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4 minutes ago

This is our last indulgent cocktail stop for this trip... and what a phenomenal bookend to an already amazing few days of craft cocktails. Lucky and his crew(s) are more than just amazing... they are true artisans. We were treated like royalty, and got to experience firsthand just how incredible the creativity of @thestandardpour truly is. I had what was touted as the best chicken strips on the planet, and I'd have to agree. The hummus was delish, the fries were perfect, the grilled chicken sandwich was tasty, and the cocktails were simply mind blowing. Thank you TSP!!! . . . #theokcfoodeater #eatdrinklocal #eatlocal #drinklocal #localisbetter #icook #ieat #idrink #instafood #shoplocal #foodie #blogger #foodblogger #foodporn   #drinkstagram #craftcocktails #cocktails #mixeddrinks #imbibe #drinkdrankyouknowtherest #theokcfoodeatersgototexas

9 minutes ago

I am craving for this wholesome and delicious breakfast that I made couple of weeks ago. Dosa, Sambar and Chutney. ❤️😍 . . . What did you have for breakfast? Also, I just woke up. So yes, it is time for breakfast. 😆

13 minutes ago

What a spectacular start to the weekend! For all those of you who love to #eatlocal and #visitsouthbank , be sure to come check out the #regionalfood festival currently living it up in the parklands. And while you’re at it, why not pop around the corner by yourself, with a loved one, or with a family of curious kiddies for a look at all the marvels we have on display at the maritime museum? ☀️🌿🍒⛴

15 minutes ago

Come and join us this week end ~ we are open! Good food, good views and always good vibes..... #lovejustpurebistro ⚜️

16 minutes ago

The final dessert! First picture is the gluten and eggs-a-plenty banana bread with vanilla bean creme anglaise and the second is the vegan/gluten free version (and my new favorite!!) Super happy with the recipe I created for the vegan banana bread along with the vanilla bean, coconut and almond milk “creme anglaise”. Lacquered strawberries with edible glitter, gold honey roasted walnuts and pink powdered sugar. I don’t have a picture of the shoes that inspired this dessert but hopefully those familiar with ‘the legend of Georgia McBride’ will see how my dessert was inspired by this play! (Which I’m so excited to see in just a few days!) . . #guthrietheater #minneapolis #minnesota #seachangerestaurant #dessert #sweet #sugar #chefsofinstagram #pastrychef #pastry #pastry_chefs_of_insta #pastrylife #nomnom #truecooks #sweet #restaurant #restaurante #glutenfree #vegan #strawberry #legendofgeorgiamcbride #glitter #culinary #cooking #baking #kitchen #downtown #eatlocal

17 minutes ago

My bars are ready!! Just in time for the launch tonight. THANK YOU @springhill_farm for going the extra mile to make sure they were done 😍👌💕

17 minutes ago

Delicious pesto marinated chicken with Kumu farms greens & veges (carrot, fennel, roasted beets), goat cheese, and pistachios for crunch. Been really enjoying plain olive oil & a pinch of sea salt for dressing lately. #eatlocal #eathomemade #kumufarms #chickensalad

18 minutes ago

Bedmi Puri for Breakfast . Tag karo apne dosto ko comment section mai . Price : 40/- . 📍 : Gopal Foods , Kamla Nagar . Follow : @thefood.vlogger Follow : @thefood.vlogger . #thefoodvlogger . #food   #instafood #goodfood   #foodie   #indianfood   #foodaholic.   #love #ilovefood    #eeeats  .  #nomnomnom  .  #delhi #delhi_igers #eatlocal #eatfamous #eatclean #instaindia #slurp #foodtalkindia #foodgrams #foodgraphy #delhidiaries   #delhifoodblogger  .  #mumbai #mumbaifoodie  ..

24 minutes ago

Got a lot on your plate?: Have you tried our pitmaster plate yet? After the popularity of our share plate for two we decided to introduce the pitmaster for the meat lovers. Brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken, pork belly and pastrami plus all the usual fixins and a side of your choice. Come and get yourselves a pitmaster See you @wightsbbq

30 minutes ago

We #tavalonaustralia were honoured to support the 2018 Hardy Brothers Aussie Kidz Charity at W Brisbane last night ✨ Thank you to Trina Hockley and Jim O’Connor who won our auction items 🙏🏻

