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3 hours ago

Edible & Timber Red Bamboo, new acquisition. (Don't remember the exact type, need to look it up...) Grow fast, little bamboo! I've been reading up on edible bamboo, ( and struck upon a grim warning: "Bamboo shoots may contain significant, potentially very toxic amounts of cyanogenic glycosides. (Cyanide!) 😨😱 However, the remedy was forthcoming, "The cyanogen in bamboo is taxiphyllin and therefore one of the few cyanogenic compounds that decompose quickly when placed in boiling water (20 minutes). Bamboo becomes edible because of this instability." 😰 That's a huge relief, because bamboo is delicious, and now I am back to being excited and impatient for them to grow! #redbamboo #ediblegarden #foodforest #oneday

3 hours ago

In amongst the #pūhā ( #Sonchus kirkii) plants in the main communal area at the #SanctuaryMahiWhenua are #flowerspikes of the #parasiticplant #broomrape ( #Orobanche minor). Broomrape has no #chlorophyll , so derives its food by tapping into the roots of its host plant through an appendage called an #haustorium. Broomrape is native to the #MiddleEast and was probably introduced into New Zealand with #contaminatedseed. #communitygarden #organic #citygarden #foodforest #localfood #Unitec #wairakaprecinct #gardening

6 hours ago

So, today was pretty cool. I have been a part of this little Valley for about 32 years. Throughout this time, I have seen a lot of beaver activity and sign. We have even had small dams on some of the tributaries running into the Mary’s River. Today for the first time though, I discovered the beavers had dammed the entire River. I hope, though I have my doubts, It survives high water this winter. #fall #autumn #beaver #dam #beavers #marysriver #river #pacificnorthwest #oregon #canecorso #italianmastiff #dogsofinstagram #dog #dogs #airbnb #bedandbreakfast #bnb #flyfishing #love #bridgesatharris #habitat #naturephotography #nature #coastrange #permaculture #apiculture #foodforest #wildlife #wildlifephotography #trout

6 hours ago

Did you know that one of my life goals is to have a food forest. Which is basically a low maintenance sustainable plant based food production in my very own backyard. This may not look like much at the moment but apart from the banana palm at the back which fruits every year, this was bare 12 months ago. Now I have a lime tree, two pineapple plants, a kiwi vine and the newest addition is the bean wall on the right. Plus the compost bin and the worm farm. Using the wall of our house as part of the backdrop from the beans and kiwi, also doubles as an insulation option. Pretty happy with how this project is coming along. FYI the frame used from the beans was the inside of an old couch I found on the side of the road. No need for new fancy stuff! #lookwhatigrew #foodforest #sustainableliving #zerowaste

8 hours ago

Here I am again, in the center of a storm of beautiful energy. So much is changing. The people I want have been coming my way; I am ready for them. I am happy with how I am treated because those who mistreat have been denied space in my heart and schedule. My body is softening; old resentments are being starved and leaving. My thoughts are becoming beautiful things. ❤️🌀 Some affirmations for your day; take them if you like 😊

8 hours ago

Its harvest time! The one thing that really amazes us, every time its time to harvest, is the abundance nature offers us. Each tree is loaded with fruits that can easily sustain you, your family and even your neighbourhood. And there is still left for the wildlife around you. Nature is marvellous. Abundance and co-operation its key values.

9 hours ago

In this video, I have captured the last day of the one-month PIA (permaculture in action) internship at the Greening the Desert site in Jordan, and participants are still engaged in the work and feeding the food forest fertility. To see the full 5-minute video visit my youtube channel or see links in my profile. If you'd like to follow my work or if you're just curious to know what permaculture is all about, have a look at We call it the Permaculture Circle (TPC) and it's a unique learning experience that's free with hundreds of permaculture videos and resources for those eager to learn more. #permaculture #permaculturesystems #chopanddrop #mulch #compost #foodforest #desertforest #groundcovers #permaculturedesign #greeningthedesert #permacultureeducation #permacultureproject #permacultureplants #geofflawtonpermaculture #drylands #jordan #deadsea #permaculturewillfeedtheworld #buildsoil #permacultureresearchinstitute #regenerativeagriculture #organicgardening #gardensofinstagram

