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Listen - while it’s important to talk about climate crisis problems, we have to equally be discussing, and accelerating, solutions. Paul Hawken's said at Grounded Summit that we are living on a planet that no one has ever inhabited before. We saw a record high of 414.7 parts per million of atmospheric carbon dioxide in May of this year. We're experiencing unprecedented heat across the world this week - and that's not to mention the extreme weather, from flash floods to mega fires, that have increased in recent years. The Earth is unknown to us in this state. If we do nothing, we will see a planet that is uninhabitable for life, and soon. Right now, not tomorrow, not next generation, is the time to shift the trajectory. We have the opportunity (and the requirement) to seek moonshot innovations, to change our ways of living, to fervently support the people and organizations that will be responsible for restoring ecological balance to the Earth. We don't have 5-10 years. It starts right now - and together, we know we can do it. We are working, every day, to create a regenerative planet. Join us.

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“Today we are faced with a challenge that calls for a shift in our thinking, so that humanity stops threatening its life-support system. We are called to assist the Earth to heal her wounds and in the process heal our own.” -Wangari Maathai ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #FridaysForFuture #FridayFeels #ActOnClimate ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📸 Kim Crumbo

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Angela Merkel's legacy is the destruction of the future. Thanks for that! . . Dada made with ♥️ by derdiedada follow us and we will hop onto the citadel #dada art from #berlin since 2005 // visit the archive at #merkel #climate #emergency #actnownotlater #klimakabinett #thecreatart #surreal42 #thecreativers #edit_grams #beyondsurreal #collage_expo #c_expo #derdiedada #artist #photography #digitalcollage #collage #collageartists #collageart #arte #creative #cool #myart #surrealist #surrealism #avantgarde #happy #instagood

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Sooooo. This post is gonna be me going on a rant about how (you know the word) stupid some people are, okay. So we’re at the beach enjoying ourselves like so many others. This beach in Calella attracts all kinds of tourists: old couples, young couple, young adults, teenagers and families with young kids. All are welcome of course, but please show some respect. You’re not alone at the beach and some behavior is never okay no matter what, imo at least. Like smoking at the beach... please. Not when you’re in the middle of lots of people and surrounded by families with kids. Just please don’t. Or when you bring your own food and not take the trash with you, like come on! What upsets me the most is this picture though. Let me tell you the story behind it. A couple of young adults wanting to drink at the beach arrives as we’re drying in the sun after a dip in the ocean. I tend to keep an eye on the people around me since we’re leaving our belongings from time to time, y’know. These two however put their glass bottles in a bag and buried them in the sand - to keep them cool I presume. Pretty smart, right? But that’s not the problem. This is: When they later leave, they half burry the empty GLASS BOTTLES in the sand(!) and no one says anything! I can promise you I would’ve if I had seen this, but I was (unfortunately) too busy working on my tan at this moment. I saw the glass bottles sticking up through the sand later on, not too far away from where kids and adults ran to and from the ocean. I got so upset and still am given this rant! I mean what were they thinking??? Someone could’ve hurt themselves REAL BAD! I picked up and recycled the bottles before leaving the beach, you’re welcome asshole! And you know what, it wasn’t too difficult BECAUSE THERE’S A RECYCLING STATION AT THE BEACH BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE AREA! I know some people, including my younger self, throw things wherever because there isn’t a bin nearby to throw it in but now there was. I mean hello???? Fucking idiot! And yes, I’m still upset about this hence this post. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #idiot #recycle #glass #climate #keeptheoceansclean

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Adopt a Flexitarian Regime Simple steps to living more sustainably: The dining room * The UK’s livestock industry is responsible for 5% of the UK’s total carbon emissions, making it significant, but the manure is spread on the land, which, in turn, improves the soil. With meat eaters in the UK consuming almost double the world average, one way to help the planet is to reduce our consumption, adopt a flexitarian regime (plant-based, with smaller amounts of meat, fish and dairy) or consider a radical diet change. According to a report by the Vegan Society and Oxford University, eating a plant-based diet is the most significant way an individual can combat climate change. However, if you can’t live without meat, try to eschew intensive livestock farming to buy British, buy local and buy grass-reared — and also eat more game, which is good for you. * Do what you can.... * #dowhatyoucan #flexitarian #flexitariandiet #flexitarianfood #carbonemissions #sustainableliving #recyclingideas #globalawareness #environment #savetheplanet #vegan #veganlife #cleanouroceans #plasticfree #cleanup #cleanupchallenge #govegan #zerowaste #recycle #gogreen #sustainable #climatechange #climate #ecofriendly #eco #ecofriendlyproducts #ringana #ringanaproducts #myringana #ringanapeople