34 minutes ago

Time to Rise and Grind!! Another beautiful day sweating it out at Be More Athletics 💪🏼😅 The calorie deficit makes it really hard to get through my workouts now because I’m cutting down for Bermuda, but @1stphorm Megawatt really pushes me through my hour of cardio 🏃🏻‍♀️on top of my hour of working out 🏋🏻‍♀️. . . . . #GetHealthy #HealthyLife #EatClean #EatLocal #Nutrition #Fitspo #GetFit #NoExcuses #Cardio #FitFam #FitnessAddict #GetStrong #GymLife #GirlsWhoLift #Sweat #Weights #Workout #gym #fitnesss #träning #instafit #bodybuilding #fit #proudfitfam #girls #fitmom

36 minutes ago

My family has been raising beef for generations. My mom has a photo album labeled “Rancher’s Beef”. It is filled with photographs of my grandfather (shown here on the right) Oklahoma State Representative, Ray Tucker. Grandpa Ray organized delivery of ranch-raised beef to metropolitan areas. My family has been raising exceptional quality beef since before the “farm to table” trend and we consider it a privilege to feed your family. I have set up a new Instagram account for our ranch. @callison_ranch_beef Thanks for checking it out. ❤️🤠🐂

39 minutes ago

Rainbow chard at night.

41 minutes ago

Siempre hay una opción saludable 😀🥗🍽

41 minutes ago

We have a little surprise to cheer up your weekend. It’s Tastehome Give Away! Put your answer in the comment section below and win a complete set of 3 variant crackers and 2 dip sauce from Taste Home. - Term and Conditions: 1. Follow us 2. 1 Account can only give 1 answer. (ex : C. Sodium) 3. Tag along 3 of your friends. 4. 1 correct answer will be the winner. 5. We’ll announce the winner on July 27th, 2018. _ Good Luck and Happy Saturday! #tastehome #tastehomegiveaway #homemadecrackers #betterfoodbetteryou

42 minutes ago

Enjoying my Friday night eating this delicious classic ‘bacon’ cheeseburger from Plant Power Fast Food. 🤪🌱🍔

45 minutes ago

And last but not least! At Mondrook Market tomorrow 9am - 2pm! @condimentalfinefoods #madewithloveandthefinestorganicingredients @sweetpeaandmumma upcycle creations, Earth Angels pure essential oils, @oldinnroad local vineyard, @bertie_and_me natural, beautiful hand made toys And thanks to Stew @DONE2444 for supplying Biopak compostable packaging. 👌🏼🌶 🥑🍋🥔🥕🍠🥓🍵🍜🍾🍰🍴🥚🍏🍐🍎👩‍🎨🌈🎨🌏👨‍🎨👩‍🌾🎤🎸🐝🍯🌱🌞 . . . . #mandarinsaffronsyrupcake #australiannativeplants #information #livemusic #artisan #choir #art #ethical #organicfood #pastureraised #locavore #sustainablefarming   #eatlocal #biopak #greatlakesnsw #manningvalley   #walkingthetalk #midcoastwaste #compostablepackaging #plasticbagfree #byocup   #waronwaste #byobag   #refuse #reduce #reuse #respect #breakFreeFromPlastic   #noExcuseForSingleUse

47 minutes ago

Brian Flatt’s 3 week diet plan has helped ten of thousands of regular people like you and I lose weight and keep it off, the 2 week diet is his newest and improved, streamlined diet plan. When I heard about Brian’s new 2 week diet plan, I was excited. You see, I personally had great success with the 3 week diet plan, I’ll spare the details but here is my 3 week diet review if you wanted to see for yourself. Get started today, visit the link in my bio for the whole review! #body #transformation #postitnoteworkout #inspiration #instagood #friends #style #hot #TagsForLikesApp #TFLers #sunset #instacool #motivation #EatLocal #Workout #energy #Fitspo #FitnessMotivation #gym #GlutenFree

48 minutes ago

Uh, maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden lately? 🤔 It has been such a sweet and healing space right when I need it. Don’t get me wrong, I always love spending lots of time in the garden - but this one...this year in particular, it has been such a gift to reconnect with life by hanging out with the plants 🌱 and other creatures after such a health disaster. It’s like I’m being midwifed back into life by the garden itself, as I return the favor. And truly, something has changed. Life itself seems a little more apparent; the colors, the movements, even the subtle speeds of things are more perceptible. You might say their “frequencies” are a little more distinguishable. What a special place this paradise of earth is, with all its life - it makes me want to dive in and protect it even more. Anything you might call God, you can certainly find in a garden. It’s a microcosm of the whole Intelligence. Look what happens when we carefully tend it!! And I’m not just talking metaphor here. Those veggies from the dirt right outside the door have more nutritional value than most things we might eat, and same goes for flavor. I hope that we can all keep reconnecting with life, real life, real God, the one that is at our fingertips, and protect and nurture it better while we can. It’s right outside everywhere, and inside too. We are just as much a part of it, and its fate and wellbeing are intricately connected with our own. #garden #gardening #growyourown #eatlocal #organic #heirloom #biodiversity #localfood #life #paradise #earthprotector #recovery #grateful #thanks #hope

