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multifandom. pt. 6/7 - -

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#special #giftideas #giftsforhim #giftsforher #royl #theseparation #trakoproduction #noi #elijah #muhammad #warithdeenmuhammad #masjid #mosque #saudiarabia #saudi #followmeplease #followforlike #followforafollow Check out this album in TIDAL: "The Separation" by Roy Logan http://tidal.com/album/95095457 Check this out: The Separation The Separation/ G.A.N.G. UP Entertainment https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HBHGGVW/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awdb_t1_EmDPBbYWTFH5H https://open.spotify.com/album/2pC8DXCGMoqdwnKoEMBd0y?si=ZZN2CktOR7W0EOTeW5C8Hw https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-separation/1436093319

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Can they be more perfect? 😍

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I first sang this piece in, I think, my first year of undergraduate voice study. 18 years later, coming back to a piece that is deeply familiar but always new as my voice, and body, and mind change is a good reminder to keep looking at the world through fresh eyes. #mezzosoprano #elijah #mendelssohn

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Elijah was suicidal. Joseph was abused. Job was bankrupt. Gideon was afraid. Samson was a womanizer. Paul was a mass murderer. Moses had a speech problem. Rehab was a prostitute. David was a murderer. Jonah was a coward. Noah was drunk. Peter was a liar. God STILL used them to do amazing things for HIS glory. Still think you're too messed up for Him to use you? God specializes in using broken people to do powerful things. Are you flawed? GOOD! God can use you. ❤️💙💚💛🧡

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昨日もご来店 ありがとうございました! インスタやツイッターをご覧になって ご来店下さったお客様もちらほらおり 大変嬉しく思います、 ありがとうございます! さて、昨日からインテリアの 一部として、私オーナーの アコースティックギターを展示しました。 一応過去にバンドマンだったのですが 今はバンドとは離れており、 ただ家にあるだけだったギターを どうせならBAR Elijahの空間の 一部にしてしまおうと思い、 飾ることにしました。 ご来店のお客様には、まだ ギター触ったことがない方、実は ギターが弾けます、なんて方に お気軽に触って頂けたらと思います。 その方がこのギターも嬉しいてもんですね😆 このギターもろもろ、BAR Elijahを 本日もよろしくお願い致します。 #bar #elijah #barelijah #casual #casualbar #hirosaki #guitar #shinkajimachi #cocktail #cocktails #beer #beertime #surf #aloha #street #fashion #バー #イライジャ #バーイライジャ #カジュアル #ギター #カクテル #サーフ #アロハ #ストリート #ファッション #弘前 #鍛冶町 #新鍛冶町

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#elijah #ELIJAH #Bar #bar #osyare #kakkoii 本日も Bar ELIJAH 20:00にOpenさせていただきました🍾 本日の写真は、mood 溢れる ELIJAHの店内の様子を撮って見ました📸とても落ち着いておりどんな人でも一瞬でクールな人間を演じることができます🕵️‍♂️ クールな人になりたい方‼️ この空気に酔いしれたい方‼️ インスタを潤わしたい皆様‼️ 本日のご来店お待ちしております✨ 本日もよろしくお願いします。

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| Mon Rayon de Soleil ❤🧡 ... | ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #son #Elijah #KCME

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Hey! My name’s Kiera, aaaand this is my first post lol :) I have a miraculous account ( @mrsagrest.e ) so go follow it and yeah enjoy my content :) ❤️

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It’s always gonna be Stefan and Elena. Even in the later season you could see their love for each other. Their love is so deep and pure they’ll never forget what they had how could you forget a love so EPIC Credit; @gilbertheda

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Meditate on scripture and prayer in today's Great Plains Conference devotional: we are praying for Gordon Pettibone, William Ellsworth, Kayla Mangrich & Robert Clemence; we are reading 1 Kings 19:11-13. #GPUMC #UMC #elijah #1kings

