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#FilmReview #TheLionKing FULL REVIEW LINK IN BIO For a new generation watching this version of The Lion King, I’m sure it will be viewed as good. But for ones that grew up on the film during the mid 90’s onwards, this film will be divisive. The photorealism effects in the film are stunning, but due to the photorealism choice made here, the film lacks the energy that the animated film had in regards to the characters and vocally allowing the actors to be expressive and emotive, because outside of Billy Eichner, Seth Rogen and even the limited screen time she has Florence Kasumba made an impression on me, the rest just feel flat. Be prepared. #Irishcinephile #FilmBlog #FilmBlogger #MovieBlog #MovieBlogger #JonFavreau #DonaldGlover #BeyoncéKnowlesCarter #JamesEarlJones #ChiwetelEjiofor #BillyEichner #SethRogen #JohnKani #JohnOliver #AlfreWoodard #FlorenceKasumba #EricAndre #KeeganMichaelKey

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Hello everyone, It’s your favorite movie critic bringing you a review of “The Lion King” which stars Donald Glover, Beyoncé Knowles Carter, Alfre Woodard, John Kani, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Florence Kasumba, Eric Andre, Keagan Micheal Key, JD McCrary Shahadi Wright Joesph, Billy Eichner, Seth Rogan with John Oliver and James Earl Jones. It’s also directed by Jon Favreau who worked on other films such as “Iron Man”, “Iron Man 2”, “CowBoys & Aliens”, “The Jungle Book” and more Do I really need to make a Synopsis for this one? Do I really? I’m actually split towards this film because there’s a part of me that enjoyed this film despite being a remake and a part of me that just thought that this film was just mediocre, for the good the performances for starters James Earl Jones still nails it as Mufasa, Donald Glover did impress me as Simba since he’s both a singer and actor, Seth Rogan and Billy Eichner as Timon and Pumba we’re both equally hilarious and entertaining, Beyoncé… she didn’t wow me but was ok as Nala, and Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar was imitating and smart but not very comparable to Jeremy Irons and I think that Chiwetel is a good actor in his own right it’s just that this role isn’t considered his best in my opinion. I will admit that the visuals and CGI was impressive and one of the best aspects of the movie from the land scapes to the animals themselves. But sometimes it can be to real because the animals had no expressions on their faces because in real life animals always looking expressionless but some movies like the “Planet of the Apes” Trilogy and “Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle” had the animals show more emotion on their faces then the ones here in “The Lion King”. Jon Favreau is a talented director but I think he could spice things up a little in the film because it felt like he was doing same thing when it came to the original. Great visuals and some good performances can’t really make up for the flaws this film really has especially re telling a story that is unforgettable. I’ll be giving “The Lion King” a 6 out of 10

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Getting a sketch from Simpson creator Matt Groening at San Diego has been an annual tradition for me.. Matt’s new comic book label Bappers had a booth this year so I was excited to check out the new setup. They were selling the beautiful variant green print limited to only 25 and of course I asked for #19 to commemorate this year’s comic con. It was pricey but I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t pick it up. Matt did a small sketch and resigned it so it’s double signed.. He also signed some extras, a hard cover Enchantment con exclusive book and the last Simpsons comic issue. Thanks again Matt, you always take care of the fans. Looking forward framing this up 😍 #mattgroening #disenchantment #princessbean #bapperbooks #futurama #thesimpsons #netflix #abbiejacobson #ericandre #johndimaggio #natfaxon #tressmacneille #billywest #mauricelamarche #comedy

