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1 hour ago

I've been thinking a lot about body confidence lately. It seems to be an ever rising theme of social media. Exposing natural un-edited bodies and having this beaming pride for them. Raising awareness to the perfect imperfect human form. And although this gives me comfort as I see the idea of strength and inspiration that it aims to give I also can't help but recognize the sly and toxic subconscious habit of lust creeping in. Not comparing my body to theirs, or their lives or happiness to mine but I find myself asking as I gaze into the mirror "why can't I find love for this body in all the stages it goes through?" The confidence of these shameless women, although intentions so pure, create uknowingly another form of insecurity and it is to the woman, like me, who maybe can't find the oh so strived for confidence that others seem to have. I came of course to the conclusion that I will feel confident in my lack of confidence. That I will be okay with where my mind and body are at right now. That I don't need to feel the regret or insecurity of not always having the confidence I am "supposed" to have in my body at all times. I think when we do not feel strong and feel the force of that strength it is really hard to feel confident. I could share my "mom bod" on the internet but right now I would be insecure as frick about it and I feel it would be a disservice. So that's why you get to look at a picture of the mountains that I hike to make my body feel strong and confident because I'm just simply not there yet and that's A-Okay. 👌 #honestmotherhood

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Never dim your light to make someone else comfortable 💫 #mondaymood

2 hours ago

One of the coolest things about mountains is “alpenglow” - an optical phenomenon of rosy light near the horizon, opposite the direction of the sun. Yes folks, this is not a sunset. The sunset was BEHIND me. (Prior post). I hardly knew in which direction to gawk.

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People lived at Mesa Verde from 9000 BC to 1300 AD! It is one of the longest continuous lived places on Earth! A severe drought in 1270 started that lasted 30 years forcing the last of the people to leave. You need to visit here one day. Like if this is now on your bucket list. ⁣ .⁣ Part of our 1776 Jack James Series⁣⁣ .⁣ #jackjames #1776freedoms #metalprints #mesaverde #mesaverdenationalpark #landscape_lovers #landscapephotography #natureonly #naturediversity #natureisbeautiful #naturehub #nature_photo #natureshooters #colorado #coloradophotographs #coloradotography #coloradogram #coloradocameraclub #landscape_captures #coloradoinstagram #coloradolove #coloradoliving #naturevalley #nature_lover #coloradolive #nature_obsession #colorado_fame #viewcolorado #nature_collection #visitcolorado

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It was the most gorgeous day at @beavercreek today — snow in the morning and sun in the afternoon. We had a family ski day minus the little guy who was taking a lesson. It just makes me happy to be outside and riding up and zipping down a mountain. I don’t love cold but I do love this. Hope that you spent time this weekend doing something that makes you happy! . . . #beavercreek #seizetheseason #skiseason #snowsnowsnow #coloradolive #tmom #familyadventures #coloradountamed #coloradoinstagram #coloradolove #viewcolorado #coloradoliving #visitcolorado #coloradotography #coloradolife #lovethemountains #mountainlife #instamountain #familyskiday #ilovecolorado #mountainlove #familytime #getoutside #mountaintop #mountaintopview