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Leaving LA with a full heart, happy belly and mind content. I haven’t taken a day off since February - yes, February! The long weekend was a welcome break and one that was a long time coming. Jobs fill your pockets, but adventures fill your soul. Thanks to my hosts @cachuang and @michaelchuang6377 for a weekend filled with adventures! Returning to Chicago fulfilled and ready to attack the week! • • • #traveloften #findadventure #feedyoursoul #heartfull #positivenergy #dailyinspo #losangeles #labucketlist #explorenewplaces #dailyinspo #picoftheday #positivevibesonly #dailypic #theshookslife

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Spicy & Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas, with a hint of rosemary, a healthy and delicious snack that goes down a treat. Low carb and high protein, this is a fabulous vegan snack if you want to keep you calorie intake low. #roastedchickpeas , #healthysnacks , #lowcalorie , #lowcarb , #highprotein , #vegansnack , #veganrecipes , #snackaddict , #chickpeas , #spicy , #homemadeisbest , #nosugar , #eeeeeats #tastyfood #tastemade #partytime #thekitchn , #buzzfeastfood , #buzzfeasts , #feedfeed , #feedyoursoul , #food52 , #yahoofood , #spoonfeed , #glutenfree , #partyfood , #snacks

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☀️HOT SUMMER DAYS☀️ are meant to be spent up in the mountains ⛰. That’s why when I need a quick escape from the busy city & heat, I head to @visitblackhawk 🙌🏻. When I’m up there, I usually walk around town, soak in the beautiful mountain views and pop into different casinos 🏫! I like to try all their delicious food spots, while also trying my luck at some roulette & slots🍴🎰. They have all kinds of crazy good food options, including fresh baked goods, ice cream, buffets, steakhouses & much more 🥩🍩🌭🍔🍕. Pictured is the 🍫TRIPLE DEATH CHOCOLATE🍫 ice cream scoop from Java-n-Creme, which serves local @bonniebraeicecream 🍦. Head to their page @visitblackhawk or website VisitBlackHawk.org to plan your #escapetoblackhawk ⛰🍴🍸🎲🎰✨. #partner . . . . #foodporndaily1 #delicious #bestfooddenver #coloradofood #eatlocal #eater #food_ilysm #adventures #staycation #coloradofood #colorado #centralcity #blackhawkcolorado #blackhawkco #blackhawk #tasty #icecreamcone #🍦 #bonniebraeicecream #thisisinsiderdessert #dessertbae #icecreambae #icecream #nationalicecreamday

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When you experience something so life changing for your own soul, you dont walk.. you RUN with it. If I could share one thing to all my beautiful souls who suffer from ANY type of anxiety or depression is this.. "dont allow yourself to live in it", feed your soul 💛 with so much love in those moments that it overpowers anything negative that is trying to creep through in that beautiful soul of yours.. I battle it everyday.. but I'm winning .. my soul and I are finally winning... I'm here for you too for any of you! Message me, add me, let's fill your soul too.. 🧡 #feedyoursoul #limelifer #nomoreanxiety #nomoredepression #joinme #limelife #personaldevelopment #makeup #natural #skincare #love #depression #anxiety #takecareofyourself

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Dessert game 💯 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Nutella Sticks 4pm-11pm

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"Nutrition is the master key to human health. What most of us think of as proper nutrition - isn't." T. C. Campbell, PhD 🌱 🌱 There's a large system rolling in this evening. The land is feeling the relief with the rain and the horses are happily tucked inside munching their hay nets while we finish up cleaning the kitchen from dinner. 🌱 I have an abundance of kale, chard and cucumber growing in the garden at the moment so it seems I'm always making cucumber noodles in some form or another these days. Tonight, I also made potato lace hash browns. They are always so good but I would love to get any insight from others on cooking tips.. 😊 🌱 #wholefoodnutrition #wfpblifestyle #wfpb #healthyeating #wfpbsosfree #feedyoursoul #feedyourhealth #fightdisease #preventdisease #loveyourself #healthyvegan #veganfoodshare #healthyeats #peaceandlove