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The Lion King (2019) Continuando la practica adoptada por Disney de adaptar al live action a sus clásicos, tenemos a la adorada Lion King. Operando entre nostalgia y hermosos visuales, es una copia exacta de la clásica animación, que lamentablemente no presenta el mismo impacto emocional. La adaptación de Hamlet a las praderas africanas fue enormemente venerada en 1994 por su alta calidad y empatía. Solo era cuestión de tiempo que Disney esperara el momento indicado para volver a ordeñar la vaca del dinero. El problema es que The Lion King es excelente, y esta adaptación de Jon Favreau es impresionante en varios aspectos, sobre todo la moderna animación y la excelente actuación de voz de su ensamble de famosos actores y cantantes. Visualmente es una de las películas más impresionantes que he visto en mi vida. La tecnología puesta en pantalla es inigualable, el paisaje, el agua y los animales son todos espectaculares. Y esto, es en parte lo que drena de emoción a la película. Los animales son tan reales que no se diferencia entre una película de un documental de national geographic. La actuación de voz y la nueva interpretación de las clásicas canciones son otro punto a favor. Desde el impresionante trabajo de voz y canto por parte de Donald Glover y Beyonce, hasta el imponente Chiwetel Ejiofor como el villano Scar y la comedia de Seth Rogen y Billy Eichner como Timon y Pumba, que roban cada escena en la que aparecen. Esta nueva adaptación de The Lion King tiene a su favor hermosos visuales y un elenco comprometido a dar interpretaciones impresionantes. Sin embargo, me parece algo innecesario esta adaptación ya que no supera a su fuente original. Para que rehacer algo que no necesitaba rehacerse. #thelionking #disney #jamesearljones #donaldglover #beyonce #simba #mufasa #timon #pumba #sethrogen #chiwetelejiofor #billyeichner #ericandre #johnoliver #zazu #scar #jonfavreau #movie #review #voicecast #2019 #hakunamatata

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Ever since Disney has been making live action films, I had hoped they would make this one too, and I was so excited about it... this is one of my favorite all time childhood films of all time so I was feeling a lot of nostalgia and definitely cried in the movie... after the murder of his father, A young prince, Simba flees his kingdom only to learn the true meaning of responsibility and bravery... and must take back what is his from his uncle Scar... this was almost an exact copy of the classic animated film (with some minor changes) but I still loved it... I have to agree with some critics saying that the animals barely showed much emotion throughout, but the young cubs, Timon, Pumbaa and Scar were amazing... the musical scenes were so much fun, although they could have made ‘Be Prepared’ longer... and ‘can you feel the love tonight’ was so beautifully done and cried (2nd time)... (Amazing work by Danny and Beyoncé) It felt a bit darker and more dramatic but was still entertaining... I loved that they showed more Nala in this film... there was one minor scene (hula dance) I wanted them to keep but was still fun though... I didn’t care for Zazu bc he sounded way off and it felt like Mufasa, voiced by James Earl Jones again, at times sounded a bit weak, but was still phenomenal, especially in the clouds scene and when he says ‘remember’ I still cry like a baby... Overall it was fun taking a trip down memory lane and was so fun and amazing to watch... I’d rate this a 9/10 for its beautiful CGI but the OG was still the best film... but I truly enjoyed this live adaptation for sure... I’m gonna go again... definitely go watch this, (in IMAX/Dolby) #TheLionKing #TheLionKingmovie #TheLionKingmoviereview #thelionking2019 🦁👑 #unqualifiedfilmcritic 🎥🤔 #moviebuffhere 👋🏼 #i ❤️movies🎬 #DannyGlover #Beyonce #SethRogen #ChiwetelEjiofor #AlfreWoodard #BillyEichner #JohnKani #JohnOliver #jdmccrary #shahadiwrightjoseph #florencekasumba #keeganmichaelkey #ericandre #JonFavreau #JamesEarlJones #waltdisneystudiomotionpictures #thelionkinginIMAX #thelionkinginDolby #amcsunsetplace24 #shareamc #amcalistmember #somuchnostalgia 😭 (anything you can spot in the 2nd photo?!?!🤔) hehe

