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5 minutes ago

My favourite boys!!!

6 minutes ago

Omg Harry styles!!💓💓 @likesandgiveaways probably not going to win but worth a try

7 minutes ago

im not lying when i say this made me cry wow i really felt this one -k

7 minutes ago

these r my favorite pics of him anyway, i just got home from school shopping n YA GIRL GOT SO MANY CUTE CLOTHES IM GONNA LOOK BANGIN!!!!!!!!!! and now im blaring four

9 minutes ago

Hahahhahaha 😍😍😍😍😍 This is the power one these 5 boys who makes us crazy all the time. #directioner

11 minutes ago

Todavía tengo la adrenalina😂😂❤❤❤Estoy muy orgullosa de él❤❤❤ ya necesitaba una nueva canción de él😵 ⚠⚠ Si usas da cc🚫❗

21 minutes ago

he looks like a boy that i’d find cute but wouldn’t say anything to, - - on an unrelated note, i had my first day of high school and i felt like i was going to throw up. in the 7th grade i had a crush on an eighth grader and i literally saw him and i almost died right then and there (he didn’t see me tho) i almost cried during lunch cause i was so scared and i have no friends because last year i lost them (it was not my fault) upperclassmen scare me sm. sodjsjwjskwkkdk - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #5sos #5sos3 #5secondsofsummer #5sosfam #5sosfandom #lukehemmings #ashtonirwin #michaelclifford #calumhood #5sosfamfollowtrain #5sosfollowparty #gainpost #youngblood #luke5sos #harrystyles #niallhoran #louistomlinson #liampayne #ashton5sos #michael5sos #releaselietomevideo #ashton5sos #5sosf4f @calumhood #onedirection #directioner @lukehemmings @michaelclifford @ashtonirwin @5sos

21 minutes ago

Liam lanzará un EP (es un pequeño álbum con 5 o 6 canciones) y su próximo single titulado "First Time" saldrá el 24 de agosto. También posteo un mensaje explicando sobre el trabajo del EP y borró todas las publicaciones en su cuenta de Instagram. La era 'Liam Payne como solista' viene con todo ! 😎😭👏 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #LiamPayne #payne #payno #1d #onedirection #liam #harry #louis #niall #zayn #ziam #england   #boyband   #entretainer #Familiar   #Directioners #directioner #zquad #sourdiesel #album   #HarryStylesLiveOnTour #toomuch #FlickerWorldTour #liampayne1d #firsttime #ep

29 minutes ago

Brisbane sahne arkasından. . HOLİ ŞİİİİİİTİİTİ. Harry sonunda kendinden curly biriyle. ŞWNDDMSLXM. . SAÇINI YEMEMEK İÇİN ÇOK ZOR DURUYORUM. .

29 minutes ago

You should be able to have a multi fandom feed like this and not be bashed for it. I’m an army, I’m also a directional. Yes I have a one direction fan account, but that’s because I was invited to own it with somebody. It’s okay to not like a band, but it’s another to continually compare them and make the other band feel like shit. Whether you are an army, a directioner, both, or even any other fandom, RESPECT EACHOTHER‼️-petra - - - - - - - #harrytomlinson #niallhoran #onedirection #louistomlinson #liampayne #army #bts #harrystyles #directioner #fandom

34 minutes ago

Niall and Hailee😍❤

37 minutes ago

OKAY LISTEN UP I’VE LITERALLY SEEN PEOPLE HATING ON LIAM FOR WHAT? Oh because he decided to release an EP rather than an album? LISTEN to me, YES WE WERE ALL WAITING FOR HIS ALBUM AND YES okay you guys have every reason to be mad BUT SERIOUSLY Y’ALL? Support him! HE KNOWS WHATS BEST. HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING. And if he believes that releasing an EP is best, THEN FUCKING SUPPORT HIM. Secondly, I literally saw someone saying that Liam has forgotten about 1D? Who was the one who fucking GAVE US A TIMELINE OF WHEN THE HIATUS MIGHT END? LIAM. WHO TALKS ABOUT IT IN ALL OF HIS INTERVIEWS? LIAM PAYNE. AND WHO FUCKING SAID 100% THEY ARE GOING TO BE BACK? LIAM JAMES PAYNE. So sit yo ass down, AND ENJOY HIS EP. And BE FUCKING SUPPORTIVE OF HIS MUSIC. And I’m done. GOOD NIGHT.

40 minutes ago

Still iconic

44 minutes ago

I need a love like Louis and Harry’s, it’s killing me being so lonely

45 minutes ago

Please tell me I’m not the only one going crazy from Liam’s last tweet

46 minutes ago

I adore this video 💚

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50 minutes ago

I'm currently mad @ Harry (although it's very hard) & I'm mad at myself & everyone's mad @ me so 😑

51 minutes ago

So if u have been following my account then u know that I absolutely LOVE Niall & Hailee and I have been shipping since the rumors first started. AND ITS FINALLY HAPPENING!! Once again to clarify, I LOVE THEM TOGETHER. It does seem a little sketch after all this time denying it but if this is real and genuine then I am happy for them. I’m a Lover (Niall stan) and the best thing I could do is support whatever makes Niall happy. After all the pain he went through w whoever inspired Flicker, he deserves the world. (P.s. Comment!! I wanna know ur thoughts!!) (P.p.s If ur not down w this Nailee stuff then I will kindly unfollow u and u may unfollow me thank you)

56 minutes ago

The closes thing we’ll get to a selfie for now ❤️😭

57 minutes ago

Harry with a beanie is a yes from me