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This amazing composite can be replicated in video as well without huge amounts of added effort. Now, in order for this process to be easy to replicate in video it is required that you shoot the scene on a tripod so you don't have any movement in the shot, if you want a moving shot then that will require an entirely new workflow that you'll have to start from scratch. The first method makes use of 2D planes while the second option requires incorporating 3D elements into a 2D shot, this is a much longer process that requires tracking, modeling, texturing, lighting and only after those steps you'll be on your way to composite the rest of the shot. . Let's break down the first and easy method, let's assume you already have the assets form the shot already made inside of Photoshop, how you would go about this is exporting each important layer separately so you can composite them later. In this shot you would need a new video of the girl moving forward. The lighting has to be similar to the one you have in your background image. Now that you have the footage of your subject you will have to do a rotoscoping job in order to get rid of the background, after this you should be ready to track the movement on the torch, add fire and continue to the next step. This step requires layering the images you've exported form Photoshop into your compositor, and make the girl be on top of everything.. Now let's say you want the girl to go inside the pumpkin, it's easy, you simply take a copy of the pumpkin layer and mask the part where the girl should be behind the wall. Now that you're finished with the hardest work you can get to adding extra effects on top and finally have fun with the color of the composition. . Join @wckedfilms for more.🔥 . Original creator: @christianpsart Go show some love. ❤️

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“If you're not making mistakes, then you're not making decisions.” WooBoom • Media • Mixing • Songwriting • Videography • Production 🎬 Independent production company based in Crouch End, London If you need any of the above check out the website and get in touch!

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From Barcelona with ❤!!!! Nada cómo usar movilidad sostenible para llegar a todas partes!! Con @esparuma @solorueda

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📣New arrival of Nets in various sizes from 12"×18" to 48"×48". Every Net Kit includes single, double, white single, white double, full artificial diffuser, 1/2 artificial diffuser, 1/4 artificial diffuser nets in bag. Available at PATRIOT Rental! #patriotrental #cinematography #filmmakersworld #filmmaker #moviemaker #setlife #filmmaking #moviemakers #cinematographers #filmcrew #filmmakerslife #filmset #filmakers #cinematographylife #filmmakerlife #griplife #filmcrewlicious #movieset #lightingandgrip #setlighting #filmlife #gripdepartament #keygrip

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VERA in Hof! Heute gehts los. Ich freue mich riesig über so viel Liebe und Anerkennung im Vorfeld. Es ist eine Ehre für uns dabei zu sein und wenn wir das Publikum begeistern können wäre ich schon happy! Jedoch so ein Preis macht sich bestimmt auch ganz gut. Bitte ganz fest die Daumen drücken!. . . . #finistfilm #Kino #team #chrishirschhäuser #sevgihirschhäuser #nadjasabersky #andreaswimberger #ingridschoelderle #visualvitamin #theroadupnorth #vera #astridpolak #amandadagloria #walchermanagement #agenturkick #hoferfilmtage #film #hof2019 #internationalehoferfilmtage #award #filmfestival #filmakers #thriller #beste

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Quiero agradecer a toda la gente que el sábado estuvo full apoyo en este pequeño show! hace muchos años no subía a un escenario y realmente vuelvo a sentir toda esta locura! gracias infinitas 🔥 Como siempre full @kennyayon 🔥☠👁 . 📸: @shotgank . . . . . #filmakers #filmaking #filmaker #film #cinematography #director #photography #cinema #cinematographer #actor #setlife #movie #videoproduction #filmproduction #bts #movies #indiefilm #producer #production #videography #filming #art #actors #shortfilm #films #videographer #filmdirector #onset #behindthescenes

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Industry Member @mercy_ray_ - Talented Camera Operator, Cinematographer, and 1st AC! View, Refer or Hire @mercy_ray_ on 🎬

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BigFPictures Frank Zarrillo article by GINO D on 94.3 the point!

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Name your favorite Will Smith movie 🍿 | What are your thoughts on Will Smith’s YouTube channel and vlogging style? | 📸 : @willsmith

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