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2 days ago

I love trying new varieties! 🥰 . Are you growing anything new this year? . I'm also in love with the packaging of these seeds from @floretflower absolutely gorgeous ❤ You could say I'm slightly #obsessed . I planted these #pumpkin seeds a day or so ago and I can't wait to decorate my porch with them in the fall 🍂 . Bonus if I remember correctly they are good in pie and I am sure will be perfect in #soap 😁 . I had also picked up several flower varieties but will need to wait for next year as I missed the window to #sow them in the #garden All good it's something too #anticipate . . . #gardening #gardener #naturalliving #homesteading #farmlife #homesteadlife #simpleliving #wellnesswarrior #wellnessjourney #homestead #growinggardens #homestead #floretflowerfarm #seeds #planting #goodthingsarecoming #fallcrops #packing #trynewthings #happygardener #natureismagic

6 days ago

A plant with many names In North America, New Zealand, and Australia, it is called eggplant. In British, it is referred to as aubergine. In South Africa and South Asia, it is called brinjal. It is also referred to as guinea squash in South America. The only reason "WE" call it eggplant is because the early European cultivars of the fruit looked somewhat like a goose or hen eggs. #pcharvest #bridgeportct #stayloyaltothesoil #aubergine #brinjal

3 weeks ago

Our grapes and our farmers have a long season ahead! With new trellising, new plantings, and some new varieties, we expect the vines to be as successful as we know our farmers will be.

4 months ago

Baby carrots straight off the field for delivery in february. Had my doubts if this would work out when seeding them early september, but they’ve championed through. 💚 Swipe to see their makeshift but quite effective season extension bedcovers 🤩 @labanchinacph @kieran_mc1aughlin #GreenGlory #greengloryfarm #vegetables #organic #organicfarming #smallscalefarming #permanentbeds #permaculture #nodig #notill #soilbiology #fungi #familyfarm #odsherred #danmark #fallcrops #seasonextension #directseeding #earthwayseeder #fleececover #PEtunnels #autumngrowth #overwintering #carrots

4 months ago


4 months ago

My very rough sketch of my plans for my patio container garden! Clay pots (some are busted up from the cold!), a wheelbarrow and hanging baskets will be my containers!

4 months ago

Guess I won't be doing my suppy inventory today! It is indeed time to check & prep all that we have and what we're going to need for the upcoming season but #notinthiscoldweather This week let's chat about the February prep work that needs to be done to get us ready for March. And of course March kicks off the gardening season depending on where you're located!

4 months ago

So excited to expand my growning space in 2019! Where are growing spaces this year? Do you have it planned out yet? How are you maximizing your space? Get ready for #garden2019

4 months ago

Sundays are for family and relaxing, but not for these guys! They want to come out and play #rootcrops

5 months ago

Roasted veggies are such a blessing this time of year 🙆 Warm belly, warm kitchen, plenty of warming spices and herbs - you can't go wrong! Tonight, we are having cubed acorn squash, potatoes, and Jerusalem artichokes. I love that all of these store really well indoors during the cold time of year - a definite plus. What vegetables do you store during the winter? Which ones do find keep the best?

5 months ago

Fields of the Fall at Gathering Together Farm.

5 months ago

Did you know that some vegetables produce and taste better after a light frost???? People often think cold weather kills ALL crops, but some crops thrive from cold weather. Some even need cold weather. It’s important to know what plants grow in what season. This is the reason some vegetables don’t do well during the hotter. They are a little tougher and don’t taste as sweet. Not to mention more pests attack them. 🐛🦋🐌🐛 Collards, kale, cabbage, broccoli, carrots are just a few that produce and taste so much better when they are kissed by frost. . . . . #garden #inthegarden #organic #fallgarden #fallcrops #wintergarden #wintercrop #urbanorganicgardener #homestead #urbanhomestead #blackpeoplegrow #igrowmyownfood #igrowformyhealth #healthyliving #plantbased #healthyfood #blackgirlswithgardens #blackgirlsgardentoo

5 months ago

We delivered our final order of greens for 2018 today and year four is almost in the books. I am not gonna lie: quarters 1 and 2 were tough this year, but quarters 3 and 4 we're better then ever and overall our gross income continues to grow year over year. For this, we would most humbly like to thank our customers: all the chefs and restaurants, the food trucks, and our retail customers too. We are so excited for the new year and all the changes and growth we have planned. Happy holidays everyone! #farmpractice #farmbusiness #agribusiness #smallfarmers #localfarmers #specialtycropfarmers #fallcrops

5 months ago

Changing seasons at the Organic Growers' Club Student Farm from Fall to Winter.

5 months ago

Last minute gifts? We’ve got you covered @ Troy’s. There is something for everyone! 🎁

5 months ago

Feliz Noche de Rabanos! The CHF team, plus a few guests honored the Oaxacan farmer’s market tradition of ornately carving radishes near the Christmas holiday. Y’all voted for us to do a beekeeping themed tableau and here it is! This will be on display at our on-farm market Saturday and Sunday. Stop by and see the magic in person! (Greg will also be at Findlay without a carved radish in site... but the stories he can tell...) #farmlife #holidayfun #nochederabanos #rabanos #radishes #fallcrops #beekeeping #makers #makersgonnamake #merrychristmas

5 months ago

We love assisting our customers on making this the most magical holiday season yet!

5 months ago

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree 🌲 Thank you to @stephstell for sharing this adorable photo! We’re loving it ✨

5 months ago

Unlock your childhood dreams with these lifesize nutcrackers @ Troy’s. Perfect way to add holiday spirit to your business or home!

