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Don’t forget about our -Summer Special- Sit at 4PM out at 5:30 PM. Receive our Off Peak Chefs Tasting Menu, Beer, Wine, Soda, Espresso, Dessert & Gratuity for $100 Per Person plus tax! Call now to make your reservation (631)757-4500. 😍🔥 #Northport #LongIsland #MaroniCuisine

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Queen wants you 👊🏻 in ‘82 🎊🎊! _____________________________________________________ Last night, we celebrated @baybeswhobrunch mom with an 80’s Sip Sip Soirée @hbsforlife ! @saucinwings provided some bomb eats (guava and golden smoke wings, mac, green beans, and sweet potatoes) and y’all ... check out this gorgeous Saved by the Bell meets Miami Vice masterpiece (rum cake with strawberry filling and buttercream) by @thegirlwiththewhisktattoo. If ya need us, we’ll be eating cake in our tutus and chucks🎂, jammin’ out to @jonathandirenzo. #itsasecret #80ssoirèe #cakeporn #stufftodointampabay #stpetefoodie #stpetefood #stpetefl #stpeteblogger #tampabayfoodie #floridafoodie #tampabayfood #foodiegram #tampaeats #igersstpete #ilovetheburg #eater #tampafoodies #thrillist #tastingtable #dailyfoodfeed #bestfoodtampa #foodbible #buzzfeast #insiderfood #whenintampa #feedyoursoul #eattheworld #thatssotampa #baybeswhobrunch

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Ever journey is filled with 🎉excitement, frustration, struggles and progress!! It's what you do in those moments that matter! Go day by day, minute by minute and know YOU CAN! 👍💜 . #believetoachieve #knowyourwhy #nodoubts

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We've got some eggcelent BRUNCH plans today. 🍽️: Churro Pancakes, Get Lucky, Cinnamon Roll Waffles, Southern Fried Benedict, Po-Tay-Tots 📷: @hungrybostonbetches

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spent hours last night (no exaggeration) searching on my explore page & Pinterest contemplating what to bake & finally settled for some sweet potato chocolate chip bread! And after diving into it this morning, I can confirm I would be HIGHLY disappointed if I settled for something else because it was hard to stop myself from eating the whole loaf! Plus it made my apartment smell like a sweet potato last night(& who doesn’t love that😋) ••• Followed recipe from @eatingevolved (w a few changes because I didn’t have all the same ingredients) -1 large sweet potato, microwaved then mashed (1 cup) - 2 eggs - 1/4 cup coconut oil (melted a little) - 2/3 cup whole wheat flour - 2 tbsp organic cane sugar - 2 tsp baking powder - 1 tsp baking soda - cinnamon (didn’t measure) - chocolate chunks (can never have too much) 1. Mix together wet ingredients, then combine the mixed dry ingredients to that. 2. Fold in chocolate chunks & pour into bread loaf pan 3. Bake at 325F for 45-50 mins (or until knife comes out clean) 4. Try not to consume whole loaf in one sitting (it’s a challenge😝) 👉🏼**For the sweet potato I microwaved for 5 mins, peeled skin off then mashed w a fork (don’t forget to poke holes in it before microwaving!)

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a week from today these sprinkled delights will be up on the site to order! #funfetti 🌈

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peanutbutter banana CHOCOLATE fritters - a new staff favourite 🤤🍫 hurry by, we only have 3 left & theyre going fast !!!

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S M O O T H I E S À T U R D À Y 🍓 🍓 🍓 Black currants and strawberries with organic oat milk, and a cheeky chunk of cocoa powder —

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It's no secret, I'm a fan of @mirzamchocolate , and I happily introduce friends to it or gift them goodies from there. From when I first found them making bean-to-bar single origin chocolate wrapped in the most beautifully designed covers created by resident and regional artists to now having diversified into pralines, hot chocolate, chocolate dates and truffles, they are delightful in every way. And they keep surprising with new additions. If you haven't heard of them yet, here's a shout out . . . . .   #photooftheday #crossfitgirls   #energy #protein #feedfeed #buzzfeedfood #instafresh #dubaifood #onthetable #tastedubai #dubaibesteats #feedyoursoul #tastespotting #nomnom #organicdubai #zomatouae #DXBreakfasts #eatoutdubai #chocolate

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It's Spring, it's time to eat outside! We've compiled a list of restaurants with great outdoor seating - via @eaterny . King @king.newyork - 📍18 King Street - 🚉 12 min subway ride from our hotel Jones Wood Foundry @joneswoodfoundry - 📍401 E 76th Street - 🚉 24 mins subway ride from our hotel Shake Shack @shakeshack - 📍Madison Park - ‍ 🚶🏻‍♀11 min walk from our hotel

