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26 minutes ago

Sunna is a rock star! The last 2 nights have been filled with ostomy bag leaks (med supply co sent the wrong supplies) and pain in his stoma. He fought through, and was most of the time his adorable loving self. Feel better my sweet boy, and may the lion sleep tonight! #sunnaloves #rainbowboy 🌈 #ostomylife #epilepsywarrior #choosehappy

5 hours ago

HIKING with the fam and visualizing all the things!! . . I love to day dream about the future and who knew it was such a powerful hobby?!? You’ve probably seen posts and blogs and podcasts about visualization, vision boards and the law of attraction! And boy oh boy does it work when you use it consistently every day! If you watch my IG stories you see me getting up at 430am. I’m not just up to entertain you, although I love to! I am up early so I can do my Mindset work and meditate/visualize, do my workout & create! All before the kids get up. . . “Live below your means Megan” - I can still hear the wise words of my father loud and clear. I totally agree with him and I totally do my very best to do just that and it was my money mantra for a long time! But that money mantra doesn’t really inspire me to create more money. You know what does inspire me? Visualizing what my life and my families life will look like when I reach my goals!!! That FIRES me up!! Every day, I see it! I read it! And I believe it! Then with lots of hard work, failing forward and a little help from the universe, I achieve it. . . What’s your money mantra? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

7 hours ago

Savanna not long turned 11,  She was diagnosed with epilepsy as a young child although with medicine it went away for a while,  sadly it came back more aggressive then the last Her seizures became medication resistant to the point she was having up to 30 seizures a day.  She was given the option  of brain surgery to fix the seizures.  She was scared, but after being accepted into her soccer team at school, one of her passions that she worked so hard for, she just wanted to be a normal kid The surgery that was low risk, no side effects made her condition worse which led to second surgery. After the second surgery her condition worsened even more,  Moo as her family calls her has been in a coma for 3 weeks, during this time she has battled Pneumonia, a staf infection and A collapsed lung. The medication has now been reduced to see if she will wake up,  she has made minor arm movements and is the kindest, funniest, bravest kid I know so there is no doubt she can do it. Once that happens she will commence occupational therapy, speech therapy,  A rehabilitation specialist and dietitian specialist as well as around the clock care. Savanna has a 14 year old sister and a 9 year old brother,  who are missing her as well as her mum and dad,  who are two of the kindest, generous people I've ever met and would give you the shirt off their backs. Any help to release the pressure so they can just focus on mending their little girl would be massively appreciated, every $1 counts, even if you can just share for awareness please, and bless you all ♥ #epilepsyawareness #epilepsywarrior #epilepsy #neurosurgery #littlefighter #instadaily #awarness #godbless

7 hours ago

Strong women aren’t simply born. We are forged through the challenges of life! ⁣ ⁣ Raise your hand if you’ve ever battled a broken relationship, a medical disaster, childbirth, a mommy meltdown moment, or just a crisis that seemed so overwhelming it seemed impossible to overcome? 🙋🏻‍♀️⁣ ⁣ We’ve all been there. And guess what? We might still be going through the storm, but with each challenge we grow mentally, physically, and emotionally. We move forward with our heads held high and a strength that CANNOT be denied! ❌❌❌⁣ ⁣ A woman who has been through the storm and survived is a true WARRIOR! 🏋🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️⁣ ⁣ This is what Women 2 Warriors is all about! This is the team I have created, embody, and have grown amazing friendships with! We work on or physical fitness, our nutritional health, our personal development, and empowering one another to be the best versions of ourselves! 💕💕💕⁣ ⁣ I want to work with women who are willing to fight the good fight! Those that are looking to find that strong woman within themselves! ⁣ ⁣ Are you ready to be a WARRIOR??? 🏹🏹🏹⁣ ⁣ DM for me details or click the link in bio! 🏋🏻‍♀️

8 hours ago

Be careful who you go comparing yourself to on the internet. Cause for every pic that’s posted, there were a bunch more that didn’t make the cut. ⁣ ⁣ And even I, body love enthusiast, still know how to pose in a way that I feel fiercest in. But in case you need reminding, I don’t walk around hip popped, legs set just so. ⁣ ⁣ And in case you were comparing your body with mine, know I’ve got loose skin, stretch marks, booty dimples, and acne scars too... I just don’t always feature them.

