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32 minutes ago

The Texas death bois in I Am were insane tonight, and I AM *wink* so happy I got to see them again! They absolutely kill it every time they come through here, and it was awesome to see Sledge again too! My bois in No Remorse really brought the heavy as well, and I definitely had NO REMORSE watching them. 😉 Awesome show, and shout out to everyone there for putting up with my shitty puns all night... 😂 I would love to tag my favorite state senator, Jason Rapert, in this post to let him know how awesome another show was at Vino's, but he blocked me... 😭😂 #dadjokes #photobomb #iam #iamband #texasdeath #sledge #sledgeband #supportlocalmusic #deathcore #metalcore #deathmetal #hardcorepunk #beatdown

1 hour ago

This is me most of the time. Hi, if you are new to following me my name is Tommy. I recently deleted 433 posts on my Instagram because I just didn't feel like it was me. I was new and unaware of how to act and just posted the most random stuff that I thought you fancy people would puberty days with IG are over and now I am going to post about mah life and stuff that makes me happy. I'm a dad, husband, adventure dude, family traveler, and bunch of other things. I don't take life too seriously, but just serious enough to live my dreams. If you are still reading I want to answer an important question. YES, those are my real glasses and my wife @dralydanger despises them....kind of...she actually says they are trendy, but let's be honest. If you see someone wearing those you aren't going to hop in the back of their white van with no windows for some candy and to pet a puppy. Anyway, if you have been following me and miss some of my pics that used to be here then head over to @extractyourself as I am slowly posting some of my favorite photos I have been a part of in my recent years of living. If you read this far well...I like you and we should be frands. Next check out all of these hashtags!!! #raperglasses #dad #notreallyfunny #dadjokes #father #fasha #hubby #husband #weird #weirdo #funny #notreally #livin #lovin #life #dadlife #parenthood #toddlerlife #toddler #adventure #adventuredude # #fatherhood #fathers #outdoors #strange #proudfather #daddy #camping #children #fatherdaughter

2 hours ago

The greatest gift we can give our children is our PRESENCE. 👉🏼Yes, parenthood is stressful, loud and straight up painful at times.👎🏻 👉🏼Let’s not let the pains and worries and pressures of life tempt us away from being PRESENT with our kids, or our spouses/co-parents. 👉🏼Being human means eye-contact, long hugs and good times.

2 hours ago

Which of your mates dishes out the best DAD JOKES? 😆 Comment below for your chance to win a Fringe Share Platter + bottle of wine to share at our Fringe of the Fringe Comedy show this Friday! T's & C's link in bio #mybar #enjoyresponsibly #dadjokes

2 hours ago

React with an emoji. Then tag someone . . . . Dm for credit Follow @videogram4

2 hours ago

You go girl,🐧 claiming your rightful seat at the table! . . (Props to husband/ #dadoftheyear for welcoming said fluffy creature to important work meeting.) #meltmyheart ❤️ . . Penguin Posse love from my fam to yours! Limited edition prints now available in my online shop! #linkinbio

2 hours ago

When you hit the punchline, but no one else appreciates your comic genius 🤣🤣🤣

3 hours ago

Puka everything? Why the s(hell) not🐚 #dadjokes

3 hours ago

When a dad says “we’re not getting a dog” he really means “we’re not getting a dog right this second. We’ll pick one up later this afternoon.”

3 hours ago

This RV living isn't about seeing the country as a family. It's this right here. In every new experience our daughter navigates on this trip, she has @welchpartyof3 and me filling her with confidence, self-worth, and the trust that we'll always be there when she needs us. It's so much easier to instill at 5 than it is at 15, 25, or starts early. Along with that trust, we have to trust her too. In this case it meant trusting her to drive Sassy (the Jeep) on the beach. (No Jeeps were harmed in the taking of this photo) #bigwheelskeeponturning #jeepgirls #raisethemstrong #daddiesgirl #welchpartyof3 #rvliving #wranglernation #jeep #beach

4 hours ago

What type of tea do babies drink?... tit tea. 🙈 #dadjokes

4 hours ago

I'm up to something 🤔

4 hours ago

Selepas lawak “Hi Wan (One), mana tu (two)?” . Beliau muncul lagi dengan lawak yang baru 😆 . “Wan, how do you get your kids in the car?” ... “You get it Wan by Wan (One by One) !!!” . 🤣🤣🤣 . Thank you Aaron, sebab jadi penghibur saya di kala waktu pulang kerja di kantor . #LawakAbahAbah #dadjokes #astroradio

6 hours ago

if anyone wants to play me in “Draw Something” my username is brooklynhuggins 🙂