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Hahahahahahahahaahahshahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha The Lavon affair was a failed Israeli covert operation, codenamed Operation Susannah, conducted in Egypt in the summer of 1954. As part of the false flag operation,[1] a group of Egyptian Jews were recruited by Israeli military intelligence to plant bombs inside Egyptian-, American-, and British-owned civilian targets: cinemas, libraries and American educational centers. The bombs were timed to detonate several hours after closing time. The attacks were to be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian Communists, "unspecified malcontents" or "local nationalists" with the aim of creating a climate of sufficient violence and instability to induce the British government to retain its occupying troops in Egypt's Suez Canalzone.[2]

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ong i’m finna cop a batmobile

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Gods watching.thanos: *snaps* perfectly balanced as all things should b

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what if we kissed in the lego star wars: the complete saga hot tub 😳😳

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Wow cats were up in space before man kind. Amazing

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my noodle dry as fuck boy

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Rip society