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14 minutes ago

cause We Young~ We Young's song is one of my favorite songs, because this song really makes me excited and cheerful 🍒🍓 how about you? is We Young song one of your favorite songs? 😊💕

1 hour ago

EXO Chanyeol Fanart ♦️ I hate shading hair so much, the right side of the hair looks really bad sorry. Finally finished this tho, idk how long it will take me to post again because I've had literally no motivation to draw so I apologise in advance. I thought this was turning out ok but when I finished the clothes and the hair today I think I ruined it but I honestly can't be bothered anymore. ♦️ #Chanyeol #EXO #EXOChanyeol #ChanyeolEXO #EXOFanart #ChanyeolFanart #ParkChanyeol #찬열 #엑소 #박찬열 #엑소찬열

2 hours ago

T-T ♥️♥️ From EXOPLANET #4 The ElyXiOn

3 hours ago

Will be the lucky one 😍

4 hours ago

I love this man🤤

4 hours ago

Thank you for being born literally god did a really good job🤤

4 hours ago

Sir, stop attacking me. ☠️