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✖️Cowboy game got us like!!! @marie_liz_a_beth got real, real fast.. not happy !! 😞

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MEGALONG CREEK Bird is a heron.

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| into the wild I go - losing my way, finding my soul |

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I've never felt more judgment in my entire life than being stared down by a pack of goats and sheep.😂😂 But after a few minutes, they accepted me into their clan. Be jealous.🐐❤🐑

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Congratulations on another two wins🥇🥇for best sparkling ✨🥂and best fortified🍷at the recent #geographewineshow forcing us to try them out😉we had a great afternoon enjoying your food, wine and location😍👌🏼 #staidan #staidanwines #fergusonvalley #prizewinning #perfectlunchlocation #westernaustraliassouthwest #southwestaustralia #geographewineregion #longweekend #perfectweather #countrylife #springweather #springdownunder #fergusonvalleywines #fergusonvalleywa #localwineries

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È da un po' che non metto più le foto della mia cavalla, Queenny. Tante cose sono cambiate sia nel bene che nel male. Rimpiango solamente il fatto di non averti più vicino a me, rimpiango le nostre cavalcate, i nostri tramonti, le nostre coccole durante i giorni di pioggia o le coccole serali che venivo a farti dopo una giornata di lavoro. Mi manchi tantissimo Queenny, sei stata la cosa più bella che mi sia mai capitata, colei che mi faceva andare avanti nonostante fosse un periodo tra alti e bassi. Loro sapevano del nostro legame, sapevano della nostra magia, sapevano tutto di noi. Lo senti quando è il tuo cavallo, quando si crea il binomio perfetto, quando magari uno dei due non è in forma ma ci mette lo stesso il cuore, perché tu nonostante sia un animale libero e selvaggio, di pazienza ne avevi tanta con me e ti facevi fare ogni cosa che io volessi, come coricarmi su di te o stare seduta in mezzo alle tue possenti zampe senza che tu ti muovessi. Sei stato il cavallo più bello che potessi avere, il cavallo migliore in assoluto. Grazie Queenny, grazie per tutto quello che c è stato, dalla magia alle coccole infinite dopo una cavalcata nei campi. Ti amo ❤️🐴 #lamiabionda #lamiaragazza #haflingerhorse #myblondy #myhaflingerhorse #passion #countrylife #freedom #myhorse #luckygirl #luxurylife #lajoiedevivre #lifestyle #22 #Queenny

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We’re definitely ready for all of the fall fun! What about you? 🎃🍂🍁 . I’m switching up my health and fitness group and making it 90 days of Holiday fun!! We will go all the way to Christmas with this group! . Round 1 is going to be all about the fall 🍁season, with fun fall recipes, lots of pumpkin 🎃, and clean Halloween 👻 treats! . I will be doing WEEKLY giveaways to get you in the festive mood with me and keep you motivated to keep going during this extremely busy time of the year. . In this group you will be asked to make an investment in your nutrition. Here’s what you will get in your package ▪️Clean eating meal plan with portions and balancing out your lifestyle - - which means some treats are most definitely allowed ▪️Fitness you can stream from ANYWHERE for any fitness level! 👩🏻‍💻📲 ▪️Increased nutrition support with superfoods ▪️Support Group full of ladies👯‍♀️ ▪️Tons of family friendly recipes for the seasons ▪️Meal Prep Ideas 💡💡 ▪️Accountability . If you are interested in joining me for these 90 days through the holiday 🎃🦃🎄season, then let’s have some fun! Just comment below or send me a message. . Round 1 begins October 1st so you gotta get the ball rolling with your package option! I’m ready to stay on track during my favorite time of year but also enjoy all of my favorites within good balance so I can continue to grow a healthy babe!! 🤰🏼 . Come join us 🧟‍♂️🧛🏼‍♀️🧙🏼‍♀️👻🧛🏼‍♂️ and just know that it’s not going to be 100% perfection but it will be working to be our best! 🙌🏼 . . . . . . #fitpregnancytips #secondpregnancy #morningsickness #streamingworkouts #pregnancyworkouts #personaltrainer #prenatal #fall2018 #toddlermom #farmerswife #countrylife #pumpkinspicelatte #blondies #mamasboy #fitforchristmas

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The privs and I have nothing in common, yet we’ve been friends for years. They took me golfing few times, but I’d always end up driving around with the caddies. I don’t understand why we go to restaurants that provide 100 different sets of utensils, when I mostly eat with my hands or chopsticks. They only hang out with other privs, where I’m friends with everyone. I’m sure the privs are happy to be back in suits made out of silk and shoes made out of alligators, where my skin itches waiting to be shirtless in sandals. God bless y’all privs. I’ll be around for all your wedding when the time comes. I apologize in advance that I won’t be able to match the other expensive gifts like the yacht or Rolex. Just know that my heart is pure, like a humble farmer from Nakhon Sawan. I am not like you, so I thank you for the courtesy invites here and there to places that do not require me to wear a suit and tie #Santuario #Ninos #CountryLife #PeoplesChamp #Volunteer #Colombia