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🐛It's pretty neat to see how well different animals blend in with their habitat. This looper grub is the same colour as the Christmas Bush stems!

1 hour ago

Making up some fragrant fire bundles. 🔥🔥🌲

1 hour ago

Had such a fun time making our outdoor arrangements today!

1 hour ago

Last week as a part of our sustainability mission, instead of having our leaves vacuumed and hauled off, we used them in the back forty where we’re adding and restoring the display gardens. A huge project that I’m also trying to be frugal in accomplishing. Planning out the gardens is fun, but it’s also can be overwhelming when there is so much to do. But when you can add more beauties like this welll.... why not, right! One must always have flowers! #flowerfarm #myfloralstories #flowerphotos #myflowergardens

2 hours ago

I got to make my first bridal bouquet for an actual bride! What a pleasure it was to make this for my market bestie @rabbleandroost Farm. Dakota it was such an honor. 💕

2 hours ago

It was brought to my attention that I have never introduced myself. Usually I see intros rolling out on Friday, while I am not sure where it started, I was never good at following the masses. So here you are: I am Jess, the one woman show that is Hickory Grove Flower Farm. That being said, I do have my human support net, that I couldn't do without. Love you humans! 🌿 Here is my story: by trade I am an Interior Designer, with a background in commercial and hospitality design. In my late 20s, I started a side hustle doing flowers for events and weddings. I have always been a creative, had a love of flowers, and inclined to work with my hands. It is my mission to bring beauty to us humans, where it lacks. I find my inspiration rooted in nature, have always been drawn to the outdoors and wide open spaces. 🌿 A combination of working endless hours for an architecture firm and having an allergic reaction to imported flowers for a wedding, led me down this rabbit hole. I started by using the only local flower grower I could find, and then sourcing from California farms when necessary. While that solved part of my problem, I still wanted more. 🌿 In early 2016, I moved to rural Northwestern PA from Pittsburgh, where I cohabitate with my feisty 83 year old grandma, and began my journey growing flowers on the two acres my grandparents purchased in the early 70s. In September of 2017, I quit my office job and planted my first seeds as a business. I was so excited and prepared for the upcoming growing season in 2018. 🌿 I was not prepared for where 2018 took me. In April, my brother passed unexpectedly. In August, our bonus mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. In September, we lost my grandfather. Closing on this first year of business, and the mix of feelings is overwhelming. There were so many mistakes, there was so much lost, there was so much not done. I was grieving. I am still grieving. 🌿 Moving toward 2019, I am looking forward to finding my footing and marching forward, out of the fog I have been in. Hugging my humans, and making an effort to find happiness and enjoy more moments, because they all count. Life is fleeting, grab it. ❤

4 hours ago

This rainy day seems like a wonderful time for a giveaway!! All you have to do is like this post and tag a friend. You are your friend will receive a wreath or centerpiece to decorate with. You can also pass it along as a hostess gift or to a loved one. Must be local to Chattanooga. Deadline is Wednesday December 12th at 12 pm. Winners will be announced Thursday morning. • • • • • #cha #chattanooga #local #chattanoogamakers #shoplocalchattanooga #tennesseeflowers #flowerfarm #farmerflorist #flowercsa #flowersubscription #localflowers #signalmountain #welovechatt #dsfloral #livelocallytn #wreath #deckyourhalls #wreathworkshop

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Jez Taylor - Manager of the market garden @daylesford Organic Farm, Gloucestershire. . . Photographed for the ‘England’ issue of @lodestarsanthology. OUT NOW!

5 hours ago

That beautiful Tuscan light on a summer afternoon ✨🌿💕 How I dream of going back one day (preferably on another @ohflorastudio workshop 😂☺️) 📷- @lostinlove_photography

5 hours ago

We gave our ponds some lovin’ today. Thanks to the almost 4” of rain we got on Friday, our old pond is overflowing and our new pond is starting to hold onto a substantial amount of water. It was a perfect time to scatter some wetland fringe seeds to try (ha!) and outcompete the KR bluestem that seems to love our ponds as much as we do. 😂😩

5 hours ago

Join us for our Silly Santa Search! The Silly Santa will be somewhere different in our sales area each day. Each evening we will post on both Instagram and Facebook the hours when you can find Silly Santa the next day. Be the first to find him within those hours and win the prize of the day. Daily winners will be entered to win the grand prize on Christmas Eve. #berrysblooms #freshflowers #locallygrownflowers #medinaflorist #weddingflowers #farmerflorist #flowerfarmer #sillysanta #medinaflowers #freshchristmasgreens #medinaohio #flowerfarm #holidaydecor #staylocal

7 hours ago

So often I read a story of someone who became a Flower Farmer because a dear relative would grow sweet peas or garden roses and how that impacted them as a child. How flowers have always played an influence in their life. I wish I had that story. Instead my story is a yearning for connection and a sense of place. It is searching for home. I wrote my story because I feel it may be something you cconnect with. You can read of my search for connection and how it lead me to be a Flower Farmer in the link in my profile.

