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When a bridesmaid's dress rips and all else fails, you can trust our creative director Noami to come up with a solution! 🤣 #fashiondesigner #ducttape

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Tutte in prima posizione. #memories

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Cold yet beautiful Amsterdam 💫

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Our #WCW goes out to all of you who are doing it all this Holiday season. We see you. We know it can be a lot trying to please everyone and trying to move mountains to do everything for everyone else. We get it and we are right there with you. Our hope is that you’ll also take some time for yourself. The ‘burn-out’ is real and should be avoided at all costs, so make sure to be kind to yourself and slow down every now and then. Need help with gift ideas? Our latest blog post is all about meaningful gifts and is full of great ideas from some of YEG’s most wonderful people ❤️. Link to it is in our profile.

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Dressing in a way that does minimal damage to the planet can be difficult.Sometimes a sustainable alternative to our favourite product doesn’t exist yet or our budget simply cannot accommodate ideal-world ethics. We can’t be perfect all the time, and that’s okay. The best thing we can do is always learn from our mistakes so you can improve your next capsule wardrobe. You can move away from buying with the trends and find longer-lasting , non-boring personal style instead, or try working towards changing your perspective on spending vs investment, looking at long term money saving (even if it’s more expensive up front) rather than just finding bargains. There really are a hundred different ways to get started, depending on the kind of person you are and what works for you... ♻️My Green Closet Look 3 🧶 ————————————— 📸 @ericabergsmeds Wearing gorgeous new jumper collection @malin_darlin by @malinjefferies

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With the holidays fast approaching it’s important to remember and accept that we don’t all look forward to the “most wonderful time of the year” or that some people have a different definition of the “most wonderful time of the year” When discussing the holidays with loved ones, friends, or strangers, remember that some people won’t relate to your overwhelming excitement for the upcoming season. There are so many people who have experienced trauma. They may have lost someone important to them, and the holidays remind them of that undeniable fact on a very deep level. Remember that there are plenty of people who have strained relationships with their families, or who don’t have a family of their own to share the season with. There are people who have been struggling to make ends meet all year long and cannot fathom spending an extra penny this December. There are also some people who flat out do not enjoy the holiday season, simply because they do not enjoy the holiday season and that’s fine. It is not your job to “reignite” their enthusiasm, either. It is your job to be a good person and respect that people can feel however they want about whatever holiday they celebrate. Be more mindful and kind to those around you. Try it. You might make someone feel a whole lot better during a difficult part of the year. ❤️

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Would be dope but what kind of lengths can you go?

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Downtown Strathroy Victorian Christmas - Thanks to Chris Soares from @105.7myfm for stopping in and taking a picture of us.

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This world can hurt you cuts you deep and leaves a scar things fall apart but nothing breaks like a heart

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My sidekick 🥰

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Kinda have a thing for yellow lately 🍋

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Probably thinking about what I’m gonna eat for lunch

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Sleepin on me, stayed awake for you