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Unwind your body with a Lemon balm tea, this perennial herb from the mint family that has a mild lemon aroma, is a way to invite your mind, body and spirit to relax. Many people believe lemon balm has a calming effect so they take it for anxiety, sleep problems and restlessness. So take a moment before bed to allow your body to de-stress and recharged. #ekilibrium #naturatea #tea #naturalfarming #tealover #leaftea #sustainable #natural #teafarm #greentea #teacommunity #teashop #teaaddict #biodiversity #maojian #foodforest #forest #wildtea #sustainableteaworld #xinyang #yuexi #teamaster #yellowtea #taipinghoukui #teashops #tealove #anhui #cleanse #ecoagriculture #permaculture

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Umm... Houston, we have a problem! Didn't take long for me to figure out why the "Gardener" that was working the property was having issues with the irrigation. It was being pushed up hill all the way. Continual blowouts is what your asking for when that happens. Yes, this is actually uphill all the way. The fix... Move the entire line to the other side of the area so that it pushes the water up the hill through the main, then flows downhill through the lines and across the natural landscape. With just this change it will actually start saving water immediately and drastically reduce the time, energy and headaches making repairs. Total cost to make the change should only be a few new connectors and some sections of pipe. PVC doesn't like being left out in the sun. It dries out and becomes brittle. So all pipes will get a later of wood chips... Which is very convenient, since we're putting in over a foot of wood chips and chicken manure over the entire area. Both of which are in abundance on the property. Very happy with today's work. Got the initial measurements, started drafting out the entrance to the #food #forest and have a pretty good start on where some of the amenities, like the full outdoor kitchen and pond, will be going. #Permaculture #Design at work to change this difficult to maintain #garden into a #sustainable and #adaptive #FoodForest.

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Honey bee on our peach tree. I'm so excited to see if we get peaches this year. Last year we had the first fruits form but they didn't set, the tree was suffering badly from peach leaf curl. I treated it this year, hopefully enough, and the blossoms are now starting to die back and leaves coming through so I will know soon if the tree had enough treatment. Happy Thursday everyone, only two sleeps until the weekend! This weekend is a big one for us, the husband's birthday is on Saturday night so I have a lot of final touches to clean up and food to start prepping for the crowd. Not only that, big things are happening in the background for Fig and Pepper Garden. Stay tuned! #mygarden #instagarden #organic #backyard #figandpeppergarden #organicgardening #growyourownfood #foodforest #sustainable #biodiversity #blossoms #honeybee #bee #pollinators #savethebees #capture #photography #nature #naturephotography #spring #capture #bigthingsarehappening #party

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Tonight we dined in the woods of Varna, Bulgaria!

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. 🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄 . Thanks @cropswap and @littlepoppymama for the Golden Yellow Oyster Mushroom block! I've never grown mushrooms before. I am absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity to learn! It's been a busy day, and I am relaxing with a very large smile plastered across my face. Though it may be challenging at times, I am rewarded as long as I continue to do the next right thing. . Let's grow some mushrooms!. . #mushroom #mushrooms #mycology #fungi #fungus #fungusamongus #shrooms #oyster #oystermushrooms #gift #thankyou #new #adventure #inmygarden #challengesarenotlimits #thedisabledcangarden #mushroomblock #inoculated #justaddwater #growyourown #food #foodforest #plantbased #organic

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Pumpkin vines! I planted some pumpkin seeds in this bed because it was in desperate need of a ground cover. I got the seeds from a large Cucurbita moschata pumpkin that was grown in the tropical Americas. They are very common in all grocery stores in South Florida because of the large immigrant population. The Cucurbita moschata species of pumpkin is best for hot and humid climates, since it is native to the tropics. I don’t have any experience growing other species of pumpkin, but the C. moschata cultivars are vigorous and take up a lot of space. The Seminole pumpkin is a C. moschata cultivar that was grown in Florida by the Seminole tribe, and is now commonly planted because it does so well in the state. The common butternut squash is also a C. moschata cultivar. I am going to be attempting to grow Seminole pumpkins and butternut squash in the future. Have you ever grown any C. moschata cultivars? Let me know down below in the comments! —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— ¡Enredaderas de calabaza! Planté algunas semillas de calabaza en este pequeño huerto porque necesitaba desesperadamente una planta cubre suelo. Obtuve las semillas de una gran calabaza Cucurbita moschata cultivada en las Américas tropicales. Son muy comunes en todas las tiendas de comestibles en el sur de la Florida debido a la gran población de inmigrantes latinos. La especie de calabaza Cucurbita moschata es mejor para climas cálidos y húmedos, ya que es nativa de los trópicos. No tengo ninguna experiencia cultivando otras especies de calabaza, pero las de C. moschata son vigorosas y ocupan mucho espacio. La calabaza Seminole es una variedad C. moschata que fue crecida en Florida por la tribu Seminole. Ahora se sigue sembrando comúnmente porque crece bien en el estado. La calabaza común que se llama butternut squash or cacahuete también es una especie de C. moschata. Voy a intentar cultivar calabazas Seminole y butternut squash en el futuro. ¿Alguna vez han cultivado alguna variedad de C. moschata? ¡Déjenme saber abajo en los comentarios! . . . . . #pumpkinvine #pumpkinpatch #calabaza #butternutsquash #foodforest #floridagarden #floridagardening #permaculture #permacultura #permaculturedesign

