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1 month ago

In a few weeks we’ll be visiting our favourite nursery in the area to buy some more plants for the garden. @fiddleheadnursery specializes is edible perennial plants- vegetables and salad greens, berry bushes, fruiting vines and nut trees. And they offer great info and tasting tours of their entirely edible garden. Did you know that hostas are edible???? Apparently the shoots are delicious when fried up with a little butter. Yum! Fiddlehead Nursery is located in Kimberley and and I highly recommend checking them out if you’re in the area! 💛🌱

11 months ago

Lovely snaps by @fermented.grape.juice from a visit and garden tasting tour at Fiddlehead Nursery/paradise a couple of weeks ago. About seven of us were lucky enough to taste some rare edible perennials that are grown there. I would recommend jumping at such an opportunity if you're lucky enough to have access to something like this. First chance to get out of the city and I absolutely loved it. Sorrel is my new favourite green and before this tour I thought I loathed it! I am so grateful to always be learning and tasting and enjoying. 😍❤️ #fiddleheadnursery #edibleperennials #permaculture #gardentour #grapevine

1 year ago

The start of something glorious 🌱

1 year ago

You’ve found me, in my natural environment! 🌿 (read story below!) • • • I had such a pleasant time at @fiddleheadnursery in Kimberley ON, I needed to share it with all of you! 🌾🍃🌿 As quant as can be, Ben - the owner and resident gardener - toured our Grey County Fam group around for the day and showed off all the wonderful things to eat in his edible perennial gardens. With a green house to one side stocked full of beautiful plants, books, teas, and more, I was in love! 💚 Fiddlehead Nursery sits beneath beautiful rolling hills, and a gorgeous natural landscape making it the cutest little sight for a garden you could think of. Ben shared many recipe ideas with us, including salads and roasts using the plants he got us to try. Tasting our way through the afternoon, our tour ended with a stroll through the green house to purchase anything we enjoyed trying ourselves... for only $3 for the personal tour, I would say it was definitely worth it!! 🌾 • • • You can find out more about Fiddlehead Nursery: Edible Landscaping by visiting them on Facebook and by checking out the link to ’Rural Gardens’ on the Grey County Tourism website - ! 🍃 PS. His cat was named Molly... she was sooo cute and incredibly friendly! 🐈 • • • | @visitgrey | @brucegreysimcoe | @discoverontario | @ontarioforyou | @ontariotravel | @explorecanada | @explore.ontario | • • • #FiddleheadNursery #GreyCounty #visitgrey #colourityourway #FamTour2018 #visitgreyfam #gardening #perennials #edibleperennials #plants #DiscoverON #ontario #summer #outdoorliving #landscaping #Kimberley #planttasting #nature #natural #outdoors #delicious #RuralGardens #greenhouse #greenthumb Photo credits 📸 (1st photo): @juliarosevachon

1 year ago

Visited ’Fiddlehead Nursery’ today for our Grey County Fam Tour 2018! 🌾This summer be sure to stop by for a tour from Ben - who is a lovely as his garden - and take some time to taste the many edible greens!💚 Tours are only $3 per person and plants are for sale all summer long 🌿🥗☀️ Visit his website and follow them on Facebook! (Fiddlehead Nursery) • • • #visitgreyfam #colourityourway #visitgrey #kimberly #plants #gardening #deliciousgreens #FiddleheadNursery

1 year ago

Can anyone identify this yummy plant? It’s amazing in salads! All the plants at FiddleHead Nursery are perennials and are edible! And there’s so many beautiful bee and butterfly friendly flowering plants that you can eat as well. 🌱☀️💛

1 year ago

Spent the morning at Fiddlehead Nursery. What an amazing place! We toured the gardens with their cat Molly, tasted their rare edible perennials, and bought a bunch of new plants for the property 🌱🌱🌱

2 years ago

So damn excited to get these edible perrenials from #fiddleheadnursery out of my back seat and into our garden 😍