8 hours ago

Oh, how I wish I could transfer this smell directly from screen to nose for you!😩Oh, and did you know our #gardinas are sold with their original leaves! No fake leaves from my #farm ! Gardina leaves are naturally shiny and quiet hardly. Just a little extra way for us to show our love ❤️ for you.

8 hours ago

Red, Green and White gorgeousness! Protea Ceres’ queen-size bloom and crimson bracts with white feathery tips, a love-at-first-sight creation. Drawing from a lineage of P. Magnefica (queen) and P. Obtusifolia, Ceres is a gorgeous yet hardy bush that when flowering can be seen from a distance and certainly can’t be missed. This queen protea has divine deep green leaves and sturdy long stems. 🌷🌿🌷 . . . #flowerfarm #inthefield #protea #ceres #gorgeous #flower #holiday #colors #visitcalifornia

9 hours ago

Bender says “go grab your CSA share before they sell out!” We added a few hens to the flock this fall so we’re expecting to have more eggs to add on to your veggies every week too. How are you having your eggs this morning?

9 hours ago

Rhode Island’s entire flower and farming community have been so awesomely welcoming and helpful this launch year. It’s made starting up feel more like coming home. Here’s Harry Chase of Chase Farms in Portsmouth RI who’s been one of the state’s leading greenhouse growing experts since 1969. Harry sold us an old hoophouse (at a generous discount) and came all the way up to Providence to give us advice in person on how to install it. Thank you Harry! . . #chasefarms #urbanfarming #rinla #flowerfarming #nurseryman #rhodeisland #rifarmer #farmer #farmingcommunity #amfarming #flowerfarm #nonprofitfarm #ri

10 hours ago

Good morning. ☕️

10 hours ago

INPUT NEEDED! In just a few weeks 2019 will be here. I am in the process of planning our workshops hosted at the farm. I would love to hear what you would be interested in learning. We will of course offer our popular Bloom Stroll and Bouquet Workshops, Calligraphy with @suzcunningham , photography with @oliviareedphotography and our Yoga Retreat with @lightonyogafitness. I have an arsenal of ideas that are in planning mode but would like to have feedback from you. Please share any topics that interest you. In the age of DIY there are so many workshop possibilities. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback! #1818farms

10 hours ago

We are so excited to be a new pick-up location for the @crossstreetflowerfarm flower CSA! Can’t wait to have these beautiful blooms brighten up our shop for a little while on their way to your home. What a wonderful gift this would be for someone (hint, hint)!! #Repost @crossstreetflowerfarm with @get_repost ・・・ Cross Street Flower Farm 2019 CSA shop is open! Follow ☝️link in profile to buy a share for your wife, mom, sister, friend or just for yourself! We offer 3 seasons of flowers — Spring, Summer and Fall shares. We have 6 convenient pick up locations around the South Shore. 2019 is our 5th growing season together, and promises to be our most beautiful yet. We hope you’ll join us. Thanks for supporting our flower farm, your support means the world to us! Happy Holidays, Nikki & Cara

11 hours ago

Non ho mai visto un bulbo così grande! Da questi bulbi ne nasceranno tre fiori di colori diversi, alti 1,30 mt. Aspetterò questa estate!😍 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

11 hours ago

Ecco i bulbi che ho comperato ieri alla fiera degli Obei-Obei! Enormi! Non vedo l'ora di vederlo già fiorito. Domani compero la terra è li metto nei vasi! Quando trovo queste novità mi crogiolo dalla gioia!😉 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

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12 hours ago

I had the opportunity to watch a pretty incredible interpretation of Tchaikovskys dance of the flowers yesterday, and it reminded me how flowers have bewitched humans through time. Personally, I’ve become absolutely entranced by them... have a nice Sunday! #fugglesflowers #flowerfarm #stock #smallbusiness #americandream