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La nueva generación de licuadoras Xpert Series™ se adapta a tu estilo de vida. Con sus tres programas automáticos inteligentes, y sólo presionar un botón, puedes procesar alimentos, hacer jugos y licuados y preparar malteadas mientras tu atiendes la cocina o estás viendo nuestra página de Facebook/Instagram 😉 . . . #ViveSienteDisfruta #oster #feedyoursoul #recetas #comida #saludable #osterlatino

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There are days when you need something sweet to make your day a bit better. And then there are days when something is needed to cap an already wonderful day! ☺️ Victory is very, very sweet. It tastes better than any dessert you've ever had. ~ Serena Williams

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The first day of our roadtrip started with a 3 hour drive to the Forest of Dean and a little bit of exploration to whet the appetite! This is us riding blind on the lower section of SheepSkull and @big_jay_fitness_mtb not caring one little bit about what is in front of him, on his new trail eating machine, the @whytebikesgb G170. . . . #followyourheart #feedyoursoul #ridemoremtb #mtb #fod #sheepskull #bike #lifebehindbars #bikelife #twowheels #ride #ridelife #enduro #wanderlust #ridearoundtheworld #lovinglife #nature #mtblife #dh #downhillmtb #putfunbetweenyourlegs #singletrackmind #ridemoremtb #trail #adventure #mtb ❤️ #bikeporn #biketrip #roadtrip

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Good as gold! This pineapple fried rice at @noree_pla was fantastic! Actually, I should say “is” fantastic. Because I still have leftovers. And I’m eating more of this golden dish tonight!!! Dinner can’t come fast enough. 💛 🍍🍚 • • • • #laeats #lafoodie #lafoodjunkie #hungryinLA #eaterla #infatuationla #dinela #eeeeeats #feedfeed #eater #feedyoursoul #latimesfood #onthetable #forkyeah #foodieheaven #spoonfeed #noreethaionbeverly #chefpla #pineapplefriedrice #friedrice #thai #thaifood #golden #rice

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You should never pass up pizza and beer. Happy hour with @pizzadomenica should be your stop. Half price draft, wines by the glass and pizzas Monday thru Friday 3p-5p. Garlic knots are a must even if they aren’t a HH special. Cheers! 🍕🍺🍕🍺

43 minutes ago

May your week ahead be amazing ❤️

46 minutes ago

Your Guide to Starting a Hormonally Balanced Meal Plan- and a Healthier Lifestyle for Life! I have tried numerous “yo-yo” diets in the past, have wasted enormous amounts of money on books and plans that always set me up for failure. I was searching for ways to make my body look a certain way with minimal work, and each time fell flat on my face. As a result? I turned back to eating unhealthy until I decided to get to the root of my problem. What did food mean to me? Why did I care so much about fixing my diet? It wasn’t just so I could lose weight, but so I could feel happier, lighter on my feet, and more connected with my inner being. I encourage you to find your “why” in all of this. As I coach you, I will provide you with shopping lists, recipes, and be your accountability source. I will offer you tips and tricks to make your month so much more doable, and feel like a lifestyle change rather than a diet. During this challenge, I will encourage you to give yourself grace, and be patient with yourself. This month will teach you how to grow, and learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible. I want you to feel inspired, and get the most out of each day. Who’s ready to eat? Follow the link in my bio to find out more and get in touch with me! . . . #coloradofitnesscoach #maeallynfit #healthylivingcoach #healthyliveshere #changeyourmindset #changestartswithyou #hormonallybalanced #nourishyourbod #doitforyoufirst #growyourheart #growyourself #feedyoursoul

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If you want lasting external transformation, first focus on inner transformation. The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz is a yearly read for me. I highly recommend it. Here's a little hot sheet to keep these principles close to the heart, mind and soul. ✌🏼❤️💪🏽

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Meatless Monday’s😋 A little dinner inspo today: seared tuna Niçoise salad💫

