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3 weeks ago

We don't wake up every day in good mood to make #breakfast #duh 👶🏻

3 weeks ago

Aus der #Yogapraxis : #AUGENÜBUNGEN - Bild 1 von 4 “Palmieren" 🍀 Hier die vollständige Anleitung dieser kleinen Serie: 🧘‍♂️ Der #Alltag ist für unsere #Augen oft sehr fordernd. Hier einige Übungen die dabei helfen, die Augen zu harmonisieren und den #Geist zu sammeln. 🧘‍♀️ 1) Palmieren Reibe die Handflächen kräftig aneinander, sie dürfen ruhig warm dabei werden. Lege sie dann für 20 Sekunden wie Muscheln links und rechts über die Augen, die kleinen Finger berühren dabei die Nase. Zwei bis drei Wiederholungen 2) Nah-Fern-Fixation Halte die Daumen eine Armlänge von den Augen hoch, sie sind etwa zwei cm entfernt. Fixiere nun etwa zehn Sekunden die Daumen. Dann blicke über sie hinweg und fixiere einen Punkt an der Wand, ebenfalls zehn Sekunden. Wiederhole dreimal oder so lange, bis es anstrengend wird. 3) Weicher Blick Halte die Handflächen mit geschlossenen Fingern etwa eine halbe Armlänge entfernt vor deine Augen. Konzentriere dich auf sie. Dann entferne die Handflächen nach links und rechts voneinander und beobachte beide weiterhin. Entferne sie soweit, bis du sie eben noch sehen kannst. Führe sie dann wieder zusammen und wiederhole noch dreimal. 4) Massage des Dritten Auges Lege die Kuppen von Daumen und Zeigefinger einer Hand links und rechts an die Nasenwurzel, die des Mittelfingers auf den Punkt zwischen die Augenbrauen. Dann massiere an diesen drei Stellen mit kleinen, kreisenden Bewegungen für etwa zehn Sekunden. Anschließend wechsle die Hand und wiederhole die Übung. Begleite die Übungen mit einer wachen, bewussten, achtsamen Wahrnehmung. Einzelne dieser Übungen oder auch der gesamte Zyklus können auch mehrmals am Tag geübt werden. #augenbrauen #augenmakeup #augenheilkunde #augenoptik #körperundgeist #тело #telo #духd #duh #yogastudent #yogapractice #mentaltraining #yoga_Deutschland #yogaeverywhere #buddhismus #zenbuddhismus #yogan #meditation #meditacija #relaksacija #entspannung #innererfrieden #oko #очи #oči

3 weeks ago

People that don't understand that art imitates life don't understand anything. Stop blaming those that are opened by the system for systemic oppression. #duh #blacklivesmatter #hiphopispoetry

3 weeks ago

Ya know, just a midnight snack in my Groot cup 🤩 . So glad my meal plan has nothing off limits. Because sometimes you just need a midnight, unhealthy snack 😆 BUT just because nothing is off limits doesn’t mean I can eat junk all day and get the results I want either. #duh . BUT the biggest difference I’ve seen is learning HOW to fuel my body. And being perfect does not work for me. Occasionally, yes I have the treats. Sometimes too much, but I learn. I mean I only ate like 8 Oreos compared to what I used to do and eat the whole sleeve til I felt sick! I call that a #win ! . So if you wanna focus on your nutrition with me, whether your goal is to lose or maintain weight.. I have a group starting Monday to focus solely on nutrition, exercise being extra credit. It’s not gonna be about being perfect or never having a treat again because #unrealistic. Shoot me a message or drop an emoji to chat more about if this is the right fit for you because it’s been the best thing for me and my family 😘

3 weeks ago

🤦🏽‍♂️there’s no way I’m the only one. 🤷🏽‍♂️ . Here you are, getting your swole on 💪🏋🏽‍♂️, and a song comes on and you like it. It gets you in a rhythm 🕺 . You demand Siri to start it over and have it on repeat for a few sets. . 🤔 I wonder who this is? I like it! (Takes phone out of pocket) . Dang it! It’s #beiber 😆 😂 🤣 . Then, you play it again anyway. #duh . . . . #belieber #billieeilish #badguy #trufit #truefittexasave #75hard #day43of75 #unapologetic #100to0 #seekingvirtue

