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2 days ago

Back home in Minnesota! To read about our trip back, visit our blog! Link is in bio

4 days ago

“The belief that this enormous, existential problem could have been fixed if all of us had just tweaked our consumptive habits is not only preposterous; it’s dangerous. It turns environmentalism into an individual choice defined as sin or virtue, convicting those who don’t or can’t uphold these ethics.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This is from a recent article by @mary.heglar in @voxdotcom called “I work in the environmental movement. I don’t care if you recycle” is breathing life back into my eco weary bones 💪. I have been struggling a lot recently with the unequal representation in the environmental community and frustration over the level of privilege someone needs to do a lot of the typical “eco-friendly” behaviors we all know about. Not to mention my firm belief the personal efforts to cut emissions is too little too late (not to down personal efforts- just to say we gotta work on a global/ policy level too 😘). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Mary points out that we gotta target big oil and can’t blame individuals for choices in a society 75% fueled by fossil fuels. “If we want to function in society, we have no choice but to participate in that system. To blame us for that is to shame us for our very existence.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If you are feeling an inkling of environmental guilt or feel concerned that it stops others from engaging the fight against climate change, PLEASE check out her article! Right now it is linked in @mary.heglar bio and has made my day 💚. And if you want to make a quick yet effective step in cutting emissions nationwide, head over to the link in @citizensclimate bio and write your reps about the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act 🙌. . . . . . #equalrepresentation #climateaction #climatechange #ecowarrier #thereisnoplanetb #protecttheplanet #stopclimatechange #climatestrike #greenchicago #zerowastechicago #goingzerowaste #zerowasteliving #ecofriendly #environmentalsustainability #bigoil #carbonfeeanddividend #citizensclimatelobby

5 days ago

Here are some pics from lobby day! We had the opportunity to meet with Mahyar Sorour (a member of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Capitol Staff), Rep. Collin Peterson, and Rep. Dean Phillips. What a day! • To read more and see more pictures of Lobby Day, visit our blog! Link is in bio

6 days ago

I've lately had many opportunities to promote myself as eco ambassador & on behealf of Mothers Out Front Organization Fairfax & Prince William Counties at various organization conference and meetings, and I was so glad to be able to participate in citizens climate lobby by meeting climate change supporters and send a message to my Congressmember to make the better change in my state:) look at so many message boards participants left!👏😍 Also not to forget to mention about thoughtful Mrs Eco Intrtnational Director, @kristin.chucci 's ecofriendly awards made in beautiful wooden plagues !👍🌱👏 #citizensclimatelobby #MrsEcoInternational #2019MrsEcoNorthAmericaTinaChoi #stoptheclimatecrisis #uscapitolhill

6 days ago

Somewhere in this great group of people are members of the Greater Tucson Citizen's Climate Lobby. We are proud to represent Oro Valley, Marana, Rio Rico, Green Valley and all of the Tucson Metro area. Our Lobbyists are working hard to help your members of Congress know that we have plan to address climate change and we want their support. #priceoncarbon #tucson #CitizensClimateLobby #priceonpollution #carbonfeeanddividend

6 days ago

A big thank you to Kate Gonzalez, aide to @kyrstensinema for taking the time to meet with us during lobby. We really appreciate the time you spent talking with us. #CitizensClimateLobby

6 days ago

We really appreciate the time that Chris Beckman, aide to @senmcsallyaz took to speak with us on Lobby Day. Thank you for meeting us and lending us your ear for a while. #CitizensClimateLobby

6 days ago

Had a good meeting with local members of @citizensclimate yesterday. They’ve been strong supporters of the bipartisan legislation I’ve worked on to address climate change, including the Challenges and Prizes for Climate Act (H.R.3100) I introduced last week. #citizensclimatelobby #climatechange

