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Someone couldn’t be more excited for his cast iron s’mores at @castironchefchophouse yesterday! If this kid has taught me anything through his struggles, it is to appreciate life. ✨ Live in the moment. ✨ Order the dessert. ENJOY the dessert. ✨ Find joy in the simple things. ✨ Make your own sunshine. Find a way to laugh in your most difficult moments. ✨ Carpe Diem. Seize the day. We have no idea what tomorrow will bring. We’ve been through so much with this little #warrior. We will continue to go through so much. But we’ve made it this far. Much farther than I ever thought possible. Believe it or not, as much as I hate seeing him struggle or deal with pain, fear, and confusion, that hasn’t been the hardest part of all of this. The biggest struggle for me has been regret. ✨ Not taking the extra minute to play with him. Working instead of going outside to explore. Letting others guilt me into doing what they think I should be doing. Putting him to bed at what others insist is an age-appropriate bedtime instead of staying up to read one more story. I don’t have it all figured out. I never will. But I’ve learned this... ✨ Don’t be so busy wrapped up in the pressures of today’s society and what others think that you miss even one second doing what you want to do with your little ones. They’re only little once. Tomorrow is never promised. Life is too precious to not live in the moment. ✨ You may feel guilty about putting off the housework or the extra time on that work project. But you will never, EVER regret being present for your kids. Buy the dessert. The smile on their face will remind you that you made the right decision. 😃 • • • #carpediem #seizetheday #liveinthemoment #mombloggersofig #epilepsywarrior #specialneedskids #braintumorsurvivor #writersofig #buythedessert #livewithoutregrets #epilepsy #sayyes #jump #bepresent #momlife #noregrets #onemoreminute #momblogtribe #slowdown #live

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I did not tell anyone I had epilepsy throughout high school. It made me miserable. I developed anxiety and depression. When I went to college the first speech I did in communications class was telling my epilepsy story. I felt a major relief after. People came and told me how inspirational my story is. I was amazed that something I was once embarrassed about was actually positive. I found my voice and I am no longer afraid to use it to make people aware of epilepsy and I hope everyone else can do the same. Is silence always golden? #epilepsywarrior #epilepsyawareness #epilepsylife #findacure #inspire

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Got in my prescribed two miles in the sunshine! These anterior tibialis muscles are doing a lot of work to get back in shape. Woof. Stay tuned - this afternoon i'm going to share the first donation incentive I have for you! #AthletesVsEpilepsy #runforCam

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Are our days all sunshine and roses? Nope! . Do we want that large pizza to ourselves or TWO pieces of cake...hell yea! . Do we know that we shouldn’t? . Yup! . Do we know what we can do instead? Yes! . Take one slice, and one bit of cake! (Special occasions obviously get more leeway) . Hence the 80/20 rule. . You are not always going to want to show up. You will not always want to push play. You are human! . Know that it is ok, but also know that giving 50% is better than giving 0%.

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Nothing better than a little beta! Out checking out the project with @sara_horrocks and @r_o_p_e_r yesterday. . Having a strong support system makes all the difference in any challenge. Without the support of friends and family during my darkest moments battling epilepsy it would have been easy to loose courage and give up. . . Know you are never a burden, the people in your life who support you will always be there for you. No matter how many times you have to ask for a ride somewhere.

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What to look for when purchasing CBD products. 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱 🌱 • Seek out CBD-rich products derived from high-resin cannabis grown sustainably in accordance with certified regenerative organic standards. •Avoid CBD hemp oil vape cartridge products with toxic thinning agents (such as propylene glycol and ethylene glycol), flavor additives, and other harmful ingredients. •Avoid poor quality CBD gummies made with corn syrup and artificial colors. •Think twice about brands that claim their CBD is derived from the seed and stalk of the hemp plant. CBD is not present in hempseed and barely any CBD is present on the stalk of the hemp plant. •Don’t be afraid to contact CBD hemp oil companies directly and ask questions. And if you cannot reach them directly, try another brand. •Look for product labels that indicate the amount of CBD and THC per serving - not just the total cannabinoid content for the entire bottle. •Choose “full spectrum” CBD-rich hemp extracts, not isolate, distillate or products labeled “pure CBD” or “no THC.” Full spectrum means it includes numerous cannabis compounds, including a small amount of THC (0.3% or less) in keeping with the legal definition of hemp. If THC is completely illegal in your state, opt for so-called “broad spectrum” CBD oil products that include other cannabis components but no THC. •Beware of companies that make explicit health claims about CBD products (this is not allowed by the FDA) • Choose brands that can prove “seed to shipment” vertical integration and make sure the CBD content on the label matches what the independent lab certificate of analysis states . info: @project_cbd 📷 by Separating The Strains director @caz.sharp 🎬

