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19 hours ago

I planted two Agapanthus bulbs beginning of the season and only this one has grown, not much but hoping that in a few years I will have a nice big plant. Didn’t really do much at the plot today watering, dead heading and a general potter. Along with making plans for what I want to do end of the season. Hopefully I will get my raised beds made and rearrange plot . #plansfortheplot #womenwhogarden #allotmentlife #plot7b #growyourown #raisedbeds #planning #agapanthus #deadheading #wateringplants #groundissohard

1 day ago

To keep the roses in the Rose Garden looking their best we deadhead them regularly through the summer. This also means we have one of the prettiest compost heaps around!

1 day ago

Still spending a good bit of time working in the orchid greenhouses, which can be exhausting given that there are over 23,000 plants in the collection and they haven't received nearly as much attention as they need. Many of these orchids are cattleyas (Cattleya spp.) and laelias (Laelia spp.), which are popular ornamental varieties native to Central and South America. These closely-related genera are prized for their long-lasting blooms and hybridize naturally to produce dozens of colors and floral forms. Unfortunately, they can also require a bit of maintenance. Second Photo: Deadheading, or the practice of removing spent floral blooms in order to promote new flowers and conserve metabolic energy that would otherwise be used for seed production, is a common horticultural practice. Sterilizing your cutting tool between plants and even sealing the cuts with wax to prevent the transmission of disease is often recommended as best practice by orchid enthusiasts, but is rarely done in this enormous greenhouse. Even more problematic, cattleyas and laelias are particularly susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections because they have a distinctive bud sheath that protects the floral spike until it is ready to bloom. This sheath remains on the stem even after the flowers are spent, and can accumulate water and bacteria, leading to stem rot. The last three photos show plants where the floral sheaths, or even the old flowers themselves, should have been removed sooner. Given time to dry out many of these infections won't prove to be serious, but it's definitely an uphill battle considering how many plants need to be taken care of in this collection. #permaculture #permaculturedesign #orchids #orchidaceae #cattleya #laelia #horticulture #greenhouse #botany #botanicalgardens #botanicalgarden #deadhead #deadheading #gardening #ecology #geomancerpermaculture

1 day ago

Just popped out to do some deadheading and these nicotiana are smelling amazing! They are pollinated by moths so their perfume is at its best at dusk. What else would you be doing at 9.15 at night?!

2 days ago

Nature’s way of Deadheading! Leave faded flowers alone in the garden, and they become a source of food and energy for our feathered friends and other critters! Dead heading may make our garden look more pretty, but we do great service to Nature when we let her be! American golden finch munching on the seeds of the faded coneflower!

2 days ago

😢 60 of the 230 lost on #twa flight 800 on this day 22 years ago were friends and fellow employees of a great airline we all called home. They are still missed & remembered today along with the other passengers all taken too soon by an explosion shortly after take-off off the East Coast of the U.S. #rip #remembering #gonetoosoon #airlines #aviation #flightattendantlife #cabincrew #deadheading #international #747 #prayers #airhostess #purser #flying #flightattendant #explosion #tragedy #inremembrance #inmemoriam

2 days ago

It hurts to deadhead the early dahlias they are so pretty, and so welcomed back. #deadheading

3 days ago

Our summer has been very warm and humid, the garden and fields are happy!! Weeds are in hyperdrive, and this gardener does best in early morning hours !🌿 I love this succulent in the granite ware coffee pot, something about the contrast that rings my bell🌿 This morning’s coffeestroll☕️☕️ Gonna need the big mug!!!! 🌿 🌿 🌿 🌿 🌿 #coffeestroll #deadheading #bigmug #coffee #jammies #quietmorning #pinksky #mygarden

3 days ago

Ugh...chores. 👹 Deadheading is done. I need a song to sing while deadheading. Something other than "Heigh, ho" from Snow White, which has been running through my mind each evening. Today's total was 29 hardy/swamp hibiscus flowers (up from only 19 yesterday) and 9 daylily flowers (up from 5). Everything looks much better after last night's rain. My dishes are finally washed, too, even if they're not put away. I'll think about that tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day. #chores #deadheading #doingthedishes #garden #gardening #toquotescarlettohara

3 days ago

No longer wanted on voyage !! 6 builders sacks later #deadheading

3 days ago

This is the worst part about growing flowers. Deadheading is so laborious and is one of my least favourite garden jobs, but it has to be done to keep my blooms looking pretty. #deadheading #effort #flowers #carnations