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3 minutes ago

what caption do i put ac/ib ecrovse cc colorsforccp app; cute cut pro song: lay all your love on me - abba one tc tatevfxs don’t let this flop 😔 for the people who voted yes on my story <3

4 minutes ago

ETHMA. people have opinions obviously but none are invalid. the thing that annoys me is when someone disagrees with you but tries to change your mind... SURE everyone is entitled to their opinion but that doesn't mean you should change someone else's at all. agree to disagree and move on it's just an opinion. sorry thanks for coming to my ted talk anyone who made it this far you're a real one. pls drop a like and check out my account :)

11 minutes ago

okay really confused i thought i was totally on ethan’s lane but now i’m swerving hELP

13 minutes ago

13 minutes ago

WE STAN 😤 - rant about something in the comments ANYTHING IS ALLOWED... let those feelings out :)

18 minutes ago

PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE :) - via 2019_predicts twitter

20 minutes ago

I am not switching lanes I am not switching lanes I am not switching lanes I am not switching lanes I am not switching lanes

20 minutes ago

GUESS WHOS'S BACK YALL, ISTG I'll be posting at least once a week!!!!! ac/ @hinaudios dt/ tagged

1 hour ago

Apparently this is the stage