55 minutes ago

Alex of @chocolateandavocados shared these tofu-based Tacos de Pescado inspired by her hometown of Ensenada and oh my, they're gorgeous! I don't know about you, but showing up in my kitchen every.single.day can be a real slog sometimes. There's always something to wash, tidy, put away, find a sneaky lid for—sometimes I just need to not, you know? When I press into that feeling though the immense sense of connection I find even when I'm all alone with my dishwasher in the middle of the night is nothing short of enchanting—reconnecting to my sense of place for the places that shaped me, for better or worse, honoring dishes that are never just dishes. All of that plus the closure of a nice, big, satisfying bite? I couldn't stay away if I tried. What keeps you coming back to your kitchen? Is it purely functional hunger, or something more? #thetofupress

57 minutes ago

Whatever you’re afraid to do, you must do. Put it on your list. If you’re not ready it’s okay. Write it down, stash it away. Whatever you do, don’t let it go. 💕

58 minutes ago

What a perfect dish to cheer on France as they win the World Cup⚽️🏆🇫🇷! This is Chef Genevieve's own twist on Croque Madame, made with deep fried softshell crab 🦀. Check out @b96streetfood at the newly opened @detroit_shipping . MCM Poster 📷: @emceebeecee . 👇Tag who you wanna go with!👇 . 🍴: Bangkok 96 Street Food 📍: 474 Peterboro St, Detroit, MI 48201 #MotorCityMunchers #B96StreetFood

1 hour ago

Don’t shrink back, no matter what they say! Don’t listen to the little lies! You’ve got what it takes! STAND TALL! 🌴🌴🌴

1 hour ago

Fajita Monday who’s feeeeeeling it!! Woke up feeling under the weather and wanted something spicy and filling to kick it! Sautéed 3 chicken breast in ghee, bone broth, and coconut oil with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, cumin, turmeric, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, and ginger until mostly done - then shredded, added in half a white onion and more ghee and bone broth, sautéed for 6 min before adding in yellow peppers and a red pepper. Sautéed for 4 more min adding more salt and garlic, served with white quinoa cooked in bone broth and ghee, homemade guacamole, and @wholefoods salsa topped with cilantro!! Sooooo amazing and I have so many leftovers!! 🤩

1 hour ago

I am actually really sad this will be my last week of getting meals from @territoryfoods !! I head back to Japan on Saturday! If you local to the DMV area I highly recommend!!!

1 hour ago

The two best things and life are PIZZA & NUTELLA.. now look what happens when you put them together! We may not be open today, but stop by tomorrow for this bad boy. 😍😁 #Hewlett #LongIsland #NicolinoEatery

1 hour ago

Flavor explosion at #limon last night, the dinner restaurant which is having a soft opening in the new @lemonpressnantucket space on Main Street. Started with street corn topped with crema, hot pepper, mint, and a dusting of smokey spices. The Thai Tuna Tostada is like a spicy papaya salad topped with fresh raw tuna, peanuts and creamy curry sauce. Also shared but not pictured; Squash Blossom and Artichoke Quesadillas and Herbed Coconut Rice with Red Beans. 😭🤤

1 hour ago

If I had to choose between you and empanadas, empanadas would win. 😌

1 hour ago

The only reason I ever drive to Murfreesboro: @slimchickens - please open one in Nashville. Pictured here is the 5 & 5. 5 wings (honey bbq) and 5 tenders (ask for the slims sauce- trust me). #eatnashville

1 hour ago

Essa e uma receita que faço sempre porque e super pratica para um almoço rápido ou para um jantar leve. E para quem também esta cansado de comer risotto de quinoa. :) Quadradinhos de Quinoa e Abobrinha 1 1/2 xic quinoa 1 1/2 xic agua 2 colheres de cha de azeite 2 colheres de sopa de ervas picadas (alecrim, salsinha, tomilho e salvia) 2 dentes de alho 1 cebola media picada 2 abobrinhas raladas 5 ovos batidos 1 xícara de queijo parmesão ralado; 1 1/2 colher de mostarda Dijon 1. Aqueça o forno a 180C. Prepare uma assadeira retangular, untando-a com azeite e cubra com papel manteiga, deixando a aba do papel execeder dos lados para facilitar na hora de desinformar; 2. Coloque quinoa e agua numa panela e leve a fervura. Depois reduza o fogo e cubra a panela, cozinhe por aproximadamente 15 minutos ou ate a agua ser absorvida. Reserve. 3. Aqueça uma frigideira com azeite e cozinhe o alho, cebola ate que as cebolas fiquem translúcidas. Aproximadamente 5 minutos; 4. Em uma tigela grande, misture a quinoa cozida, a cebola e alho, ervas, mostarda, abobrinha, ovos e queijo. Misture bem. Despeje a massa na assadeira, polvilho o queijo parmesão e leve ao forno. 5. Asse por 40 minutos ou ate que as dourar e estar firme ao toque. 6. Retire do forno e deixe esfriar por 15 minutos, desenforme e corte os quadrados. Sirva com sua salada preferida.

