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43 minutes ago

This is our entry for @northernhounds #NH10k highest point giveaway. We have had a whirlwind of a year! We finally got settled into our new house on Oʻahu before my wife left on deployment. She’s already been gone for four months and the pups have gotten so so big since she left. That’s one third of their lives!! When I got news recently, right before this trip to the sunflower fields, that my wife will be coming home for a (super) short visit soon, our worlds were shaken, but the good kind of shaken! Everyday I ask the puppies if they’re “ready for mama to come home”...I’m stared at blankly because they don’t know what the heck I’m saying, and it’s just been the three of us for so long now. My wife constantly emails asking if I think the pups have forgotten her. But I know for certain they could never forget their other mama. Our high point is knowing that there’s a light at the end of this dark tunnel we’ve been driving through. Soon, we will be back to a family of four. Even if it is just for a short time, we have to look at the time we do get and realize how precious it is! I have been on cloud nine since getting this news, that’s why it’s our highest point! 🌻⛰☀️

1 hour ago

Today we celebrated Chappie’s fourth birthday! Wish him a happy birthday!!! 🎂🎁 He just learned to race in our show this summer and holds the @valleyfairmn course record in the Galaxy Theatre this summer! 💨 🐾 ❤️

3 hours ago

Not the best at looking at the camera, but still very photogenic 📷 🐾

9 hours ago

Welcome to my crib ✌🏻

10 hours ago

Quem aí tá curtindo o sabadão? 😎

11 hours ago

I wore a raaaaspberry beret. Actually from a second hand store. I’m basically Prince.

12 hours ago

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14 hours ago

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15 hours ago

Patience is a virtue; sometimes you need to wait for the right timing. But other times, you need to break down the door & ceiling to make things happen 👊 Pixel

16 hours ago

Wake up. Hug a dog. Have a good day 🐾

21 hours ago

Facts: Most dogs have paws that smell like corn chips – a phenomenon dubbed “frito feet.” This happens because of build-up sweat and bacteria on the paws. Follow us @doggworlds #doggworlds #snoopdogg

23 hours ago

💤We are so good at sleeping, we can do it with our eyes closed!😆😴😌 • • • 🛌This is our entry for the #formerfibresbrandrepsearch hosted by @formerfibres 🌿We are a brother and sister duo who were adopted a year ago into our furever home in the Canadian Rockies.🇨🇦 Mom and Dad aren’t exactly sure on our age but we aren’t very old.. even with all these wrinkles! 🏔 Exploring the trails in Banff National Park is where you will find us on most days.🌲Your anti-bacterial and odorless beds are right up our alley!💩When we aren’t out on an adventure, there is a 💯% chance we are cuddled up together! ♻️We love that you are using upcycled fabrics, making each bed a one of a kind item. 😍 It would be such a great opportunity to be apart of an eco friendly, handmade with snuggle love, kind of company! 🍃We hope you take a minute to check us out!💚🐾🐕🐕• • • • #adventuresofosa 🎀andknox🐾 #dogbed #dogbeds #squishyface #squishyfacecrew #bullmastiff #bullmastiffs #bullybed #gold #snuggles #snuggle #snugglesesh #snuggled #puppysnuggles #nutriencestar

1 day ago

#fbf when I got a super cute birthday cookie at @sleeprover was deeeelish!!🤤💕💕

1 day ago

So in love with our pups. Gonna get super mushy for a moment. Read at your own risk ✨ . . . I don’t take many photos with the puppies. First of all, unless there’s someone else there it’s nearly impossible to take a selfie with two dogs. When told that it was “my turn” for photos with my dogs at this photoshoot, I rolled my eyes and said “oh bless!” I normally don’t like taking photos, and I especially don’t when my wife isn’t able to be in the photos too. Yes, this day was beautiful. Yes, the sunflowers had me in awe. Yes, I was with great friends. But when you can’t have the one person with you that you want to share all of these new experiences with really puts an empty feeling in your heart. Hindsight, I am beyond thankful for my friends for taking all of these photos, and even more thankful for them capturing this moment right here. I don’t know what I would do if my wife were deployed and I didn’t have Simba and Nala to love on every single day. I know Kaelyn is going to love seeing these photos when she comes home. Just wish she could have been there too 🌻💛☀️ . . . 📸: @huskypupgeorge