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She's so fucking hot turn on the aircon please

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these have big :3 energy

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𝕄𝕖𝕖𝕥 𝕞𝕖 𝕚𝕟 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕙𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕨𝕒𝕪 🥑 ● ● [ credit to @xaphelions ] 🇬🇧 : this is my first imagine ! Please be kind always ❤ My history's teacher is talking very loud today and my head is overthinking. I think about her like 5 times in a day and She never notice me . The pain is eating me alive , today . I just decide to go out of my class and I know that is very unfairy for my teacher but I really think that is better this way for me and for her . I'm walking through the large hallways with my head lifting up when someone hurting me on the chest and make me fall down onto the floor . 《 Pay more attention the next time 》says the stranger in front of me and only when I put my eyes on her pretty figure I realize that she's my secret love . I'm obviously embarassed and I search to talk the most quiet possibly . 《 I'm so sorry , Billie and If you want , I can pay your lunch . 》 I try to be kind but the blonde girl in front of me doesn't smile anymore . By the way , I lift and pass my hands over my jeans try to don't show that I'm really nervous . 《 you know my name but I don't know yours and I don't accept lunch from strangers , I'm really sorry . 》she confess with a frown on her face . 《 I'm N/S 》 I shake her hand and make rise a little smile on her face . 《 C'mon , I can't reject food ! Let's go the the canteen . 》 we walking hand - in - hand all over the hallway just to the entrance of the canteen . 《 what do you want for her lunch , madame ? 》 I question her with my french's pronunciation . She make eye contact with my brown eyes and I can feel my legs shaking and all I want to do right now is to drowning in her ocean eyes . 《 absolutely pizza , honey .》 and I can say that this day is my lucky day because the love of my life finally notice me . Have a nice day , angels ♀️♂️ #billieeilish #billieeilishedits #billieeilishedit #billie #eilish #copycat #hostage #idontwannabeyouanymore #lovely #bellyache #wheniwasolder #oceaneyes #partyfavor #whenthepartysover #instagram #omgpage #tiktok #youshouldseemeinacrown #comeoutandplay #partyfavor #bitchesbrokenhearts #bored #watch #sixfeetunder #eilish #buryafriend

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Review #Uwell #Crown 4: Habe heute meinen Crown4 von der Marke @myuwell getestet und wollte euch ein kleines Review geben. Getestet wurde das ganze mit dem 0,4 Ohm Coil (60-70 Watt), einer @voopootechofficial Drag Box, anfangs mit 30 Watt und dann mit 60 Watt und dem Liquid „Black Queen“ von @dampflion. Allgemeines: Liquidvolumen von 5,0 oder 6,0 ml (Bubbleglas) - Durchmesser 26 mm - Inkl. Plug'n'Pull Dual SS904L Coil mit 0,2 Ohm/0,4 Ohm Widerstand- Patentierter Selbstreinigungsmechanismus Optik: Der Vadampfer ist in den Farben grün, blau, lila, schwarz, Silber und rainbow verfügbar. Ich habe mich für den Verdampfer in Silber entschieden. Meiner Meinung nach hat Uwell hier in Hinsicht zu den Farben noch mal einiges drauf gepackt im Vergleich zu dem Crown 3! Alle sind definitiv ein Hingucker und sehr auffällig! Der Crown 4 ist nicht zu groß aber auch nicht zu klein und ist mit seiner eher abgerundeten Optik ein wirklich „neues“ Produkt der Marke Uwell! Besonders ansprechend finde ich die kleinen „Einkerbungen“ die dem Verdampfer das gewisse Etwas bieten! Preis: Bei uns im Offliner kann man den Crown 4 für 34,95€ erwerben - meiner Meinung nach ein Top Preis, wenn Uwell den Verdampfer nicht sogar wieder zu „günstig“ anbietet! Aber mehr dazu im Fazit. Geschmack/Leistung: Ich habe den Verdampfer auf einer Leistung von 66Watt gedampft. Geschmacklich schlägt der Crown4 den Crown3 wirklich enorm. Die Süße des Liquids kommt besser und intensiver als im Vergleich zum Crown3 aber ist angenehmer als im Nunchaku. Meiner Meinung nach die PERFEKTE Mitte! Der Verdampfer kann auf einer Wattzahl von 30 Watt gedampft werden (unter der Herstellerempfehlung) und bringt trotzdem einen ordentlichen Geschmack. Die Dampfentwicklung und den 100% Geschmack liefert der Verdampfer aber wirklich zwischen 60-70 Watt - muss man einfach getestet haben! Fazit: Ich kann den Crown4 nur jedem empfehlen der gerne einen DL Verdampfer, einen enorm guten Geschmack und einen absoluten Hingucker möchte! Preis/Leistungsmäßig kann man mit diesem Gerät NICHTS falsch machen! Tipp: demnächst sind MeshCoils verfügbar! Noch einmal besserer Geschmack ist versprochen!!🔥