1 hour ago

Two days ago I finished reading “better than good” by #zigziglar and it left the most profound impact on me! I’d best describe myself as someone who is always hungry for more. Hungry for success, hungry for growth, hungry for passion, but mostly hungry for life. But sometimes in all of our searches for more and in desire to satiate that hunger we forget the thing that’s right there in front of us! Now, I’m talking for myself here, but, in my search for more, and to satisfy my hunger, I had lost sight of what was the most important thing really -and that is gd. I was moved to tears when I got to the last part of the book where he talks about purpose. He brought up alot of passages from the Torah/bible I am all too familiar with! I felt kind of embarrassed that a Christian such as himself was the embodiment of what gd wanted our life to look like, yet there I was sitting slumped in my chair and I felt like the most sinful person ever. This was just a small part of the book but my breakthrough is was/is clear. It’s not about religion. But it is about gd! It’s about living with him and putting him in my day to day knowing that his path is the only one for me to walk in and that-that is my purpose in this earth. Pretty powerful. Stunned beyond. Great read on how to live the “BETTER THAN GOOD LIFE” by a devout Christian, New York Times best seller and multi millionaire... speaks for itself don’t it?! Xoxo-Fashionografi - - - #betterthangood #motivationmonday #inspiration #foodforthought #mondaymood #training #rituals #feedyoursoul #photographer #fashion #light #passion #travel #travelwithme #newyorker #londoner #courage #edits #lifestyleblogger #travelblogger #blessed #grateful #gladiator

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These babies are starting to produce a lot of tomatoes!!! These little cherry tomatoes are like candy by themselves but does anyone have any fun recipes??? 🍅

1 hour ago

Had An Amazing Conversation With My Best Friend/Sis Mindy Today! Ilu Sis❤💜 She Encourages Me, Uplifts Me & Knows Me! There Is No Competition Or Jealousy! Ladies Uplift Eachother & Continue 2 Be Yourself! GOD Knows Your Heart's Desire! She Reminds Me How Amazing I Am & How I Deserve The World! She Is Such A Strong Beautiful & An Exceptional Woman🦄I'm So Proud Of Her List Of Accomplishments!The Years Pass By Since I Saw Her(almost 12) But We ALWAYS Pick Up Where We Left Off! Ty 4 Being MY Person! (Insider)💋💜 @kuriousisthekat #sisters #friendship #beyourself #real #imperfect #flawed #quirky #weird #beautiful #magical #unicorn #🦄 #bepatient #prepare #preparingmyself #life #iloveher #feedyoursoul #amazing #womanempowerment #womanrock #girlpower #powerfulwoman #followforfollow #followme #followtrain #instafamily #instalove #conversation #hermanas

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Did you want more recipes?? Here is a family favorite with my own @nugrubveganfood spin! 🎯 RECIPE BELOWWWW!🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ You can also find the full version on www.sabithevegan.com! Plus a video too 😉 . Meatloaf uses their Sprouted Chickpea mix, the crumble version! 🙏 NuGrub Crumble ***Prepped*** 1 cup NuGrub dry mix ¾ cup Water -Mix both together. -Cook for 10 minues like a pancake. In an oiled, heated skillet. -Flip halfway through. -Crumble that pancake up! Happy Meatless Monday! Hug a cow 😁 #whatsfordinner #meatlessmonday

