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One week from today, we will be in Europe! I found this post from three years ago I made at the Paris in Las Vegas and said one day I wanted to be at the real one!!! Can’t wait to be there with the family!

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📷 Я тут на днях разбирал свои старые фотографии и заметил интересную вещь. Их мало!⠀ С моего рождения в 1990 году до похода в первый класс их с десяток, не более. Да и вся школа ограничивалась практически только общими фотографиями класса. Еще не много фото с родственниками; дни рождения, новые года, знаменательные даты 📅⠀ Но их так же мало! И вот с каждым годом папок с фотографиями меня в моем ноутбуке становиться всё больше и больше! Больше и больше.⠀ ⠀⠀ Что происходит!?⠀ Почему так важно иметь фотографии с собственным изображением. МНОГО фотографий с собственным изображением?! Ведь изо дня в день в нём мало, что меняется.⠀ Великая Китайская стена и Я 🤗⠀ Прекрасные величественные горы и Я, тот же Я, что и со стеной 🤗⠀ Произведение искусства и Я, да-да, тот самый Я, что и на фото до...🤗⠀ Помоги мне! Я не вижу смысла!⠀ Это как ставить один и тот же смайлик всегда 😂⠀ ⠀⠀ Мои бабушки и дедушки за всю жизнь имели по 20-30 фотографий себя.⠀ Мои прабабушки и прадеды и того меньше.⠀ А если пойти дальше!?⠀ Изобретение настоящего стеклянного зеркала можно отнести лишь к 1279 году. А до!?⠀ А до не было ни зеркал, ни фотографий. Картины, но их могли себе позволить только богатые люди.⠀ Значит, до XIII века, люди могли наблюдать своё отражение и увидеть себя, своё лицо, только в естественных зеркалах природы. Реках и озерах. В те времена их было много больше.⠀ ⚠️ Но Я не думаю, что люди каждый день приходили к берегу, чтобы посмотреть на себя.⠀ Я предполагаю, что жили люди, которые ни разу, НИ РАЗУ В ЖИЗНИ не видели своего лица. И жили ведь 🙃⠀ ⠀⠀ Дак, что же происходит сейчас!? Повальная тяга на селфи. И Я ей поддаюсь!⠀ Я тебе скажу больше. Перед учеными стоит серьезный вопрос на который они ищут и не находят ответ:⠀ "Человек единственной существо на земле, а пока и во Вселенной, кто дублирует материальные вещи"⠀ Почему!? В чем смысл!?⠀ ⠀⠀ А на фото закаты в Индии и Чарской пустыни без моего лица 🙏⠀ Люблю тебя!⠀ ⠀

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Hello monday with original waffle

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Fall 🍁🍂🍁🍂 • If you go to every stores now you’ll see all the different fall decors, Halloween decors, candies, costumes and pumpkins are everywhere. 🎃 • The different colors of leaves.🍁 🍂🍃Aren’t they beautiful? • Temperature cools down. No more humid hot weather. Pumpkin spice latte/drinks. We love hot chocolate though.😉 • How about you? What you like about Fall season? • • • • • #fallseason #pumpkins #like #love #happy #sundayvibes #l4l #goodvibes #grateful #sundaynight #kids #instakids #followmyjourney #dream #believe #kidsworld #minifashionista #style #fashion #beyourself #instagood #instadaily #hapa #filipinokids #asiankids #hapakids #asian #schullertalent

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🌴 Hard Work doesn't pay off if you are working hard for someone else! Become an entrepreneur! DM and ask me how. ..

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(9/23/17) Link in bio for the full year of poems (Kindle $2.99 and paperback $9.99)

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LOVE this PiK! 😍 It really captures what The Coterie is about! A fun intimate gathering of crafters enjoying each other's company and enjoying what Broome has to offer! 🌴🙌💫 Creating something you've never done before can be intimidating. Meeting new people can be uncomfortable. Doing both at the same time....erks!🤯 So...here's to you...to us....for taking that little step which can sometimes feel so big. 🥂🍾 Cheers to small victories! 🎉 For stepping out of our comfort zones...for creating something new....learning something new...meeting someone new.💃🏻💃🏼 And a big cheers for making time to do what makes us happy + fill our souls! 💝 . . . . . . . . . . #coteriemakers #ComeCraftWithUs #craftaddicts #JRTheCoterie #basket #basketry #weavingcircle #traditionalcraft #learn #inspire #Create #broome #domoreofwhatyoulove #dreamcatcher #catchingdreams #sunset #paradise #cablebeach #lovebroome #escape #lifestyle #dream #ocean #beach #nature #breath

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Alright, it’s probably my last week in France (or my last but one week in France). I’m not feeling nostalgic, I can’t wait to go. It’s funny in order to be me I had to let go off all the things that defined me but that actually weren’t me. I had to destroy the image of me created by others and to pick things that defined the real me. It sounds counterintuitive but it’s not, I just wanna chose & be free. & I ❤️ U Peter

