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I made this as a joke from a moon phases chart floating around FB. Teehee

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The Harvest Moon🎑 is the full moon that is closest to the autumnal equinox🍂 - a very special marker and celebration of seasonal change. If full moon energy🌾 and enlightenment🌚 resonate with you; if you're curious about why humans👩‍🌾, throughout history, have used the moon to help predict and plan🗓️ in all aspects of life; or if you're simply interested in learning more, read on!  _ We are excited to invite you to join us for a special evening, once a month, where we'll let go of obstacles that no longer serve our higher purpose; gain clarity; and connect with ourselves through the energy of community. This gathering includes pranayama (breathing exercises🌬️), a guided meditation🙏, journaling exercises📘, and both aromas💐 and soundscapes🎶 to enhance your experience. Through meditation you’ll experience a profoundly personal experience that will help heal your heart♥️, release old beliefs, deepen your connection with nature🌱, your spirit and your purpose. I hope you'll join us for these amazing classes this month and in the future. _ Link to sign up in bio.🧘‍♀️

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The 2018-2019 Farmer’s Almanac laid out the forecast for its seven regions of the United States — the Great Lakes, the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest, New England, the Ohio Valley, the Southeast, and the Southwest #weather #strapyourselfin #farmersalmanac

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Happy Autumnal Equinox 🍂 Happy First Day of Fall 🍁🍂 I hope all are enjoying the changes in color, the change in daylight and temperature. Finding ways to receive the changes of the season through your own tastes, sight, sensing , aromas, and sounds 🍂🍁 Beneath what we see there’s so much to feel into tonight. This “equal night’s energy” can be transformational. Let it move you, follow the impulse and momentum. Ask where there is inequality in your life... have “that conversation” tonight. Be brave. 🍂🍁 Recognizing we’re all having the same conversation about equality, perception, desire, worth, love...feel into tonight’s air and connect to the possibility of adjusting the scales within. 🍂🍁 Sense permeating those darkest and lightest parts of your universe. See your intention and energy “balanced and acknowledged” in your thoughts, words and relationships. 🍂🍁👏 Show me, tell, me teach me. Share changes with those closest to you. Be yourself, be the authentic you; breathing with the rise and fall. . #autumn #equinox #fall #farmersalmanac #colors #equality #theressomuchmore #angels #divine #communication #gratitude

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Have you ever tried trimming your hair following moon cycles? I’m very scientific oriented and I question everything, but cutting your hair according to lunar cycles is an ancient practice that I tried out of desperation and it surprisingly worked! The first time I used it was when a hairdresser suggested that I try it with my premature twins because their hair did not grow and it looked very dull, thin, and fragile. It worked so well that I started using it for myself. You will start to see a difference after a few haircuts. You can consult the @farmersalmanac or the lunar hair chart from @morroccomethod to know the best days to cut your hair. Great September haircutting days are today, September 23 and 24. You still have time to try it out! It is one of those things that you have nothing to lose and give it a try. Have you ever cut your hair according to the moon phases? Let me know what you think in the comments below. . . Blog: . . ESPAÑOL: Alguna vez haz probado cortarte el cabello siguiendo los ciclos de la luna? Yo soy muy orientada a la evidencia científica soy una que todo lo cuestiono pero cortarse el cabello de acuerdo a las fases de la luna es una práctica ancestral que probé por desesperación y para mi sorpresa, funciono muy bien. La primera vez que usé este método fue cuando un estilista me recomendó usarlo con mis gemelos prematuros porque el cabello no les crecía y se les veía sin vida, frágil y escaso. Funcionó tan bien que empecé a usarlo en mí. Empezarás a ver resultados después de varios cortes. Puedes consultar el #farmersalmanac o la tabla lunar de #morroccomethod para saber los mejores días. Todavía estás a tiempo de probar cortándote el cabello en septiembre! Es una de esas cosas que no pierdes nada con probar. Te haz cortado el cabello según las fases de la luna? Déjame saber lo que piensas en los comentarios.

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Grange Fair today! . . Home baked pies, cookies, plants, get your mums, heirlooms, antiques and other cool stuff; raises money for the Grange.