49 minutes ago

Just another day at Pear Tree ☀️

49 minutes ago

Even though I lived in Phoenix for most of my life I wasn’t introduced to the Village Tavern until a friend recommended we meet there for dinner during a visit last year. Thom and I are now HUGE fans. Thom got the Marinated Flank Steak. It’s served over black beans and a side of the most delicious sweet garlic soy sauce that I am DYING to find a recipe for. I got a new item on their menu, the Bacon Jam Burger. I am obsessed with bacon jam and not all of them are good. Village Tavern’s is GREAT. My only complaint is THERE WAS TOO LITTLE OF IT. 😳 Of course there was also some applewood smoked bacon on the burger, because there is no such thing as too much bacon. #holyyum #bacon #burger #baconjam #steak @villagetavernscottsdale

1 hour ago

U-pick blueberries - Yumo! If you live in Victoria, BC, our friends have a blueberry farm and these berries are packed with flavour! U-Pick has just opened Sat AM 9-12 and Wed 6-9PM until the berries are all gobbled up. $3.00/lb. Location is 1018 Beckwith Ave. They have containers or bring your own. Pay by cash. Enjoy ❤️

15 hours ago

I can't get over the colour of this salad. It just makes me so happy. Don't forget to take a moment and let your eyes feast as well. It makes your food taste so much better and more satisfying. #tylersnoekfood

1 week ago

Feeling peachy at the farmers market today!!!!!!! Literally the sweetest and juiciest peach of my life🍑🍑🍑

2 weeks ago

Here’s my back day routine! (Sorry theres a little overlap on the voiceover) It was short because I spent so much time deadlifting. I also made the Gold’s Gym board for deadlift in my age/weight category yay! It wasn’t my max but it was still great. Tomorrow is completely dedicated to breaking every single record at @goldsgymleesburg and I can’t wait

2 weeks ago

HEY PEOPLE! Hoping this video gets some of you over your fear of the lifting section of the gym. Be confident! Own the gym, if you pretend you know what you’re doing, no one question you. Chances are, other members will help you spot or strike up a casual conversation. Also psa this video is about my experience about getting in shape may not work for everyone

2 weeks ago

Bis/tris today! The last video didn’t have a voiceover but I did an overhead rope pull to target the back of my triceps 4x8.

2 weeks ago

Happy Fourth peeps! What an exhausting days it’s been already... and it’s only 12:45! Today was chest day, and I’m working on my new max. It was a short workout so I wasn’t able to record it, but I benched for 30 min, and did 30 minutes of chest press and cables. I then got home and did a sprint workout on the elliptical. Thank you everyone for answering my story poll! It’s really helpful to me so I know what to post. For those of you who don’t have time for the gym, go over your schedule in detail. Don’t you have 15-30 minutes here and there to get something in? You could workout before work, after work, or during your lunch break. Think about the time you could spend in her gym instead of reading this and scrolling through Instagram. If you have time for social media, you have time to workout!! Also shoutout again to Gold’s for being my support fam y’all are the best. They have a great July Fourth membership deal you should check it out!! @goldsgymleesburg

2 weeks ago

Hey peeps! So today was my first day back at Gold’s and I couldn’t be happier. I started my workout with squats (workout on the last pic). I then hit the rest of my legs and recorded my workout for y’all. I discovered I can do voiceovers, so I’m describing my workout in the video. I forgot about the reps/sets in the last snippets so just in general every exercise was 4x8-12 reps. Also the end cut off dang it

2 weeks ago

Hey fitness fans (and my mom welcome to the page). Today I traveled a lot and ate a bunch of protein bars. I did a kickboxing workout with Gold’s AMP app. Seriously it’s the best app: it guides you through any kind of workout ranging from 10-60 minutes. You could run, lift, work the treadmill, stair climber, and even go through some guided meditation!! I used to hate apps because I like making my own workouts, but this one gives you the personalized push you need. The app comes with the Gold’s Gym membership so everyone needs to go to @goldsgymleesburg immediately and sign up. It’s worth it!! Tomorrow I’m planning on doing a lot of cardio before my flight home!!! I’m comin for ya Gold’s!