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I love this movie so much! What’s your favorite part? Mine is... “It’s a penis, every guy has one.” 😂

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Nothing really gets me like fresh tomatoes from the garden. I worked a ton yesterday, so today is all about cozying at home and writing my intentions for next week. I am reflecting on my blessings and the profound gratitude I feel for them and the people in my life. Happy midweek ☀️

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Native thatch palm and coconut palm growing side by side in the front garden. Two of the most useful plants in the garden they are a good source of phosphorous and silica ( both usually deficient in tropical soils ) among other things. In fact palms have a mycelium network associated with their roots that harvests and transports phosphate from miles away back to the palm. . Head over to for my lates post “Food Forest: A Buyers Guide”. . Even though I refer to the garden as a “food forest” I prefer the term “forest garden” because what we are doing here is about much more than food. A good garden design produces an abundance of food but also craft materials, fiber, roof thatching, lumber, medicine, lowers energy bills, produces its own mulch, retains and stores water, inspires, and provides habitat for the local flora and fauna including humans. #permaculture #permaculturedesign #foodforest #polyculture #homesteading #permacultureeducation #sustainablemiami #forestgardening #syntropicfarming #syntropy #neopeasant #ethicallifestyle #slowliving #urbanfarmstead #regenerativelifestyle #tropicalgarden #ethicalliving #urbanfarming #growyourown #selfsufficiency #selfreliance #permaculturegarden #fullcircle #fullcirclefarming #giveashit #earthcare #patterningforfertility #miamipermaculture #regenerativelifestyle #agroforestry #chemicalfree

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Vandaag zijn we met de Werkplaats Voedselbossen Noord-Nederland op excursie geweest naar het voedselbos van Wouter van Eck in Groesbeek. Super interessant en erg gezellig! #voedselbos #foodforest #ketelbroek

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This kitty likes my phone charger cord. I don’t want him to like it. I could spend time and energy telling him “no” and “hey stop that” repeatedly, to both of our growing frustration - or I could grab a toy and throw it. . For as long as you’ve been alive, that brain of yours has been cooking 24/7. The monkeys in your mind are used to having free reign, why would they give it up easily? So if we are to break the cycle of annoying thinking, we learn to speak the language of the mind, to surrender the ego to the process, to revel in the act of sitting and being. #meditation

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I planted fruit trees all around the land that’s around my house I have easily over 100 fruit trees. I have one section of orchard that’s in one of the chicken roaming areas and they keep being sneaky and Trying to eat them. I’m fasting for a Jewish Holiday so I picked some of the fruits but I won’t feast on them till tonight when I break my fast. Growing fruit trees is such a rewarding hobby it’s a lot of work maintaining and nurturing like any living thing but you eat well let me tell you! #investments #investing #milionairelifestyle #entrepreneur #farmlife #organic #fruittrees #fruittree #backyardfarm #countryboy #redneck #urbanfarming #foodforest #orchard #permaculture #explorebc #beautifulbc #madeincanada #jewish @payereyes

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Superbe systeme aquaponique avec bille d'argile

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The view from a sunset shower in our eco-friendly outdoor showers, where all the water goes right back in to nourishing the land 👌🌿 A normal bathroom will never feel the same again! #naturesreward #sunset #outdoorshower

8 hours ago

Ooh yes it’s time for another release! You guys like weird and sour beers, right? And locally grown herbs and fruit? On September 27 we're proudly presenting 4 brand new Nevel beers that are the strangest concoctions we've brewed and blended so far. We're not giving away too much information yet, but we guarantee it's going to be interesting! Expect to taste challenging beers with ingredients like sea buckthorn, cassis leaf and rhubarb. These ingredients were grown by two of our favourite local farmers: Foodforest Ketelbroek and @de_ommuurde_tuin_ . Their projects are a great example of alternative, sustainable farming so we're giving special attention to them this evening! We will unveil the beers one by one in the next week, leading up to the release party at our brewery on Thursday. We invite you all to swing by for tasting glasses, chats about our beers and growers, delicious snacks and bottles to go in our nearly finished tasting room! #beerrelease #releaseparty #newbeer #meander #purper #bries #aard #local #localbeer #organic #foodforest #dutchbeer #dutchbrewery #dutchcraftbeer #nijmegen #honigcomplex

