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18 hours ago

It’s been almost two weeks since we’ve been to the block, which is the longest break we’ve given ourselves since we bought it 7 months ago. Last time we were there we noticed lots of new seedlings had come up from the direct seeding we had done over winter through Rohan’s work at Trees for Life. With the recent rains this past fortnight, we’ve been paying special attention to the radar in the hope that it’s reached the 14 or so acres of seeding and made a small contribution to the dam. Looking forward to getting down there tomorrow to see how things are travelling #directseeding #treesforlife #drywinter #seedlings #conservation #landmanagement #revegetation #eucalyptus #babytrees #dam #offgrid

23 hours ago

Look at our babies growing strong and tall on the farm! I love watching life bud and grow before my 👀 #directseeding #sugarsnaps

1 day ago

Direct Seeding for Grassland Restoration #1 | An increasingly important part of our yearly tour of the flowering remnants of the Victorian Volcanic Plains Grasslands is to see what is going on in the small world of direct seeding. Paul Gibson-Roy did two amazingly good plots on the roadside west of Wickliffe which we have been visiting for a few years. Pauls research projects are incredibly diverse, and will no doubt set the benchmark for ecological restoration using direct seeding for years to come, but more recently there is more great work for us to look at in the Western District. The Woorndoo Land Protection Project is another government funded initiative to utilise direct seeding for the ecological restoration of land that has been swamped with exotic weeds. The people involved in the project include John Delpratt, one of the unsung heroes of Victorian Grassland restoration and a former lecturers at Burnley Horticulture College, and David Franklin who has been producing local seed for quite a few years. John gave us directions to the direct seeded site, and we drove right on by at first thinking it was remnant vegetation. It makes us so happy to walk through this roadside restoration project and see that the work of Paul Gibson-Roy is being continued by more people, and that his work does seem to be building momentum. I just hope this carries on to the commercial world for Flora Victoria and any other companies game to get into the world of direct seeding. The Woorndoo Land Protection Project has a field day on Friday 16th November, check the flyer (last pic) if you're interested. . #grassland #volcanicplains #victorianwildflower #grasslandrestoration #directseeding

2 days ago

me looking like a grandma/librarian seeding a bed of greens in the greenhouse (just last week there were tomatoes here!). As the person who grows the transplants here @abundantacresns I do all of my seeding by hand so it’s really fun to use the jang seeder for a change 🤓

2 days ago

On October 12, the @maraelephantproject conducted a successful reforestation project using indigenous tree seed balls from SeedballsKenya in a hard-hit area. This operation was somewhat of an experiment for MEP too see what the best way to distribute seedballs is. Using the helicopter they tried two methods: one was via a reusable bag which allowed more seedballs to distribute quicker; the second was with a recycled water jug which allowed for slower distribution. They found that both worked really well but for quicker distribution, the bag was the best option. Along with distributing the seedballs from the helicopter, they also had rangers on the ground walking and distributing the seedballs in the hardest hit areas in these hills.

1 week ago

A quick seedball shooting demo from the great crew from the @ntvpropertyshow Thanks for showing everyone a simple and fun way to green up their neighbourhoods! 🌱

1 week ago

Do you need indigenous dryland grass or tree seedballs for this upcoming rainy season?? Look no further then

1 week ago

Watch 4 Corners tonight? The lid is slowly being lifted off about the risks of glycosphate. Big ag will continue to try and hide the risks but the risks are still there. If you are looking for a safer alternative- consider our range of flame weeders 👌 #4corners #fourcorners

2 weeks ago

Sunday plans? How about learning how fly? Please come and join us and the great folks from Cloudbase Kenya who are organizing Kijabes largest paragliding get together this Sunday the 7th from 8am. We will be providing them with some of our highland seedballs to drop out while they fly!