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NEW BLOG UP NOW!!! This March and specifically for the day March 26th (purple day - international Epilepsy awareness day) there will be lots of rocks painted by Team Jo Epilepsy Foundation hidden around Herne Bay, Kent. If you find one, take a photo.... post online either on Facebook, instagram, Twitter- tag us @teamjoepilepsy #teamjoepilepsy THEN follow us - get your friends and family to do the same - follow us and then rehide the rock for others to find. The person who finds and tags us In the most rocks - will receive a special prize. Help us to spread the word about Epilepsy for Epilepsy awareness day. http://teamjo-epilepsy.org/uncategorized/rock-challenge/ #teamjorocks #hernebay #hernebaypier #epilepsywarrior #herne #reculver #hampton #hamptonschool #briary #herne #hernebayfood #hernebayclocktower #hernebayseafront #hernebaypiervillage #ihearthernebay #rocks #rockpainting #hernebay #hernebayrocks

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This is my adorable nephew Junior. Well baby junior who is only 6 months old started having seizures randomly at 4.5 months old. The baby was hospitalized for 2 weeks, discharged and since then has been hospitalized for a month now, the seizures have increased to up to 24 seizures a day; my sister has not left his side. This is an awful time in our family and we have tried to keep it private but at this point we are asking for help. As a mother, I can’t fathom the pain my sister is going through. The bills are piling up and we don’t know how long this will last. If you are familiar with infant epilepsy, infantile spasms, anything please feel free to share any advice. Watching him suffer is heartbreaking. The doctors have literally tried all types of meds and this is just so frustrating bc we have no answers. If you are able to donate anything, thank you! the link is in my bio and you can read her story! Please know that Anything helps! Please pray for baby Junior. He is so sweet and such a happy baby it truly breaks my heart to know he is suffering. Thank you 🙏🏼 #infant #epilepsy #epilepsyawareness #epilepsywarrior

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MY HANDS OPENED AND MY BABE BECAME A BUTTERFLY! She is modeling FROZEN sunglasses from Walgreens and I’m in my unicorn shirt you’ve never seen. Sorry if I have a “Buddha Belly” I can’t sit up straight! Anyways, this is BABENESS at its best! We can do anything friend. #pomeranian #pomeraniansofinstagram #blackpomeranian #ilovemypom #servicedogsofinstagram #medicalertdog #unicorn #unicornshirt #marcjacobs #frozen #frozensunglasses #magical #magestic #butterflies #paraplegic #recovery #epilepsywarrior #epilepsyfighter #braintumor #chronicillnesswarrior #spoonie #cervicalcancersurvivor #cervicalcancercannotbeatme #joinus #happysunday #positivevibes #babeness #💜

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There are many important numbers associated with #epilepsy and it’s good to be #intheknow ... this month we are doing the #1in26challenge and we are loving your submissions! Epilepsy is a disorder that affects 1 in 26 people and you can be part of sharing awareness! All you’ve got to do is make a post representing #1in26 tag @talent4epilepsy and use the hashtags #talentforepilepsy #buildingrespectandvaluesforeveryone #1in26 and #epilepsyawareness Have fun! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!! • • • • • • #epilepsy #epilepsyawareness #epilepsywarrior #epilepsyfighter #epilepsysupport #epilepsyday #epilepsylife #epilepsywarrior #seizure #firstaid #challenge #brave #buildingrespectandvaluesforeveryone

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We fall. We break. We fail. ▪ But then, ▪ We rise. We heal. We overcome. 🔥 ▪ ❌⭕️ Fearless Fighters!