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The good slave must be whipped, to be kept good,and the bad slave must be whipped,to be made a good slave. When a slave is drunk, the slaveholder has no fear that he will plan an insurrection; no fear that he will escape. it is the sober, thinking slave who is dangerous.. #poetry #vibes #quotes #thoughts #people #good #feedyourheart # #build #strength #wisdom #books #feedyoursoul #poet #men #inspire #loveyourself #knowledge #positivity #foodforthought #truewords #books #knowledgeispower #growrich #power #dog #life #strength #wisdom #slave

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Happy Saturday Taco Nation 🌮♥️🌮♥️🌮♥️🌮♥️ This is how our @houstonsabercats fuel up for a game 🌞 🥘🌞🥘🌞🥘🌞🥘🌞 Not upset at this one guy’s plate... I mean they are REALLY BIG GUYS🤗🤗🤗🤗 Let’s get that win tonight guys and the taco crew is waiting on the rest of you to get your weekend rollin’.... crispy fried chicken 🍗, avocado 🥑 & mac & cheese 🧀 on a taco can’t be beat! Looking forward to seeing you and as always wishing you ✌🏽♥️&🌮

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Kicking off #MDW with this chocolate 🍫 chunk studded peanut butter, 🍌 and waffle sammy and a vanilla @PremierProtein shake😍😍😍 This combo’s got that balance of macros ( 30 grams of protein in the shake what what)to keep me full and energized all morning woohoo 🙌🏽. @premierprotein shakes available at Costco, Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart and Amazon !Have a blessed weekend 🇺🇸 #ad #premierprotein #changeyourfooditude

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EXACTLY what I wanted for breakfast: toasted @daveskillerbread + 🥑 + 🍅 + black pepper + sea salt 🤤

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Sham ki Bhukh ka sabse best ilaj hota hai chaat! Dilli se better chaat to milti hi nhi kahin Islie me gayi badi famous DC Chowk market wali chaat khane. . Itna disappointing thi na ye #sevpuri le Bas I have no words! . . Follow @lady.epicurean for more yummy yummy food . . #ladyepicurean #chaat #bhelpuri

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Todavía comes tus dulces con culpa? Cómo un capricho? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Si aún no has probado platos dulces deliciosos, llenos de energía, saludables, con ingredientes 100% nutritivos, orgánicos, sin aditivos, químicos ni industriales, con una elaboración artesanal, amorosa, consciente e intencionada; debes venir a visitarnos. ¡Te lo estas perdiendo! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #temple #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #lovelife #palmademallorca #spiritualfood #raw #vegan #rawveganfood #feedyoursoul

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COPING WITH LOSS 💗 Today I want to chat about how I’ve been coping with my grief and loss of my sweet Myla. It’s been 10 days since I’ve said goodbye to my dearest friend and believe me when I say my wounds are still very open and my heart still feels as though it’s broken but day by day I am allowing myself to heal. 🙏🏻 There is absolutely no “instant fix” when it comes to grief and loss and each of us is affected by the loss of certain people and animals in different ways. I know for me, Myla was very much like my child and so the pain of losing her was and still is very tragic. These past 10 days I’ve went through many periods of denial and disbelief, I’ve weeped and screamed, sat in the deafening silence, meditated, took many deep breaths and reminisced on all of our day to day memories. I am aware that the extent of my grief will lessen and no longer be at the forefront of my mind but for now I am allowing my intense emotions to be present as I know it’s all a part of the healing process My advice to anyone coping with grief and loss. EXPRESS YOURSELF, talking is often a good way to soothe painful emotions. Reach out to family and friends or a health care professional to talk about your feelings and help with the healing process. ALLOW YOURSELF TO FEEL SAD, believe me it’s a very healthy part of the grieving process. KEEP YOUR ROUTINE UP, for me I needed to stay busy and get out of the house. I continued to work out and do my errands etc whatever you can handle but don’t push too far. SLEEP, emotional strain as you know is so exhausting, try to get some sleep at night it will be so beneficial to help you heal. AVOID THINGS THAT “NUMB” THE PAIN, such as alcohol. It often makes you feel worse once the numbness wears off and is only temporary. GO TO COUNSELLING if it feels right for you, don’t ever be ashamed to see someone that may give you a new perspective on your situation and shed some light in this very dark time Most of all, BE KIND TO YOURSELF. I know for me I am just beginning to prepare for the “new normal” of a life without Myla. This may take many more weeks or even months and that is absolutely OK Myla, I miss & love you 👼