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The finished food forest planted at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort as part of the 2018 @motherearthfair This planting, modified from the original design, is anchored by and planned around a pair of semi-dwarf apple trees. These eventually will provide a canopy underneath one will find gooseberries, comfrey, and additional edible and medicinal plants. @forestranchpa here is the follow-up photo you requested, sent to me by Darrell Frey. #foodforest #food #growyourown #plantwithme #motherearthnewsfair #permaculture #gardening

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The #foodforest is a huge part of the solution for global food security, and the United migration out of survival mode for our #onelove species. 🌳 “Forests exist fine on their own. There’s no mowing, weeding, spraying, or digging required. No pesticides, fertilisers, herbicides or nasty chemicals. No work and no people either. They somehow do very well, thank you. Now, imagine if everything in this lush, abundant, spectacular forest was edible! If you can imagine what this would look like, if you can picture this in your mind’s eye, then you’re not far from the mark of what a food forest is like in real life. “ via 🍎🍌🍋🥥🍐 🌳“Searching for the scent of the early plum, I found it by the eaves Of a proud storehouse.” Matsuo Bashō 🌳This plum tree is approx 10 years old and is echoing in abundance this year, it’s neighbouring friends are an apple tree, a couple of cherry’s, pear, and some delicious herbs to keep its trunk warm 💪🙌🙏

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Presenting the Permaculture Design Course | In aravallis | Delhi NCR | November 12th to 24th | 🌄🌳🌾🌻 Do you feel responsible for the planet? Do you want to change how we eat, live and connect? Live more sustainably and healthily and in the process learn valuable life skills? Then sign up for the Permaculture Design Course! 🌿 What's Permaculture? Permaculture is a contraction of the two words ‘PERMAnent AgriCULTURE’. It stands for the responsible and wise use of natural resources, in a way that will sustain life for the present as well as future generations. It is a philosophy and practice that enables people to design and establish productive systems to provide for their food, energy, shelter and other material and non-material needs, in harmony with natural systems.It takes us to the depths of soil health, water harvesting, organic food production, biodiversity regeneration, and waste management and highlights the inter-relationships among all of these. Course Description The course is an internationally recognized course resulting in a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC). Permaculture integrates land, resources, people and the environment through mutually beneficial synergies imitating the no waste, closed loop systems seen in nature. Permaculture studies and applies holistic solutions that are applicable in rural and urban contexts at any scale. It is a multidisciplinary toolbox including agriculture, water harvesting, renewable energy, natural building, forestry, waste management, animal systems, appropriate technology, economics and community development. This course follows the international Permaculture Design Course syllabus developed by Bill Mollison, the co-founder of permaculture. The curriculum is then embellished and customized to the local landscape and to accomodate the needs of each individual participant. Date: November 12th to 24th, 2018 Location: A farm in the aravalli range. Course Fee: INR 25,960 Early Bird Discount: INR 22,420 (valid before 15th October) *Fee includes food and lodging #permaculture #delhi #edibleroutes #foodforest #earthcare #peoplecare #fairshare #sustainability #permanentagriculture #permacultureindia

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This evening the #SanctuaryMahiWhenua hosted a visit of the #Manawanui #Brownies , #Auckland plus #GirlGuides and parents. Sarah and Trevor took them on a tour of the gardens and food forest, and let them sample different leaves ( #scramblingspeedwell - #Veronica persica and #Chinesetoontree - #Toona sinensis) and flowers ( #pineapplesage - #Salvia elegans and #Chineselantern - #Abutilon ). They learnt about the special features of the Sanctuary and its use for gardening by #Māori , and the significance of the #mārakūmara area. #communitygarden #organic #citygarden #foodforest #localfood #Unitec #wairakaprecinct #gardening

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My gorgeous sweet snow peas looking so fresh after an afternoon shower of rain. Snatched 40 minutes in the garden at dusk today. I love spending time in my garden first thing in the morning or at the end of the day. ☀️🍃🌚 They are my favorite times....hearing the birds wake up and then their last songs before tucking up for the night.🐦🕊🦅🦆 . . #homegrown #dusk #burds #organicgardener #vegetablepatch #fermentation #foodforest #gardenerofinstagram #growtoeat #nature #aussiegardener #growyourownfood #herbs #herbgardenbythesea #organiclife #organicgardenermag #herbsforsale #earth #coastalherbgarden #freshproduce #mypatchofearth #kitchengarden #coastal #edibleflowers #beachlife #supplyforchefs #permaculturedesign #gardeningaustraliamag