8 hours ago

So after jaxon was diagnosed with everything a had ran across a mom on Facebook that induced me to another mom and she told me about moms on a mission and I have been in contact with her ever since that day. It's nice to have someone to talk to that has been where you are now and just generally someone to talk to that gets it. . . . They help mom's who have special needs children or children that are critically ill by being there for them with words of encouragement and helping with out by giving them a MOMS bag of stuff that can help them. In our case gas was one of them because jaxon is being sent out of state to Tennessee for medical help. It is just a blessing to have met this mother! 💜💜💜 I lost a lot of my friends after jaxon was diagnosed and that was really hard for me. I felt like I didn't have anyone to talk to about this but my husband or family and sometime you just need a friend. I got in the car after meeting with her and I just started crying not because I was sad or upset but because it warmed my heart up to know there are people out there, there are amazing support teams. You just have to ask and look around. 💜😥☺️ . . . #medicallycomplex #sensoryprocessing #specialneedsparent #specialneedsfamily #specialneedsmom #advocatelikeamother #raredisease #parentssupport #nonverbal #epilepsy #epilepsywarrior #epilepsyfighter #microdeletionsyndrome #oklahomablogger #blogmom #LennoxGastautsyndrome #honestmommin #momstress #motherhood   #boymom #toddler #toddlerboy #okc #okcmom #love #blessing

9 hours ago

It is such a nice day in Oklahoma today! It's over cast and cool! Jaxon got to have some park time and water time today and he loved it! I met with a mom from MOMS. They help family's with special needs children, critical illnesses and others. I'll make another post about that. . . . #medicallycomplex #sensoryprocessing #specialneedsparent #specialneedsfamily #specialneedsmom #advocatelikeamother #raredisease #parentssupport #nonverbal #epilepsy #epilepsywarrior #epilepsyfighter #microdeletionsyndrome #oklahomablogger #blogmom #LennoxGastautsyndrome #honestmommin #momstress #motherhood   #boymom #toddler #toddlerboy   #okc #okcmom

9 hours ago

Tell me I can’t then watch me work TWICE as hard to PROVE YOU WRONG #epilepsywarrior ABK4L😈❤️

10 hours ago

2 seizures last night, but I’m kicking ass at work 💪🏻 I got asked a few days ago on my Facebook page how I am able to be positive & functional the day after seizures: it’s a mental thing (for me) for sure. If I wake up early in the morning letting it eat at me, I’m letting it win. It’s so easy to let negativity take over but if you wake up in the morning with the mindset “Today is a new day and I have the power to be strong” ANYTHING is possible. 💜💗♥️ #epilepsy #seizures #epilepsywarrior #warrior #cbdoil #cbdvape #cbdforepilepsy #workselfie #happysaturday #positivemindset

10 hours ago

Al mattino hai voluto farmi la maschera ai capelli e come sempre non sapevi cosa mettere prima di uscire per andare al lavoro. Parti sempre presto, così hai tempo per cambiarti, sistemare le cose e fare due chiacchiere. Ancora svestita post doccia sento il telefono squillare e penso “non è possibile che mi chiami ora che è in turno”, so bene che a quell’ora sei già in banco. Rispondo direttamente con “che succede?” E la risposta infatti non era tua. Hai avuto una crisi epilettica e stanno per arrivare i soccorsi. Mi vesto, esco e corro all’ospedale. Ti trovo lì da sola sul lettino. Sembra tu abbia freddo. Mi chiedi gli occhiali da sole perché le luci ti danno troppo fastidio. Poco dopo ancora una volta, ti rendi conto di cosa stia per succedere, e pronta ti tolgo gli occhiali. Me l’hai insegnato tu a prendermi cura di te in queste piccole cose quando stai per avere una crisi. Ed ecco che ci siamo: convulsioni, schiuma alla bocca, occhi persi. Chiamo i soccorsi e ti portano via in un attimo. Non ho avuto neanche la freddezza di chiedere dove ti avrebbero portata. Avanti e indietro come se il pavimento scottasse. Dopo 15-20 minuti mi chiamano dentro e mi riempiono di domande: che medicine prendi, da chi sei in cura, come succede di solito quando hai gli attacchi, da quanto li hai... E tu eri lì dietro. Eri lì, ancora contorta. Hanno tirato le tende ma io le gambe le vedevo. Vorrei poter fare qualcosa. Vederti così è straziante. Come in questa foto, io ti tengo stretta. Non hai bisogno di niente e nessuno perché sei forte come nessuno. ...E alla fine lo sappiamo entrambe... sei tu che stringi me.