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Here’s to the weekend! Need some last minute BBQ supplies? Center Cuts has you covered. Have a fun & safe weekend. 😍🇺🇸🔥 #Roslyn #LongIsland #CenterCuts

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Tomorrow is SUNDAY and guess what! GUAC & QUESO are always extra EXCEPT SUNDAY. Don’t forget to stop by for everyone’s favorite toppings with no extra price! 😍🔥🤤 #GardenCity #LongIsland #GuacShop

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That Lox Life...⠀ .⠀ Join us for Brunch every Sat + Sun from 7AM - 4PM⠀ 📍310 West 40th Street inside the @alizhoteltimessquare

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Most of y’all know us for our creative cocktails, but we’re pretty proud of our incredible food too. Every season, we create a few new menu items, and this melt in your mouth ‘Rice Grits’ is one of our favorite items that we just added to the menu last month. Check out this new recipe: ⬇️⬇️ . . . . • Rice Grits 🍛 with ham, black pepper, manchego #yummyintummy . • Perfect pairing with an #OldFashioned . 🥃 • And especially with ballad tunes 🎶 from @emilywestofficial (8:30PM-11PM). Come have fun with the best tonight!

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Finally got round to making some of the @lodough.co low cal brownies now we’re on the cut and oh my days have they nailed this one 👌🏾😍 Ridiculously good macros, tasty af with little chunks of chocolate on there too!! - If you want to try these (which of course you do) there’s a link on my story and a discount code to get you 20% off this weekend only 🙌🏾 Don’t miss it, absolute diet saviour 😁 Hope everyone has a solid bank holiday! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Macros ( @myfitnesspal - Joe_Foxton) 🔸Kcal - 65kcal (each) 🔹C - 15.9g 🔹F - 2.3g 🔹P - 3.5g

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Vamos começar o sábado com um café da manhã super especial? Venha conferir todas a variedade do nosso cardápio! 🥰 E lembrando que também temos delivery através das principais plataformas digitais! 🏍 🏍 É de lamber os dedos! 😋 . . . . . . # Nós amamos hashtags # . . . . . . #waffles #wafflelovers #stroopwafel #waffleaddicted #bwbelgianwaffle #shoppingdagavea #beautifulcuisines #love #delicious #instafood #huffpostetaste #dessertporn #dessert #foodie #foodphoto #inspiration #food4thoughts #lovefood #belgianwaffles #feedfeed #feedyoursoul #bonappetit #lovefood #dailyfoodfeed #foodporn #photooftheday #hautecuisines #f52grams #foodgasm #foodstyling

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Homemade Soy yogurt with Moringa Powder, Gojiberry, Chia seeds Grapefruit and nuts

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You’ll have to be pulled away from our Pulao😁

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A refreshing scoop... Rhubarb & cardomen sorbet, Salt date ice cream; Pear & lemongrass ice cream... all made in-house ☀️🌱

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all 👏🏼 the 👏🏼 yum 👏🏼

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Taquitos Tortilla cone filled with beans,jalapeños,tomatoes salsa topped with avocado ice cream . My favourite thing about taquitos is Avocado ice cream. It tasted so good . Place -Quattro Taste -3.5 Price -335₹ Tag or #Thedesihoggerschennai # get feature on the page. #chennaifoodblogger #thedesihoggerschennai #hoggersforlife #foodasm #foodie #foodieofinstagram #feedyoursoul #foodforfoodie #foodcoma #foodforfoodie #foodiechats #foodofchennai #foodbossindia #foodtalkindia #chennaifoodscene #foodies #zomato #everydaychennai #thingstodoinchennai #desifood #chennai #

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We've got your bank holiday under wraps, well @greekonthestreet does! Get this beaut solo for £4.95 😍

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There is no shame in coming to STAX and trying all the superstars on the menu! ​ ​ 🍔🍗 Veggie, vegan, chicken or beef... no one is left out! Which friends would you bring to try them all out?​ ​ And for those who need to break their fast, we will be ready and waiting for you.​ .​ .​ .​ #staxdiner #staxdinerlondon #burgerlife #burgermania #buzzfood #burgersearcher #burgerlove #halalburger #halalfood #tryitordiet #eeeeeats #americandiner #feedyoursoul #timeoutlondon #burgerorder #biggestburgers101 #buzzfeast #devourpower #loveburgers #cheatdayeats #infatuationlondon #foodpornshare #burgerlove #londonburgers #burgerporn #burgerorder #burgerheaven #juicyburger #foodporn #comfortfood ​ ​

