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시작부터 뒷자리 아저씨는 심판의 엄마를 계속 찾았지만... 내 인생 통틀어 절대 잊지 못 할 순간이다 더 노예처럼 일해서 돈 벌어야겠다 #COYS #손흥민 #토트넘

10 minutes ago

So much to talk about today 1) fuck of mike dean 2) there’s something up with Tottenham Hotspur football club Pochettino recently has got it all wrong and I hate to say it but I do think it’s time for a change I love poch and all the memories he gave us but the players don’t seem to care nor does Pochettino I don’t know what he was thinking with eriksen not starting and sissoko on the wing the only player who did ok was Toby aldewiereld and for the first time in a long time some of the fans were booing the players off. If poch does get sacked or leave then i hate to say it but I would take Jose mourinho because he is a winner #coys #tottenham #newcastle #pochettino

15 minutes ago

▪️Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle ▪️Primera derrota de la temporada y tan solo en la jornada tres. Dominamos la mayoría del partido pero ellos en el 27’ marcaron por medio de Joelinton. Error grave de Davinson Sánchez que no hizo bien su marcaje, ni el fuera de juego. Partido malo del colombiano. El Tottenham lo intentó de todas las maneras pero el Newcastle era un muro. Nueve defensas que no se podían derrumbar y así fue. En casa hay que empezar ganando sino pasa, lo que nos ha pasado hoy. Hay que ser más agresivos y morder desde el minuto uno. Hay que aprender de esta derrota y seguir trabajando. ▪️ #COYS #THFC #Spurs #Tottenham

18 minutes ago

Tottenham have only won 4 of their last 15 premier league games. What’s going wrong? 🤔

19 minutes ago

@Ronaldinho can even control a ball with his back. Magical. 😍🇧🇷

19 minutes ago

PLAYER RATINGS: Sub 1: Christian Eriksen - 6.5 Sub 2: Giovani Lo Celso - 6 Sub 3: Ben Davies - 6 #COYS #ratings #poor #totnew 😑⚽️

25 minutes ago

Great day, great stadium, shit football 😂 #coys

29 minutes ago

직관 가니깐 아주 그냥 지네🐔 #coys

30 minutes ago

Strategy: Sideways, sideways backwards sideways, backwards, forward, sideways, backwards, sideways, sideways..... If that didn’t sum up our performance I don’t know what will 🤷🏻‍♂️ need big improvements before next Sunday. • • • • • #thfc #coys #ttid #disappointed #tottenhamhotspur #tottenhamstadium #coyfs #needtoimprove #tottenhamboys #spursnation #spursarehome #spursarmy #sortitout #pochettino #poorperformance #tottenhamfans #ohwhenthespurs #whitehartlane

34 minutes ago

Very fortunate to get pitchside tickets at spurs new stadium to finish the trip off. Not the result we wanted but nevertheless grateful for the experience and to see London bathed in sunshine 😎🤙🏻 @katelelievre87 #tottenhamhotspur #coys #northlondon

35 minutes ago

MATCH REVIEW: Tottenham Hotspur 0-1 Newcastle United I’m not going to take out my anger on camera, so I’m going to do this review on text form. Today was absolutely embarrassing. We lost to potentially the worst team in the Premier League, and we 100% deserved to. I’m not listening to this bullshit about how we wouldn’t have lost if it wasn’t for Mike Dean and VAR, Newcastle created better chances and more chances in the first half, although we had 76% possession. I mainly blame this defeat on Poch today. He treated this game like it meant nothing. Every game means everything. Anything can happen in football, and the Champions League games showed that last season. Every game, Poch has to set up the team tactically right, and recently the lineups have been tactically naive. As soon as I noticed they Eriksen wasn’t starting, I already knew that we weren’t going to do much. Without Eriksen, we create much less chances. Also, what the fuck is Poch doing leaving Jan out the squad. He’s our most experienced defender, and your benching him? It doesn’t matter if it’s only Newcastle, I feel so much more comfortable when he’s in the defence, his positioning is excellent. Our defending for their goal was shambolic. I like Sanchez, but he is still a young prospect, we cannot start him all the time. Jan knows what to do, and I love him and Toby together. I like Lamela. He works hard, and tries his best. But why are you playing him when we already have Son and Lucas in the team. Lamela cannot make things happen through the middle, and today showed that. As soon as Eriksen and Lo Celso came on, we were creating a few more chances, and we could’ve easily scored a couple. But certain players looked rusty today. I’m seriously becoming more worried, and I’m seriously starting to question Poch’s arrogance. He has to get the lineup correct for the Arsenal game next week, because if we don’t get a result, we’ve only got 4 out of 12 points, where it should be 7. I believe we can come back, and we can, we’ve had a rusty start, and we seriously need to be on top after the return from the international break. Tottenham Till I Die 💙💙💙 #COYS