2 weeks ago

Uma foto que faz referência aos primórdios da nossa associação. Claudomiro, presidente da Cerrado de Pé, ao lado do amigo @marcospalmeiraoficial e os amigos do @sebraegoias que desde o início estiveram presentes apoiando a criação e desenvolvimento desse projeto que hoje já contribui com a restauração de diversas áreas de Cerrado degradado e com a geração de renda de muitas famílias da Chapada dos Veadeiros. Somos muito gratos por essa parceria que só rendeu bons frutos e continuará rendendo muito sucesso! #sebrae #sebraego #goias #marcospalmeira #parceros #cerrado #coletoresdesementes #sementesdocerrado #sementesnativas #capimnativo #seeds #semeaduradireta #directseeding #restauração #restoration

2 weeks ago

The Foxground and Berry Bypass project in NSW has been an important one for the local community, establishing infrastructure and improving access in the area. A high rainfall area with a sensitive environment, we needed to re-establish vegetation quickly to prevent erosion and stop sediment entering the multiple surrounding waterways. Our NSW @ecodynamicsgroup team implemented a Hydromulching solution throughout with an excellent final result of thick native shrub cover & grasslands within 2 years. . . . . . . ____________________________________ #Aquaseeding #Revegetation #Hydromulch #Hydromulching #DirectSeeding #Seeding #ErosionControl #DustSuppression

2 weeks ago

I bought the Six Row Seeder back from my July trip away and it's loving our clean beds, keep the moisture up and it's 2 easy passes for 12 rows on 75cm wide beds, 4 passes for 24 row on our wide beds Thanks @danybchard for the training #DirectSeeding #elliotcolemandesign

3 weeks ago

One of the very last direct seedlings of the season! The fall is known as harvest time but seeds are still being put in the ground. Using the Jang seeder 6 beds (aka 600 ft) can be seeded in a really short time. It takes us about an hour because we have to change the seeds a bunch of times but still! That's fast. It's a pretty freaking amazing tool for small farms.

3 weeks ago

Before (1st photo Oct. 2017) and after (Sept. 2018) at the @worldvisionke farmer managed natural regeneration site we seeded with 50kgs of grass seedballs and 10kg of tree seedballs last year. 😊

3 weeks ago

Turma da agro, atenção! 🚨 🌱🚨🌱 O Sistema de Plantio Direto (SPD) é uma tecnologia conservacionista que teve grande desenvolvimento a partir da década de 1990 no Brasil e já se encontra bastante difundida entre os agricultores, dispondo-se, atualmente, de sistemas adaptados a diferentes regiões e aos diferentes níveis tecnológicos. Mas como dizer SPD em inglês?🤓 Bora lá reter mais esse vocabulário 😄 #esl #englishfun #englishtips #englishtime #englishtip #englishathome #englishlearning #dicasdeingles #linguainglesa #aprendaingles #agro #agronomia #agronomy #agronomylife #directseeding #plantiodireto #farm #farmer #campo #sistemaplantiodireto

3 weeks ago

Direct seed or transplant - sometimes it depends on the plant itself.⠀ Beets, beans, and carrots grow well from direct seed.⠀ Read the new article to see which plants benefit from transplanting and which method is better for your fields! . .⠀ .⠀ #soilprep #seedsowing #grownfromseed #vegetablegarden #seedlings #gardenlove #vegepatch #veggiepatch #homegarden #veggiegarden #vegetablegardening #farm #farming #farmlife #farmers #agtech #agriculture #agriculturelife #agriculturafamiliar #seeds #harvest #agriculture_global #agricultureworldwide #westarseeds #directseeding

4 weeks ago

The little acacia trees from 3 posts ago are loving the Kwale weather! If you look closely on the photo you can see an ant climbing up the tree 😊's not even a month old and its already playing it's amazing role in the ecosystem 😙

4 weeks ago

For a tree to survive the dry seasons, browsing from goats and wildlife etc. it needs a good, strong and healthy root system. This is one of the biggest advantages of direct seeding trees in dryland areas. Compare the seedlings in the photos below the acacia in the milk container has been in a nursery setting for 3 months the others were directly rooted from seedballs. The larger root to shoot biomass ratio of the directly seeded acacias gives the trees a tremendous advantage over traditionally planted seedlings in holes.

4 weeks ago

Finished project | This small reserve in the northern suburbs of Melbourne is about to be handed over to council. The reserve was created to protect a number of mature River Red Gums and Grey Box. The understory was very degraded so the Landscape Architect; @gblalandscape included native grass direct seeding in the plans. . It will look fantastic in a couple of months when the grasses flower, we'll do an update then! . #directseeding #nativegrass #nativegrasses #ecologicalrestoration #grasslandrestoration #grassywoodlands #floravictoria #revegetation #landscapedesign #landscapearchitecture #conservation

1 month ago

Many thanks to everyone involved in our ongoing efforts to grow more trees in Kenya with @seedballskenya. 🌱🌱 Asanteni sana wote!

