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1 minute ago

UPenn Classic 2019: Overall 2 / 34 couples in Silver Standard (WQTF) 6 / 30 + couples in Syllabus Viennese Waltz Overall 2nd / 40+ couples in Silver Latin (CRSJ) 1 / 21 Syllabus Paso Doble Big thank you to our coaches for preparing us for our first competition together. Thank you @darius_hk for your guidance and working with us to prepare for our international 10 dance debut. Going far as giving us your free time to ensure we succeed. It’s a blessing to call you a dance coach and mentor. Grateful to @igorlitvinov10 and Ieva Pauksena for their guidance in Standard, with two different perspectives that really meld together and being supportive and encouraging of the lofty goals. Thank you to Vibeke Toft and Armin for their knowledge on Latin and dancing and body mechanics. Special thanks to @fit_301 and @anastasia.erchov for physically training us leading to the competition. #ballroom #latindance #dancing #followyourpassion

2 minutes ago

We are going daytime dancing for a couple hours and then to our writers group . Creative Sunday vibes with my love @juan213carlos ❤️🦋❤️

3 minutes ago

Showing off my signature dance move at our wedding last year. I call it the "break your back" and love to scare my friends at shows by whipping this out. 😂 Im glad my husband still loves my crazy self after one year together. ❤️ #backbend #flexible #gymnast #onceagymnastalwaysagymnast #weddingday #bride #backbends #limbo #yoga #yogi #weddingfun #flexibility #flexiblespine #davidsbridal #crazylady #crazydance #dancing #yogisofinstagram #yogagram #instayoga #instayogi #fitchick #fitness #fitwithfibro #loveyourasana #loveyourself #confidence #highvibes #gymnasticscoach @davidsbridal @krisfarruggia

7 minutes ago

¡Hoy queremos felicitar a Ximena Salcedo por haber obtenido la Beca del curso EMLIDER! En el VII Concurso internacional de Danza CIAD TJ. 💃👍🏆 ¿Ya estás list@ para nuestra nueva convocatoria? ⭐️🎉 #CIADTJ #Dancecompetition #weareciadtj

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It ain’t always sunshine and lollipops when you run your own studio or class. Running a business is bloody hard work. We get it and we have the tools and the people to help you get it too. We’re here to help when your world gets a little dark, and to help you to shine ✨