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CLIMATE FRIENDLY PROTECTION - Extensive research led to the discovery of a new and environmental friendly method to protect box coolers against fouling. Box coolers on vessels are potential fouling victims because of barnacles, algae, etc. Together with technology company @philips we developed a technique using UV-C light. This technique ensures that the cooler will be kept clean with extreme precision. The system has recently been installed on a vessel where it's thoroughly being tested

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शब्द आणि छायाचित्र :- स्वत: सुयश गुळीग # #evening click [email protected] pune station #climate 😍😍😘

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Application Deadline Extended for the worlds biggest #greentech #business #idea competition!⠀ ⠀ We were flooded with messages & emails from people who had just missed out on applying. We've therefore decided to reopen applications until Sunday July 28th.⠀ ⠀ Don't miss it this time!⠀ ⠀ See link in bio to apply.⠀ ⠀ #climatechange #globalwarming #environment #climate #sustainability #nature #savetheplanet #climatechangeisreal #eco #ecofriendly #zerowaste #green #sustainable #recycle

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Olafaur Eliasson’s immersive exhibition ‘In Real Life’ at the Tate Modern bring surprises to every aspect of your visit. As you walk towards the building you pass the Waterfall..... You enter the lift to get to the Danish-Icelandic Artist’s exhibition and you are immediately aware that everything around has turned orange. Everything is the same & everyone in the lift are looking at each other the same skin tones that we all have. You can see, feel and hear people’s reaction what must be to question migration alongside colour-theory and that’s before we even have shown our ticket at the exhibitions entrance . Photos include... . ‘Your Blind Passenger’ (2010) An indoor fog corridor created by minuscule water droplets. ‘Your Spiral View’ (2002) is a corridor of broken reflections. ‘Beauty’ (1993) where you can walk through a mist and touch a rainbow created by light shining through raindrops. ‘Moss Wall’ (1994) a soft tactile wall that brings the outside in made from reindeer moss that can be found in Scandinavian countries as food for reindeer. ‘Big Bang Fountain’ (2014) that captures a moment of water pumped into the air and with flashes of light the water appears to be standstill as if time has become motionless. ‘Your Uncertain Shadow’ (2010) where colour theory is at play. ‘Waterfall’ (2019) set in urban surroundings. . Don’t forget to visit the Tate Modern’s Terrace Bar for Olafaur Eliasson’s curated menu. . Tate Modern, London Until 5th January 2020 . . #schoolofscenography #olafureliasson #tatemodern #tate #inreallife #colourtheory #immersive #visualarts #installation #theatredesign #weather #weatherproject #climate #rainbow #exhibition #pattern #environmentalart #natureandtechnology #artseducation #visualarts #creativearts #findingacreativecareer #thearts #sculpture #spatialart

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Day 19 of #plasticfreejuly Bit intimate this post, but I’m sharing it anyway... @totmorganic sanitary products. I used to use tampax pearl... yep, the ones with the plastic applicator 😧 However, what I also didn’t realise, was what else was in them! . Mainstream brands are not required to list product ingredients. So, TOTM did some digging and made it their mission to expose the truth about tampons. . They launched in 2016 with a vision to change how we manage our periods and understand our menstrual health. They’re on a mission to end the silence surrounding periods & provide more natural & sustainable period care. Read more on their website - . I’m sticking with @totmorganic until I pluck up the courage to buy a menstrual cup! . . . #plasticfree #ecofriendlyliving #zerowaste #zerowastetips #smallstepseveryday #minimalism #wannabeminimalist #consciousliving #environment #climate #green #savetheplanet #instaenvironment #climatechange #climateaction #love #life #instagood #plasticfreeparent #plasticfreeliving #ecofriendly #totm #organictampons #organic

