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4 hours ago

The woman responsible for the perfect straight-leg work plant, Britt Smyton is a residential carpenter who's wear tested our gear since the beginning. She helped us work in EVEN MORE pockets, reinforced stress points and super-strong canvas to create the perfect heavy-duty pant for tradeswomen, outdoorists, makers and more! The Gray Britt Utility pant is now available for pre-order- we've sold out of sizes & inseams before, so if you NEED a pair of these, seriously... don't wait.

1 week ago

PRE-ORDER NOW ☑️ Damp concrete and Portland's cloudy skies inspired our Britt Utility in grey canvas. As always, we've united 13 functional pockets, a gusseted crotch and reinforced stress points with precision tailoring for a pant that's as beautiful as it is utilitarian. Oh, and did we mention our duck canvas is 30-40% stronger than other leading workwear brands? YOU KNOW we sell out of sizes and inseams fast: if you want a pair of these when they arrive on January 10, secure your pair at the link in our profile!

1 month ago

A bit over two-years ago in the Adirondacks they were our first #fulltimerv #instameet. While we were relatively new full-timers, @advodna_dave and @advodna_ann were seasoned veterans who were returning west and preparing to transition to a more part-time lifestyle. We had a great night meeting new friends and we relished the opportunity to learn from a couple of #airstream pros. . Twenty-five months later, we’re trading full-time Airstreaming for Whidbey Island farmlet life and guess who rolls in as our first #moochdockers ? Once again, they generously shared with us their wisdom, tips, and tricks as we try to wrap our heads around a more stationary, (and hopefully) part-time Airstream lifestyle. . And, it wasn’t just #airstreams in the yard this weekend. We managed to welcome one more rig and had the opportunity to meet and hang with the absolutely delightful @campingwiththekemps . After a fantastic weekend filled with meaningful conversations, good beer, barking dogs, and playing kids, everyone shoved off this morning and the #farmlet seemed a bit emptier and somewhat quieter. Watching them head out for further adventures also managed to pull a little at my heart strings. It’s not that I question our decision, but it confirms my belief that we need to find a way to marry this stationary existence with the ability to part-time in the future. When your heart’s in two places, I guess life’s all about balance... . #bigbigtrip #roadfriends

1 month ago

Everybody Likes Pie:: Of all the winter squashes (of which we’re about halfway to seasonal sick-of), one has captured my total devotion. For the last 5 years we have grown some variety of the Hubbard. With thick, meaty, dry yet creamy flesh, it stores well and is prolific. We have tried growing butternut, delicata and kabocha but the Hubbard is the most generous giver. We enjoy many recipes, but my favorite has been The Pie, sweetened with maple syrup and like a meal unto itself. . . . We had dinner with our ancestors last night and among several dishes, the pie was the one I counted on to please the most. Whether it was the New Englanders, the dust bowl Oklahomans, or the Quebecois — who doesn’t love pie? As the candles burned low and the dark wrapped around us like a quilt, I gathered up the plates to take outside, in a continued offering to the spirits of place. As I stepped over the threshold into the black, I misstepped and tripped. Another harvested Hubbard had shifted its position on the doorstep, and I lurched over it. The pie, with it’s flakey crust and perfect whipped cream went flying and the Hubbard took off with a jolly roll downhill. Down past the horse shower, down past the arena, the main barn, the horses startled and the barn cats leaping out of the way. The farm dogs started barking and something leapt about in the bushes - skunk, raccoon or tomten, I’m not sure. I retireved the mischievous squash, and looked about for the pie. It was in pieces, with the odd bit of wood mulch and gravel in decoration. I sighed. I imagined I heard chuckles in the bushes, and my ancestors shaking their heads with a loving eye roll. “Well, they murmured, she really does at least try.” . . . This morning, the light of dawn shone on the dishes in the yard. The soup had been tasted, the bones slightly nibbled…but the pie plate had been licked clean with gusto. So you see, I was right. Everybody likes pie. Even with the seven second rule. . . . Pie filling recipe in comments! #samhain #hubbardsquash #pie #ancestors #farmstead #farmlet #organicgardening #permaculture

