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Did they really need to die? :/ He was my favourite merchant in the Game... Follow: @okamitheshinobi

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Getting home after a long hard day, knowing tomorrow is going to be just as much work. - * Repost from • @alloutofmercy • their only post! If you have time go drop them a like. ☺️ - * Follow @popculturedco if you feel like it. - Follow @popculturedco and be at peace.

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Back on the grind tonight! I decided to remove the death counter I had for this game because it added clutter and I always forgot to update it. I will find out the total amount at the end though. Hoping for under 300 this time. Live between 8-9 pm EST! Twitch.tv/thealbynorhyno - - - - - - - - - - - - - #darksouls #darksouls2 #darksoulsmemes #darksoulsremastered #gamerforlife #gamer #gaming #gaminglife #supportsmallstreamers #twitch #twitchstreamer #twitchaffiliate #smallstreamer #ps4 #xbox #pcgaming #twitchclips #followforfollowback #fortnitestreamer #fortnite #souls #pve #singleplayer

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Get this masterpiece to 1bil views 😍

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For real though anyone who says they've never checked the Wiki these days is lying. I went blind for my first playthrough of the Souls games and they hurt dude

21 hours ago

So this was a weird fight to be an Archer in. On one hand, yep fast rolling and maintaining distance helps pretty well, and my boy Siegward can dish out some sick damage so tight tight tight. On the other hand though? Man every time Siegward buckled my fucking heart dropped. Had to get in there once or twice just to draw the fucking heat you feel me

22 hours ago

some #gay ass ppl bruh