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“There was a time when I was so engrossed in a book, I failed to notice that my neighbor’s house was on fire.” “Professor, tf?” • • So I've been sketching a lot for a while, I'm trying to improve literally everything I do with a pencil and I haven't posted in a while. So... I just made this Octopath Traveller sketch! I just had to draw these two beloved characters (Tressa and Cyrus) at some point, I'm so obsessed with the game, it's a problem. So I decided to draw one of their most iconic quotes shared together. Featuring a creepy spider that was on my ceiling for two hours. • • #Oc #Character #sketching #art #artist #artistic #artists #artlovers #instaartoftheday #myart #artwork #illustration #artstagram #color #instaart #drawing #ink #creative #sketch #sketchoftheday #pencil #artoftheday #octopathtraveler #Tressa #Cyrus #Octopath #videogames

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I wonder if they even knew it will be the most fateful scene ever? Miam FOREVER. ❤️ Love watching behind the scenes of "The Last Song", Miam were having so much fun together 😻

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she’s literally perfection and i love this dress so much. she looks like an angel @mileycyrus 👼🏼✨

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«You warm things up really well» - Liam when Miley asked if he likes her cooking. 😂 Loved this interview back in 2010, i wish they could give an interview together now, imagine how fun it would be - they're both so hilarious and maybe they could spill some tea about their married life 🥰❤️

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Basically yeah Gotta love how Cyrus is literally just stuck in the Pokémon equivalent of hell for...who knows how long He just got absolutely yeeted by Giratina right in front of everybody because he was being bad and deserved the timeout corner Spongebob and Patrick would be Dialga and Palkia just sitting back and watching - Ooped from @/substitute.move - • - • - ☆彡 No hate in the comments pls! ★彡 Have a nice day everyone :) ★彡 Trying my best to be a good fanpage - ☆彡 - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - ~Tags~ #pokemon #pokemonlove #pokemmunity #pokemonfandom #pokemoncommunity #pokemonmemes #memes #meme #pokemonmeme #funny #lol

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Rewatching HM for the 283728th time

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swish swish i’m a three point shooter

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The prettiest 😍

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She's just being Miley 🌴💚

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Never change yourself unless you wanna change but never do it for others ❤️ @mileycyrus

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The cutest🥰

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