1 hour ago

WE’VE HAD A MAKEOVER!⁣⁣⁣ 🌷 ⁣⁣⁣ Our event has already grown beyond our wildest dreams thanks to the Albury/Wodonga community and the incredible amount of support we’ve had. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ To think that 6 months ago our Soulful Brunching idea was just a conversation, to 2 months ago it was just ideas scribbled into a journal, to then #hustling our butts off and putting in the hard yards to make it a reality, and now needing to upgrade venues to be able to cater for DOUBLE the amount of ladies attending that we had originally planned for.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ As a result we thought it was fitting for the branding of our event to grow with us as well! So check out the new design for Soulful Brunching. ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Huge thank you to Jessi from Jessi Kate Design for making this possible. She donated her time and work to help us create this, because let’s be honest, we needed the help of a professional to make it THIS PRETTY!! 💕

1 hour ago

Just back in Vancouver now, for a short while. I Claudius dropped by to say hello and hang out on the porch... watching the world go by. Chill time. Sounds like a good idea, so no painting today!✨

1 hour ago

WARNING: Once you try @cafe.bernardo ’s grilled salmon plate, you may find yourself craving it every day! . Grilled Salmon: Delta corn, summer squash, cherry tomatoes, farro, herbs, nectarine salsa . #CafeBernardo #PRGfoodie

1 hour ago

Love to sample cheese? We always have samples of new and interesting ones, plus some of our old favorites! The question always is...how many samples do you take before you feel self conscious? . . . . . #cheese #sfcheese #eatersf #cheeseplussf #hungrysf #foodgawker #hungry #foodstagram #instafoodie #foodporn #foodgasm #foodandwine #dailyfoodfeed #califoodie #foodie #nom #nomnoms #feedyoursoul #buzzfeedfood #buzzfeed #foodbeast #hangry #dinner #huffposttaste #bbbeyond #polkstreet #worldclasscheeseshops

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Striking a balance between my work life and family is important to me. ✨ I cherish any moments I get to spend with my little girls…this is what puts the biggest smile on my face 😄

1 hour ago

Did you know that deviating from your normal routine and changing things up, opens up new pathways in the brain and allows your soul to grow!!! . Remember how I told you that we have been taking the same path to and from Grand Forks over the past 13 years? Then I shared with you, our new route there. Welllll...we went a step further and created a whole new route home too. With a 3 day stop in paradise...a vacation from our vacation, if you will. . We were thoroughly impressed with the beauty of Halcyon Hot Springs. From the setting in the trees, on the lake, with a mountain view. The cabin was cozy with all of the amenities and just a short walk to the hot springs. The food was divine and the drinks so refreshing. We had THE best server we have ever experienced. She kept us entertained with her spunk and energy. . Take time to reset your soul. Pamper yourself with mineral baths, beautiful scenery, gourmet food and peaceful surroundings. . #halcyonhotsprings #mineralbath #vacationgetaway

1 hour ago

How we plan to beat the heat! . 🍸: Cadillac Margarita - Tradicional reposado, triple sec, sweet and sour, fresh lime juice, mandarine napoleon float . #CentroCocina #Paragarys #PRGFoodie

1 hour ago

If you missed this stunning lunch salad special today, don’t worry, we’ll be featuring it again tomorrow! This beauty features Grilled Scallops and Weiser Farms’ Sugar Cube & Pritty (sweet & sour) Melons, Persian Cucumbers, Radishes, Cherry Tomatoes, Arugula, Pickled Red Onions, Passion Fruit Vinaigrette, and a Balsamic Reduction... this is Summer dining! 🙌🏽 #summertime #lunchgoals #farmhouseatrg

11 hours ago

There are always flowers for those who want to see them. -Henri Matisse . . . . . . . . . This silhouette took a little less work then the last I posted but it's still one of my favorites. Hope you all have a wonderful week!! . . . . . . #happymonday #mondayvibes #beautyinallthings #sunset #sunsetphotography #silhouette #fifty_shades_of_nature #perspective #staywild #stayandwander #wander #explore #venture #shewanders #louisiana #southlouisiana #downbytheriver #teamcanon #canonusa #beinspired #liveauthentic #we_shoot_louisiana #mylouisiana #feedyoursoul #sunchaser #alwaysgo #roamtocreate