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Long before the creation of technology, animals and farmers had to make observations about what was happening around them in order to prepare for the upcoming winter. Here are two of the most popular: – If there is an abundance of acorns and squirrels are seen gathering them early, it is a sign of a hard winter. – Narrow orange band in the middle of the woolly bear caterpillar warns of heavy snow; fat and fuzzy caterpillars presage bitter cold. Based on how campus looks we are in for a hard winter! ❄️🍂🌳🐿 #winteriscoming #farmersalmanac

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The #farmersalmanac says that if you count the number of cricket chirps in 14 seconds and then add 40 and you’ll have the approximate temperature forecast. I slowed the audio down to get the count right but the numbers were wack. It was supposed to be 80 degrees here in Podunk today but the crickets of Michigan might be drinking too much of that #flintwater because it’s raining 🌧 🌧 and 65 degrees. Crickets are not scientists or meteorologists... they simply rub their wings together (not their legs) and they do it to try to get laid and as a warning ⚠️ for danger. If any of this interests you, please book you and I some flights to Shanghai China 🇨🇳 where the cricket fighting season is in full swing in Autumn. you mothafuckas know more.

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Our boss plow rep Bryan stop by to show us one of their great new products. These are very nice units and are going to be a money maker and huge Time Saver for commercial loading docks or residential driveways thanks for the demo Bryan.... #BackDrage ,DragPro, #Boss , #Bossplow , #Snowplowing , #SnowPlow , #Plow , #Plowing , #Snowremoval , #Snow , #FarmersAlmanac , #Chevy , #Chevrolet , #Truck , #Trucking , #Worktruck , #Landscaping , #Propertymanagment , #LED , #DForce , #CSTruckshoppe

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🎼Amazing grapes how sweet the taste... We really don’t have a massive yard but this hot, dry summer delivered many rewards from our fruit trees. It seems excessive when I look at it like this, but it all gets harvested in different weeks. (No lack of vitamin C.) I’m logging this for my gardening almanac. 🤓👩‍🌾 From our ‘edible landscaping’ this summer: - cherries - raspberries - peaches - pears - a couple varieties of grapes - about 20 strawberries ☺️ - blackberries - tons of figs - and out at the family farm loads of blueberries In veggie news, lots of herbs, tomatoes, radishes, kale and a few cucumbers. Farfar keeps us supplied with potatoes, beets, cabbage and onions from the farm and we also enjoyed some local plums. It’s official...coming from a long line of farmers, I measure my success in life by the food we’re able to grow and share.🤣 Feel free to brag here about your proudest gardening achievements this summer. I love it! #gardener #grapes #farmersalmanac #harvest

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The stinging nettle (Urticaria dioica) is the Malcolm Tucker of the plant world. If living seasonally is about celebrating the changes, this includes the end of these monsters. Like Malcolm Tucker, these sinister lot stalk you everywhere. Behind the bins, bam. On the garage roof, bam. In your front porch, bam. They look so amicable, with the faux softness of their little hairs. You'd naturally give up your seat on the bus for the frail figure of Malcolm Tucker. Then you'd realise your skin is bubbling from all the toxic expletives unleashed on you. The stinging nettle dominates the political landscape of the humble hedgerow, using its thick rhizomes to infiltrate the area and crush all competitors. Butterflies and moths lead the fight back, with the larvae of many important species feeding on the nettle. Join the assault by foraging early in the season. The leaves are more tender earlier in the year (before June is best), and boil to remove the sting. Tricks of the trade: You must stand up to Tucker. Take a firm grasp to quash the stinging hairs. If you're meek, then tickling the hairs causes more intense pain. Confront like Jamie McDonald, not Ollie Reeder. The nettle whips the surroundings into shape, sneering at the flesh of foragers. Although a perennial, they die back to the ground for winter. The public inquiry is well under way, with this plant well and truly on its way out . . . . #nettles #autumndays #alovefornaturesbest #aseasonalshift #farmersalmanac #wildfood #myalmanacmoment #foraginguk #cherishandrelish_september #chorltonwaterpark #thethickofit

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A favourite and a go-to resource for many weather watchers, farmers and growers. What will 2019 bring? ☀️❄️⛈