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Balance - . At any moment of your life, you will never be put down without being lifted up, nor lifted up without being put down. Positive and negative, good and bad,support and challenge, peace and war—all come together in pairs. They are simultaneous and perfectly balanced, and that is what makes up the divine order. . Even the most terrible events always contain hidden blessings. The masters know this great truth and remain undisturbed by events, while those of lesser wisdom swing from elation to depression as they move through positive and negative experiences on their way to understanding. . As long as you’re in your physical body, you’re destined to have this duality, because you’re an oscillating homing device and you’re going home. You’re zeroing in on your destiny, and during that process, you get elated and depressed, and then elated and depressed again. . The same principle applies to you and the life of every human being: Everything serves, and the bigger the crisis, the larger the blessing. . If I had only one prayer, it would be, "Thank you." 🙏 . notes from “The Breakthrough Experience” by Dr. Demartini 🧞‍♂️

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It been a while since I’ve felt love like this for stelena, I go through these phases where I have no motivation to post or do anything but occasionally I see an edit or post that really reminds me how epic stelena were and that no other ship were better This is one of those edits so thank you @stelenawithin Look how happy they were :(

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(dansk efter engelsk) Mount Carmel is the sight for Elijahs showdown with the Baal priest as can be read in 1. Kings chapter 18. It is of course impossible to say precisely where on the mountain it happened even though it would logically be on the eastern ridge (top) as it decent sharply down to Kishon (1.King 18:40) and not on the slopes down toward Door (bottom). They might be just slopes but I must say that the last one was harder than the much larger climb up from Kishon the day before. Sweep to see. 🐥🐦🐥 Karmelbjerget er stedet for Elias opgør med Baals præster som kan læses i 1. Kongebog kapitel 18. Selv om det naurligvis er umuligt at udpege det præcise sted på bjerget er det logisk at det må være på de østlige højdedrag (øverst) der falder skarpt ned til Kishon (1.kong 18:40) og ikke på skråningerne ned mod Door (nederst). De er måske kun skråninger men jeg må indrømme at den sidste af dem var sværere end den meget længere opstigning fra Kishon. Swipe for at se. 🐥🐦🐥 #mountcarmel #israel #elijah #carmelnationalpark

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Gonna play this again because why not? Comment!!! Vote for your LEAST fav

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So about tonight ✨✨ —love these guys❤️❤️

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The guy who stole my HEART❤️ and my phone to take a selfie lol 😘😍 #elijah

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Cuddling with Momma after day 4 of the stomach flu......she finally ate some food today so hopefully tomorrow I get to go on a walk! She had my grandpa bring me some bones today though to treat me for how good of a boy I’ve been the last few days!! It’s been easy cause I like napping and cuddling with momma!! She did play fetch with me for a half hour tonight though to let me burn off some energy!! 💙 #AdoptDontShop #americanfoxhound #rescuedogs #puppies #hounddoglove #doggo #puppers #americanfoxhoundsofinstagram #rescuedogsofinstagram 🐾🐶💘 #rescuedog #AbuseSurvivor #LovingHome #Elijah #Park #Walks #BestDayEver #DogDaysOfSummer

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Which brothers? ° I would have to choose Stefan & Damon even tho I love both of the brothers♥️° • this is my edit so give credit if used • * Who would you choose?* ✓ comment below ✓

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Caves. They’re dark. Isolated. Perfect for hiding. Which is exactly why Elijah chose one. . He was afraid because of something he’d heard. He was believing a lie instead of walking in the TRUTH. He ran, hid in a cave and had basically given up. . God came to where Elijah was and asked him one simple question, “What are you doing here?” Why would the all-knowing God ask Elijah that question? Obviously, God already knew what Elijah was doing there. . There have been times in my life (and maybe you can relate) when I, much like Elijah, have made decisions out of fear or doubt or just merely a reaction to something or someone. I’ve not taken time to think it over. To calm down. To walk in the TRUTH instead of the lie. And I’ve found myself, much like Elijah, hiding. And God has gently and quietly asked me “What are you doing here?” . Sometimes God will ask us a question He already knows the answer to for our sake, not His. He does this so we can answer Him and HEAR our own answer. So we can FACE what we’re doing. We can OWN it. . You see, God didn’t ask the question just to ask. The question was like God hitting the RESET button. It positions us for healing. Setting our feet back in the direction of our purpose. Turning our back on fear, doubt and lies. . God is meeting us where we are, giving us an opportunity to face where we’re at so He can restore us to where we belong. . So, what are you doing here? . . . #caves #askaquestion #giveananswer #ownit #reset #elijah #firstkings #fear #runandhide #purpose #whatareyoudoinghere #backwhereyoubelong #satisfysaturday #teamgoaldigger #diggindeeper