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Repost from @smartmonitor using @RepostRegramApp - Harrison Ford Talks About Epilepsy and Seizures - Ford's Daughter Lives With Epilepsy. Ford spoke in honor of Dr. Orrin Devinsky at the New York University (NYU) Langone Medical's Center's annual Finding A Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures (FACES) Gala. Watch it here: https://www.epilepsy.com/article/2016/3/harrison-ford-talks-about-epilepsy-and-seizures . . . Source: @epilepsyfdn Epilepsy Foundation of America >> http://ow.ly/X4pn30nTrqI . #epilepsywarrior #EndEpilepsy #seizure #seizuresmonitoring #epilepsystrong #seizurealert #fightepilepsy #epilepsymatters #epilepsypositivity #staypositive #epilepsycommunity #peaceofmind #epilepsysupport #epilepsylife #epilepsysurvivor #famouspeople #artists #HarrisonFord

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One of my favorite parts about Sunday? Getting to volunteer with kids! ⁣ ⁣ It genuinely fills my heart to serve with the next generation. ❤️⁣ ⁣ I do need a little energy to do so though! 🤣⁣ ⁣ That’s why I’m filled up today with my super shake and energy boost! Want to try a free sample? Check out my stories! ⁣ ⁣ Happy Sunday! 🙏

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Emerson hasn’t been doing well with her seizures, she is having big seizures every other day and is pretty much sleeping all day when not having them. We have put her medications up in n hopes it will help her but we are maxed out on that and have no other medications to add in because they didn’t work. 😔 Please think of Emerson at this. Hopefully we can get some answers this week. 🧠⚡️💜💪 #epilepsy #epilepsyawareness #epilepsywarrior #epilepsystrong #epilepsysucks #purpleday #purpleday2019 #cureepilepsy

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ИЗ КАКОГО ВЫ ГОРОДА? Лайк ❤️ нашему театру драмы и ответ в комментарии 👇 Крайне злободневный пост про дженерики был проигнорирован, видимо сложные темы надо оставлять до будней 😁 Предлагаю поболтать. Вы любите свой родной город? Или, может быть, мечтаете жить в каком-то городе? Или уже реализовали свою мечту? ⠀ Я родилась и живу в Самаре, и я патриот своего города. Самара входит в десятку крупнейших городов России. Я люблю его за нашу интересную историю, географию, набережную, километры пляжей, горы и реки... И страдаю от того, что мой город "доят", разворовывают деньги, чистым его тоже не назовёшь, дороги - наша боль. Перед чемпионатом мира город постарались подрумянить и, конечно, могло бы получиться лучше, но в целом результат мне нравится. 10 лет назад, когда ко мне в гости приезжала подруга из Москвы, я не знала, что ей показать именно в городе и немного стыдилась, что у нас уныло. За 10 лет Самара очень поменялась и если Вы любите путешествовать по России, то Самару точно пропускать нельзя ❤️🤘 ⠀ Полистайте карусель и расскажите о своём городе ☀️

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Harrison Ford Talks About Epilepsy and Seizures - Ford's Daughter Lives With Epilepsy. Ford spoke in honor of Dr. Orrin Devinsky at the New York University (NYU) Langone Medical's Center's annual Finding A Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures (FACES) Gala. Watch it here: https://www.epilepsy.com/article/2016/3/harrison-ford-talks-about-epilepsy-and-seizures . . . Source: @epilepsyfdn Epilepsy Foundation of America >> http://ow.ly/X4pn30nTrqI . #SmartMonitor #SmartWatchInspyre #epilepsywarrior #EndEpilepsy #seizure #seizuresmonitoring #epilepsystrong #seizurealert #fightepilepsy #epilepsymatters #epilepsypositivity #epilepsymom #staypositive #epilepsycommunity #peaceofmind #epilepsysupport #epilepsylife #epilepsysurvivor #famouspeople #artists #HarrisonFord

