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Pom Pom • such a sweetie. Those of you who have never had chickens are missing out on the quirkiest personality pet birds you’ll ever have. Seriously this chick loves checking herself out on my selfie camera 😂

43 minutes ago

It's good to have the whole herd back together. ❤️

50 minutes ago

Time to get back into this system! We loved our other system but are ready for more structure in our lives again. It’s funny how something like this was “difficult” before but now it’s actually just normal.

1 hour ago

Twilight thinks Strider makes a good perch for kitchen begging. 😂. He’s such an amazing boy, there’s never been an animal of another species that he’s wanted to eat or harm in any way. In 10 days he will be 15 years old. Two months ago we were told he only had a couple of weeks to live. He doesn’t know when to quit. ❤️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #animalsaremyfriends #friendsnotfood #germanshepherdmix #chickensofig #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #lifeonthefarm #godscreation #crossbeak #housechicken #homestead #hobbyfarm #farmlife #farmlifebestlife #sillychicken #animallover #savedfromslaughter #savedfromeuthanasia #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedogsarethebest #strider #twilight

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Flower bouquets waiting for pick up today. It’s a labor of love and I’m learning a lot as I go, but every time I cut our flowers I’m always in awe of their beauty! #nofilterneeded

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Y'all. I am so freaking excited. New animals ARE MY LOVE LANGUAGE. And my husband knows me well!! He arranged for me to have this sweet little guy who is just over 4 months old. I am completely smitten. As for his name; we tend to like old man names for our boy animals. This is Frank, the miniature Donkey. And he is adorable ♥️

1 hour ago

Today was a low key Sunday here on the farm 🏡🐓🐐💕. We got our usual farm chores done during the dry patches in the day, and we worked on canning our first veggies of the year when the storms rolled through ⛈. The storms brought some cooler weather with them which makes all of the animals (and the humans!) very happy. No complaints here! Hope you had a great weekend 🤗. . . #sundayonthefarm #lifeouthere #hobbyfarm #easysunday #farmchores #farmlifebestlife #freerangechickens #stormysunday #hobbyfarm

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Happy pony ❤️ I love savoring the last hour of sunlight out in the pasture 💛 the colors are gorgeous, the air is cool, and the animals are ready to play 😊 it is my favorite time of the day.

2 hours ago

Helping out in the hay field 🚜

2 hours ago

New friends from yesterday’s farm visit 🐐🌿 I think he was eyeing off my veggies 😂 fun fact: goats are amazing weed control and are used to deal with blackberry infestations regularly in NZ as a chemical free and more efficient control method. #goatsarecool

2 hours ago

Just hanging out and wishing this Sunday would last a little longer! 📷 creds: @colederstein

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Going against the norm seems to be a pattern for us. From being Organic to not using antibiotics, raising our male calves and being 100% grass-fed, even down to having German Shepherd working dogs..... I sometimes wonder if all our differences are as a result of ourselves not fitting into the farming stereotype; the majority of Farmers being male with a national average age of 56! 'Young females' doesn't fit neatly into the same mold so it makes sense for our farming principals not to either. We feel though that being different is a good thing, and we are proud to be following a farming model that is healthier for the consumer, the farmer, the animals and most importantly healthier for our planet and the future.

4 hours ago

The little chicken family 🐔💛 . . Extra points if you can see where the fourth baby chick is!! 😜 🐤

4 hours ago

We have been patiently waiting for this day. Cheri tried to use store bought potatoes to make us a nice supper with baked potatoes and the damn things turned black so we checked and look what we found. This with moose T-bone steak 🥩 and OMG the stores can take a hike for awhile. #eatlikekings #farmlifebestlife #gardenfresh #moose #yummy

4 hours ago

Beautiful evening here on the farm. And Sherman is always ready for that photoshoot 😉

4 hours ago

Happy Sunday!! 💗 . . Hope everyone got their fill of Jesus & family today.. 🤗✝️ . . Can’t wait for week 2 to start tomorrow! Goal for the week: be 100% with nutrition (my biggest struggle) but we’re making progress.. 😌🍓 . . #happysunday #restday #newweek #progressnotperfection #nutritioniskey #liftheavy #girlsthatlift #midwest #minnesota #minnesotagirl #farmgirl #farmkid #farmlifebestlife #anxiety #anxietywarrior #anxietyawareness #girlswithanxiety #girlsrule #riseandgrind #riseup #bettereveryday #christiangirl #godisgoodallthetime #godisgood