36 minutes ago

Just one of those days 😐

40 minutes ago

2-1 🤩🤩

46 minutes ago

#공시생일기 한국사 1회독 완강.........🤯 새책 새강의 들으려고 꾸역꾸역 ㅜㅜ 행정학 수학까지 완강해야 속시원할듯하다 드디어 끝냈는데 끝난거 같지 않음 ㅜㅜ 빨리 다음주에 다 끝내버려👊👊 대자연 세상에서 제일 싫다 진심 아픈건 어제만 아팠지만 찝찝한게 싫어서 거의 한시간 반마다 화장실😭 내일부터 좀 낫겠지🧚‍♀️ - ⚽️아니 너무한거 아니냐고ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜ 내 코리안더비 내놔.....진짜....너무행....저번시즌에도 불발이라 저번시즌부터 기다렸고 톹넘뉴캐슬 일정 뜨고나서는 거의 디데이 세다시피 했는데.. 쏘니 징계 풀리는거 뉴캐슬전이라 얼마나 다행이었는뎁..ㅠ 선발 한시간 전에 봤으니까 한시간동안 나름 기분회복해서 쏘니보니까 좋았는데 경기가.....😬 이번시즌 괜찮을지 너무 무섭다😥 제발 #coys 💙 • • #공시생 #공스타 #공스타그램 #공부일기 #공부시간 #완강 #먹스타그램 #축덕 #일상 #아가리공시생 #studygram #daily #study #퇴첵 #출첵

47 minutes ago

Well the last 15 Games Have Been Great haven’t they.. #COYS #THFC

50 minutes ago

🗣 Lucas Moura has said he was ‘sad’ to not start the Champions League final in June, stating that Mauricio Pochettino ‘didn’t speak with me.’ 👀

55 minutes ago

Spurs 0-1 Newcastle. Absolutely shocking performance from us today. Poor team selection cost us the game today. Eriksen should of started instead of Lamela. Kane went missing for the entire game. #COYS #THFC

55 minutes ago

Tottenham are hopeful that Toby Alderweireld will agree a new deal with the club, with it possible that the Belgian will perform a u-turn on his current situation and extend his contract 🤞 [Metro]

56 minutes ago

Made my first appearance at White Heart Lane in 18 years. The first time I went was in 1997 - when the shirt I’m wearing was brand new. What an amazing new stadium. Pint glasses that fill from the bottom up - can’t get my head round it - but still haven’t managed to break by bad luck of only ever seeing Spurs draw or lose in the flesh. Next time. Always next time. @spursofficial #coys (no, not @coys1919 )

58 minutes ago

Tottenham have won just 4 of their last 15 games in the Premier League. 😓 Something needs to be changed. #THFC #COYS

58 minutes ago

This afternoon's game may have been one of the worst performances I've seen in a long while. From the moment the team came out I was fearful. Today showed how much we needed Eriksen creativity and how important he really is. What's going on with Eriksen? To me it's looks like he's off and we sell him now, we are in for a painful season. Why is there no Vertoghen? The most consist player in the team on the bench. Poch talks about the window is unsettling the players but it looks like there more to it. We are way to inconsistent to challenge for any kind of silverware. You have to beat teams like this, especially at home. As much as Mike Dean loves being centre of attention, he's not the reason we lost today. We was slow and out of ideas once going one down. Lamlea is a liability. Giving way to many fouls and stupid errors. Cant lie, I'm fearful for the next two games and currently have no confidence in winning either. If we can't beat Newcastle at home, how are we going to beat Arsenal and Lecister away? Hopefully they prove me wrong. #THFC #COYS

59 minutes ago

Asi es el fútbol Teníamos la sensación de que esta campaña sería distinta, nos habíamos quedado con la sensación de que el hambre de triunfo acumulado desde ya hace varias temporadas, sería el motor de este equipo, no obstante, nos topamos con una derrota frente a un rival que en el papel se veía asequible. Esta caída nos golpea y nos deja cara a cara con nuestros fantasmas: perder puntos que en la teoría deberían ser nuestros o notar que en la banca faltan variantes producto de un mercado de fichajes tímido. En fin, capítulos que se repiten una y otra vez, y que al parecer, nos hace ver que no hemos aprendido nada. Pero hay algo de lo cual, me siento en la obligación de recordar: el ADN Spurs, sin sufrimiento no hay recompensa y si bien, pueden parecer palabras de consuelo, cuántos de uds han tirado puteadas y han criticado hasta el cansancio al equipo, sin embargo, no faltaba más que un hincha de otro equipo ose a decir algo negativo de nuestro Tottenham, para levantar un discurso respecto al proyecto deportivo, a la capacidad de Poch de competir a la par con otros entrenadores con presupuestos millonarios, a la apuestas por fútbol joven por parte del club, del aporte de jugadores a selección inglesa, etcétera. Porque esto es como el amor de familia, yo te puedo criticar, yo puedo enojarme e indignarme, nadie más puede hacerlo, por lo menos no frente mi presencia. Y por muy eufuscada que me vea, yo estaré ahí la próxima vez que este equipo necesite mi apoyo... Porque, no esta demás decir, que no puedo vivir sin ti, mi Tottenham querido. #Coys #VamosSpurs #SpursEnEspañol #PremierLeague #THFC #spurs4life

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1 hour ago

FT: Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle. Not good enough today. Eriksen needs to start.