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Hyenas Roses are red, violets are blue, remember the facts, hyenas are (kinda) cats. When I saw the hyenas in the Lion King as a kid, they seemed like a scary, almost unreal animal. You never really see them in zoos, they’re not exactly cute, and they currently live in some areas. But when you read about them, you’ll find they’re so metal - they used to eat us in the ice age Contrary to popular belief, hyenas are not related to dogs - they’re feliforms! Though they look quite lupine, they mark their territory with urine and feces and constantly groom themselves just like cats. The reason most people compare them to wolves is because, well, they are evolutionarily and physically designed to act like them. Their teeth are eerily similar the wolves’, their non-retractable claws allow them to run and turn quickly, and they are expert scavengers. In fact, spotted hyenas are the top scavenger in Africa, and used to hold the same title in Eurasia. Cave hyenas used to call Pleistocene Europe and Asia their home. They had longer legs and were more muscular than modern hyenas. They frequented caves to scavenge and hunt prey. Oh, and they used to eat humans and neanderthals. We know humans and hyenas were interacting because we find mixed remains in caves, and hyenas are depicted in many cave paintings. And more hauntingly, human hair has been found in fossilized hyena feces, dating as far back as 200k years ago. As the last hyenas were dying in Siberia, anthropologists also notice more migrations of humans into the area. This leads some to believe that hyenas were preventing humans from entering the Americas. As this is @ethnocynology , I like to think domestic dogs helped keep hyenas at bay, and allowed humans to safely occupy more caves. Hyenas are depicted in folklore as thieves, witch’s steeds, and otherwise contemptible animals. Their haunting laugh also associates them with tricksters. So naturally, I was pumped to read that Eric Andre was voicing one in the new movie - ranch it up! Follow for @ethnocynology for more! #hyenas #hyenasofinstagram #ericandre #hyenidae #spottedhyena #hominids #iceage #paleoart #cave #darwin #evolution #anthropology #archaeology

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“The Lion King” (2019): 2.5/5 Disney thus far has mostly done their remakes well. Not only have they recreated the visuals moments we readily recall, but they have recreated what we think we remember the movies feeling like. That “feeling” however is where “The Lion King” falters. Yes, it’s a shot by shot reimagining of the original with amazing CGI and very life-like animals, but it doesn’t have the heart or charisma of the original. There’s a magic to the animated film that’s lost in here. Is it because the world and animals are realistic and lack expression and color? Is it because the cast is so big and so high-profile that you can tell they all recorded their lines in separate studios in separate one-afternoon sessions? Is it because Elton John doesn’t sing “Circle of Life?” Honestly, it’s probably a little bit of all of the above. With that said, the movie does shine in its smaller and more tender moments and the humor is great (most jokes are “new” oddly enough). However, it fails to live up to the emotional gravitas of some of the more iconic scenes. All of the big musical numbers fall flat, the acting is mostly placid (John Oliver as Zazu is the only standout performance), and while the CGI is remarkable, the character and charm of the animated characters are sacrificed for realism. #thelionking #thelionking2019 #disney #movies #moviereview #film #filmreviews #donaldglover #beyonce #johnoliver #sethrogan #ericandre #jamesearljones #disneyremake #filmstagram #review #reviews #moviecritic

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The Lion King (2019): Disney proves that nothing is sacred with their latest “live action” remake, this time adapting their greatest property, The Lion King. If ever there was a Disney animated film that didn’t need a remake, this was it, but here we are now... this is world we live in. Looking at the positives first, this film is revolutionary with its visuals. The fact that there is not a single ounce of live action in this film is a testament to how stunningly realistic these characters and settings look. This comes with the double-edged sword of the characters looking too realistic with the blank expressions of the characters throughout the whole film taking away a lot of the emotion that was so strong in the original. Even in the scene of Mufasa’s death where Simba doesn’t even shed a tear. The voice acting is hit and miss; the highlights coming from Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen as Timon and Pumbaa who really are very funny and make the second half much more palatable than the bland first half that shallowly recreates the original shot for shot. James Earl Jones who returns as Mufasa feels awfully flat and tired, sounding like the 88-year-old veteran he is. Chiwetel Ejiofor is really trying as Scar but his dialogue delivery never really meshes well the actual character he is portraying. Beyoncé as Nala is just obnoxious, she doesn’t have many lines but when she sings, she throws every note under the sun into one syllable and turns a classic love ballad into the “me me me show”. John Oliver also delivers a pale imitation of Rowan Atkinson’s classic portrayal as Zazu too. The music is also the same as the original with a few edits but again fails to add any power or emotion that it did so superbly in the original; this may actually go back to the CGI which is the main fault of the film’s failure to be as emotional as the original. It doesn’t help that many iconic lines of dialogue and lessons are stripped out of the script as well as the character of Rafiki being completely butchered in the rewrite. The Lion King is a visual marvel but is worse in every capacity to its classic original with no heart and no real merits of its own. Rating: 5.2.

