Finnish Adventure... #sandgrousetravel #scandi #nordic #nordicoutdoor #lakesaimaa #birch #trees #lakeland #saimaa #finland #visitfinland #visitsaimaa #freshwater #fall #autumn #autumnbreak #autumnal #finnishnature #friluftsliv #hygge #discoverfinland #sandgrousetrip #explorefinland #wintertrip #exploretheworld #alternativetravel #offgrid #naturetravel #naturelovers #foragingforfood

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Today was WONDERFUL. I led my first Hike & Flow hike this morning with an awesome, fun group in Patapsco. I鈥檓 so looking forward to doing more of these and expanding my offerings; learning from each one to know what I鈥檇 like to implement for the next time. 鉅 Then in the afternoon I joined a group to learn about foraging-we walked through the woods in Frederick learning about different edible wild plants and their properties. It was SO COOL. I aspire to someday raise/hung/gather the majority of my food supply, so I鈥檝e got to start learning somewhere. It is so fascinating, and such a blessing, and so humbling, to realize that nature has given us all the tools. The plants are medicine, we鈥檙e part of the circle of life with the animals, I love it all. 馃挒 鉅 鉅 鉅 #hiking #girlswhohikemd #girlswhohike #womenwhohike #foraging #edibleplants #medicinalplants #foragingforfood #wildforaging #adventurecalling #theoutbound #rei #rewilding #unlearnandrewild #natureseekers #bushcraft #rewild #natureconnection #naturetherapy #naturehealing #sweatydirtyhappy #choosemountainswomen #naturalfitness #movnat #soultending #womenwhoexplore #hikeeveryday #backpackermag #maryland #outside_project

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Feeling like a little girl again in my parents garden foraging apples馃崕馃尦馃崗 there is power and freedom in growing your own food. Fresh, rippened on the tree, organic. Yup some apples have been nibbled on by the occasional bug or animal but then you know its good to eat 馃憣馃徏馃槣 Youssef loved helping me. Children should know where their food comes from. Planning on making some apple sauce or apple butter with these to add to overnight oats or yoghurt 馃崕馃崗 How are you using apples this fall? Tell me in the comments馃憞馃徏 . . . . . . . . . . #vegan #plantbased #organic #foragingforfood #realfood #cureltyfree #apples #weightloss #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #veganmama #veganfamilymeals #veganweightlossjourney #brusselsvegan #veganjourney #veganbaby #veganfamily #applepicking #hclf #frutarian #rawtill4 #801010 #lifestyleblogger #childhoodmemories #childhoodhome

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I UNDERSTAND THE HYPE! - over finding huge boletes. This Orange Birch Bolete was double the width of my hand and one quarter of it sliced and fried gently in butter created this filling and delicious meal after the long drive back from Derbyshire. I sprinkled grated goat cheddar and powdered kelp seaweed over these 'steaks'. - yes they are literally the most tender and succulent mushroom steaks! . . . . . #mushroomsteak #orangebirchbolete #fungi #foragingforfood

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Good girl 馃槏

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This plants common name is 鈥楪allant Soldier.鈥 Wanna know how I know that?! Because I went on this super awesome informational foraging tour with @wildfoodasheville while I was visiting Asheville this summer. 鈼 鈼 The blog post on my whole experience is live now and you can swipe up in my stories to see why it鈥檚 such a unique experience and shouldn鈥檛 be missed on your next trip to Asheville! 鈼 鈼 #asoutherngypsy #VisitAsheville #foraging #foragingforfood #veganfoodshare #vegantravel #vegantravelblogger #vegantraveler #wildedibles #wildfoodlove #wildfood #wildfoods

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Chestnuts and pears came out great this year on our land, anyone want some serious food plot tips chestnuts provide more nutrients than any other food plot seed allowing the deer to survive the long harsh winters only if I didn鈥檛 eat them all I wonder how big the bucks would be 馃