1 month ago

Di bawah panas teriknya matahari, kencangnya angin yang sesekali datang menyapu debu jalanan, yang saking kencangnya hingga menghamburkan #rigen #widikwidik anyaman bambu tempat jemuran rajangan tembakau, demi hasil bidikan yang pas, tak peduli diomelin sama @dcorleonee karena nginjak-injak bedengan yang sudah rata dan rapi siap ditanami #bawangmerah #videoinovasi #trueseedofshallot #soilblocks #oker #directseeding #jaraktanam #caplak #agroinovasi #kerjabersama @dispertan_grobogan @hendril_hr

1 month ago

A popular book among Native Plant growers and for educational use, weather you want to identify a plant, knows a plants habitat, its characteristics, propagate, collect seed with a section on broad acre revegetation techniques 🌱🌱🌱🌱 #hardcoverbook 350pages 📔 RRP $55.00 email 📧 admin to order What Seed Is That❓ #author #nevillebonney #plantillustration by #annemiles #nativeplantidentification #Australiannativeplants #seedcollecting #seeddrying #cleaningseed #nativeplantpropagation #floweringtime #horticulture #botanicalnames #broadacre #revegetation #landcareaustralia #directseeding #✅ #🌱🌳🌲

1 month ago

Join us in turning old waste charcoal dust from Nairobi into new trees for Kenya's drylands with our direct seeding program (and on Instagram @seedballskenya )

1 month ago

A little bit of mulching goes a very long way in helping your small tree sprouts to survive!

1 month ago

Ultimas cebollas Día largo de la temporada 18, variedad: campero nuhnems cinta: rivulis // last onions of the season 18 variety: campero nuhnems driptape: rivulis #onion #directseeding #nuhnems #forigo

1 month ago

I’ve been working hard getting the farm flipped for areas getting tilled, rows formed and then harrowed to perfection! Meet our new BCS, already making life easier... @bcs_america 🌱✌🏼🙏🏼 #terravitafarm #bcstractor #walkbehindtractor #dowork #worksmart #fallplanting #gettingdirty #tiller #powerharrow #newrows #directseeding #marketgarden #supportlocal #localfarm #ilm #wilmingtonnc #urbanfarm #microfarm #dontpanicitsorganic #alittledirtdonthurt #farm #otherpeoplesproperty

1 month ago

#Repost from @seedballskenya ... Aerial Tree Seeding Trials - August 2018 Many thanks to Gai Cullen from Permaculture Research Institute Kenya ( for flying and providing the research area and many thanks as well to Natalie Topa for organizing the tree (acacia xanthopholea) and grass (enteropogon macrostachyus and cenchrus ciliaris) seedballs for this test in Athi River. To test a few various ways of dropping the seedballs we used a Kitfox Aircraft recreational aircraft - (0.5hours flight time @ 70$ running cost per hour) to drop 30kgs of seedballs (appx. 15,000seeds) along a 200 meter or so stretch on the top ridge of a new dam that was recently built on the farm. This method shows good potential for targeted restoration for areas in the drylands where intense charcoal making/bush clearing has occurred especially around hard to reach low altitude hills. We will continue researching costs and best practices for this type of aerial seed application and we will follow up on this site in 6 months to a year depending on rains to see whats grown. You can learn more about this budding area of research into aerial seed application in East Africa from and also from our website

2 months ago

#Repost from @lionguardians_ ... Last week, we held a fantastic tree-planting event at a local school. A huge group of students, teachers, and community members discussed the importance of conservation and threw 20kgs of seedballs (that's about 10,000 seeds!) that were created by @seedballskenya and donated through Adamji Multi Supplies. Please visit our blog to read a dispatch from the event by our office manager Merishi!⠀ ⠀

2 months ago

The trees on the 2nd Langata seedball test site that were put down 20th January this year are doing very well, especially the sesbania sesban, an excellent quick growing pioneer and nitrogen fixing species of indigenous tree.

2 months ago

David slaying the Goliath that is deforestation in Kenya! These kids have the right idea! Using traditional style slingshots they can launch 1/4kg (about 150 seedballs) at once at deforested areas of Homa Bay County! Thanks very much to Brian for these great photos of such a good idea in action!