11 hours ago

Does a caregiver have to be close by to receive an Alert from Embrace? No. Selected caregivers can receive Alerts at any distance. For example, you can be at work and your child can be at school, and you'll be notified if he has a possible convulsive seizure. Visit Empatica.com/Embrace for more info. ————————————————————— The #Embrace2 uses advanced machine learning to detect possible convulsive seizures and sends alerts to caregivers. It also provides rest and physical activity analysis to better understand your lifestyle. #EpilepsyMonitor #EpilepsyAwareness #EpilepsySupport #Epilepsy #PeaceOfMind #EpilepsyPositivity #HelpWhenYouNeedIt #Seizures #EpilepsyWarrior

12 hours ago

I love everything about this playground! We had a blast at this inclusive playground, and can't wait to come back! A-Rae was able to participate so much more, and we LOVE it! * ❤ LIKE and FOLLOW along with our family's journey! We'd love to share tips, tales, and triumphs along the way!

12 hours ago

I’m not referring to unconscious behaviors or any Freudian theory! This post is focused on the Ictal stage of the seizure! It’s after your Prodromal and Aura if you have one! It’s before the Postictal or an almost comatose sleep! Besides any injuries you might sustain, there might have been years of unpredictably losing consciousness for what others told you were falls, shaking, jerks, stares, strange behaviors, etc. It’s still a loss of time! It’s a universe where you are unconscious, but your mind wants to remember. It might even fill in the gaps for you with blurry visions or recalling an out of body experience seeing yourself having seizures. If you ever have flashbacks about a time when you were in a seizure, don’t resist it. Your mind might be putting things back together for you! It doesn’t matter if a witness says “it didn’t happen that way” because how you remember it is the most important way! I always say the way you remember matters and it matters the most! While living with Epilepsy, all memories need to be embraced. If you try to forget too often, your memory might not want to work anymore! #stagesofepilepsy #aura #epilepsy #epilepsyaware #timelapse #postictal #seizures #seizuressuck #epilepsysucks #epilepsysupport #epilepsyadvocate #endepilepsy #ictus #epilepsywarrior #epilepsywarriors #epileptic #neurology #amnesia #stigma #neuroplasticity #invisibleillnessawareness #unconscious #memory

13 hours ago

Got out early this morning to get 10 miles in. This week is a cut-back week with lower mileage and lower intensity. This will be my shortest long run from now until marathon day in EIGHT WEEKS!!! My goal is to raise $2,000 for the @epilepsyfdn , but I think that's low. It's Cam's birthday week this week, so let's blow that goal out of the water! Check out thr link in my bio to donate!

13 hours ago

Smiles that reach your eyes and shut them tight are the absolute best 😄 ⁣ ⁣ Leo has been in a great mood since weaning off of the sabril and being such a wiggle worm! Sometimes I think the $3500 copay was a blessing in disguise for how alert he has been since stopping it. It is very common for Leo to gain a new skill and lose it soon after, which is very frustrating. But for the past year, we haven’t really seen any progression. But this past month? Tons of new skills! You never know when a struggle in life might just end up being a huge blessing. 💙

14 hours ago

Hey #Texas 🇨🇱 epilepsy warriors! — Click the link in my bio to check out how you can participate in the #WalkToEndEpilepsy RGV. — 👉 https://efcst.org/event/walk-to-end-epilepsy-rgv/ — Let’s work together to raise #epilepsyawareness & funds for Epilepsy Foundation Central & South Texas 💜🙌 @efcst . . . . . . . . #christallebodiford #epilepsy #epilepsyawareness #purple #epilepsywarrior #texas #tx #epileptic #neurology #neuro #walktoendepilepsy #warrior #seizuressuck #community #support #teamwork

