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20 minutes ago

Introducing our Cognitive blend. Kefir-kombucha fermented Holy Basil, Gotu Kola, Green Tea, Turmeric and Ginger alongside Lions Mane mushroom 🍄 providing a rich source of nutrients to the brain, optimising its function and supporting learning, memory and concentration 🙌 #livingnutrition

26 minutes ago

tickets for tonight's Fermentation 101 Workshop & Dinner at @brassicakitchen  are sold out *but* there are still a few tickets left for the #fermentation dinner on Nov 12th! . get them at fermentingatbrassica.eventbrite.com (and link in profile) . We'll learn about the basics of fermentation, history of fermented foods all around the word + we'll share a fermentation-forward meal & cocktails! . 📷 @thebrineproject

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Traditional kind of morning

38 minutes ago

¡Conexión con un toque! HALO es el primer electrodo de pH profesional en el mundo con tecnología inteligente Bluetooth, se conecta a la aplicación HANNA Lab con tan sólo presionar un botón, tiene un alcance de 10 m. #phmeter #wireless #aquarium #fermentation #fermented #winemaker #winemaking #craftbeer #homebrewing #scienceteacher #agriculture #hydroponics #greenhouse #growyourown #hydrofarm #reeftank #reeftanks #saltwatertank #reefrevolution #marineaquarium #saltwaterfishtank #pool #reeflife #reefpack #science #scienceiscool #labequipment

45 minutes ago

Once again, Steve, my scoby, is ready to be divided and shared with others. So, if anybody is interested, comment below that you'd like one (don't send a DM). I'll send baby kombucha scobys to 5 people that want one (Free, btw). Happy Monday!! 💖

1 hour ago

Have you ever had homemade grape juice? 🍇 ♡ The process of making this raw juice takes 4-5 days! ➸Grape juice basics: ~Pick the grapes and fill up the fermentation bucket with grape bunches. (A pound of grapes will yield a little less than a cup of juice) ~Mash the grapes to release the juice. Your hands will work hard for few minutes in order to crush the grapes! ~Remove the stems. ~Cover the bucket with a cloth and allow to ferment for around 4-5 days at room temperature away from the sun. Over the course of days, fermentation will cause a froth to develop on top and sediment to fall to the bottom. ~On the 4-5th day, rack the grape juice (" the process of separating the grape juice from its sediment and moving it to another container , using simple equipment and gravity") ~Enjoy and drink the juice fresh! However,it does not stabilize for storage because it does not contain alcohol like wine at this stage, so it needs to be drink fresh! ~This juice becomes "fermented" and turns into wine (alcohol) when yeast is added to it and it begins to break down the sugars that are present in the juice, producing carbon dioxide and alcohol. However, grape skins have wild yeast on them and can ferment naturally over time.

1 hour ago

Quando o pão sabe das coisas... #elenao O Brasil ainda engatinha rastejando a caminho de uma democracia propriamente dita. Mas diante do risco de eleger um candidato declaradamente anti-democrático, violento, a favor da ditadura, guerra civil e da tortura, é preciso expressão! A situação é crítica! O medo é real! . . . #elenao #nothim #levain #fermentacaonatural #massamadre #sourdough #artisanbread #wheat #rye #slowfood #slowlyfermented #bread #homemadefood #homemadebread #wildyeast #breadbosses #wholewheat #gluten #paoartesanal #pao #paocaseiro #levedura #yeast #fermentation #macaetips #eucurtomacae #paodajaja #slowbread

1 hour ago

Remember that one time when I smugly wrote about how much better I am than mass producers because I actually road test and use all the things I sell? Well, now it's confession time. This is the first time I've actually used my fermentation weights to do any fermenting. Sorry. But the good news is that I can now very much confirm that they work a treat! The small jar is a batch of torshi lift, a Middle Eastern ferment made with turnips (I used kohlrabi) and a slice of beetroot that slowly infuses the jar and stains everything electric pink. The bigger jar is soon to be pickled hot peppers with garlic and spring onions added for flavour. Both had small pieces that wouldn't stay down in the brine and both have been perfectly cajoled below the surface by the weights. . I sell these handmade weights for £10 a set (link in my bio). They come with a lovingly illustrated guide to making sauerkraut if you are new to the world of lacto-fermentation. Reasons you should get into it: 1) It's good for your gut. 2) It's good for the planet because it uses up gluts of vegetables that might otherwise rot in your fridge - and now is the time of year to do it as it's harvest time for so much stuff. 3) It's also good for your spirit because seeing a head of cabbage transform into a delicious kraut with minimal effort and knowing you made it from scratch is hella uplifting. If you need more reasons than that, I'm probably not going to convince you anyway. If nothing else, at least eat something fermented regularly to look after your very important gut flora. . . . . #studiopotter #ceramic #clay #fermentation #fermentationweights #lactofermentation #torshilift #pickles #pickledpeppers

