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13 minutes ago

#dailysketch Perdón por la calidad pero mi cámara no es muy buena xD

16 minutes ago

Sloppy but hey first time screen printing! Thanks for a fun workshop @assemblypdx

30 minutes ago

Daniel the apprentice! I already had him, but I reworked his design and character a bit since I’m playing Nadia’s Route. Some info about him: - his favorite drink is Kombucha, his favorite meal is rice and butter, and his favorite flower is the lily. - he’s native to Vesuvia but has family in Nevinon. - he is touch-starved but awkward so please give him hugs - he’s surprisingly strong and his favorite sport is fencing. I can’t wait to draw him with Nadia more 😆 - #dailysketch #thearcanafanart #thearcanaoc #thearcanagame #thearcanaapprentice #thearcanamc #fanapprentice #thearcananadia #thearcanaedit #thearcanamemes

31 minutes ago

When I started to draw comics 23 years-ish ago, I always thought tracing was cheating (even if it was from my own illustration). I thought everything has to be perfect, no correction fluid, no glued piece with a a part re-done and absolutely no tracing even if I had to draw twice the exact same thing… because all the comics I used to read were perfectly printed. Until that day I saw an original art from Uderzo (20 years ago) and realized there was many corrections on it. That’s the day I learnt about efficiency! . So, this character will be drawn and inked once only and when I’ll scan the page, I’ll copy/paste it on the other panel and save some good time 😉 . . . This is part of the @Enemy_Engaged comics, btw. Disponible en français, available in English, disponible en español - http://EnemyEngaged.space . . . And it’s hashtagin’ time! #Illustration #Sketch #DailySketch #AlmostDailySketch #CharacterDesign #MechaDesign #ComicBook #ComicBookArt #SelfPublishing #WebComic #SciFi #Macross #MacrossEnemyEngaged #EnemyEngaged Created by @RatatarseFactory and @DasArt

1 hour ago

For my mom 💕 Books were big when I was little. My mom is still so enthusiastic when she reads to children, and I can’t wait to read to my own children some day 🥰 . Read below if you’d like to know more details about what makes this drawing personal to me. What is something personal that you remember from your childhood? . . . When I was little, I shared a room with my two brothers. They had bunk beds, and I had a bed with a headboard that looked like a house. It had a little window with shudders that you could open, and the that’s where I would hoard allllll of my dolls and beanie babies (trust me, I had too many 🙈.) I still have the doll that is on the bed, Molly. I watched Molly and the Big Comfy Couch a lot! The poster of Barney is in reference to how obsessed my older brother and I were with him. We even had matching Barney pajamas and slippers 😂 And finally, the sign. My mom used to sing “You Are My Sunshine” to me, and we would sing it together. Another thing I can’t wait to do when I have babies of my own some day. It may not sound like much, but these memories are so priceless to me! ❤️

1 hour ago

#100daysofsketching ---Day 24 "Beard" Forgot to post this yesterday Santa with a long beard xD 🎅🎄

1 hour ago

Day 37/180 - Circle Day 5/100 #100daysoflettering . . Pojďme spolu kreslit! Je úplně jedno, jestli kreslíš každý den nebo jen občas, je úplně jedno, kdy se k nám přidáš 😊hlavní je, že kreslime spolu😊 Použij hashtag #adventure180days , abych Tě našla😄 . ————— . Lass uns zusammen zeichnen... 😁 Jeden Tag ein neues Thema... Mach doch mit, egal wann Du anfängst, egal, ob Du es schaffst jeden Tag mitzumachen, egal ob Du zeichnest oder ein schönes Foto machst... mach einfach mit😁 Nutze den Hashtag: #adventure180days damit ich Dich finden kann😁 . #illustrationoftheday #zeichnung #kreativ #illustratorsofinstagram #illustrationinstagram #art #draweveryday #sketchbook #drawinyourstyle #challenge #zeichnen #malen #blackandwhite #lineart #dailysketch #blackworknow #pointilism #blackdrawing #fineliner #malovani #malovanie #kresleni #kresba #inkwork #instaczech #vyzva #100tagelettering

1 hour ago

A couple more cars that I forgot to add to the previous post.. Italian vintage rally cars FTW! Trying to replicate ink sketching, so I kept the undo and eraser close to zero with no construction line or anything underneath. Pretty tough but highly rewarding task I might say #conceptart #sketch #digitalart #digitalsketch #cardesign

3 weeks ago

Ujene is the tool...

3 weeks ago

Everything starts with learning...