15 hours ago

⇢ Hur gör jag? Det är frågan jag ofta får av medmänniskor angående hur de ska hantera Nelia om de av någon anledning skulle ställas inför ett anfall. Det svåra är att Nelia har flera olika anfallsformer och beroende på vilket anfall Nelia har, så ska man agera olika. Så hur hjälper man en medmänniska att känna sig trygg i agerandet kring Nelias epilepsi? Om Nelia får ett anfall ute på stan, och jag av någon overklig anledning inte skulle vara nära, så hur skulle man hantera situationen. Som medmänniska eller vän. Detta gäller inte bara Nelia, utan alla våra epileptiker runtomkring oss. Man ser inte på någon om den har epilepsi, precis som man inte kan se att någon är döv. Om det inte sticker ut någonstans eller att man har något i närheten som tydligt visar att det finns risk för epilepsianfall. Tänker att detta är extra viktigt nu när Nelias epilepsi blivit värre och sämre. Vilket vi fick bekräftat från Nelias senaste EEG. Jag ska sammanfatta vad som är klokt att göra om man ställs inför en sådan situation. Men med ett eget inlägg som enbart har fokus på just agerandet kring Nelias epilepsi. #thisisepilepsy #epilepsy #epilepsi #epilepsywarrior #epilepsyfighter #epilepsyfighters #epilepsysucks #epilepsysupport #fuckepilepsy #strongerthanepilepsy

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💕 Daily Inspiration and Motivation 💕 Tag your friends ❤️ 🔴👕 If you want t-shirt,hoodie, sweater, tank, phone case or mug for Epilepsy awareness , please check the link in our bio (profile) —> @epilepsy.fighter.a 🎁 Perfect gift for your family members and friends Follow me to see more photos and videos 💕💕 Thank you so much ❤️ . . . #epilepsy #epilepsyawareness #epilepsywarrior #epilepsysucks #epilepsyfighter #epilepsysupport #epilepsylife #epilepsymom #epiepsyshirts #epilepsypositivity #epilepsyawarenessmonth #epilepsystrong #epilepsyday

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Morning guys happy bank holiday weekend. Not my usual Saturday post but last night & this morning haven’t been good for me, so this is gonna be me with Poppy as my side for the rest of the day!! We may move into the garden in a bit because the weather is glorious today...yippee 🙌. . . Thanks so much to everyone who’s joined in #sharethestylesaturday so far today, keep tagging myself & @thesearchforsassiness in all your gorgeous pics. Thanks so much everyone we love seeing all your beautiful outfits 💕. . . Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the sunshine ☀️ & have fun. Sending love xxx💜💜💜 . . . . . . . #shirleysloveofstyle #sharethestylesaturday #epilepsy #epilepsyawareness #epilepsywarrior

21 hours ago

To say that the past week has been difficult would be an understatement. As I mature in age my Epilepsy does too and brings with it new seizures. Having these new episodes ultimately hospitalised me for several days. I'm extremely grateful for the medical professionalism given from every staff member at the Ulster Hospital. I'm thankful for support and unconditional love from family and friends too. Despite having these set backs which are becoming more apparent, my outlook on life continues to be one of positivy and I enjoy life to the full. My Epilepsy most certainly doesn't define me and never will. There is much more to me than a diagnosis. Whatever you are going through today be encouraged that you are 'never' alone! Life is filled with blessings, even amidst the most challenging moments. Have a truly amazing bank holiday weekend with family and friends. Hugs. P xx 😊❤💜 #attitudeofgratitude #begineachdaywithagratefulheart #behappy #bestrong #beyou #challenges #chronicmedicalcondition #epilepsy #epilepsywarrior #hiddenillness #keepmovingforward #loveyourself #neurology #onelifetolive #optimistic #personaljourney #positivemindset #positivevibes #sapphirenurses #smile #swipe #thankfulheart #ulsterhospital #youareimportant #unconditionallove #yourfeelingsarevalid @epilepsyaction

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This campaign has been launched to raise Epilepsy Awareness of our community. 👕 If you want this Shirt .Please check on the link in my bio (profile)➡ @epilepsyfighter.a 👕 Printed in the USA 👕 Worldwide shipping 📦 🌍 * 💯 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Click on the link in my bio (profile) to see the price,color,model and the sizes👍 🎁Perfect #gift for your family members and friends 👥 ⤵ Double tap & tag your friend Below! 💖 . . . #epilepsy #epilepsyawareness #epilepsywarrior #epilepsysucks #epilepsyfighter #epilepsysupport #epilepsylife #epilepsymom #epiepsyshirts #epilepsypositivity #epilepsyawarenessmonth #epilepsystrong #epilepsyday