3 weeks ago

Well, #duh 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ 🦀🦂

3 weeks ago

Day 2 of 3 Art Teacher becomes Kidney Donor... first room @ 8 a.m. and look at the reading material they provided.... being in a hospital usually means you’re sick... it seems they figured out what to use to cheer ppl up.... 🎨Art 🖼 and 🎶Music🎵 #groundbreaking #duh The Arts are amazing! 🤪🤩🥰😂 Forgot to get a picture of the piano. #mspeltoart #arteacherdonor

3 weeks ago

I believe this is the part when I lost my #gopro on our 2nd day diving the 24th sept. I was the one behind this beautiful creature, mesmerized by the way she moved so gracefully i took the #gopro strap off of my arm and switched to another hand without strapping #duh 🙈 and there goes my #gopro drift away and yet to be found.. luckily we had @idivekomodo taking the footage of our dive 😃👌

3 weeks ago

#iLOVEmyJob !!! 🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇 Here’s why... YES, of course it’s awesome to work for a wine company and all the fun & perks that it entails. #duh 🍷🍷🍷 And, being on/in social media as a career when it’s something you gravitate to naturally, is also awesome! But the moments of bliss when great content (photos, videos etc.) happen organically before you and just can’t be planned or set up... when you get to just spontaneously capture the passion and fun without penciling it in on a calendar! #thatsgoldJerry !!! This is some of the winemaking fun that’s not always shown. Not the obligatory picking of grapes or running the press (or stomping even), although we do those too!🍇 I’m posting this and even greater stuff today on our @jeremywineco pages because it was a visual jackpot today and it’s barely noon !⏰ Check out the fun we have there ! #socialmediamanager #instagramers #videosofinstagram #winemaking #harvest #winery #wineInTheMaking #lodica #iKnowJeremy #lodiwinecountry #visitLodi #thatsGold #bliss #spontaneous #contentcreator #boomerangoftheweek #socialmediaqueen

3 weeks ago

March 2016 and September 2019, folks. The pic on the left is from my wedding reception. My highest weight ever (except for when I was pregnant with the twins and I surpassed that number by four more pounds🙈). Three and a half years, two pregnancies, and three kids later, I am psyched to say I’m down 100 POUNDS from that high point. I’ve lost about 55 pounds since the start of the year and I’m super excited to keep moving forward on this path. Another 6 pounds and I’ll be the exact weight I was when I met John almost 9 years ago. And this time, we ain’t goin back✌🏽 #newyearbetterme #nostoppingmenow #notsohumblebrag #sorrynotsorry

3 weeks ago

🎉Public Service Announcement 🎉 Why is it that with communication so readily at our fingertips....people choose to go out of their way to NOT communicate? 🤷🏻‍♀️👎🏼 You can’t expect any relationship to thrive with that little consideration. #Duh #AndYetHereIamExplainingIt It’s all a learning experience for me, this whole making friends bit, I came back to California with a fresh slate and wanting to put effort into relationships with people that matched said effort.💯 I don’t need fluff, I am busy as hell and understanding of life and how it goes.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 I turn down invitations regularly, but I would never disrespect someone by ignoring them. That’s what you do to numbers you don’t recognize, not friends and family. My season of “less than” ended y’all.... so thank you for your part in my story, I wish you and your future endeavors well, and I will close with a simple yet situationally perfect... I still want you and yours to eat, just no where near my table.🍽💋🎃💯💯💯 #HarvestFeastPrep #Gratitude #WhereItsDue #TruthHurts #MomBlogger #LineWife #RaisingAdults #2019 #NowIllGetAResponseThough #ConsiderationIsFree #CantMissThis 💋 #TaurusTipsForAHappyLife #Rsvp #Respect #Communication

3 weeks ago

When somebody say y’all still talking bout Nipsey #duh #tf

3 months ago

let’s not talk about my outfit and focus on the more important things here... like the tile in this change room #duh