10 hours ago

In spite of living in a climate where the #summer and #fall are quite dry, we have some incredible #moss. #Sphagnum is a #genus of approximately 380 accepted #species of #mosses , commonly known as " #peatmoss ". Accumulations of Sphagnum can store water, since both living and dead #plants can hold large quantities of water inside their cells; plants may hold 16–26 times as much water as their dry weight, depending on the species. The empty cells help retain water in drier conditions. Hence, as sphagnum moss grows, it can slowly spread into drier conditions, forming larger mires, both raised #bogs and blanket bogs. These #peat accumulations then provide #habitat for a wide array of #peatland plants, including #sedges and #ericaceous #shrubs , as well as #orchids and carnivorous plants. Sphagnum and the peat formed from it do not decay readily because of the phenolic compounds embedded in the moss's cell walls. In addition, bogs, like all #wetlands , develop anaerobic #soil conditions, which produces slower anaerobic decay rather than aerobic #microbial action. Peat moss can also acidify its surroundings by taking up cations, such as calcium and magnesium, and releasing hydrogen ions. Under the right conditions, peat can accumulate to a depth of many meters. Different species of Sphagnum have different tolerance limits for flooding and pH, so any one peatland may have a number of different Sphagnum species. #bridgesatharris #permaculture #apiculture #foodforest #landscape #landscapephotography #airbnb #bedandbreakfast #bnb #oregon

11 hours ago

Took me almost a decade to figure this out.

12 hours ago

Hi there newby, welcome to the garden

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13 hours ago

It’s a good sight...the early morning steam cloud from a freshly turned pile of compost (photo unfiltered). Making compost is one of the techniques we use for building soil. It is like a coat hanger (to paraphrase Bill M.) that you can hang in your wardrobe of Permaculture Design elements. There are any number of techniques that can be used to master a specific space or niche, and that you can hang in your design cupboard. But the techniques themselves are not the design. What else is in the cupboard? Strategy belongs in there. Strategies are the timings with which you apply techniques. Just as there are many techniques you may need, choose and use, so you can have many strategies too. The strategies enable the mastering of time within your design when applied to the techniques that you choose. But the strategies themselves are not the design. The overarching pattern with which you apply the strategies and techniques, enables your mastery over the time and space which is your design. But just as any Life system continuously evolves, so too will your design. And it must evolve, for it will never be complete. You must continually work with the evolution of life expression, shaped by your intention, as Life seeks to overcome limitations by capitalizing upon any freedom that it may have. And so we make compost to build our crop soils, and we time the collection of manure and plant matter, so that each week we make a new pile, and from a continual cycling of compost piles, we have a 5-6 week matured pile ready to go on a crop bed as well. In fact we have two from our chicken tractor composting systems, which is the pile you see being turned in this photo. Nice grapevine growing on the fence too. So you will nest different elements together in your design, and by stacking functions, you can optimize outputs for your inputs used, recycling everything not consumed back through a system. Techniques make use of the elements within a space and strategies determine the timings of fruition. It can be a little mystifying when you first try to get your head around it...but as it all comes together you wonder how we could have ever done it differently? #permaculturedesign

14 hours ago

And so the harvest begins! A quick read of #louisglowinski on exactly when to harvest and harvesting technique and up the ladder I went! Napoleon is a yellow cherry with red blush when ripe. Cherries put on most of their size in their last week before harvest and rain at this time can put splits in the crop so I am being totally vigilant. The neighbourhood birds are fully in song this morning so I guess the word is passing around....’cherries at number 14!’ A net and a plastic owl are in place guarding the crop 😊 #foodforest #cherry #firstfruit #obtainayield #gardenfarmer #joy

14 hours ago

A boy named Sue, who was born last thanksgiving night. This is a pic of him about two days old feeling proud of his newfound standing skills. Otis the cat watched the birth and jumped down and licked him before his brother Lou was even born!