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Let’s plant more trees 🌳 and keep them watered 💦 . . Everyone knows that the planet’s forests are under threat. 36 football fields of forests are hacked, burned, and destroyed every minute. With each forest clearing, we lose about 135 species of animals, plants, and insects. . . 11% of global greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans can be blamed on deforestation, equivalent to emissions from all the cars and trucks on 🌍 . . . Indonesia 🇮🇩 has the highest deforestation rate in the 🌍, losing 15 million acres of forest between 2000 and 2012 . Forests provide us with many benefits, including goods such as timber and 🧻 . They help mitigate climate change by consuming the carbon dioxide we put into the air, while ‘breathing’ out oxygen. Tropical rainforests play a vital role in the water cycle by providing rain to places like the Amazon.It is also estimated that rainforests contain more than half of anti-cancer plants identified so far. One drug under development for treating HIV, Calanolide A, is derived from a 🌳 discovered in Borneo 🇲🇾 . . - Main reasons for deforestation: 1. Agricultural expansion (palm oil, soy bean) 🌱 2. Livestock ranching - since 1990, Brazil, a top exporter of beef, has lost an area of forest that is 3/4 the size of Texas. 🐄 🥩 3. Logging 🆘 4. Infrastructure expansion 🚗🚦🏢 5. Forest fires 🔥(This has wide-reaching consequences on biodiversity, climate, and economy) 6. Mining ⛏ . . Another big shout out to @treesforcities for a great volunteer day at the end of June! 15 of us from work went to Sutcliffe Park to maintain some 🌳 planted by the charity a couple of years ago. It’s important (especially when it’s so hot) to look after your 🌳 and keep them watered until they’re well established! Was a beautiful sunny day as well! . ✌️ 🌍 . . . . #plasticfree #zerowaste #sustainability #instaearth #instadaily #instamood #instafollow #savetheplanet #saveouroceans #oceanplastic #climate #minimalism #passonplastic #plasticpollution #blueplanet #plasticfreechallenge #love #followme #follow #instagood #ootd #picoftheday #photooftheday #treesforcities #choosetorefuse #vegan #vegetarian #foodporn #food #london

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***Königskerze für Insekten*** Jeder kann einen Beitrag dazu leisten, das Insektensterben zu stoppen, indem wir in unserem Bereich, Insektenfreundlichen Lebensraum schaffen. Eine wunderbare Möglichkeit, Königskerze auf dem Balkon oder im Garten aussäen, denn sie ist besonders insektenfreundlich. Sehr viele verschiedene Insektenarten lieben ihre Pollen und da auf eine Pflanze ziemlich viele Blüten kommen, hat sie auch eine lange Blütezeit von Juni-September. Wir haben es dies Jahr ausprobiert und die Königskerze ist wirklich eine wunderschöne, robuste Pflanze, die auch Trockenperioden gut übersteht. Außerdem kann sie auch deiner Haut etwas gutes tun: Sie enthält Wirkstoffe, die die Wundheilung unterstützen können! . Eine Möglichkeit für alle ohne Garten oder Balkon: "Seed-Bombs" mit Wildblumensamen in der Stadt/Parks/Grün- oder Sandstreifen verteilen. ​ Aber auch beim Einkauf auf Bio-Obst und Gemüse zu achten oder regionale kleinere Öko-Betriebe zu unterstützen, kann einen Beitrag gegen das Insektensterben leisten. Die Pestizide in der konventionellen Landwirtschaft und die Monokulturen machen Insekten das Überleben sehr schwer. . Was sind eure Ideen, wie wir unser Umfeld insektenfreundlicher gestalten können? . . . #reemedee #insekten #reegeneration #klima #climate #öko #nachhaltig #natur #summer #königskerze #noplanetB #naturkosmetik #hautpflege #skincare #bio #vegan #beauty #life #biotop #skin #haut #heilkräuter #gesundheit #health #instagood #instalife #kosmetik #cosmetics #blüten #startup