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A dear friend sent me this flowchart and the article below is a portion of MANY articles regarding copying. THIS ISSUE OF COPYING IS DISTURBING! BUT I HAVE NO POWER TO DO ANYTHING.😭The original artist must contact IG or Etsy and file a complaint. For copiers I have a metaphor. YOU WOULDNT DREAM of WALKING INTO A STORE AND STEALING AN ITEM, WOULD YOU? No. It’s doing just that when you steal someone’s design. Hopefully this flowchart will help! Read this portion of one of © David Lozeau’s articles on copying: WHEN IT’S NOT OKAY TO KNOCK OFF SOMEONE’S WORK: There can be serious problems with copying someone else, without permission, and passing it off as your own. They are: CONFUSION: You are causing confusion with the public. People will see your art and confuse it with the other person’s. This does not help either one of you. DIMINISHES YOUR RESPECT AS AN ARTIST: People may not respect you as an artist. They may claim that you can’t do it on your own, that you have to steal from someone else. This does not contribute to your success. STUNTS YOUR GROWTH AS AN ARTIST: You will never grow as an artist if you are outright reproducing someone’s art and style. To grow, you must challenge yourself and cultivate your own look. ILLEGAL: If you are knocking off another’s work for financial gain, you are violating copyright laws. You could be sued and/or get very bad publicity from it. YOU’LL GET SHUT DOWN: When you have an account on, or similar sites, you’ll have your account shut down if they get complaints about you selling copied images. David Lozeau has shut down a few sellers on that have stolen his artwork. #instaart #artist #artistsofinstagram #dotting #mandala #dotillism #pointillism #arttheft #copyingart #artandcopy #copywriting #copycat #artistssupportingartists #artistlife #artistlifestyle #paintedrocks #paintedstones #copywritersofinstagram #art_spotlight #art #dotpainting #dontcopy #dontcopyme #dontcopymydesign #dontcopymyshit

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Gente não me julguem Eu só fiz esse vídeo para lembrar um pouco de Mitw. Eu amo muito elas viu? 💚 Se pegar comente "pg" 💙 Plágio é crime❌ •| h a s h t a g s |• #desflopforfcs #tazercraft #copycat

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I'm not good with captions.

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Y'all best go CRAZY at the next few shows. Also don't run at her or do any crazy shit, we all don't want her to get hurt any more. JUST GO MAD IN THE AUDIENCE I DONT CARE IF YOUR LEGS HURT AND YOU LOSE YOUR VOICE JUST DO IT (Also that story had such BDE "I can't be stopped" hell no you can't)

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Pleaseeee be careful

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This genuinely makes me want to cry! She deserves a break and I know it’s hard to just do that especially when she’s just starting to get really big now, but we need you to take care of yourself Billie please!! We love you🤧😭 - - - - Sorry abt the tags kinda trying to get noticed😌 #wherearetheavocados #billieeilishedits #explorepage #eilishedit #oceaneyes #sixfeetunder #dontsmileatme #partyfavor #listen #&burn #idwbya #yssmiac #trueblue #copycat #limbo #watch #myboy #bellyache #hostage #billieeilish #billieeilishcover #eilish #1by1tour #blohsh #finneasoconnell #whenwefallasleepwheredowego #billieeilishfanpage @blohsh @wherearetheavocados @maggiembaird 💛

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Feel better baby we love you more and for Christ's same take a break from the moshing 😂

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This bitch really has herself as her own lockscreen kksksks. We stan a self loving goddess

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U are so perfect