15 hours ago

Sometimes you just wake up feeling little crazy. Fred (white dog) and Nugget (brown dog) have become quite the loungers and entertainers for us

15 hours ago

Otis came to us a small kitten and just blossomed into a confident that independent explorer who has total trust in his safety around the other animals. On chilly evenings you can find him replacing this fierceness with gentleness as he lays next to the dogs to warm up

15 hours ago

Lou, the second born animal on the farm. Although he is younger, he is now bigger than his brother Sue. He makes more contact than most of my dogs, and loves to share space with the cats and dogs

15 hours ago

How beautiful is this curry plant 💚 It once was a tiny plant sitting in a pot at the end of my veggie bed helping to deter pests.. now it has a life of its own, firmly planted in the veggie bed and engulfing the old tractor wheel 😂

16 hours ago

Today’s episode of The Permaculture Podcast ( @permaculturepodcast ) features an interview with our friend, Karl Treen, who developed a card game to help learn the basics of permaculture: The Food Forest Card Game ( @foodforestcardgame ). (Think stocking stuffer!! 🎅🏼) Among many interesting topics, Karl describes his experience inoculating logs with our plugs spawn- thanks for the shout-out! 😀🍄🕸🌿🍎 #permiesofinstagram #mushroomgrowing #loginoculation #podcast #permaculture #mycology #foodforest #selfie #urbanfarming #suburbanfarming #ruralfarming #businessbesties #ireccomend

18 hours ago

MORGINA tree almost waist high🌿✌ these insanely medicinal leaves will change your life do some research and then, grow some Moringa😁

20 hours ago

Beautiful, healthy, delicious Cranberry Hibiscus - edible tasty leaves and gorgeous pink flowers😁 GROW THIS

20 hours ago

We made the newsletter! Woohooo

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21 hours ago

Juiced more beyond organic Satsumas and made some orange peel vinegar to use as a cleaning concentrate. 🍊 Fill a jar with orange peels (can store in the fridge until your jar is full) 🍊Cover peels with vinegar and seal jars 🍊Store in pantry for 1-2 weeks 🍊Strain liquid into spray bottle and dilute 50/50 with water. Lots of gratitude to the owner of our old home for allowing us to pick oranges from our old tree, and to our awesome former neighbor for helping us arrange everything.

23 hours ago

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We’re almost hitting 100 fans and followers in less than a month. Click like to celebrate! The 100th like will get a free airtime worth 1000 naira and another random like would be picked and given 1000 naira airtime also. #agriculture   #agrotech    #agricultural    #agro    #agriculturelife    #agriculture_global    #agritech    #agtech    #farming    #agronomy    #organics    #nongmo    #hempseeds    #naturalfoods    #nochemicals    #livingfoods    #avocadooil    #organicproducts    #organicliving    #juicing    #organicgarden    #regenerativeagriculture    #sustainablefarming    #farmersmarket    #supportlocalfarmers    #growyourfood    #farmtofork    #foodforest    #growfood

1 day ago

I spent the day plotting out spots for dozens of new trees & shrubs on our property. So many new treasures will be going into the ground over the next few months. I’ve come to understand that while we aren’t solely focused on building a “food forest” these days, we’re still building a forest. Maybe we’ll call it a “flower forest” because this is seriously going to be a cutting flower garden forest! Trees are the base of future sustainable farm models- for food & flowers. 🌳🌼🌿 #trees #maple #japanesemaple #acer #planttrees #treelife #autumnleaves #autumnvibes #novembergarden #permaculture #perennialgarden #foodforest #flowerforest #cutflowers #slowflowers #americangrownflowers #dundeehills #yamhillcounty #willamettevalley #treephotography #zacharyalanphotography #smallfarm #farmsofthefuture #regenerativeagriculture #flowerfarmer #pollinateflowers

1 week ago

This Mexican sunflower I planted from cuttings from @farmboy_q ❤ are showing signs of new life and I'm so stoked about that!!! They bloom smaller but beautiful solid yellow flowers and grow tall as a tree 🌱😆

3 weeks ago

🌸So. Beautiful.🌸

7 months ago

Just loving you sunflower, just loving you.