5 months ago

Our overwintering greens got a big drink of water this weekend ⛆ We had quite a storm here! (Swipe across) Thankfully, it was warm enough to pull back the row covers yesterday without the risk of overnight frost.. it meant covering everything up in the rain tonight, though, before the temperature drops. Ah, the wintertime dance that I do here in zone 7 😅 but it means that we have fresh greens in the winter, so I can definitely get on board with that. . Do you grow food during the winter? What types of things do you grow? Do you have to protect them from the cold? . Under these row covers, I planted heirloom kale, daikon radishes, Asian stir fry greens, spinach, and carrots. Today, I noticed some of last spring's Swiss chard popping up, too! 🌱

6 months ago

What cold? What snow? What mud? Carrot harvest goes on!

6 months ago

Still enjoying these heirloom Chinese Rose Radishes from our fall harvest #fallcrops

6 months ago

If you get a random warm day be sure to knock out the projects that got away from you over the summer. A project like this wheel barrel of mine was a perfect task. I had been wanting one to add to my garden variety of creative containers to grow out of. Pro tip...drill drainage holes in the bottom of the barrel before filling it 😉. This thing held soooo much water over the summer it became a daily and messy task. With some handsome help I broke out the power tools and got under there (wheel barrel full & soggy). It sure was pain working against gravity but three holes later the barrel container works like a charm. In the image above, I had recently transplanted my lavender, rosemary, and thyme to make my 2019 herb garden barrel. So that's two projects in one! . . . #herbgardening #wheelbarrel #fallgardens #fallcrops #containergarden 🌱 #gardentherapy #beginnergardener #newgardener #raisedbed #raisedbedgardens #raisedbedvegetablegarden #womenwhogarden #girlswhogarden #girlgardener #gardenvibes #growingmyownveggies #growinginmygarden #homegardenlove #freshveggiesfromthegarden #garedenfreshveggies #freshveggiesarethebest #blackwomengarden #blackgardeners #blackwomenwithgardens #citygirlgrows #blackgirlbloggersunite #urbangardener #gardentokitchen

6 months ago

When one of your best friends says she wants fresh Jerusalem artichokes for her birthday.. and her birthday is in December ❄ It may only be 40 degrees out, but I still have 5 layers of clothing on to get the job done 😂 True story. . You know who you are... I hope you know I love you 💞 I wouldn't do this for most people 😂. . Those without livestock - how many of you garden/farm throughout the winter? What zone? Do you mind the cold? Or do you bundle up (excessively) like me? ☃

6 months ago

Homegrown fresh salad greens in December - yes, please! 🙆 Heirloom lettuces, heirloom kale, french sorrel, green onions, and chives 🌿 No pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers - and definitely no e. coli! Just soil, water, and sun.. the rest is magic 💫

6 months ago

I cannot explain why I am so stuck on naming my gardens for now on. Even though we're closing out 2018 I still wanted to name my garden this year, lol. As we move forward I'm sure I'll be referring to my first instagram garden of 2018 as Lucille; meaning LIGHT every now and again. You can bet I have a name for my 2019 garden and a theme too❤.

6 months ago

Organic Small-scale Farming in #pnw 😀 Thanks to @carmen.winquist for sharing! - "When you pull back the row cover and realize it is time for a feast !!!! Living in a pocket where we get freezing in early October, floating row covers save many of our fall crops (and also allow us to get a head start on spring crops !) While there are better systems, for now pvc piping with giant paper clamps and rocks do the trick to keep those veggies from freezing !"

6 months ago

Our beets are ready for rain!

6 months ago

Leeks are a staple in winter cooking, and in the garden! Like other #alliums (including onions & garlic) they are long-season crops that need 6-8” of space and regular fertilization. To grow satisfying thick leeks, it’s important to start with pencil-sized transplants ✏️ 🌱 Plant them deeply, to where the leaves begin to fork ✌🏼The more stem you bury, the bigger the white stalk will be!

6 months ago

Experiment in growing oca in zone 7a 🙈 not exactly a success 😅. Have you ever tried to grow Andean tubers? If so, what zone? . This one will be off my list for 2019.. actually, I'm heading in a very different direction entirely with our annual crops, based on which types and varieties did really well this year (even with all the rain!). I'll still have lots of greens, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, melons, squash, etc... BUT! I am switching to almost everything to Asian heirloom varieties. They seem to be well adapted to our humid climate - less pest pressure, virtually no disease, very productive. . That, in a nutshell, is my plan for the annuals in our 2019 CSA. I think you're going to be really happy with the results 💚. . . . #oca #andeantubers #edibletuber #permaculture #zone7 #fallcrops #yardfarm #foodnotlawns #womenfarmers #beyondorganic #growittoknowit #gardening #gardenplanning

9 months ago

You can still plant in my zone at least. Frost isn’t typically until October 20th, and even with frost, some crops do fine. Also, you can give the crop protection to extend the harvest. You can sow spinach, lettuce, kohlrabi, mustard, beets, carrots, and more. 1st image: Oakleaf lettuce 2nd image: Green and red romaine lettuce 3rd image: purplelette mini onions #fallcrops #imakedirttastegood #lettuce #romainelettuce #oakleaflettuce #onion #growyourown #growyourownfood #garden #gardening #vegan #vegetarian #backyardgarden #gardentips #growingyourgreens #instamood #instacool