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Gonna join a gang so they can teach me how to flash sets wait on a video coming next week with the CEO of the crips

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Phrog Shower

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The ROOMours are true - @roomten_ serves up one mighty fine brunch!!! 🍳☕️🙌 Here we have the Gypsy sandwich and The Deb - both just delightful! 😍 #thebreakfastclub

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🤩🎉 Burger de la semaine (jusqu’au samedi 27/07)⠀ ⠀ 🍔🍟 BUN ARTISANAL (FREDERIC VILLA) - POULET PANE FACON MILANAISE - MOZZARELLA - JAMBON CRU ITALIEN - LAITUE ICEBERG - TOMATES - MAYONNAISE AU PESTO MAISON⠀ ⠀ 👉👉 Dispo chez @voyouburger et @voyoudeli ⠀ ⠀ 🚴‍♂🏠 Livraison à domicile via @restoin_fr ⠀ ⠀ #voyouburger #eataburger #eatlocal #nancyville #burgerlover #deliciousfood #burgertime #burgerholic #placestanislas #frenchburger #gourmetburger #nancyfoodie

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I was bullied for being skinny back when skinny was “in”. I’m bullied today by grown women that say “a man will never love you. Real men like meat on their woman’s bones”, “you look sick”, “you must think you’re better than me”, “you need to eat a burger”, “you’re too skinny, it’s gross”. Sometimes women give me dirty looks because their significant other is “checking me out”. . I’m in perfect health. . So to my naturally skinny people, this is for you. Love yourself. It took me 23 years to accept that I’ll never be what these bullies wanted me to be. I never looked at a magazine or watched TV and wanted to be like the women there. I simply didn’t want to be noticed. I wanted to just blend in. I wanted to be a fly on the wall. . I am one of those people that can eat whatever they want and still stay skinny. People have been furious with me because of it. Do I eat what I want? No. I eat healthy foods and I’m vegetarian because it is what’s best for me. I splurge every now and again and have a pop or cheese pretzel. I just want to be healthy, live in this body that maintains itself with the guidance of my brain, and to be left alone. Being skinny doesn’t make me a “disgusting anomaly” like society wanted me to believe. . Skinny people, you don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why you’re skinny. You don’t need an excuse or reason. You don’t need to feel bad for not being able to gain weight. We all have our struggles, and this is one of mine and there are many like me. . I’ve always struggled to gain weight. I’ve been bullied for just being in the presence of an overweight person. Now when I receive hateful comments about it, I ignore it or I play along. I am the only person that needs to truly accept me. Not you. . #selflove #naturallyskinny #bullying #skinnyshamed #skinny #loveyourself #stopbullying #growup #takecareofyourself #mindyourownbusiness #eataburger #eatlessburgers #vegetarian #healthy

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interesting photo used --- If you enjoy my content please follow me!! --- Remember to tag your buddy --- #dankmemes #memes #ayylmao #4chan #johncena #relatable #edgy #immortalmemes #nicememe #bushdid911 #autism #jetfuelcantmeltsteelbeams #fnaf #cancer #anime #weaboo #furry #csgo #papafranku #dicksoutforharambe #filthyfrank #wtf #mlg #cringe #lmao #eataburger #instagood #trump 👆😂👆 👇😂👇 got to bring those kids in 🤣👌 --- Please, do not report just block! It will make me and you happy. (Just going to re-upload) dm for credit if not given already

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Take a rest friend 😴😪goodnight 😊🎃 say it back or you will pay for it⚠️‼️