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1 year ago

🎶I love it when you call, I love it when you call Just to say hi, say hi Feeling low when you're away, holding on to what you say🎶 #austinmahone #codekomusic #sayhi

1 year ago

UK-based @codekomusic , who is currently studying Physical Sciences at the prestigious Cambridge University, is back with a huge collaboration with @austinmahone entitled “Say Hi.” The track is off to enormous streaming success and has been a major hit in Codeko’s live sets, especially when performing it live with Austin. The pair debuted the track at the University of Arizona across 8 performances in 24 hours, consisting of 2 pool parties, 2 sold out concerts, and 4 acoustic shows. Read on to learn more about “Say Hi” and what lies ahead for Codeko. 👉 #codeko #codekomusic #austinmahone #sayhi #electronic #dance #music #edm #pop #dj #producer #vocalist