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About sky and wishes.

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#citylights Earlier... lights from the metro twinkle from below the aircraft

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Hi 👋🏻 from San Antonio:) To whichever direction you shoot, pics comes out nice.

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●The fireworks of your country are always the most beautiful! Well then if there are 60 thousand people watching them it's a different story. Well yes this is my night shot dating back to the month of August this year on the occasion of the so-called: " The Fire of the Castle", an event of the local tradition where the city lives again through particular and very suggestive representations, one of the most popular events important and at the same time tragic in its history. I wanted to focus my attention on the old country in the vicinity so that I could catch the explosion of lights and fireworks that ignited the sky of my Termoli, surrounding the Castello Svevo with a spectacular luminous aura. Think about it, it is as if man had created the way to shoot up in the sky with colored guns, without causing any damage but by acquiring scenic importance and creating an atmosphere of amazement of the general moment. As the swiss writer Alain De Botton would say:" With thunder and heavenly fireworks one must speak weakly and asleep. But the voice of beauty speaks softly: it only insinuates itself into the most awesome souls!" The magic is here!!●🏵🍸🎆🎈🤹‍♂️🎉🏅🔮🧚‍♂️🖼⏳🚀👨‍🏭☄🎛📽🔍✅✴❗💯🆕️💬💫👀✍💌😁🤩💁‍♂️🇮🇹🌍

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Anyone got some mid-week burger cravings?🤩✨ #Hogpit

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💫 Dünya’da İstanbul kadar güzel görünüşlü başka bir kent bulunmadığını söyleyenler, gerçekten haklıymışlar. -Chateaubriand 💫 The ones who were saying that there is no other city which is as beautiful as Istanbul were really right. -Chateaubriand 💫 Ceux qui disaient qu'il n'y avait pas d'autre ville aussi belle qu'Istanbul avaient vraiment raison. -Chateaubriand #istanbul #istanbulda1yer #istanbulboğazı #bosphorus #turkey #turkey 🇹🇷 #turkiye #türkiye #günbatımı #sun #sunset #sunsets #sunsetlover #sunset_pics #seaside #sea #asia #europe #view #bestview #views #beautiful #city #citylights #cityview #citylife #cityscape #blog #blogger #photography

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See you all. Going to take off on my spaceship now. 🌚 🌞 💫