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A watched solo cup never boils? That’s not it... I don’t know 🤷🏼‍♂️ 😄 there’ll be some beautiful little green babies popping out of these #SoHum Soil filled cups of new genetic potential sometime in the next 24-48 hours. Then we watch and see which ones are the strongest, best yielding, fastest growing, fastest recovering & best looking to take clones from. The not so perfect ones, we just flower. The really slow growing stunted ones if any, we compost. This works pretty well for ensuring you only propagate the best quality plants. A much larger scale would be ideal but we are a very small operation so 3-5 of each strain will have to do. If anyone would like clones toward the end of May, they will be available first come basis. Strains include #bluegorilla , #lemon MOB (mother of berries), #Poisonwarp , #goldmineskunk , #DurbanPoisonTangie & more that will be revealed later😉 Thank you @sohumsoils303 for the opportunity to try your #supersoil that contains everything #cannabis needs from seed to harvest. I’ve seen some beautiful results from others using this soil, so we are excited to see how well they do. #mainecannabis #mainecannabiscommunity #420 #buxtonorganics #hillsideorganics #maine420 #cannabisismedicine #epilepsywarrior #seizuressuck #cannabissavedmywife #caregivers #207cannabis #207caregivers #sohumlivingsoils #poppingbeans We grow only organic #medicalcannabis with no chemicals or salt based nutrients & no harmful pesticides.

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💜 TODAY IS THE DAY! 💜 • Be sure to check out my #epilepsyblogrelay article “5 Ways to Incorporate Creativity into Your Healing” (Link in bio) 🎨 • You don’t have to be an “artist” to be creative! If you’re feeling intimidated by the creative process, start small - doodle whatever comes to mind without judgement or the need to be perfect. (Think of it as a doodle brain dump.)✍️ • I can’t wait to see what you create!💜💜💜💜 Be sure to tag me in your photos, so I can see your beautiful works of art! 😊 • And, while you’re feeling creative, order my new coloring book + journal for chronic illness warriors, entitled “Woosah Warrior.” *Available for pre-order via my website.* (Link in bio) 💜 . . . . #christallebodiford #livingwellwith #epilepsy #seizures #creativity #art #artist #easy #healing #selfcare #blog #writer #artistwithepilepsy #color #coloringbook #journal #woosahwarrior #preorder #book #author #illustrator #epilepsyawareness #epilepsywarrior #spoonie #chronicillness #warrior #austin #atx #texas

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it’s Izla… & this most beautiful young girl who has the ability to light up any room that she walks into, she can turn anyone’s bad day into one of their best & she oozes a zest for life that is totally & utterly infectious. It’s fair to say if you know Izla already, you know what I’m talking about & if this is the first time you’ve got to meet her, you’re going to be her biggest fan by the end of this story. See, Izla has a magical super power that will make your life so much better… so itsPortAdelaide caught up with Izla’s Mum Kym to find out what makes this incredible human, so incredibly incredible!! To hear Izla & her amazing family’s full story, just shoot over to ‘itsPortAdelaide’ on facebook. Also check out @izlaspurplecrusade on insta for so much more!!

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With just 2 sleeps until the big day, thank you to @iwudratherpole for sharing how Purple day has started conversations about people’s connections with epilepsy 💜 “By celebrating Purple Day and having more conversations about Epilepsy, I have had some really lovely, deep and enlightening conversations with this little gem who’s mama has had epilepsy all her life. It seemed like a distant world...until you start having conversations. Start talking today and you could find out more about your nearest and dearest.” #purpleday #purpleday2019 #epilepsywarrior #epilepsy #epilepsyawareness #epilepsysupport #epileptic #seizure #seizures #seizuressuck #seizurefree #poledance #poledancer #poledancing

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Picked myself up the Boost, Black edition from @drdabber I also had to grab the new, limited-edition art tin collaboration with @aaronkkai that came with an awesome vape, 3 tips, and a matching case. 🔥💚 As you can tell from my face I was very excited. - I love them both so much already.🔥😃Thank you 🙏🏻✌🏻 #drdabber #drdabberblackedition #aaronkkai #dopecup #dopecup2018 #cannabiscommunity #mmjpatient #epilepsywarrior #cannamom #seizurefree #420art #cannabisart #portabledabber #dabber #420goals #womeninweed #womenwhosmokeweed #womenwhodab #dayoff #imperfect #jbpop #jbfunk #end420shame

