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The fig tree is taking over the decking! The plan is for it to cover this wall, it's making a good effort so far. Swipe to see what it looked like just 2 months ago. Crazy! #figtree #brownturkeyfig

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Bought fresh figs today. Reminded me of Spain and the scent of figs and lavender and fennel in the air. Can’t wait to go back. There is nothing better than warm figs right off the tree. Ahh summer thoughts. On a side note - I started with L-glutamine but I think it was too early after the stomach flu so I will give it another try in a day or two. #figs #figtree #majorca #summerfeeling #freshfruits #countrylife #summerinhamburg #instagood #instahealth #instafood #healthymom #healthylifestyle #healthylife #Glutenfree #glutenfrei #feigen #feigenbaum #gesundessen #warmegedanken #hotsummer #frischefeigen #guthealth #nomeattoday #cleaneats #cleaneating #powerfruit #healthyandhappy #gesundeernährung

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when first planted she was coined figgy but years have shown her temperamental her sometimes gracious sometimes frigid mysterious and random temperate the name figgy seems to miss the mark and a surface level flash judgement that’s been held true for too long I propose a new moniker for our beloved fig tree sir fig mademoiselle fig fig newton what name fits you best one that can show you as the unique unconventional and oh so much the rebel tree you delightfully are

3 hours ago

I have such lovely fruit, vegetables & herbs growing in my garden, fig trees, apples trees, grape vines, aubergine beans, mint, basil & bay. It’s such a lovely tranquil place to come out and have some peace and quiet to myself. It’s so important to make sure you have some time in the day for you to just let your mind rest, and take stock of your blessings. #toniaswellness #metime

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Fig trees! 今日散歩していたらいちじくの木を見つけました。 いちじくの香水が好きだから頭の中でフィグだフィグ!てなってテンションが上がったので写真撮りました! 果実を直接嗅がなくても甘くてクリーミーないちじく特有の香りがふわ~っと漂ってきて幸せ感じました〜 #香水 #fragrance #figtree #smell #smells #perfume #いい香り #植物図鑑

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Chilling under the #FigTree 🌳

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Tutti frutti

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You gotta love it! Summer rains are the best! Ever since I was a kid I always enjoyed summer rains; running out doors to get soaked, jumping in the sea, day dreaming while listening to the rain... Today is just one of those days. Storm after storm we're getting pounded with rain. Between each downpour it all dries up in a jiffy, leaving just the nicely washed bright green nature to admire. ⚡🌩️💦🌩️⚡💦🌩️💦🌩️💦 . 💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚 #summerpleasures #mybackyard #thunder #lightning #happygarden #Monferrato #Monfro #italianwinecountry #wfpbtraveller

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Skandinavisk stil med ett industriellt inslag i form utav glas- och ståldörrar. De jordnära tonerna mjukar upp rummet och skapar en harmonisk känsla. Medan den stora ljusa ullmattan ramar in soffgruppen och skapar en inbjudande miljö i rummet. @stylingbolaget @storkholmphotography

8 hours ago

I love this picture for so many reasons....remembering last Autumn when the fig and walnut tree the pups are under were offering up their harvest . Being reminded of how the ruin looked before work began and seeing the progress that has happened within a few short months . I'm so pleased I've been documenting the journey and sharing it with you all, because transformation, though tough at times is truly incredible to experience . . . #cressidashouse #progress #ruinrenovation #autumnhappiness #lupa #phos #figtree #portugal #sunlight #transformation #bepresent

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One of the many fascinating trees at Wharepuke - strawberry figs!

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Good morning everyone 🙋🏼‍♀️ our fig tree has grown so big , we cut it right back earlier this year 🌳 it is very cloudy today ⛅️ we really need some rain, I ve never seen the grass everywhere so dry and yellow. Hope you have a lovely day 💕 #figtree

10 hours ago

Don Durrant from Ironpot Creek discovered a giant 1,000 year old fig tree on his property.

11 hours ago

thank God ficus are flexible as soon as i was done my chop and wire i the plastic pot broke and it fell onto the ground

11 hours ago

The Enchanted Forest is back! And just in time for the last week of school holidays. Located opposite Coles, this free community play space is open for all to enjoy 🌲

17 hours ago

We got these two fig trees from my father-in-law probably 15 years ago and look how significant the sun is to them. That’s why we need to get out and see the sun and explore this world 🌍 around us, we are not made to hide from other people or for situations in your life. let others see you for who you are even if you’re shorter than the other person 😂🌱 🌱 #figsscrubs #figs #figtree mmjpatients #420photography #cannabiscommunity #washingtonstate #mmjcommunity #l 💚figs