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馃尮馃尯 Can you smell it too? Rose (Rosa spp.) Look out for these beauties of nature. There are still many in bloom, as the weather has been quite mild. 鈥 I love Roses and there are so many different species. 鈥 The parts used from the plant are the petals, the fruit and the seeds. 鈥 The seeds from the fruits are execrated and cold pressed for its highly beneficial beautiful oil. It is amazing calming and healing for the skin. 鈥 Rose is a wonderful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving. 鈥 Using Rose when meditating is super healing, opening the energetic heart chakra. 鈥 The fruit is rich with Vitamin C, much more than oranges. The rose hip powder (Rosa canina) can be used in food, juices and smoothies. It can also helps reduce pain. 鈥 The Petals can be used in teas, oils, vinegars, elixirs, glycerites, tinctures, perfumes or on salads. 鈥 Have you tried to use rose petals at home? I just want to smell them all the time. 鈥 #foraging #foragingforfood #rosehips #rose #plants #herbalist #herbalism #plantmedicine #earth #plantscience #science #naturelover #nature #denmark #thekanaansisters #wildforaging #hyben #hybenrose #hybenolie

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A young Amanita Gemmata - it had an intoxicating savory mushroom smell but it鈥檚 not edible. You will hallucinate but also get super sick at the same #foragingforfood #huntergatherer

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Hen of the Woods?? 馃崉 # My husband鈥檚 cousin picked these mushrooms for me in the Blue Hills (MA). (I think he is trying to support me in my mushroom-less marriage. My husband hates them! 馃槅) # I鈥檝e never foraged for anything, especially locally. And, I鈥檓 not gonna lie... I鈥檓 a little nervous to eat them. # Are these really edible? If you know about them, please share tips on prep/cooking/telling me they are OK to eat! #wildmushrooms #foragingforfood #edible 馃槵

1 day ago

Oh you know... Just foraging in the yard 馃尡馃尡 Plantain leafs, not to be confused with the banana like plantain. So not only did I learn about this plant whole foraging last weekend.. but turns out it is also in my favorite Herbal Adventure game! 馃槀馃ぃ Nerd alert! Crazy to think this gem has been here this entire time and I always just thought it was an obnoxious "weed" 馃し鈥嶁檧锔 This can be quickly picked and chewed up a bit and placed over inconveniences like mosquito bites and bee stings, poison ivy or stinging nettle.. relief for all the things! You can use Plantain in teas for all your digestive woes. Seriously, just go google the Plantain leaf and go looking around your yard! Sadly I don't think I'll be consuming any from our yard considering well... I park there, the dogs pee there, and the amounts of traffic and other environmental yuck from living in town 馃 @learningherbs #plantainleaf #outdoorclassroom

2 days ago

So I just defied death to get the last of the pears at the top of the pear trees in a field behind Pete鈥檚 house. I was heckled by pheasants and cows in the process whilst I navigated the ladder around cowpats and ditches, being pelted with broken branches as I climbed 100ft into the air (actually, more like 12ft, but it felt much higher!). . I鈥檓 now going to search the house for jars to maybe can these in a fragrant sugar syrup for winter puds! . When in the country and all that jazz. . . . #allotmentlife #homestead #vegan #kitchengarden #orchard #dessert #foraging #foragingforfood #freefood #countrylife #englishcountryside #homesteading #preserving

2 days ago

Foraging first for me today! Porcelain fungus, like Oyster mushrooms, grow on dead or dying trees. Very easy to identify, and they're easy enough to prepare. Just peal the slimy skin on the top, make sure the mushroom is clean and saut茅 for 10 minutes or until the mushroom has lost its moisture and becomes slightly crispy and golden brown. Very meaty, rich flavour, a great mushroom :) also found some young delicate oysters, really tender and fresh flavour #porcelainfungus 馃崉 #oystermushrooms #foragingforfood #mushroomhunting #mushroomforaging #foraging #wildfood #local #localfood #fungiforaging #fungi #mycophile #freefood #delicacy #slowfood #slowfoodyouthnetwork #cooking #cookingmushrooms #homecooking

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... and go!! 馃惀 Who is more excited about the new foraging toys, me or them?

2 days ago

Lizzie! Looking very pleased with her foraged field mushroom haul on this beautiful morning 馃槑馃挄