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im blind

2 hours ago

me seeing thru everyone elses bullshit & finding people that actually deserve and give love!

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tag yourself, i’m the aesthetic vsco girls

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#125 - him and tadano are the real ones

3 hours ago

#124 - i do not know when tadano will post on this account again

7 hours ago

Before anyone says sumn, I'M A WHITE PASSING POC. My family can call me wetback n shit but at the end of the day the WORLD automatically assumes I'm white, meaning I got privilege. A cop isn't gonna pull me over bc I'm a poc. A manager isn't gonna deny me a job bc I'm a poc. I won't get KILLED by a random white guy bc I'm a poc. Getting called whitey in middle school is NOT the same as SYSTEMIC RACISM. Yeah, my families racism has effected me (skin bleaching, internalized racism, etc etc) but it will NEVER be the same as facing racism every single day at the hands of complete strangers and even the FUCKING PRESIDENT. Get over yourselves! Maybe other poc would like you if you weren't such a baby! Stop centering yourselves in poc spaces! It's not hard!!!