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The Lion King (2019) ********************************* As a die hard Disney fan I have mixed feelings about all the remakes and this was one I was nervous about as this is one of my favourite Disney films but I have to say, I really enjoyed this! It’s pretty much a live action of the animated one, nothing much changed apart from little parts, the musics the same and the dialogue is pretty much identical. *That* scene as live action is even more heartbreaking but Timon and Pumbaa are just hysterical, a lot sassier and a lot more adorable. That said, it didn’t feel as nostalgic as I thought it would and at times felt like a nature documentary. Anywho I’m off to buy a lion cub 👋🏻 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ #thelionking #disney #jamesearljones #beyonce #donaldglover #chiwetelejiofor #johnoliver #johnkani #alfrewoodard #jdmccrary #shahadiwrightjoseph #sethrogen #billyeichner #keeganmichaelkey #ericandre #pennyjohnsonjerald #florencekasumba #movie #moviereview #whatjenthinks

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two weeks ago I flew from O’Hare to LAX for BLARF ( @ericfuckingandre )’s inaugural show. this is my unfinished doodle from that plane ride. swipe to see the process!

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🦁 The Lion King 🦁⁣ ⁣ I'm going to say it now, nostalgia might play a huge part in my stance on this film & to be honest, I don't even care. The Lion King was incredible. From beginning to end, incredible. Every casting choice was perfect imo, my favorites being Seth Rogen & Billy Eichner as Timon + Pumba, plus there are parts in the film where I couldn't even tell it was animated. From the opening scene with the new rendition of Circle of Life (gave me chills btw) to the truly "bone-chilling" Be Prepared from Scar, The Lion King hits all the marks & even more.⁣ ⁣ High points for me-⁣ ✅ I don't have any bones to pick with this film. The story is already a time-tested classic with characters everyone knows & loves. As I've said already, the film is incredible.⁣ ✅ I had my reservations about a few of the casting choices before seeing the film but they were all cast aside. From Beyonce as Nala to John Oliver as Zazu to Seth Rogen as Pumba, everyone melds together perfectly.⁣ ✅ The animation is beyond gorgeous. I remember seeing The Jungle Book a few years ago & being blown away, The Lion King is another level. From the stoic movements of the mighty Elephants all the way down to the erratic movements of a Rhinoceros Beetle, every animal literally comes to life in this film.⁣ ⁣ Final rating for me....⁣ 10/10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⁣ 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉⁣ ⁣ #moviereview #spoilerfree #TheLionKing #LionKing #disneymoviereview #beyonce #donaldglover #childishgambino #sethrogen #billyeichner #jamesearljones #alfrewoddard #johnoliver #keeganmichaelkey #chiwetalejiofor #ericandre

