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12 minutes ago

typical tuesday. let’s see here, that’s my 🏃🏼‍♀️gym/run bag 🎒school bag 🥗lunch bag (technically breakfast, lunch & dinner ice chest since I’m away from my house until 10pm) 👜oh and my purse. now, do you think this #baglady forgot anything today? • sure did. of all the things to forget, I forgot a sock. not a pair of socks - just one 🤪 see if I had actually folded that laundry on Sunday, this may not have happened lol • I decided to run my 3 miles on lunch, despite being sin-sock. it sounded so #badass at the time but let’s be real it was #dumb because now I have a gigantic blister on the bottom of my foot 😭 and I am running a trail race this Sunday 😬 • what’s my point? learning to roll with the freakin’ punches, not fret about the small stuff, and try to keep life in perspective. because it can be crazy busy and so stressful, but a missing a sock does not make the list of things to worry about. • I honestly would have had a full-on-meltdown on a day like today before my #personaldevelopment journey started. today I just laughed at myself. did you know that’s a sign of emotional intelligence? and I also clapped for my dang self for finishing 3 miles in that Sacramento heat without one sock. did you know you can be your biggest cheerleader? guess this is a different kind of #transformationtuesday #tuesdaythoughts #gradschoollife #gradschoolproblems #gradschoolgrind #cheerforyourself #typicaltuesday #womenintheworld #womenwithambition #shemeansbusiness #hersuccess #getfit #bestlifeproject #findyourstrong #activeliving #beatyesterday #staypositive #thesweatlife #running #runnergirl #worklifebalance #workoutmotivation

1 hour ago

Straight facts 🎯🤷🏻‍♀️ #dumb

1 hour ago

they are so wrong for this!

1 hour ago

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1 hour ago

These protests drive me absolutely insane. Where to begin? "Guns Don't Die Children Do." Let's just imagine how many children would die if only criminals had guns. It's unbelievable how u don't put those two together and I would have to explain that 2 u. I hate to bash children bc their parents are complete tools so I will skip over them with the exception of saying the NRA is not goin anywhere which unfortunately is just like the woman behind u (I'm assuming your mom) with her "More Nerf Guns Less A-R 15's" sign (which she mine as well have wrote in crayon). To comment on that I feel is an insult to anyone who is reading this. We'll just say she means well. I'll end this by saying that we're protected by the 2nd ammendment in this country and that gives every U.S citizen thr right to bear arms and this shall not be infringed. #2ndamendment #rights #righttobeararms #gun #guns #protest #dumb #dumbsigns #stupid #left #leftist #farleft #protests #protesters #amendment #freedom #unitedstates #free #nra #safety #safe #criminal #criminals

2 hours ago

I’m literally dumb AF! I was going to buy just a highlighter palette but then on Saturday my dumb ass brain realises I already have highlighters in my contour kit. I never really knew what the first 3 shades were used for until Saturday when I swatched them!