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▪️ Your smile made my day, ▪️ It's okay if you're not achieve everything in the "standard-normal" milestones.. ▪️ What is "normal" anyway? ▪️ As long as you are happy.. Kesayangan mama.. . . . . . . #Epilepsipadabayi #avvansehat #avvankuat #epilepsywarrior #westsyndrome #infantilespasm #epilepsyawareness #westsyndromewarrior #infantilespasmwarrior #epilepsi #kamibutuhganjamedis #keppra #depakene #epilepsi #epilepsy #strong #ibukuat #anakhebat #hypoxicischemicencephalopathy

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You're invited to join us, Sunday August 25 at 9pm EST., (712)432-3900 pin 889627 #. We'll discuss glutathione benefits in seizures Did you know...there are many different types of seizures and that about 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy at some point during their lifetime? . Hop on our call and hear the benefits of glutathione in seizures. . . . #Epilepsy #epilepsyawareness #epilepsywarrior #epilepsyawarenessmonth #epilepsysucks #epilepsyfighter #epilepsysociety #epilepsyeducation #epilepsymom #epilepsyproblems #epilepsysupport #epilepsyfamily #epilepsyinmotion #epilepsysurgery #epilepsystrong #epilepsylife #epilepsyadvocate #epilepsyfoundation #epilepsystinks #epilepsyaware #epilepsyawarenes #epilepsyawarenessmatters #epilepsyaustralia #EpilepsyMonitoring #epilepsynow #EpilepsyPhotoChallenge #EpilepsySurvivors #epilepsysufferer #epilepsyjourney #EpilepsyAdvocates

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Never forget why you are given the life you're given!! God will test you constantly to teach you everything you need to know...to go where you are intended to be! I fully believe God chose me to be Kiley's mom...to conquer what we need to conquer! Which means back to working out like I used to!! It's my happy place after all! And soon...we'll be sharing it with so many other families!! That...is my joy!!💕 #teamKiley #specialneedsmom #autismrunner #epilepsywarrior #cerebralpalsystrong #fitfam #fitgirls #fitlife #fitover50 #singlemom #businesswomen #squats #lowerbody #abs #strongnotskinny #girlswithmuscles #girlswholift #ourfitnessjourney #reallife #ADAPTingtolife #love #herrolemodel #fighter

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I’ve been trying to put the last 4 weeks into words and I’ve come up short. It’s not every day that you find people that truly believe in your kid as much as you do and see their potential. My biggest hope for Conner is that everyone he comes in contact with sees him the way I do - smart, determined, sweet (but knows how to cause trouble)...the list goes on. One of the best things about the last four weeks has been meeting families. So many amazing families. From local families that are fortunate enough to frequent @smiletherapyforkids to families from India, the states and across Canada. Meeting and spending time with families that just get it is something that can’t be matched. It’s an unspoken bond regardless of the different paths we’ve taken. It’s a comfort knowing you aren’t alone in the fight to help your child become the best version of themselves. A special thank you to @_watch_me_win for the sweetest surprise send off filled with glow sticks, balloons, banner, treats and our very own Canada hats! We miss these people and this city already. 🇨🇦 💙💪🏼

1 day ago

A couple of weeks ago Fletcher had a video EEG (VEEG) at the hospital. We are trying to get insight into what is going on with his brain at night. He has these weird episodes that my neurologist believes are seizures but couldn't be certain without a VEEG. This happens a few times every night at home. Of course when we were at the hospital NOTHING happened. The nurses and specialist told me that this happens often, as it's a different sleep environment that is more interrupted. For the most part I was really happy with the staff at McMaster. I love that they have a child life specialist that came by often to make sure Fletcher wasn't bored. I loved the nursing staff that would stop to play nerf target practice with Fletch. I love that the nutritional specialist person came by and sat down with me to go over Fletcher's allergies. Unfortunately there must have been a disconnect somewhere, and it makes me wonder if hospital staff really get proper training with food allergies. Fletcher was served on two separate occasions food that he is allergic to. Perhaps there was confusion because I mentioned he could have milk and eggs in baked goods. I should have probably been more black and white about the whole thing. I'm not telling this story to complain. I'm telling it so if you have a child with food allergies and you go to the hospital, be aware and always check. I'm also telling it because I think maybe hospitals could benefit from training from an organization like @fateinitiative