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CRITICA “The Lion King” (2019) Director: Jon Favreau SINOPSIS Después de la muerte de su padre, Simba (Donald Glover), debe volver a su tierra para gobernar lo que es suyo por derecho. BUENO Los efectos están muy bien hechos. El trabajo visual es general es impresionante. Se superaron en comparación al Libro de la Selva. La banda sonora, orquesta, están excelentes. Y la verdad es q la pase bien con las canciones. MALO ¿Por que no me gusto? Es lo mismo que la animada. Literalmente lo mismo hasta tienen los mismos diálogos. A diferencia del Libro de la Selva y hasta incluso Dumbo cambian lo que se mostró en su versión animada, y aquí nada. Creo que hubo una escena diferente en todo el filme. Los efectos aunque sean muy buenos no pude ver en ningún momento emociones en sus caras. Porque son leones y son muy reales. Y el guion lo hicieron al mismo tiempo que miraban la original de eso no hay duda. No me gusto. No la vayan a ver. Es una perdida de tiempo. Vean la animada. Adios. —— 4,7/10 - - - - - - #lionking #elreyleon #jonfavreau #donaldglover #disney #beyonce #sethrogen #chiwetelejiofor #johnoliver #jamesearljones #johnkani #liveaction #pelicula #movie #ericandre

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The Lion King (2019) I didn’t necessarily think to much of The Lion King, although there were four things that stood out for me. The CGI was some of the greatest I’ve seen, and you could tell how hard it was to animate. The soundtrack was great and that I really enjoyed listening to throughout the film. As well as the second half of the movie, I found it a bit more fun and interesting. The voice acting cast was also another thing that I loved. But otherwise the wasn’t really much that was new to this, and was just the same thing but animated with CGI. 5.1/10. . . . . . . . #thelionking #lionking #thelionking2019 #thelionkingmovie #thelionkingfilm #lionking2019 #sethrogen #donaldglover #beyoncé #chiwetelejiofor #billyeichner #johnoliver #keeganmichaelkey #ericandre #alfrewoodard #johnkani #florencekasumba #jdmccrary #amysedaris #jamesearljones #cinema #film #films #movies #movies #filmreviews #filmreview #moviereview #moviereviews

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This song beat me up i dont know the words took me three tries but i will most likely delete it cuz i can't stop cringing #cringe #eltonjohn #lionking #disney #datknee #meme #notameme #nala #simba (too shy to put a beyonce hashtag but let's pretend I did) #timon (that warhog umm #pumba ) #whoopi #toucan #frootloops #cereal #fruitbythefoot #flashback to my childhood buying sugary thimgs and wonder bread cuz of the great recession throwback to 2008 #broke #thisgotsadfast i got in a fender bender the other day yikes it was my fault but i learned my lesson #notsponsored btw what would this even be sponsered by?? cuz it sucks!!! Btw hi #ericandre i luv u i still haven't seen the remake!! #nospoilers oh yea #mufasa and some other ... Oh yea #scar

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Morpheus, Dorpheus, Orpheus. Go eat some walruses, Orifices, Porridges. Morpheus, Morpheus Going to the Buffet and Walruses, Corpheus, Corpseses, Worcestershire sauce. Go into your orifices. Red pill, blue pill, Morpheus, Walruses. Seashells by the Seashorpheus. · Morpheus drinking a forty in a death basket! Ah! · Oops i thought this would be funny @hannibalburess @ericfuckingandre · · #theericandreshow #ericandreshow #ericandre #hannibalburess #morpheus #funny #drumcover #music #random #drums #diy #lmao #area51 #whatthefuck #adultswim @adultswim

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// seeing this gem tomorrow this story was a masterpiece in animated form, i will be pleasantly surprised and amazed if they can even remotely match it... [also lowkey seeing it bc jon favreau is fam] -

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❗️If u haven’t seen the Lion King don’t read the comments❗️ Just came back from watching the Lion King about an hour ago and I have to say that this is by far the best & my favorite live action ever. The cast, the visual effects, and the songs are perfect. I was overcome with so many emotions. There were so many funny & heartwarming scenes. If u haven’t watched the Lion King or are planning on watching it but are hesitating I say go for it. You won’t regret it because this movie is a phenomenal. Highly recommend it. The Lion King is a beautiful masterpiece. 😍🦁 #Disney #thelionking #simba #priderock #disneymovie #waltdisney #donaldglover #hakunamatata #chiwetelejiofor #simbaandnala #jamesearljones #mufasaandsimba #zazu #timonandpumba #rafiki #pridelands #scar #sarabi #disneyvillain #ericandre #priderock #hakunamatata #beyonce