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Starting off a couple of commissions ....the sketching. I always have a few on the go. I’m trying out some new acrylic paper today. Whilst I use watercolours, I don’t use a lot of water and I use acrylics as a mixer too now. Let’s see what happens! Lots of people ask how I seemingly paint so many. Well... 1. I only show paintings that I’m allowed to as they may have been surprise gifts. So many have been painted months ago! It just looks like I finish them on a daily basis! 2. I think I get too impatient waiting for paint to dry so I move onto different ones I have on the go. I often have 4 on the go at any one time. 3. Watercolours dry very quickly especially if you use a hairdryer! 4. I paint from 5.30am as epilepsy and heart condition have trashed my body clock! Painting relaxes me. I may raise money for charity by painting, but selfishly the painting makes me feel useful and calm! It’s all about ME! Thanks to @epilepsyaction For the support and advice which is always available. Proud to be part of your mission. Follow the progress of these paintings. #alwaysforcharity #dogsofinstagram #petportraits #petportraitartist #commissionswelcome #epilepsyawareness #epilepsy #epilepsywarrior #myocarditisawareness #myocarditissurvivor #myocarditisawareness #myocarditis #selftaughtartist #howdoipaint #howtopaintwatercolours.

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3/23 “I don’t let one word define me” That’s the spirit! Being a wife, mom, daughter...etc she still stands super strong! Keep it up Jess 💪💜 . . . . Epilepsy has effected me by I see a neurologist & an epileptologist on a regular basis. Due to my seizures not being controlled, I’ve had my right temporal lobe removed twice. One surgery resulted in a stroke & one was successful. I’m currently taking two medications & seizures. Yes. I am epileptic, but I don’t let one word define me. I’m a wife, mother, daughter, etc....

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Reposted from @reconnect4autism I suffer from seizures and have done for almost 10 years. Please support Epilepsy Awareness and help beat this often debilitating condition. - 💜EPILEPSY AWARENESS💜 Purple Day is an international grassroots effort dedicated to increase awareness about Epilepsy worldwide. On March 26, 2019, people all over the world are invited to wear purple and host events in support of epilepsy awareness. DID YOU KNOW? Epilepsy affects over 65 million people worldwide, but many in the general public know little about it and much of what they know is incorrect. When you hear the word "epilepsy" most of us give a description which describes a grand mal seizure- Violent jerking and convulsions. While this is one type of seizure, there are so many other types which include clonic, tonic, absence, myoclonic, atonic, etc. Some hidden signs include short attention blackouts (appearing as daydreaming), sudden falls for no reason, dazed behavior, lack of response for brief periods, head nodding, rapid blinking, etc. There is no "cure" for epilepsy, but there are treatments and surgeries available. Please help spread awareness. Awareness saves lives. 💜 Go PURPLE on Tuesday, March 26! 💜 Check this out for more info: http://www.purpleday.org/aboutepilepsy #epilepsy #epilepsyawareness #seizures #health #epilepsywarrior #love #inspiration #support #AimForZero #awareness #reconnect4autism #community

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Bunt und chaotisch. Laut und hektisch. Kompliziert, besonder und außergewöhnlich. Das beschreibt unser Leben mit allem was so dazugehört zum Alltag mit zwei kleinen Kids, einem davon schwerbehindert und mir als chronisch kranker, und deswegen kaum belastbarer, Mama. Wenn ich ein Buch oder so über unser Leben schreiben würde, dann würde es den Titel „Ein außergewöhnliches Leben“ tragen. Weil vieles daran so schmerzlich und unertragbar, lästig, unausweichlich und einschränkend ist, gleichzeitig aber auch so übervoll von Liebe und fröhlichen Momenten, lieben Menschen die wir sonst gar nicht kennen würden ( @mxrie.kj @pautasticjim ... 😘) und einer unsagbaren Tiefe und Dankbarkeit für die kleinen Dinge. Das ist unser Leben. Das sind unsere Glücksmomente. Nichts außergewöhnliches im Sinne von großartigen Reisen oder bemerkenswerten Errungenschaften... . . . . . . . . #fürmehrrealitätaufinstagram #ewigkeitimherzen #wisdom #shiningstar #specialneeds #specialneedssiblings #growingupwithsiblings #speciallove #jesus #jesuslovesyou #stxbp1 #stxbp1strong #inchstones #unconditionallove #epilepsywarrior #wheelchair #cutenessoverload #happiness #joy #specialneedsmom #lifewithspecialneeds #parenthood #parenthood_unveiled #specialneedssiblingsrock