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Drop all your floating plans and head over to this appetizing 'Kolhapuri Food Festival' by @marriottchakan 😍 All the items in the picture will be a part of your buffet and trust me not a single dish disappointed me❤️ The fish, chicken, prawns, pithla, everything was so on point! Being a five star property dishes were not very spicy but they were flavoursome and I loved it. Being a dessert person my top most favourite from the entire menu was 'Amrakhanda' Amrakhanda is a variation of shrikhanda which is blended with fresh mango pulp and it tastes heavenly 🤤 __ The fest is going up till 31st May only, so hurry up and grab your chance to experience this awesomeness 🌸

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Weekend is time for a ‘lil fun experiment 👨🏼‍🍳 lucky for you, tonight we are giving away another Jailolo’s authentic foodie which you can try make it yourself at home 👌🏻 . Gohu Jantung Pisang | Banana Blossom Salad 300 gr banana blossom (heart) 6 pcs garlic, peeled 8 pcs shallots, peeled 3 pcs red chili, seeded and cut 500 ml water 150 ml coconut milk 100 ml coconut oil 1 tbsp rice vinegar 1 tbsp calamansi juice 1 tsp salt . Sliced banana blossom into julienne, soak with water and 1/2 tsp salt for 10 mins. Strain and excess the water, put in towel and pad dry it. // Saute the paste for 1 minute, add coconut milk, add 1/2 tsp salt then cook until thickened. Add the banana blossom and tossed it well. . Served as a side dish or a snack, and honestly perfect as an iftar menu 😉 Happy weekend! #Jailolo #ExposeIndonesia

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Thank you for the lovely review Natasha! 😊 #Repost @tashathefoodietraveller ( @get_repost ) ・・・ I was invited to try out the food at a new restaurant, Nobby Cafe. It’s a cosy place with a beautiful ambiance located on Khayaban-e-Bukhari. We tried out a few items from their extensive menu which were all excellent in terms of presentation and taste. For starters we had the Mozzarella Sticks and Stuffed Mushrooms. Both were good but I especially liked the stuffing inside the mushroom which was spinach and cheese. Caesar Salad was one of the best I’ve had in Karachi. For main course the Red Snapper was well cooked and the chili herb sauce complimented it well. The star of the night was the pizza. We ordered a half Shrimp and Pesto & half Feta and Spinach. The crust was just perfect and topping combinations delicious. Desserts at Nobby are an Instagrammers delight. The chocolate pudding looked stunning and tasted even better. With pieces of berries inside, it was heavenly! The presentation of Chocolate Lava Cake was fun and quirky. I must add here that the service was exceptional! The manager was very helpful in selecting the dishes and was very efficient and courteous. Overall we had a wonderful experience and think that this will be a great addition to the restaurant scene in Karachi. Best of luck for their opening on 31st May! . . . . #karachi #pakistani #foodie #karachifoodie #karachibloggers #pakistanibloggers #karachigram #karachidiaries #pakistanicooking #foodblogfeed #karachites #forkyeah #feedyoursoul #eattheworld #picturepakistan #infatuation #KarachiFoodDiaries #karachifoodbloggers #pakistanifoodblogger #tashathefoodietraveller #nobbycafe #karachirestaurants #picoftheday #desserts #pizza #delicious #yum #yummy #food

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This Berkshire bacon and Oishii Shrimp salad = everything. Thanks for sharing, @kingcrabandseafood

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Ok serious introductions 🎬 I have a bachelor's degree in television production 🎙Minored in Voiceover 🚘 Uber & Lyft driver for 3yrs. (4.8 rating) 🍔 Co-creator of @lifesupportfood 📙 I'm a horrible speller but I know how to use a dictionary, anyone remember those? 🎶 HUGE @backstreetboys fan since '98💃🏽 Once a year I do something different that I've never done and always wanted to do. Attend a comedy club, Traveled to Hawaii, Bahamas, and Puerto Rico taken a Cruise, attened a Pottery Class, Comedy Club, Jet Ski, Sky Diving and Parasailing. | This year? 🧗🏽‍♀️indoor rock climbing! ‐ I strongly seriously commend YOU to set a date and do ONE thing this year that you've never done and always wanted to do; Small things are big things too. Never sell your curiosity short.

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Do you have any go-to travel snacks? 🚙 ✈️ I always come prepared with lots of snacks because it can be hard to find healthy options on-the-go! My go-to’s are fresh fruit + veggies, avocados, @larabar , @rawrev , and some sort of homemade goodie like my chocolate tahini cups for some healthy fats 😋 Tell me what your go-to travel snacks are!