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🚨The Lion King🚨is the latest installment in the "remember this?" series of Disney films. It was directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man, Jungle Book, Chef) and is voiced by an ensemble consisting of James Earl Jones, Donald Glover, Beyoncé, Keegan Michael Key, Eric Andre, Seth Rogen, John Oliver, and many others. When Disney approaches these "live-action" remakes, you look at films like 'Christopher Robin' or 'The Jungle Book' and go, "You know what? That was a different take on an older story that just missed its mark or has dated poorly since its release, like 'Dumbo.' However, you approach 'The Lion King', a relatively newer Disney cartoon, and wonder what they're going to do? What will they change? Well guess what... it's the same film. Almost line-for-line, shot-for-shot the same film. Same music, same beats. The consensus that everyone has come to is that the CGI looks incredible and the voice acting is great. This is quite an accomplishment in computer animation and sets a new standard for a film of this visual caliber. Favreau shot this film in a virtual-reality setting to allow him to get a layout of what he was shooting and allow him to move the camera in a realistic way. The lions, animals, grass, all look photo-realistic. However, that's all the praise this film can be given. At this point, Disney can do whatever they want. They can, literally, remake a film and release it again. It's a challenge as to how to grade a film like this because it does work. But, it only works because the 94 film worked so well. It's simply a preference of hand-drawn animation or "live-action." The magical thing about animation, especially hand-drawn, is that you look at it and you're able to suspend your disbelief that you're not watching something real. Your imagination can fill in the gaps and make you appreciate something like that while the characters work on a emotional level. When you do a "live-action" version of that same film, part of the magic is lost because the gaps in your disbelief are filled. And watching photo-realistic animals sing and talk is quite odd. Especially when its Seth Rogen singing and doing fart-jokes. (Continued in the comments...)

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jamal type beat -Jerome

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🎬 The Lion King 🎬 #thelionking #jonfavreau #donaldglover #beyonce #sethrogan #chiwetelejiofor #billyeichner #johnoliver #keeganmichaelkey #ericandre #jamesearljones A young Lion must learn how to be a true king and rise up against the evil monarchy that took over his home. The original Lion King is my favorite animated movie of all time. So when I heard about a remake in development, I became extremely excited. And now that it’s here... I am underwhelmed. The Lion King remake is definitely not a bad movie, in fact it’s actually really good. It’s almost a shot for shot remake of the original and the original is just incredible. The best part about the movie is just how beautiful it looks. This is the best looking movie I’ve seen in a while and it looks so real! The ultra realistic animals with little expression didn’t bother me too much, like I’ve heard from other people. My real only criticism is the extreme amount of small changes. The changes really don’t do anything for the movie except just bring it down. The movie is almost the exact same movie except most of the scenes are drawn out. I don’t want to go into too much detail about the changes because they will spoil the experience of the new movie. Also, many of the songs aren’t as flashy and exciting as in the original. Some of the voice acting was also just meh. Donald Glover and Beyoncé were okay as Simba and Nala. Also, Billy Eichner as Timon didn’t have that whole “Jewish mom" thing, but he was still great. Overall, The Lion King is far from a bad film. People just seem to hate it for not doing anything different from the original and being almost a shot for shot remake, but isn’t that what we wanted? The small changes will bug you, but by the end you will definitely have a great time. The remake isn’t as magical as the original, but if you’ve never seen The Lion King from 1994 you will hqve the time of your life. I can’t wait to see it again. ⭕️B+⭕️. #lions #lion #lionking #simba #mufasa #scar #nala #timon #pumbaa #circleoflife #movies #moviereview #moviereviews #moviereviewer #disney #ijustcantwaittobeking #hakunamatata #beprepared #canyoufeelthelovetonight

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fungirl.mp4 📹; panasonic pv-L659 🎵; badass bullshit benjamin buttons butthole assassin by @ericfuckingandre