1 week ago

Swipe to watch Aryanna’s speech on Capitol Hill! 🌎

1 week ago

Photo in the great outdoors by my friend @serideyoung who is highly involved with @citizensclimate 🌳 Today, members are in DC speaking to Representatives to discuss ways to slow and perhaps eliminate global warming. . . . . If you haven’t read the multiple studies on global warming...if we warm 2 degrees Celsius, it will mean flooding, famine, fires, drought, which means it will influence economies, agriculture, infrastructure, EVERYTHING. It will threaten the existence of entire countries. And the lives of your children. . . . Don’t be a part of the bystander affect- be a part of CHANGE. Get on Twitter and let your Representative know that Citizens Climate HAS CREATED legislation to save the planet. It was rejected in the House in January. Tweet, write, call, do whatever you can. So much hangs in the balance 🌏 . . . #climatechange #stopglobalwarming #citizensclimatelobby #recycle #makechange #callyourreps #savetheearth #carbon #carbonfootprint #zerocarbonfootprint

1 week ago

Hi fellow citizens of planet Earth, it’s lobby day! Today volunteers from @citizensclimate are at the capitol in DC meeting with their representatives to talk about a solution for climate change. For those of us not in DC, a great and easy way to participate is to tweet your own member of Congress. There’s a link in my profile that shows you exactly how. Take a couple minutes and make your voice heard. If you don’t have time to do it today- you can totally do it tomorrow! Anytime is a good time to speak up for Mother Earth 🌎💕

1 week ago

Some 1200+ people gather for the big group photo on a beautiful morning in DC as #citizensclimatelobby members from across the US pause before they head to their meetings with Congressional members and staff. Preparations made, hopes are high for gaining additional support for HR763 #energyinnovationact the best hope for the massive climate action we need to transition to a safer future for the planet. #GrassrootsClimate

1 week ago

Down to Earth in DC! This teacher stopped to help a duck family get over the curb after escorting them across First St. in front of the Capitol. Mama duck not so grateful, but family safe! #EcoMom #citizensclimatelobby

1 week ago

It is time for our monthly happy hour! Join us tomorrow (June 12th) for a beer at @brewyards (417 N Ashland Ave) from 6-9 pm. Your beer purchases will help raise money for @CitizensClimate. @Brewyards will donate 10 cents for every ounce poured (usually $1.20 per beer). So yay for fighting climate change 🌎 while enjoying delicious beer 🙌. . . . . . #happyhourchicago #chicagohappyhour #chicagobrewery #chicagobreweries #fightclimatechange #carbonfeeanddividend #fightglobalwarming #climateactionnow #climateaction #citizensclimatelobby #greenchicago

1 week ago

We love interacting with other climate advocates and tonight we attended a fantastic event organized by @scinterfaithpowerandlight. Guest speakers were Rev. Susan Hendershot, President of Interfaith Power & Light, and Union of Concerned Scientists’ President Ken Kimmel. You can still catch the Facebook Live vid of their poignant and informative speeches on the SCIFPL Facebook page. Check it out for a dose of #climatehope !

1 week ago

Today was the last day of preparation before the Citizens Climate Lobby! We’ve been sightseeing in D.C. as well as practicing for tomorrow’s meetings. • To read more and see more pictures, visit our blog! Link in bio

1 week ago

We all have the 🌎 in our hands, but I've got the Washington Monument in my hand! #citizensclimatelobby

1 week ago

🌍 I really enjoyed getting to help @hurleyemilya this weekend raise awareness for a bill that will support clean energy! 🌎 This is a national bill that will charge dirty energy at the source, which is paid back to you in a monthly dividend check 💲 🌍 so check out the link below to let your congressmen know you support clean energy! It only takes 2 min 😎 🌏 tag your best friend to do the same! 👉🏼 @citizensclimate . . . . . . #citizensclimatelobby #Bipartisanclimate #priceonpollutionto #priceonpollution #firstfriday #kansascity

1 week ago

Swipe to watch Elena and Aryanna on Fox 9 Local News talking about the road trip! • You can read more about it on our blog, which is linked in our bio.

1 week ago

Two Italian dads (Fede and Leo) and their two 5th grade climate activist daughters (Aryanna and Elena) attempt a road trip from Minnesota to D.C. with an electric car on a mission to lobby Congress to take action on climate change! • To read more, visit our blog! Link in bio!