1 month ago

Oh my goodness, what a night. One of our pet lambs was afflicted with the dreaded Bloat. It came on so fast. I found her lying on her side struggling to breathe and honestly thought we were going to loose her. Everything I have read suggests that when they are that sick there is little hope of recovery. My husband and I frantically searched Google for how we could help her. For three hours I held her upright, massaged her tummy and simulated walking as she was too tired to be able to stand. We fed her baking soda paste and vegetable oil via a syringe. We crossed our fingers and willed her to live. Eventually, around midnight, the remedies took effect...she passed lots of wind and all of a sudden just stood up (albeit very wobbly). Eventually we went to bed when she was wandering around back with the other lambs for company. I went to check on her this morning (before our kids got up just in case) and the picture on the right shows how she has bounced back. She is not totally out of the woods yet. After more reading we suspect that it came on as we have lots of clover rich grass so we have moved the lambs into a small area with less grass and I am off to try and get some electrolyte replacement fluid for our little ‘Cuddles’. #lifestyleblockliving #lifestyleblock #rurallife #selfsufficiency #petlamb #bloat #smallholding #farmlet #lamb #invercargill #southland #nz #neveradullmoment

1 month ago

And tonight I learned how to trim a chicken's nails! This is sweet Dandy, aka Mama Chicken, who is so devoted to sitting on eggs that her nails grew long & curled. Her white nails have a blessedly obvious quick, and this little floof is so sweet it was so much easier than I expected! She just lay there in my lap on her back! I just love this little henny! #farmlet #didntknowicoulddothat #silkies

2 months ago

Greenlands QLD - 28 Acres - A true sense of home is here –private location just minutes to Greenlands State School and direct access to Stanthorpe – the property offers plenty of space with natural timber outcrops – dam and bore -2 stables and 2 paddocks. #farmbuy #queensland #farmlet #sunset #countrystyle #snow

2 months ago

My Mum and Dad bought this farmlet on Shark Island in 1999. Then, it was used for cattle grazing, the ground was sandy and degraded, the mangrove shoreline was sparse and eroded, there weren’t many trees and it was plagued by clouds of mosquitoes all day and night. They had the cattle taken off which stopped the erosion and helped reduce the mosquitoes. It also meant trees could be planted out and the mangroves recovered. So awesome to see all these old photos and how things have changed since then! There are some places I couldn’t even work out where they were they are so full of fruit trees now when they were just cattle pasture before. Also some pics of lovely things growing around the place. Well done Mum and Dad! ❤️🌿😊 #healtheland #permaculture #farmlet #sharkisland #druidry #australiandruidry #gardening

2 months ago

We managed to take a day off from #farmlet life and escaped the island yesterday. We spent the day in Seattle, picked up some stores, and hit up #brickcon2018 . If you’re wondering, #lego and crowd saturation was reached at the 2-1/2 hr point. #bigbigtrip

3 months ago

Can’t wait for the squad show this sat!!! AND it’s official that Anna’s coming too! It’ll literally be the entire SGG. PLUS we just ordered matching squad shirts for the show!!! 👌🏽THANK YOU @anwyn_peregrine. I also just ordered a floofy halter for the spoiled orange boi. He’ll be all nice and cozy for the trailer ride on sat with his fleece blankie and floofy halter ❤️ . . . . #aqha #horse #frens #golden #nofilter #noediting #fluffyhalter #horseblankie #squad #squadgoals #spoiledhorse #gymkhana #horseshow #horseshowlife #garden #farmlet

3 months ago

Our Muscovie is sitting on some eggs for us. Two muscovie ducks to a friends and two leghorns and a naked neck to family. And another naked neck for us because we couldn't give away all our new babies away. #lilsebastianfarmlet #poultry #ducks #farmlet

3 months ago

This is something you shouldn't try at home. I am currently trying to learn all the weeds in my garden and figure out which ones you can eat. I discovered a plant with foliage like carrot greens, assuming it was wild carrot I nibbled on it, then sat down to read up about it on the internet. I should have done it the other way round. The first info I came across was, that wild carrot (also called Queen Anne's Lace) is easily mistaken with hemlock. You eat hemlock and you are dead within an hour. The easiest differentiation is wild carrot has a hairy stem, hemlock does not. I never jumped off my chair so quickly to check the compost bin for the remains. Needless to say, it was a pretty hairy experience #queenanneslace #wildcarrot #hemlock #weed #garden #edible #donttrythisathome #farmlet #lifestyle