1 hour ago

That's the Bank Holiday weekend football wrapped up, well at least as far as the Premier League is concerned... • • @mancity maintain their 100% winning record against @officialafcb 9/9 ✅ • • @nufc really do love playing against @spurs in the league as they won their first 3 points of the season whilst also adding to their overall goal tally against Spurs (74 goals) • • Ashley Barnes was once again on the score sheet for what looked to be the only goal of the match until a late Raul Jiménez spot kick maintained @wolves perfect home record 10/10 ✅ #premierleague #bankholiday #bankholidayweekend

1 hour ago

Tottenham have only won 4 of their last 15 premier league games.. 😫

1 hour ago

Poor Performance from the lads today and a completely embarrassing performance losing 0-1 home to Newcastle United FC, an overall poor performance from the boys and hope we can do better in match week 4. I personally believe that the referee seemed to be quite biased and didn’t give Harry Kane the penalty when he got RUGBY TACKLED. 😳🤦‍♂️👀 Hopefully we can pick up the pace next game, COYS 💙👊 • • • • • #coys #spurs #tottenham #tottenhamhotspur #tottenhamhotspurfc #thfc #newcastle #newcastleunited #newcastleunitedfc #nufc • Also I am extremely sorry for being inactive with the lineup and full time scores on the page and on the story, I am ever so sorry and apologizing from my heart. I really hope all our fans accept this apology and continue to follow this page. COYS!💙👊⚪️🔵

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Season Round-up so far ⚽️ - What's your opinions so far, debate below! 👇 - We play Arsenal away, made mistake on edit! 😬 - #THFC #COYS

1 hour ago

I’m fed up of fucking arsneal fans commenting everywhere mocking us. Yes we played shit but we’re still a whole lot better than them. I hope we bury the red scum next week I fucking hate them there fucking trash they can’t take us finally being the better team so keep going on about 1 loss and all they ever talk about is ‘ooo there great history’ which means nothing now or ‘there front 3’ which means nothing with a defence like that I hope there deleuded club that have no defence gets relegated and I will forever laugh back at them • • • • • • • • • • • #yid #coys #tottenham #kane #clfinal #sonny #spurs #dele #hugolloris #llorente #ndombele #lovetottenham #pl #lucasmoura #dannyrose #jackclarke #dybala #locelso #ericdier #troyparrot #gazzaniga #dontselleriksen

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I don't like cricket, I love it the most. The workings of my mind as texted to my mum who was desperately trying not to put her feet on the floor or exhale. * Foolishly I celebrated victory by watching Spurs instead of lying in a dark room listening to whale sounds so I'm still about 70% stress hormones and 30% last night's gin. * Thank god it's a bank holiday 😂* * * #IDontLikeCricketILoveIt #Ashes #BBCTMS #TestMatchSpecial #TailendersOfTheWorldUniteAndTakeover #BloodySpurs #COYS

1 hour ago

Which Premier League team do you think will finish in 13th place this season? ⤵️💬 - ⛔Make sure your prediction is realistic or your predicted team will not count!⛔

1 hour ago

New Tottenham stadium is where I want to go when I die. This must be heaven. What a day. #COYS

1 hour ago

Poor result but as always Tottenham till I die #coys

1 hour ago

Made it to the new spurs stadium today... was a shit game but oh well still glad I’ve been! Think the name should be white hart lane again 😂😂 #coys #ttid @spurs and a little appearance from my fave Ledley king 💙💙💙 #football #fangirl

1 hour ago

Despite the result today, it’s just cool to hang out with my dad, in his favorite Tottenham pub under the arches. #coys

1 hour ago

Who cares about losing when you’ve got this gorgeous bum on your shoulders? 🍑 #COYS

1 hour ago

Tottenham have won 4 of their last 15 Premier League games What is the problem? #thfc

3 hours ago

Don’t get me wrong he’s a great manger but he’s making to many big mistakes especially in the ucl final should have played eriksen from the start at least half time and now we’ve lost to fucking Newcastle who are likely to get relegated • • • • • • • • • • • #yid #coys #tottenham #kane #clfinal #sonny #spurs #dele #hugolloris #llorente #ndombele #lovetottenham #pl #lucasmoura #dannyrose #jackclarke #dybala #locelso #ericdier #troyparrot #gazzaniga #dontselleriksen

3 hours ago

Come on sonny boy.. 재밌었지만 슬픈경기😭💓 #COYS

3 hours ago

So many shit things today, y we leave it so late for eriksen, moura had to finish those 2 chances and wtf is wrong with var that was a clear pen. To win the league we have to be wiping the floor with these teams not fucking losing no way r we winning the fucking league this season no way. We’re playing like shit at the moment • • • • • • • • • • • #yid #coys #tottenham #kane #clfinal #sonny #spurs #dele #hugolloris #llorente #ndombele #lovetottenham #pl #lucasmoura #dannyrose #jackclarke #dybala #locelso #ericdier #troyparrot #gazzaniga #dontselleriksen