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Teachers always tell you not to look up during tests because the answers are not on the ceiling. When in reality you always want to look up when life tests you. Not to cheat but, so you can move forward. Looking down almost always admits defeat in every aspect of life. No one at any moment should be told not to look up and not to move forward. - - - - #business #boss #luxury #wisdom #entrepreneurship #mondaymotivation #likers #hustler #like #life #goodlife #ambition #hustle #wealth #quoteoftheday #motivationfriday #friday #businessman #dream #rich #luxurylife #work #winner

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Our aircraft are ready for cadets to fly. We have more then 20 aircraft that we use for training that includes:- Cessna-150 Cessna-152 Cessna-172 Piper Seneca Piper warrior Beechcraft Baron Contact us at : T: +603-9056 1325 M : +6010-8888026 E : info @avsstar.com W : www.avsstar.com #apgaviationacademy #iwanttobeapilot #futurepilots #beapilotabroad #apg #flyinglife #flyingschool #pilotlife #pilotstyle #dream #instafamous #instapilot #malaysia #philippines #pilotcourse #ppl #cpl #flightinstructor #confirmjob #avestarservices

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22.09.18 Casamos no quintal da nossa casa... . Escolhemos dizer sim pro amor! . No equinócio de primavera plantamos sementes germinadas por nossos amigos e familiares regados de amor, para brotar e crescer como uma árvore forte e assim colher frutos e partilhar com os nossos. . . Ritualizar com tanto amor esse nosso caminhar... . Viva, viva, viva!!! . . . #lauju #beachweeding #itaunabeach #saquarema #saltylife #weeding #dressbride #nature #dream #lovealways #primavera #equinóciodeprimavera

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Fall Symbolizes Loss and death. Spring brings birth and summer, growth and in the fall the earth dies and waits a long winter to be born again. It’s a symbol of the Savior and a symbol of our own mortality. In the middle of my most recent miscarriage, when I found out my baby had died and my body just hadn’t caught up, I was in shock. That shock blocked my ability to mourn and instead I kept saying things like, “I have 4 beautiful children.” And, “We can try again.” My midwife said to me, “I’m not as heart broken for you as other women who...” She wasn’t trying to be insensitive. I know in her role she sees couples devastated by infertility and women who suffer multiple miscarriages all the time. I understand what she meant completely! But it hit me when I actually miscarried, and let myself grieve, that there is no threshold or measurement you are required to meet to mourn the loss of something in your life! Bliss•ters it’s ok to grieve and we should never hold a measuring stick to our losses or the losses of women around us! Right? I’ve experienced lots of different losses in my life. The death of a baby brother, the loss of a tooth in a bike accident, a called off wedding, the divorce of my parents, my first miscarriage, my second miscarriage...These losses could be held up and compared side by side and given a measurement for which met the heartbreak threshold. But each of these were devastating to me for different reasons and impacted me in completely different ways. My first miscarriage was very different from my second. My second was much farther along for one thing. But how does that compare to the loss of my brother? It shouldn’t have to. The loss of a job. The loss of a dream. Lost opportunities. A difficult marriage is the loss of the marriage we had or the marriage we hoped for. A divorced woman doesn’t suffer any less than a widowed one or the single woman watching everyone else live her dream. Their suffering may be different but neither is less worthy of mourning. (Continued in comments...)

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Day #24 in East Asia 🌴 Love my ideas even if they sound different, love my personality and the ideologies I live up to. Love my life mottoes and the way I see things from my own point of view. Love my achievements and my failures, love my past present and future. Love me, me, with all the layers and the many me(s).💛❤️💙🖤💚 ———————————————————————————— To the whole post go to: www.randomlythinkingdb.wordpress.com ————————————————————————————

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roman charity.... After looking at this photograph you might be getting lots of Negative or Positive thought in mind, but after knowing the reality of this photograph you might get tears in your eyes. In one of the European country, an old man was sentenced to hunger death, he was put in prison. The punishment was like that he would be put on hunger until his death. His daughter pleaded with the government to meet her father daily until his death. She was granted permission, she used to get checked by prison officers. So that she couldn’t bring any eatable items. She can’t see the condition of her father like this. She looked at her father with the eyes of a caring mother. So, in order to make him alive, she used to feed him breast milk on daily basis. When after so many days, the man was not dead. The security guards got suspicious and caught the girl breastfeeding her father. A case was registered against her, but her selflessness nature wins the heart of jailor and she wins the freedom of her father. The painting is one of the Europe costliest painting. A woman is full of love and sacrifice, whatever the role she is playing in one’s life sometimes she can be a mother, sister, wife etc. #romancharity #woman #mother #justgoshoot #instagoodmyphoto #instaphoto #picoftheday #photooftheday #photography #iphoneography #500px #pictureoftheday #camera #photoshop #instadaily #igers #sunset #cityscape #hdr #instafocus #igworldclub #visuals #aesthetics #travellingthroughtheworld #wanderlust #love #black #dream #drawings