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Going out to Lower King Store this week Vietnamese mint Purple Sweet potato Capsicum seedlings Salvia 'Hotlips' Nepeta (catmint) Oregano Marjoram Common mint Yacon

17 hours ago

The beginnings of apple season 😁

18 hours ago

European bee using the duckweed to get freshwater. We have duckweed to use in the compost, and help keep the White Cloud Mountain Minnows cool that we keep to eat the mosquito larvae in the pond. And we have the pond to provide fresh water for the local wildlife. I didn’t realise that the duckweed would have a third benefit. . #permaculture #springgarden #GrowYourOwnFood #urbanfarm #farmher #gardenlife #gardentotable #greenthumb #eatrealfood #growsomethinggreen #urbanfarmer #foodforest #growfood #perennials #growyourown #homegrown #homeiswheretheartis #productivegarden #bees

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Lemon grass interplanted between trees in the food forest. When rubbed they produce a distinct smell which repels pests. It's easy to grow and maintain. The leaves can be used to make teas, the stalks for culinary dishes and extracted oil for aromatherapy. They possess lot health benefits too including relaxation, relieving anxiety and preventing infections. Grow lemongrass in your farm for multiple benefits like pest control, kitchen use and medicinal uses. #lemongrass #permaculture #permaculturedesign #forgottenfoods #foodforest #pestcontrol #nature #naturalfarming #naturalliving #aromatherapy #medicine #soup

19 hours ago

If you walk down this pathway you will find kalo, turmeric, guava, holy basil, Thai basil, pineapple, white sapote, amla berry, papaya, moringa, sweet potato, rollinia, lilikoi, durian, star apple, cashew nut, cacao, and a human bean named Ash ☀️🌿💦❣️

19 hours ago

Katuk and its flowers 🌿🌸 Katuk is a hardy and delicious perennial plant which requires much less care than annual greens such as lettuce, and contains much higher amounts of protein and nutrients. ☀️ Perennials dig their roots deep into the soil to sequester tons of nutrients which then get transferred to us through consumption. 🐝 Katuk also thrives on near full neglect in the tropics, so it is an amazing plant to have around, munch on, and share cuttings with friends. 🌱

19 hours ago

Odd Summer! Walls of cucamelon vines and this is the first and only sign of a melon bigger than a rice kernel, Scarlet Runner beans finally showing themselves, Jerusalem artichokes on schedule, ready to have flowers cut back to feed the chokes, and the first three sweet potato plants dug up! Better late than never. Even with the days getting shorter, we still have a month or more for these plants! (I hope) #betterlatethannever #warmfall #learnasyougrow #permaculture #foodforest #itaintovertillitsover

20 hours ago

Ripe Pineapple Guava is so valuable. Here we have 3 different hand pollinated fruit from a closely managed breeding program. As much as we want to just devour this fruit we can’t. We need to carefully ferment the fruit to get the next generation. The seeds inside are valuable early ripening genetics! - - - #plantbreeding #breedingforperfection #pnwwonderland #fejoa #fejoas #pineappleguava #firstfruit #ripefruit #plantstrong #fruitlover #fruitobsessed #growyourownfruit #foodforest #foodscape #ediblelandscaping #permaculture #landscapedesign #onegreenworld #genetics #horticulture

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With fall planting season in full swing, I want to share another PDX business that I LOVE. An amazing resource for making garden magic happen, @naomisorganic carries a memorizing array of beautiful and beneficial plants. Fruits, flowers, and much more, it’s a great place to find inspiration and healthy (non-neonic) plants for pollinators. Check them out! And if you want help selecting the right plants for the right place, I’m scheduling design and garden coaching session for September, October & November. Link to bio for contact info. Let’s get planting!

21 hours ago

Feeling a bit guilty this morning, totally gave up on our pathetic sweet potato patch, dug it all up today only to find it has given us a couple decent sized potatoes. Imagine what you could have done with a bit of love & care & extra time. Sorry sweet potatoes I promise to give you a better chance next time. 🍠🍠🍠☘️☘️☘️

1 day ago

Applesauce is coming! Yay! First year of fruit! 😍. 12lbs = 4 quarts. Haha. Better than store bought, no doubt.🍎

5 days ago

Before there was a garden and a food forest, there was nothing. Nothing but beautiful barren land.

5 days ago

My hidden escape: The Monkey House