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My face when I saw my interview with @bodyandsoul_au in the Sunday Telegraph today 😄😄😄 Pick up a copy or scroll across to 👉🏼 to read my experience with Epilepsy & Mental Illness in the lead up to Purple Day this Tuesday 26th March 💜💜💜 Get involved and wear purple this Tuesday to show your support for people living with Epilepsy. I’ll be announcing a competition tomorrow morning for all getting involved in Purple Day with amazing prizes from @hugosmanly @kavalacollective valued at over $400 🎉

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💜💜💜It's that time again💜💜💜 #RP... 🌹🌹🌹Original post March 2018🌹🌹🌹Please Read all Slides....Important for Woman's Health💜💜💜💜 Please Support #PURPLEDAY on #MARCH26 #EPILEPSYAWARENESS...AFTER ALL My Battles...I am NOW a #EPILEPSYWARRIOR 👑 #EPILEPSYWARRIORQUEEN...The Battle is REAL...I have #CATAMENIALEPILEPSY for like 10 years Now....Its so crazy...Directly Linked to #MENSTRUALCYCLE...Most Women that Get it...Get it between 30-40. Can Affect other ages. It is a Rare type Of Epilepsy that affects Women...But You Know Me...Just Not Ordinary....I will be Sharing some Info...As Part of Awareness....Take a look at the Slides....Thank You in Advance....🌹🌹🌹🌹MYSTERYAWARENESS 🌹 #MYSTERYROZE #WOMENHEALTH #AWARENESS #RP via @mysteryroze 🌹💜💜💜

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Waktu itu saya masih duduk di kelas 6 SD, sebelum pulang sekolah, kami saling membagikan cokelat kepada teman sekelas dan saat itu juga, nafas saya seperti berhenti, pandangan kabur dan tiba-tiba semua gelap. . . . . . Ketika saya bangun, saya sudah terbaring di ruang kepala sekolah dan jemputan saya sudah menunggu di luar untuk pulang ke rumah. Saya tidak bisa ingat apapun setelah proses ‘ritual’ hari kasih sayang itu. Saya hanya tahu, bahwa lidah saya kelu dan kepala terasa sangat berat. . . . . . Sering mempertanyakan, mengapa saya harus memiliki penyakit yang tidak saya ketahui . . . . . Baca kisa lanjutan Devina dan pengalamannya sebagai penderita Epilepsi 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 https://www.buset-online.com/purple-day/ #epilepsywarrior #epilepsyawareness #epilepsyawarenessmonth #infobuset #busetmagazine #themosttalkedabout #indonesianmagazineinaustralia #busetonline Special thanks to #busetcrew @amelindadetjoadri who has bravely talked about her experience with epilepsy. Thank you to Dr Cely Goeltom and Dr Ferdinandus Pranadi for sharing their profesional opinion.

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— “I was diagnosed at the age of 14, one year after a car accident. When I figured out my first neurologist allowed me to drive… it was all new to my family and I, so we went for it. Later on, I turned 15 and got a second opinion. Hearing the words I could never play sports again made me depressed. He soon suggested a second opinion. My new neurologist didn’t not allow me to drive, which made perfect sense. Later on, they started to get more aggressive and life threatening. They put me on Onfi and it started to help a little bit. After week long EEGs, I had a few clear EEGs. Almost to 16 I wasn’t 6 months free. I thought there was no point into doing anything because all my friends could stay out later than me, go to school dances, and have fun times. At age 16 I finally just wanted to give up. With help of my community, friends, and family I got through it. Now I’m 17 taking 9 pills a day not able to drive but that’s not gonna stop me from living my life.” - @abbyholmes.22 // via @epilepsy.talk So many obstacles with epilepsy, but we will get through it like the warriors we are! 💜💪🏽 #epilepsyawareness #epilepsy #epilepsywarrior #epilepsylife #epilepsyfighter #epilepsyadvocate #epilepsystrong #invisableillness #survivor #purpleribbon #awareness #chronicepilepsy