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When the main stream media was so much busy with mob lynching "Asam and Bihar" both the states of India were suffering from a heavy flood due to the heavy rainfall. More than 150 human lives have lost and over 1 crore of population got affected. 12 districts of Bihar and Major part of Assam got affected by the flood in Kosi River (sorrow of Bihar) and Brahmaputra respectively. Yet the main stream media is not taking it very seriously but we the people of India standing with all Assamese and Bihari people. Here you can contribute any financial support for both the states through Paytm.. Ohk lets talk about a real fact here. India have seen several disasters due to the heavy rainfall in past few years and also some parts of India are suffering from drought and this number will surely increase in upcoming years down the line. Somewhere we the humans are responsible for this increased precipitation. Global warming is increasing day by day which causes the increment in evaporation of water and the clouds forming due to this can not be well managed by the mother earth (source - NASA climate change report) . These incidents are nothing but the alarm for us. Still we can save the mother earth and i believe there is a very thin line between saving it or destroying it and we are standing at the line. I hope you feel the same. The End is near. Thank you for reading share this so the people can get the help. 🙏 #biharfloods #assamfloods #climate #climatechange #waterdrop #motherearth #savepahad #savetheenvironment

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In March of 2020, I will be setting out in a Hobie kayak to travel from Miami, Florida to Norfolk, Virginia. Along this journey, I will be visiting coastal communities to record conversations with residents on the impacts of climate change in their community as well as give them the tools become engaged in their local environment through citizen science. A huge thanks to Alex at Ignite Life and Ignite Films for the amazing work on this video!!! Website: GoFundMe: Facebook: Instagram: @climatekayakandconversation #climate #change #ocean #sealevelrise #kayak #hobie #eastcoast #us #conversation #camping #boating #ignitelife #nc #sc #ga #fl #icw #paddle #eenc

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resident (common fig, Ficus carica) • this resident has a symbiotic relationship with fig wasps (Blastophaga psenes) wherein a female fig wasp will crawl into the figs, pollinating some of the flowers. she then lays her eggs inside the fig and dies. the figs give the wasp’s offspring safe haven to mature and hatch (Blackburne-Maze, 2003). however, the fig grows widely and fig wasps are not present in colder climates, such as the pacific northwest. • july 18th, 2019

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Today in London Extinction Rebellion rebels, led by inspiring rebels including youth from @xryouth_london stood alongside and the amazing school strike they organised joining them for today’s #climatestrike after marching out of our #summeruprising camp for the last time this summer. The unity and connection shown on this action was incredible, both groups sharing knowledge and resources in beautiful unity. We are so proud of all the rebels and youth strikers who took action today and are so excited to continue to consistently work together up to Septembers global actions and beyond.

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resident (garden nasturtium, Tropaeolum majus) • this resident supports other residents like the dot moth and the garden carpet moth, when they are still in the larval stages. at dusk, the flowers sometimes appear to emit small flashes - this was once thought to be an electrical phenomenon, but it’s now thought to be an optical reaction • july 18th, 2019

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Hey 👋 #Startups , if you are creating a product that brings positive social change, improves environment and solves world issues to make our home a better place, please reach out to us 🙌. We would love to feature you and your story 🌟🌟🌟 . . . . . #sustainability #sustainableliving #changemakers #socialchange #worldabetterplace #cause #4change #dogood #nptech #socent #impinv #socialbusiness #BOP #entrepreneurs #CSR #socialentrepreneur #socialenterprise #socap #neweconomy #humanrights #diversity #sdoh #green #eco #climate #fairtrade #ff

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#repost @frederik.sandby ・・・ Klimatiske tipping points er når den globale opvarmning ikke længere skyldes vores tilførelse af drivhusgasser til atmosfæren, men at kloden selv opvarmer, uagtet vores indflydelse. Et af de største tipping points er den store mængde kulstof som er lagret i det artiske. Vi har ikke mange år før opvarmningen løber ud af vores hænder. Derfor skal vi handle nu! Alle sammen, politiker som borger ✊ #klima #klimapagt #klimahandling #klimatosse #klimapåmindelsen @dengroennestudenterbevaegelse @klimastrejke #climate #climatechange #climateaction #climatebreakdown

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Even though it gets over 100 degrees F in AZ in the summer 😅 I have to appreciate the stunning cacti you can see everywhere ya go🌵🌞 • Q: Whats your favorite season?? • A: 🍂🎃🍁