1 week ago

Good luck to the five members of our chapter who are in DC for @citizensclimate ’s annual conference and lobbying day on Tuesday. You traveled all the way to Capitol Hill to advocate for future generations and the planet. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.🌍

1 week ago

This week SBA’s President and Secretary had the amazing opportunity to attend Citizen Climate Lobby’s policy camp in Washington DC! Holly was on the international track learning about how to negotiate as a representative for Canada and Miranda took on the role as a representative for fossil fuel workers when negotiating a just transition on the domestic side. This was a wonderful, eye opening experience for both of them and they are both very grateful for being able to attend! They wish all their new friends luck as they take on the lobbying days in Washington D.C. at the beginning of next week. If you have any questions about how to get involved or you are interested in possibly attending camp or lobbying next year send us a DM! Thank you @citizensclimate for all the hard work you put into this experience- we are so grateful for the opportunity! #citizensclimatelobby #climatechange #publicpolicy

1 week ago

The day is finally here! Tonight I leave to Washington D.C. to represent Las Vegas with 3 others and meet with our legislators to talk with them about @citizensclimate ’s Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. Myself and hundreds of volunteers across the country are advocating for this bill because it matches the scale of pollution we are facing, and provides the most effective, stable bipartisan solution 🌍 The fact is, we can not continue to do nothing - this is to making sure that doesn’t happen 💪🏼 . During this trip I will share as much info as possible! Shirt orders are still able to be fulfilled, but may take a little longer 💙 . Photo by: @citizensclimate

1 week ago

With the CCL Washington conference in June coming up this weekend we can look back on the great success of the CCL third coast regional conference held in Houston. The turnout of students was amazing! There was a great panel discussion about what teens were doing in their communities against the climate crisis and gave a chance for teens to connect and learn more about what they are able to do. • • • #priceonpollution #climatechange #climateaction #citizensclimatelobby #teenactivists #cclteens

2 weeks ago

Met with the Citizens Climate Lobby yesterday, working on getting endorsements from local brewers for the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. But we ended up getting to take the MSU telescope for a spin after, so that was cool lol • • • • #space #telescope #volunteer #volunteering #climatechange #climatechangeisreal #citizensclimatelobby #artist #artistsofinstagram #artistsoninstagram #artistic #art #artists #writer #write #writersofinstagram #bloggers #blogger #millenials

2 weeks ago

Canadian Parliament is debating right now a motion to declare a climate emergency. Make climate NON-PARTISAN. Click ❤ to "agree" here: @wedonthavetime0 Our MPs need OUR GUIDANCE. Send them 7 words: "Make climate non-partisan and declare an emergency." @justinpjtrudeau @andrewjscheer @jagmeetsingh @yfblanchetbq @hon.maximebernier #citizensclimatelobby #citizensforclimate #ClimateAction #globalwarming #changementsclimatiques #nonpartisan #climatecrisis #climateemergency #catbonprice #ecoresponsable #equiterre #fridaysforfuture

2 weeks ago

Come join us Friday, June 14th for a fun evening with Dr. Shahir Masri and Athina Simolaris in an open conversation about climate action over cold brews 🌿🍻 Dr. Shahir has been on the road talking to people across the country about climate and taking action, he will share with us his thoughts and talk with us about how we can all help. Hope to see you there! You can sign up at the link in bio

3 weeks ago

It’s so inspiring to see young people leading the fight against climate change and by marching to city hall we are showing our leader that this issue matters to the people!! 🗣‼️

3 weeks ago

Are you signed up for the #LitterFreeLV May Meetup? 👉 Join us for a post-cleanup breakfast and discussion at @panchoskitchen with the Las Vegas chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby @ccllasvegas.18 ! Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a non-profit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change. 👏 They will chat about their organization, ways to get involved, and share information about the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. 🌍 Sign up at the link in the @litterfreelv bio!

4 weeks ago

Lots of fun at the Studio City Farmers Market! Thank you to everyone who wrote letters, showing their Congress People that we need a real solution to reducing carbon emissions!! 💌 🌎

1 month ago

Our volunteer John talks to the @reedyriverrotary duck about climate change solutions! Solutions aren’t just for ducks, they’re for humans too. Our next meeting is on Saturday, June 8, between noon and 2pm at Hughes Main Library. Join us to be part of the solution! 💚💪🏻🌍