1 hour ago

Nunca he preparado miso, es uno de mis grandes pendientes 🧐, y hoy probé uno que habían hecho unos aplicados alumnos de Culinary, estaba maravilloso!! Y hecho con choclo! 🤩 Genial me pareció #koji #miso #fermentation #fermentacion

1 hour ago

Hanene ay doğacak. Bugün dolunay! Önümüzdeki ay, bu kombucha analarım gibi pırıl pırıl, tam, üretken, sağlıklı bir ay olsun. Yeni dönem kombucha atölyelerim başlıyor. 🙏 🌕 My kombucha scoby as a perfect reflection of today’s fullmoon! 🍾💙 #incekiler #nazlıpişkinilefermanteişler #dolunay #fullmoon #kombucha #scoby #scobylove #kombuchalove #kombuchatea #kombuçayı #fermentation #fermantasyon #vegan #bağırsaksağlığı #guthealth #dostbakteriler #healthychoices #probiotics #probiyotik #slowfood #microbiome #microbiology #denemenlazim #homebrewing #atölye #gut #healthygut #kombuchaatolyesi #bağışıklık #autoimmune

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Both the coffee and cacao communities can learn from each other through joining forces and making use of each other’s unique skills and experiences☕🍫Read on and discover how in today's article👉🏼Link en bio! #PerfectDailyGrind

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The day has finally come... #firstcrush ! Yep our first shipment of grapes arrived from CA this morning. They were harvested Friday and are here today. The grapes shown are Zinfandel grapes from Lodi, CA. In addition to crushing the grapes, this cool machine destems them too. Next step after this #fermentation. We love this time of year!

1 hour ago

The gut plays a key role in optimizing health, and one of the most important considerations is the quality of your gut flora. . Normal flora gets disrupted by steroids, birth control pills, and antibiotics — both ingested through medication as well as in animal foods. The good bugs in the gut are important for synthesizing vitamins, providing protection from disease, and optimizing digestion. . When normal flora becomes disrupted, it sets the stage for the overgrowth of yeasts, fungi, bacteria, and viruses that can create digestive havoc and lead to nutrient deficiencies and serious disease. . Studies increasingly suggest that each person’s unique gut flora composition, balance, and activity influence immune function and overall health. . Adding #fermentedfoods to your diet is one way ot improving your #guthealth. Join me 9/29 for the next Vital Healing Kitchen- all about fermented foods and gut health. Link in bio. . . . . #fermented #fermentedfoods #fermentedfood #fermentedtea #fermenteddrinks #fermentedveggies #fermentedvegetables #fermentedpickles #fermentedfoodie #fermenteddrink #kombucha #sauerkraut #kvass #kimchee #fermentation #probiotics

1 hour ago

Kefir goodness for our second brain. Only the best for our bodies. Ferment your own Kefir at home, ease of use for daily good gut bacteria, that’s beneficial for the whole family. DM for details 👏

1 hour ago

Hey brew crew...it's official...I am an affiliate for kegconnection.com!!! I recently switched from bottling to kegging and the whole process is just so much easier, efficient and fun! Keg Connection has everything you need as a homebrewer! (Including AMAZING customer service from their knowledgeable staff).If you are ready for an upgrade, head over there and use the "WCWB" promo to save on regularly priced items. Oh...and they have free shipping on purchases over $100.00 !!! (Time for a keg or kegerator???)🤞😁 #homebrew #homebrewer #homebrewing #brewing #brewingequipment #tap #faucettap #keg #kegging #diy #chicswhobrew #cider #craftbeer #craftbeernerd #ipa #neipa #lager #girlsincraft #glutenfree #ciderculture #fermentation #kegconnection

1 hour ago

It's always amazing to me that a HUGE bowl of veggies can be condensed down to 2L of kimchi just from working it with my hands. If the fermentation process isn't a testiment to the power we have to recreate and transform, then idk what is. 🌌 • • #kimchi #fermentation #recreation #transformation

2 hours ago

Mañana tendremos 3 variedades de pan integral en la panadería: integral con avena, Kamut y Espelta, los esperamos 🙌🏼🍞😋

2 hours ago

We are testing out #kombucha in our household. Big thanks to @fdclinton for the scoby’s and starter. I did a small one gallon brew to give it our first go. We will be testing out a wide range of flavors. Follow my new hashtag #kombuchateaforkids. It will be a lot of trial and error and I’ll be sharing our adventure with you all. Comment below any good tips or recipes you think we should know!

