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Pick A Dress That Describes Your Mood 👒⁠Playful & Flirty It Is! ⁠ ⁠Search: "Generally Pleasing Satin Mini Dress"⁠ Tag @FashionNovaCURVE & #FashionNovaCURVE to get like @sabsi_t and be featured on our page! ⁠ ✨✨⁠

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When you know you are going to have Sushi 🤤

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Il est temps... Je reprends tranquillement le sport et une alimentation saine. Ca fait 2 jours que je vais à ma salle et ça fait un bien fou mine de rien. Quand la démotivation s'installe c'est quelque chose mais il faut prendre son courage à deux mains car vous savez déjà que l'on a rien sans rien 🙌 J'ai quelques kilos en trop, 7 pour cette précise mais je ne vais pas me plaindre; pourquoi ? Tout simplement parce que je ne peux m'en prendre qu'à moi-même donc maintenant après près de 2 mois de "vacances sportives" je me donne de nouveaux objectifs🏋️‍♀️ Deja perdre les kilos qui se sont gentillement installés ( ça s'installe vite ces conneries) Ensuite continuer à perdre en me musclant jusqu'à atteindre mon objectif. J'y vais petit à petit, mois après mois je me fais des mini challenges Et vous? Vous avez déjà repris le sport ou c est toujours la fiesta? 🙌🤭 #jadizmua #fashionnovacurve #primarkfrance #jordan #allblack #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitnessmovaqua #wellness #workout

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📍Yaknooooo where to find me. #soufend

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Have you seen my new video? 🥰 Go watch and tell me which outfit is your fave 😝🚨 Link in my bio.

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Can you See why I WAKE UP WITH GRATITUDE EVERY MORNING 🥰 ... IM 50 & OVER YALL!!!! . . ARE YOU READY TO TRY MY SIMPLE 3 PRINCIPLES YET? . . . . No seriously I'm NOT Dead... I LOWERED my Blood Pressure I get up EVERYDAY & CREATE my LANE.. I AM WHO I POST THAT I AM! I've managed to lose & KEEP OFF over 20lbs Yeah I stopped Millions of Times BUT I DIDN'T QUIT ON ME!! I COMMIT EVERYDAY TO 3 SIMPLE PRINCIPLES THAT GOT ME To this Peace, To this Mindset To this #healthy To this Confident To this bOdy babbeee . . Just 3 simple Principles that I will continue for as long as I am Able . . . On this #sunday & everyday THANK YOU GOD FOR SAVING ME & FOR THAT I OWE YOU ME ❣ . . . . .......SuRe I will ShAre with you my 3 principles... dm me . ***** pls stop saying you don't have time to better you.. if YOU dont WHO will***?? . . . . ****** kute jumper @pureessencefashion

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Growing up as a curvy girl, I really struggled finding jeans that fit my thighs, hips, booty, and waist, but as soon as @fashionnovacurve hit my radar, I tried them out and fell in love with them. 😍 their jeans are the best jeans I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried *countless* jeans), especially for curvy girls. 🤗 They are the first brand I ever felt seen and heard in as a curvy woman. I was determined to be an influencer for them and in late 2017 I became one. 💕 I’ve been an influencer for them for almost 2 years now and I’ve seen how the technology they use for they jeans has evolved to fit better than ever. They have so many styles and fits for different body types that they call it their jeans the 24/7 Denim Jeans - so comfy and diverse that you can wear them “24/7” for every day of the week. ☀️ They sent me different styles of jeans, including this one. I know y’all have seen me in a bunch of high waisted skinny jeans recently, but brace yourselves to see me in other types because they sent me a package of different types of jeans recently (if you saw my stories recently then you know). ☺️ 👖: “classic high waist skinny jeans” size: 11 , color: dark denim 😉 P.S. I have a high waisted jeans + body suit fashion nova curve haul on my YouTube channel from this year❣️ I’d check it out if I were you, I’m wearing my favorite high waisted jeans in them and give you all the info + dance a little & model in them 💁🏻‍♀️ 👇🏻 🎥 🤗subscribe 👆🏻 (link in bio) ✨ #novababe #fashionnovacurve #fashionnova #annastayziaa #armenianfeminist #bodypositive #plussize #influencer #armenian #armenia #հայ #youtuber

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having an 70s disco moment | didn’t get a cute pic at the festival so this will have to do 😂🌈

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Sexy Is An Attitude 🕶⁠Rock This Dress With A Sneaker For A Sporty Look 👟⁠ Search: "Look At Me Now Reflective Dress"⁠ Tag @FashionNovaCURVE & #FashionNovaCURVE to get like @brimartinezz and be featured on our page! ⁠ ✨✨⁠

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