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I took a break from LA to work on my families ranch. We’re cutting out roads and putting up an 80 acre fence for cattle. There’s no electricity and I’m sleeping in a barn. As great as LA is, I miss my country life. It’s fun to put down a script and pick up some fencing wire🐮🐄 Please follow me: - @farmersus #farmanimals   #farmlifebestlife #farmhousechic   #farmersdaughter #organicfarming   #farmerswalk #farmersmarketfinds   #farmerscarry #agriculture_global   #tractorpulling #tractorride   #farmersonly   #farmerslife

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Helping dad build a little fence! I was happy to get out of the house for part of the day due to the fact that all I can think about is my laptop hard drive shitting out & it’s very possible I’m losing all my personal stuff that was on it 😞 I back things up but hadn’t done it recently. Little depressing b/c of all my photos of Vannon on there... ugh. At a loss for words but family time did me good today & trying to stay positive . . . . #photographer #photographerslife #kansaslife #kansasphotographer #myboys #farmher #farmer #farming #swathing #farmlifebestlife #farmlife #daddysboy #hardworkingman #hubbylove #blessed #godsplan #havefaith #familyof3 #familytime #dogsofinstagram #heartisfull #prayingwoman #catholicmom #countryman #farmmom #farmfamily #lifeonthefarm #rurallife #parenthood_moments #mommyhood

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The other evening I was lucky enough to spend with my grandpa! Checking fields, loading the plane, and then watching him spray some fields at work 😊 I’m pretty sure I have the coolest grandpa around!

5 hours ago

Boo! It's me! And this adorable little #easteregger ! Don't worry, I cropped out my cleavage because I'm already too big for my bloopers. Also, I thought Sam might appreciate that. It's #chickenselfiesunday and I didn't want to have to say, "Hey, the chick is up here!" Because y'all know I'm not wearing a bra #onthefarm. #theresnoplacelikehome #❤️myfarm ... ... I'm inviting @brownbarnranch @elizpmcphee and @whisperingmoonhomestead to play along (no cleavage required).

5 hours ago

This was the second #cheese I ever made and my first long aged cheese. I just cut into it after 7 months! Nutty, creamy, beautiful paste, & it smells amazing! The outside isn’t so pretty but the inside developed nicely 💪🏼. It was hard but well worth the wait 🙌🏼🐄🥛 #nappafarmlife #rawmilkcheese #tyllwydfarm #gouda #rawmilk #eatrealfood #makeityourself #sharedtablefarm #northfork #farmlife #farmlifebestlife #f52farmstand #womenwhofarm #womenwhofarmandcook #shareyourtable @anthony_nappa_wines

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Sharing a moment on the farm with my boys in the hot summer sun... only one more month to go! #twins #farmlifebestlife

6 hours ago

You know your marriage is good and that God gave you the right partner when you start a sentence with, "Babe, hear me out" and he is on the same page as you are. . What you're looking at is the subfloor of our family room. What's going to happen, because I'm married to a carpenter, is this subfloor is going to get sanded, then the major cracks are going to be filled, the floor will be sealed and then, finally, painted. That's it, that's all that's going to happen! Now, "Babe, hear me out" doesn't work with with everything between us. We are not in agreement as to what color to paint the floor. I mean, we did agree somewhat, he just wants it a bit darker than I do. I guess once we get to that point we'll have to see what y'all say! . Update on the water leak - it was an easy fix by simply caulking the glass. That's it. We didn't have to take the door out after all and there was no rot to the frame! 🙌 . #farmhouse #remodel #doingitmyway #keepitsimple #homesteadinglife #farmlifebestlife #keepingitreal

1 day ago

New brooder houses in the works, I swear we have never ending projects always going on! Right now it was between having our Contractor build 3 of these brooder houses or finishing the greenhouse. So hopefully these can get built, then onto the greenhouse before fall! #farmlifebestlife