14 hours ago

~ F L O W E R C L U B ~ The first of next years Flower club date is Sat the 30th of March 10-12. Which also happens to be the day before Mothering Sunday. bring your mother or bring her a lovely seasonal bouquet of British flowers for her special day. We will start by creating a beautiful bouquet of in season spring flowers. The picture here gives you an idea of what is available in late March. I’m also hoping for some beautiful pale anemones and some breathtaking parrot tulips. And if we are lucky the first of the ranunculus. We will then enjoy some lovely Swedish cake and tea. Before we send you off with your lovely bouquet, a big smile and some spare flowers of your choice to practice on. Places are limited so please Dm me if you’d like a space or two. This week we are also planting the last of our bulbs for a lovely spring display, the last wreath orders will be Done and the Hall will be decked for Christmas. It is also the little Helpers birthday! Quite a busy week! #britishflowers #flowerfarmer #slowflowers #inspiredbypetals #underthefloralspell #aquietstyle

15 hours ago

И хотя по тэгу #FlowersInVOGUE множество публикаций с этим выпуском, самое важное требует отдельного внимания! . Цитата: “Букет из свежих цветов в любое время? Элементарно: любые виды нынче выращивают под искусственным солнцем мощных электроламп в пробирках и называют этот метод гидропоникой- какая профанация по сравнению с бодлеровскими “Цветами зла”! Ну а если в местных оранжереях не найдётся искомого цветка, то его легко доставят из любой точки земного шара самолетом. Цветы не роскошь, а продукт промпроизводтва и мы имеем возможность окружать себя ими каждый день. Ответ флористов? Такой же как и у дизайнеров одежды на сокрушающуюся подступь масс-маркета и дешевого китайского труда: акцент на индивидуальность, сезонность, ручную работу и малую серию. Новый тренд, который уже успели назвать локафлорой, гласит: если на дворе зима, то и украшать вашу жизнь должны те растения, которые цветут с ноября по март, пускай даже не у вас в городе, а чуть южнее. А если на дворе лето, то лучше всего, если вы вырастите цветы сами или купите у местных фермеров, заодно обсудив старинные сорта роз и сирени и поделившись рассадой”. . Читая эту статью, меня переполняла неподдельная радость! Это и есть наша глобальная цель- продвигать красоту природы, естественные условия и сезонные цветы. Спасибо всем флористам и декораторам, кто поддерживают нас в этом. А всем настоящим или будущим выращивателям цветов – только вперед! Вместе мы сможем многое. И безграничная любовь за этот выпуск в адрес @voguerussia . . #локафлора #flowerfarm #growyourown #voguerussia #cutflowers #цветочнаяферма #вырастисам #ферма

20 hours ago

There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family. ❤️

23 hours ago

We’re developing a Christmas Wreath obsession because of our #AmericanGrown farms & all the holiday designs they’ve been creating! 😍🎄 This beauty is made up of @josephnsons stock, snapdragons, lisianthus, green ball, delphinium, gypsy dianthus and seeded eucalyptus! ❤️ GORGEOUS! #CAGROWN #CertifiedAmericanGrown . #flowerfarmer #originmatters #floral #flowers #farmerflorist #Blooms #flowerhaul #flowersofinstagram #ChristmasWreath #colorful #beauty #flowerloversdaily #florist #Christmas #flowerfarm #thelocalbouquet #floresteria #floraldesinger #farmlife #farming #Americanmade #locallygrown #buylocal #supportlocal

1 day ago

Day 1 of wreath workshopping complete! We had so much fun and Coconut can’t wait to help all of tomorrow’s attendees pick out their wreath materials! If you missed out this weekend, it’s not too late to schedule a corporate/private workshop. Check out stories for some behind the scenes from today! #fiveforkfarms #workshops #newengland #flowerfarm

1 day ago

It is with great excitement that we announce Ashcombe Sporthorses and @jakeparkerwymard are now sponsored by @cwd_official ! Flower Farm has been supported by CWD and the wonderful @17_hands for the last four years, and we are so thankful for the continued support in Jake’s new endeavor. #CWDriders #Mr2G

1 day ago

Everyone needs a 14 year old strongman to dig their post holes. I'm so grateful for this garden buddy. Especially in the cold and right before a major early winter storm moves in. In 18 years in North Carolina I've never seen a storm like this before Christmas. #sweetpeas #terracedfarm #flowerfarm #bigfamilyblessings

2 days ago

H A P P Y F R I D A Y ! . Hope you been able to keep cool today.. it's been a hot one on the farm. Some extra TLC was required by our flowers these last couple of days, especially our hydrangeas. : **Update regarding Pick Your Own flowers**- Unfortunately it looks like the blooms in the PYO flower paddock will not be ready this month so we won't be running Pick Your own flowers until the New Year. As soon as the PYO paddock blooms are ready we will advise on social media. Thanks for your patience. You can still grab fresh flowers from the walk in cooler which is open daily 10AM-4PM operating on a cash honest system. . The Stables & PYO flowers currently closed xxMsCo family #hydrangea #summerflowers #pickyourownflowers #flowerfarm