2 hours ago

Die Zusammenarbeit mit lokalen und nachhaltig orientierten Partnern liegt uns sehr am Herzen. Daher lassen wir unser Bio-Weizenmehl Type 550 in einer wasserbetriebenen Mühle im Spreewald mahlen.

1 day ago

Gekeimter Bio Roggen, Bio Vollkornroggen, Bio-Dinkel, Leinsamen, Sonnenblumenkerne, Kürbiskerne, Malz und dunkles Bier von @brlobeer. Sehr nahrhaft und bekömmlich. Der Alkohol verfliegt beim Backen komplett, jedoch das Bier verleiht dem Brot einen besonderen Geschmack und hilft bei Textur und Konsistenz.

3 days ago

Testbacken für unser zukünftiges Körnerbrot. Ein Kastenbrot mit gekeimten Roggen. Sehr nährstoffreich und bekömmlich - eine nicht so leichte Herausforderung. Wir werden noch einige Testrunden benötigen, bevor ihr es probieren könnt 😊

4 days ago

Salz ist ein wesentlicher Bestandteil unserer Sauerteigbrote. Es verleiht ihm nicht nur einen ausgewogenen Geschmack, sondern hilft auch bei der Stabilisierung der Brotstruktur. Wir nutzen 1,9% Luisenhaller Salz in unseren Broten.

5 days ago

Mehr braucht man nicht - ein einfaches Brot mit Butter. Am 28. und 29. September gibt es auf dem Arkona- und Winterfeldtplatz wieder unser Sauerteigbrot. Schaut gerne bei Facebook nach den genauen Terminen. Wir nehmen auch Vorbestellungen per Mail.

6 days ago

Unser Sauerteigbrot auf Weizenbasis hat eine starke Kruste und eine weiche, offene Krume - so wird das Innere des Brotes bezeichnet. Die offenen Poren sind ein Indiz für unsere lange Teigführung, die nötig ist, um eine hohe Bekömmlichkeit zu erzielen.

1 week ago

„Gebacken am“ - mit unserem Stempel zeigen wir, wann und von wem unser Brot gebacken wurde. Durch den Sauerteig sind unsere Brote auch 3 - 4 Tage danach noch genießbar.

1 week ago

750 Gramm. 100% natürlich. Hergestellt mit lokalen Zutaten. Starke Kruste. Weiche Krume. Sehr bekömmlich. Unser Weizenbrot. Schaut bei Facebook nach unseren nächsten Terminen, oder meldet euch auf www.brot.gold gerne bei unserem Newsletter an.

1 week ago

Wir haben die letzten beiden Tage alle unsere Sauerteigbrote verkaufen können, was bestimmt auch an der schönen Kruste lag. Danke für das Vertrauen und die Unterstützung soweit.

1 week ago

Morgen ist es wieder soweit. Schenk dir oder jemanden, den du magst, ein Stück Berlin! Unser lokales und bekömmliches Weizenbrot gibt es am Freitag auf dem Arkonaplatz zwischen 12 - 19h.

1 week ago

Der Sauerteig - das Herzstück unserer Brote. Er verhilft dem Brot während des Backens auf natürliches Weise an Volumen zu gewinnen. Darüber hinaus sorgt er für eine sehr hohe Bekömmlichkeit, eine lange Haltbarkeit und einen ausgewogenen und einzigartigen Geschmack. Probiert gerne selbst!

1 week ago

Gekeimter Bio Roggen aus Kuhhorst, Brandenburg. Durch das Keimen wird aus dem Getreide ein Gemüse. Dadurch wird es deutlich bekömmlicher und nährstoffreicher. Wir testen die Keimlinge in einem zukünftigem Körnerbrot.

2 weeks ago

Blick voraus zum kommenden Wochenende. Es gibt jede Menge zu tun, um Dinge hier und da noch zu optimieren.

3 weeks ago

Unser Weizenbrot mit Weizen Type 550, Vollkornweizen, Sauerteig, Salz und Wasser. Eine schön ausgebackene Kruste, innen weich. Nächste Woche geht es los!

3 weeks ago

Unser Weizenbrot mit Weizen Type 550, Vollkornweizen, Sauerteig, Salz und Wasser. Eine schön ausgebackene Kruste, innen weich. Nächste Woche geht es los!

3 weeks ago

Unser Salz kommt aus Luisenhall, 260km von Berlin entfernt. Alle lokalen Salzwerke wie z.B. in Tremsdorf wurden über die letzten Jahrhunderte geschlossen. Können wir diese Salzwerke wieder zum Leben erwecken?

3 weeks ago

Für unseren Teig verwenden wir die natürlichsten Zutaten aus dem Berliner Umland - Demeter Weizen aus Kuhhorst, Brandenburg.